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  1. 65 hits really isn't a lot in a light cruiser you know. While I agree that some battleships need nerfs, neither of us have enough experience with this game to call for any sort of blanket nerf of all BBs in the game. Also, I've noticed you mostly play Japanese and French cruisers, which have notoriously thin armour up to and including tier 5. Seriously, drawing attention from battleships in a light cruiser is not a good idea, especially not French cruisers and their paper armour and slow-ish firing guns. If you truly hate battleships so much then just get an aircraft carrier or torpedo destroyer and you can see what it feels like to delete battleships for yourself. With the ships you have you should just go after destroyers or shoot at battleships from far, far away to give yourself plenty of time to dodge any inbound salvos. And please don't tell me you''re shooting AP at angling battleships...
  2. The intro music is the first OP for Code Geass I believe.
  3. I've always felt that Mutsuki (which I like actually) was really an all-or-nothing sort of ship. You either do next to nothing, or you walk away with some very dead battleships. That's the problem with torpedo oriented ships I guess. They depend on stupid enemies to do well. Also, you can beat Minekaze and maybe even Podvoisky in a short range gunfight (assuming no one eats an early torpedo salvo) because due to the dual purpose nature of your guns, they traverse quickly and their 5.5 second reload helps make up for only having two guns, as well as the forward turret having 360 degrees of traverse. I've even lost a gunfight against a Mutsuki in my Fubuki because my guns couldn't keep up with two maneuvering ships at very short range while Mutuki's could. (Fine, I could have won if I opened the distance and Mutsuki had over twice as much hp but still. Mutsuki actually has guns, you know.) also aa pretty good for a destroyer of its tier, worse only than T-22 and Nicholas only while it is using defensive aa. Just wait until aircraft get within range of your 25mm guns(range of those guns happen to match your air detection range) so that your dual purpose guns don't give your position away, and set priority target on the aircraft and you'll be almost guaranteed to shoot one down I've even shot down 4 aircraft from a Ranger before.
  4. That makes two of us. I'm reasonably sure Mutsuki has slightly better ste- *checks stats* Never mind.
  5. Which ship would more experienced players consider the better ship in their current state? I personally prefer the Mutsuki since all the Minekaze does better is a higher top speed, having 3x2 torpedo tubes to the Mutsuki's 2x3 tubes and a faster torpedo reload. The Mutsuki has a faster turret traverse, Much better AA defense (50 dps vs 4 dps) and overall better torps (worse detection though), faster reload on the 2 guns that it does have, and better concealment. I never got to play either ship before the IJN DD rearrangement, and my best ship probably would have been the Karlsruhe at the time.