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  1. Forum Design Overhaul?

    The "bad" reactions do not affect your reputation. The funny and cool reactions raise your reputation. You can make the forum look somewhat like the old forum design at the bottom of the page .
  2. Game Change Request (important)

    Somewhat agree No. Don't encourage kill stealing. Rewarding doing a large percentage of damage to a ship is fine. ? That's not really an issue with a game feature, that's more of a connection issue.
  3. Ship weary

    I know I'm not the guy you asked for but... Fighters shoot at flying red things Heavy fighters do diving attacks on flying red things and sometimes bomb red things on the ground Attack Planes only attack red things on the ground (one attack plane, the Tsh-2 or something like that, has 10 machine guns and still fails at shooting down aircraft) Multirole fighters can bomb red things on the ground and still dogfight with flying red things. How the heck did this thread turn into a Warplanes thread More serious tips My area of (relative) expertise is Japanese and British fighters, I have the A6M2, A6M3 (crazy 30mm cannon edition), will buy Spitfire V if I play again, and Bf 109B Japanese carrier based fighters have crazy maneuverability but lackluster firepower and get torn apart if you can get behind it (horizontal turns are usually faster than pulling up) and also suffer from low top speeds and almost always spawn above their very low optimum altitudes. British fighters are also very maneuverable and can keep firing for a long time without weapon overheating, but they are more durable than their Japanese counterparts (I think I'm pretty average and the Spitfire I is downright broken). I don't play the other nations much because I don't have much of an interest in Soviet aircraft and the American and German planes turn like bricks compared to the British and Japanese. Don't try to find a lead marker, they removed it in 2.0 You get more rewards if you do stuff your plane type is supposed to do Don't get dived on by a heavy fighter unless you want your health pool to disappear very fast. Don't hold down fire forever when you have something to shoot at. Your DPM drops off a cliff when your weapons overheat. The tips thing (the thing that says +good at ... -poor ...) is actually pretty useful, except for poor survivability and effective in turning dogfight since most fighters have those. Mounting bombs or rockets on your plane will affect its maneuverability, but I think you gain some back after you drop/fire them all. Press X to lock on to a target. It doesn't do much other than bolding their info and causing the U key (I think [it snaps your camera to whatever you're targeting) to snap to them. Bots are actually pretty hard to tell apart from actual players unless you can catch their username or spectate them. Bloody hell P-38 Lightnings are annoying (they're not that strong, but they're so fast that you can't get on their tail for more than a few seconds) I can't notice much of a difference between normal and improved graphics, and since improved graphics basically doubles the size of the game just stick with normal graphics. You can still maneuver when using the tail gunner with your arrow keys. T for tail gunner Manually using the tail gunner increases DPM and accuracy. I once flew into a hill because I was too busy firing my BF 110B's tail gunner. Don't do that. You get literal mountains of XP but only World of Tanks levels of credit gain, which means you'll have tons of planes that you researched and tons of very skilled pilots but no credits to buy new planes.
  4. ?? I don't know anything about "reactivating accounts" Do you mean that in the player referral links it says that you can use them if you haven't played for three months?
  5. Truly OFF TOPIC Thread -[REBORN]-

    no. nonononononononononononononono *welp wrong reference*
  6. Ship weary

    I think Warplanes is ok, but it's absolutely horrible at keeping your attention. I think almost every battle I've played since they "fixed" it was within a span of about a month, then my playtime in WoWP drops of a cliff. One nice thing though, they're so desperate for players I've actually got more premiums (all free) than tech tree planes now It's a lot easier than WT though since 99% of every team is made up of bots, though honestly other than very jittery aim and short attention spans they aren't that bad. I have a few of tier fives (2 premium, 1 tech tree, one tech tree sold). I haven't noticed the premium ammo that much to be honest. I think making few credits is only part of the issue. I think the credit problems I have are actually just so much xp is rewarded for just shooting at red things that the credit earnings just cant't keep up. They threw so many premium planes at you that making credits isn't that bad tbh.
  7. Five. *not in order* *I think...* One was in Izyaslav, and some ship on the red team (Danae or Emerald) got on the same game. We lost. Got another one in Fubuki. Got one with six kills in Konig. My last one was in Oktyabrskaya Revolutsiya.
  8. You can switch to the old forum colours with the blank background my friend... it's at the bottom of the page.
  9. Yo, WG, Gurkha when?

    b-but Haida... must have destroyer with 4.5 km secondaries... Also my calculations on Gurkha's AA based on loadout according to Wikipedia: 1x4 40mm pom-pom: 14dps @ 2.5 km 2x4 12.7mm quad machine guns: 4.2 dps @ 1.2 km 4x2 120mm Mark XII guns: ???
  10. Well, happy b-day to ME!!

    I was going to make a "meanwhile in Canada" joke but suddenly I realized you are likely further north than I am. Happy birthday!
  11. Just got Aoba Today

    Didn't play much today. Still completely stock except for Main Battery Mod. 2 I don't expect to play much battles till the weekend. When I upgrade the gfcs I will be able to use Yorck style long range HE spam Also, I'm running out of xp flags (under 20 total including special flags.) I'm now using camo as my primary source of xp boosting.
  12. Slog through South Carolina as fast as you can, the first two tier III battleships (South Carolina and Kawachi) have been powercreeped to the moon and can't really compete with the new ones (Nassau, Bellerophon). A good tip for all battleships would be if you are detected and you can't see what's detecting you or you know there is a destroyer in the area (turn on last known location in the minimap), don't sail in a straight line. Turn and change your speed often and you'll be guaranteed to make the Japanese destroyers mad. With Wyoming the gun arcs on P and Q (the middle ones) turrets are awful, so when you're in a gun duel with another battleship angle as much as you can and fire your fore pair and aft pair of turrets and after you get hit by the opposing battleships, turn to fire off the midships turrets and angle again. When under attack from torpedo bombers, turn into them and slow down when they get within about 5-6 km and focus fire on them (Ctrl, LMB on the torpedo bombers) so that your anti aircraft guns prioritize them over any other planes in the area. Wyoming has decent anti-aircraft protection but you shouldn't be sailing alone since your AA is short ranged and easily destroyed with high explosive rounds. Edit: Another general tip for battleships would be never put out the fires if only one is burning unless you're sure no one will be shooting at you. Fire damage from a single fire is repairable with repair party. While not much at your tier can put out more AA DPS than Wyoming, good ships to stay near are: Kuma: only 30 dps but has a catapult fighter to decrease bomber accuracy. Kaiser: also has powerful short range aa but actually has a long range bubble reaching out to 4.5 km. Myogi: has an average aa suite but again has a long range bubble with a range of 4.5 km. Important! Look at the Myogi. If the Myogi has a large imposing pagoda superstructure, it has decent aa. If it has a small superstructure that barely peeks over the funnels, it has no aa. Any tier 5 battleship: They all have respectable AA, but if possible stay near Texas or Oktyabrskaya Revolutsiya. They have great AA but both have short range. Any tier 5 cruiser: Furutaka and Konigsberg have horrible AA, but all the tier 5 cruiser have catapult fighters. If you must... Mutsuki, T-22, and Nicholas all have decent AA (better raw DPS than Furutaka and Konigsberg! and Nicholas also has the option to switch engine boost for Defensive AA, which temporarily substantially boosts AA dps and decreases the accuracy of bombers).