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  1. Who have you seen in game

    Saw @LittleWhiteMouse in my Amagi today.
  2. Who have you seen in game

    Saw @MrDeaf in my Amagi today.
  3. Who have you seen in game

    I doubt it. We were on opposite teams on Haven and I rushed a Hipper... and a Yamato... and an Atago... and a Freddy the Great. Yeah.
  4. Who have you seen in game

    Saw @NeutralState today in my stock Bismarck.
  5. Launcher problomy

    I do believe that the issue is "mac". Seriously though, by all accounts the Mac Wrapper is !@#$
  6. A battleship where you control the secondary battery and the main battery functions as secondaries
  7. Who have you seen in game

    Saw @yacskn in my Fiji today.
  8. Progress Gone

    Steam creates a new account the first time you open the game through Steam. Get back to EU using
  9. Can't give thumbs up

    Didn't it say something like "You are out of upvotes" before reactions came?
  10. Can't give thumbs up

    There is a limited amount of reactions you can give out each day. (though I have no clue when the count resets)
  11. Issue with Start up

    Odd. What are your computer specs and send a ticket to support?
  12. Issue with Start up

    Try to use the repair tool or run without mods? Or try opening the game directly using the .exe (it should be at C:\Games\World_of_Warships for the regular launcher)
  13. about 42:30 to 47:30 ish (was using 60 minutes) Amagi with no signals or Secondary Battery Mod. 2 almost perfectly broadside at 6km. I have BFT!!
  14. Who have you seen in game

    You were on the opposite team and we were both in Clevelands. (my team totally blew it)