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  1. Who have you seen in game

    Saw @Super_Splash_Bro today in my Aigle.
  2. disappearing enemy

    boop http://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Detection
  3. When I get first on the team even though I loaded in halfway through the battle, am jet lagged and haven't opened my laptop or even touched a keyboard for ten days.
  4. M8i....stop making threads! All of his posts are bad but his threads are worse. Seeing his threads have destroyed my brain cells alone. The threads themselves are just plain trash. Lets start with Commander Nominations. Cheap bait, no content, and poorly formatted. Then Whine Threads, it features M8i. Whats so bad about an annoying forum troll on two legs with stupid looking threads. Then Pointless Halloween Ships, it features wall of text. That is not readable and too confusing. Then Tech Trees: the Meme followed by Movie Whine Threads vs Torpedo Whine Threads. To make matters worse, there might be a chance of a Monster Movie Whine 371289361459, Tech Tree, Torpedo, and Line Release Question from Locked Thread Archive thread.
  5. Try before you buy?

    That game. The one that we don't talk about near Wargaming. That one. By the way OP, there's no way to test drive a ship, so you'll have to either buy it and test it out in Co-op or training rooms or download the public test.
  6. First Great Game in Aigle

    On my first game, a Fiji was getting salty after I sank him because he apparently hit me 62 times.
  7. Yes! I'll be able to shoot back at things 20km away and needlessly waste shells because I don't expect to actually hit anything and do damage at that range!

    No, actually. I just looked at the superstructure. I just decided to guess Spee because she was the most famous out of the three Deutschlands. I mostly try to figure out the ship class and try to get lucky with the specific ship because I'm not that good with specific histories.

    Graf Spee?
  10. Who have you seen in game

    Saw @Panzer1113on my team today.
  11. Laptop that can run WoWs decently?

    Good ol' Acer E17 is 17.3"... No SSD though, and the battery life isn't so good from the reviews, but I don't notice since it's almost always plugged in. I don't actually know about HDD slots, I'm no computer whiz, but the reviews on Best Buy say there's an easily removable hatch on the bottom. Unfortunately the keyboard isn't backlit. Another issue you should know about the computer is that there's no indicator of whether or not capslock is on, so the only way to check is to type something.
  12. Laptop that can run WoWs decently?

    My Acer E17 has a 940mx and it can run WoWs between 45-55 fps depending on the map. I got it for $899 CAD so more or less within your budget. Edit: I can run with high-ish settings, with the only settings I really have to keep low being antialiasing.
  13. How should I play the Gneisenau?

    1. Full secondary build. Do it. 2. Torpedooooooos 3. 25 second reload 4. Long range AA. So yeah, getting stuck up in there and brawling is Gneisenau's thing. Just make sure you still have a bit of support and aren't rushing a bunch of destroyers and you'll be fine.