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  1. Forum Game - Word Association

    Quantity is a quality all of its own
  2. US carrier fighter problem

    That particular article addresses the First World War, where pretty much everyone had one or two machine guns.
  3. what T8 BBs and above don't have Radar ?

    All of them aside from Missouri.
  4. Forum Game - Word Association

    Stalin's The People's Refrigerator
  5. Who have you seen in game

    Saw @Erebthoron on my team today in my Duke of York. Said game went poorly.
  6. Who have you seen in game

    Ran into @CyborgChris and @Shadowrigger1 on my team and @XXRed_DawnXX on the other team today.
  7. Who have you seen in game

    I do believe you were a Missouri on the other team. (you did quite well, I sunk after getting permaspotted by a Saipan)
  8. Who have you seen in game

    saw @senseNOTmade in my Yugumo today
  9. Marius_60

    Most of the F-keys do something. Hold B while in battle to see either view their keybinds or to select a quick command. I believe that F1 will tell you the keybinds too.
  10. Damage bug?

    Damage saturation. You must have hit your target multiple times in the bow or stern, where torpedo damage is reduced. Basically, there's now bow left to damage after the first torpedo so the other torpedoes don't do damage. (someone post that gif of a Shimakaze eating 10 torpedoes pls)
  11. Forum Game - Word Association

  12. Who have you seen in game

    Saw @Lensar in my Yugumo today.
  13. Okay, I think this is a fix for your situation. Open Task Manager and open more details Then, in the Processes tab, scroll all the way down, and in Windows Processes there should be a thing labeled "Windows Explorer" with a folder as an icon. Click on that, then press Restart in the bottom right, or right click then press restart. That should stop the taskbar from overlaying fullscreen windows, and if the problem pops up again simply do what I described again.
  14. Question about Amagi?

    I actually did that. Because I didn't feel like respeccing my Nagato captain.