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    Need advice for Nelson

    So I just got the nelson and oh my have i been disappointed so far. No matter what I do i always get citadeled. I'm a decent player so it's not like I'm just giving broadside to BBs at 10km. My last two matches I got citadeled three times by an NC at over 17km in one of them and then I got triple citadeled from around 18km by a sovetsky soyuz. And I was angled so that only my front 2 guns could fire. I mean I knew it was easy to citadel from experience shooting at them, but holy [edited]. The heal is useless if you just keep eating citadels. Have I just been extremely unlucky? What do you guys recommend? It seems to me that if you go nose in you just get overmatched and citadeled. If you angel around 60 degrees you still get blapped. Granted sovetsky soyuz is tier 9, but you face tier 9s basically 2 out of every 3 matches so...