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  1. Capt_Talon69

    The downvote button is gone

    @Highlord You hit the nail right on the head here!!! This is EXACTLY the problem. Someone posts an opinion in a public forum and someone disagrees with that opinion.... Time for everyone to put their grown-up pants on and get over themselves... Not everyone is your mommy that has to think your poop doesn't stink.
  2. Capt_Talon69

    The downvote button is gone

    Great idea @Poharan!!!
  3. Capt_Talon69

    The downvote button is gone

    Well said Chief!
  4. Capt_Talon69

    The downvote button is gone

    Hmmmm @Radar_X, When you say "We've received a number of complaints about it in the past", what is that number? How does it compare to the size of the community as a whole? I just have a hard time imagining what kind of person would get his/her nose in a twist over someone disagreeing/dislike their post by giving a simple "thumbs down"....
  5. Priceg is an amazing leader far better than...:cap_horn:

  6. Hope you had a good Memorial Day and a nice Tuesday today!   Be well and at peace.

  7. Capt_Talon69

    Problem loading signals on ship this morning

    No problems here... I'll keep an eye on it though
  8. Just a note to anyone looking to join RESET. If a clan keeps a recruitment thread running 24/7-365, they are not looking to make friends, they are looking to fill a vacancy left from high turn over. if the clan rule book looks like a mortgage application, run, the fun has been removed in restrictions. If you are being told everything you want to hear, you are being lied to. RESET has two rules, because that's all "normal" adults need. Treat your clan mates how you would like to be treated, and leave your baggage at the door. RESET does not recruit, no need to. Our reputation as a fair, honest and fun clan, drives them to us. The proof is in our membership. Feel free to drop by our Discord, https://discord.gg/R5Yqry

    No need to be RESET member to div up with us. We also encourage other clan members to stop by and div up.{ We understand some people can not do this because it violates an anti fun policy somewhere.}  All of us at RESET hope to see you soon!

  9. Gigity, Gigity, I love cake!

    1. Capt_Talon69


      I prefer pie... Pecan