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  1. Capt_Talon69

    The downvote button is gone

    @Highlord You hit the nail right on the head here!!! This is EXACTLY the problem. Someone posts an opinion in a public forum and someone disagrees with that opinion.... Time for everyone to put their grown-up pants on and get over themselves... Not everyone is your mommy that has to think your poop doesn't stink.
  2. Capt_Talon69

    The downvote button is gone

    Great idea @Poharan!!!
  3. Capt_Talon69

    The downvote button is gone

    Well said Chief!
  4. Capt_Talon69

    The downvote button is gone

    Hmmmm @Radar_X, When you say "We've received a number of complaints about it in the past", what is that number? How does it compare to the size of the community as a whole? I just have a hard time imagining what kind of person would get his/her nose in a twist over someone disagreeing/dislike their post by giving a simple "thumbs down"....
  5. Priceg is an amazing leader far better than...:cap_horn:

  6. Hope you had a good Memorial Day and a nice Tuesday today!   Be well and at peace.

  7. Capt_Talon69

    Things to Consider when LFC (Looking For a Clan)

    LOL That's hilarious... I got down voted for a post I quoted and said one word... Haters gonna hate