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  1. ClayMoore_TPF

    Update Sound fixes.

    I've been getting static in my headset as WOWS loads and then when I'm in port, there is this horrible sound that only disappears when I turn SFX al the way down. I just deleted and reinstalled the game to make sure it wasn't some corrupted sound file, and no improvement. Update: Unplugged headset and replugged it back in and the hideous sound has thankfully disappeared.
  2. ClayMoore_TPF

    Update - Feedback and Performance

    Just got in my third battle with three carriers per team, and honestly, it's got to be fixed to limit carriers to two per team. This carrier bias is ruining the game.
  3. There is an interesting account from the Japanese perspective called Japanese Destroyer Captain by Tameichi Hara. This book is a must-read for lovers of naval history. He had his destroyer sunk beneath him on this operation.
  4. ClayMoore_TPF

    Announcing SKIPPER

    I want to filter out CVs. Can I do that?
  5. Although I enjoyed the Snowflake missions and the steel I got, it was really poorly timed to coincide with clan battles and we found ourselves short of clanmates willing to play because they were chasing easier steel. Now we're all clamoring for the ability to get more steel, but please don't wait until the clan battles start again before you come up with new steel-earning opportunities.
  6. ClayMoore_TPF

    Naval Battle in a Nutshell

    Oil is nice, but we need steel. Steel is what we need. Get it?
  7. ClayMoore_TPF

    The "I'm leaving" Thread

    I too am leaving. WG has this particular EA-like arrogance about them that they refuse to listen to the player base and just ram changes down our throats, with the attitude like we will just eventually accept it. This is why I don’t play World of Tanks anymore either. If I could filter out CV games, then that would be fine and they can make any unwanted change they care to make. However, they know that the vast majority of players would use such a filter and the CV players would complain that they can’t find anyone to harass. So, see ya in some other game where the developers are less arrogant.
  8. ClayMoore_TPF

    Who the hell is Dusty Rodes?

    So, anyone know of special skills? That's sort of relevant to my purchasing decision.
  9. ClayMoore_TPF

    Unfair CV play

    I too was one-shotted by Midway dive bombers in a Des Moines. CVs just need to be removed. There is no fairness when you pay for camos and flags and Boom!, you're out of the battle in one pass. They're a total exploit.
  10. ClayMoore_TPF

    CV Rework Feedback

    Could you add a filter so that we can opt out of carrier battles? Then you can see that nobody wants CVs. They're just an annoyance.