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  1. Gothik_Knight

    Private Stats Really Tick Off The Elitists

    They do have a choice. How you react to the choice they make is not on them, it's on you. I for one, haven't used credit in decades, because I quickly learned that I was bad at tracking my debts (and also because I thought I had canceled some things that it turned out weren't canceled). Early on this caused problems, because not everyone was used to using pre-paid cards and other payment methods, and they made decisions about me due to my decision not to deal in credit.. but those were their decisions, which they're solely responsible for, just as I'm the only person responsible for my decision not to use credit. Also, I trust people until they give me a reason not to trust them. What I don't trust are circumstances.. but I can promise you one thing, if some stranger is standing in front of me and asks me for 20 bucks, I'm not going to contact a credit agency to decide whether I give them the money or not. Nor will I bother contacting a credit agency if the stranger is asking for 20,000 bucks. I base my actions on circumstance. People might come in as a factor, if it's someone I love or trust implicitly.. or if it's someone I feel has taken advantage of me before.. but strangers get the benefit of as much doubt as I can offer, based on circumstance. Remember, for most of us the credit agency is just a bunch of strangers.
  2. Gothik_Knight

    Private Stats Really Tick Off The Elitists

    Streamers get focused because they're known, not because of their stats. We're not talking about how people treat streamers v. non-streamers. We're talking about why people may choose to hide their stats, even if they don't really care about stats themselves, and one of those reasons is that other players act differently with "good stat" players and "bad stat" players. You admitted this yourself when you said that "the stats just helps me make the right choices." Now I would say that knowing my own stats can help me make the right choices, but we're talking about hiding stats from other players.. so I have to assume the context you're talking about is knowing other people's stats being involved in your decision making process. In other words, other people's stats are going to have an impact on how you play the game. Some players may not want that.
  3. Gothik_Knight

    Private Stats Really Tick Off The Elitists

    The Buffalo captain says hello. Statements like the quote above are exactly why many players would choose to hide their stats, even if they personally don't care about stats. Apart from "stat shaming", other players will change their behavior based on the stats of their team. For example, @Final8ty doesn't like the way their Buffalo is acting, looks at the Buffalo's poor stats, and decides the Buffalo must be wrong. This causes Final8ty to avoid looking at the situation from a truly critical angle, and discovering whether the cruiser popping radar REALLY would have been the most appropriate action. In fact, a stat obsessed player may even decide that helping that cruiser isn't worth their time, whereas if the cruiser has good stats, those players would be more supportive. Let's look at the situation that Final8ty gave us. He's in a DD. He doesn't like the way his friendly Buffalo is behaving, so he checks the stats and sees that the Buffalo has poor stats. Final8ty then decides that the Buffalo is wrong. But is the Buffalo wrong? Consider that the Buffalo can get it's detection radius down to 10.7km.. it's radar reaches to 10km, so the Buffalo can be spotted from .7km away from what it's radar can reach. In other words, if the Buffalo isn't spotted, it's enemy either isn't within radar range, or isn't in line of fire. This cap circle doesn't have an island in the middle, but has rather large islands on both the opposing side and the friendly side. The opposing DD would have to be on the friendly side of it's own island in order to be in the cap circle, so if it has any island between itself and the Buffalo, it would be friendly side island. If the Buffalo takes cover behind the friendly side island and pops radar, it won't be able to actually hit the enemy destroyer should the destroyer actually be using the island for cover. This situation would leave Final8ty alone to actually fight the enemy DD. Furthermore, the other side of the circle is more than 10km away from the Buffalo.. it's completely possible.. even likely, that the Buffalo would pop radar and STILL not detect the enemy destroyer that's in the cap circle. So it seems clear to me that the Buffalo using radar here actually is not the best solution. Another possible solution would be for Final8ty to go into the cap circle, thus pausing the cap. He's more likely to be able to spot the enemy destroyer before the destroyer spots him (I don't remember what DD's were involved) or at least around the same time. He's also more likely to be able to avoid incoming attacks once he's spotted. Unlike the Buffalo, he doesn't even need to use a consumable to have a pretty good chance of spotting the enemy DD. If Final8ty had actually spotted the enemy DD, he wouldn't have been in the fight alone. The Buffalo was ready to shoot as soon as an enemy was spotted. Maybe it would have been better to just not worry about the cap.. You have a rough idea of where the enemy is, so maybe get into position to ambush him as he's trying to get out of the cap. Clear some of the enemy ships around the cap before worrying about the cap itself.. But instead Final8ty says he waited for the Buffalo to act. Why? good players don't just wait for their teammates to behave in predictable ways. There are plenty of things Final8ty could have done, none of which involve the fact that I'm a bad player, but he chooses to look at my bad stats and uses that as an excuse for his own poor play. That's why some players choose to hide their stats.. BTW, the reverse is also true. Sometimes players see a player with good stats and they expect that player to carry them. If people would just learn to always play the best they can, this wouldn't really be an issue.
  4. Gothik_Knight

    shipgirl discussion thread

    Actually, Part of the reason I got into Kancolle.. or at least the reason I stayed in, is because of the easter eggs in many of the characters that relate to the ship's actual repuation/history. For example, a Theory has been floated that Yudachi constantly saying "poi" is meant to make her seem like a bit of an airhead.. In history, Yudachi is suspected of accidently torping an allied ship.. Yudachi was sunk after torping the USS Portland, then immediately flashing recognition signals to the USS Sterett (having mistaken the sterett for a IJN ship).. a rather airheaded move in my opinion. Meanwhile, Fubuki has trouble with an obstacle course because she has poor balance, which was also an issue with the actual ship. You may also notice that Kirishima wears glasses.. In history Kirishima was sunk after stumbling onto a U.S. fleet and failing to notice that the U.S. Battleship Washington had closed to 5km (point blank range for the Washington). So there's more to it than first meets the eye.
  5. Gothik_Knight

    shipgirl discussion thread

    found this pic of Maryland in the Azure Lane wiki. There's an older version too, which I think fits the character of the ship better (She looks like she's been in a scrap).
  6. Gothik_Knight

    Most Dangerous Ship to Play?

    Implacable, because people have certain expectations from cv’s and implacable doesn’t meet those expectations. So you get all the hate from playing a cv, along with all the hate from failing to carry matches even though everyone thinks you’re OP.
  7. Gothik_Knight

    shipgirl discussion thread

    Poi.. poi I’m.. poi.. actually poi pretty comforted by this development. Poi.. the dd’s are “underage” and poi.. probably not appropriate subjects of mature conversation poi. Poi my only real familiarity with either kc or al is from the series’, which poi don’t really cover ships like Hornet ( that pic is pretty cool), or vampire and repulse. Poi.. clearly the most admirable ship in the kc series is poi kaga-sempai poi. Poi is there poi official art for poi “fighting Mary”, Maryland?
  8. I honestly believe that Flamu did most of his damage a long time ago. The reason this action from WG stinks of dead fish today is because "Justice", or at least the perception of Justice, needs to be swift. This is not to say that this action can't be a fair and measured response to the action(s) it's seeking to bring justice too, but I mean the timing is going to cause doubt. "Justice" should always be carried out as soon as possible. The fact that WG has long been able to take this action, but has only done so now, prevents the action from being truly "Just". Furthermore, as others have pointed out, Flamu has exhibited a certain pattern of behavior over the past few years. One doesn't discourage a pattern of behavior by allowing offenses to build up until one day they add up to "being too much". One corrects each individual offense as it arises. Otherwise, the human mind begins to look at the behavior as a gamble.. and people are generally "programmed" to like gambling. So it's clear that WG did some things wrong here.. On the other hand, if WG wishes to correct their own behavior, an action like this may be necessary. They have to start their own pattern of "appropriate" behavior somewhere. However, I'm also not sure that WG's actions here really set a good precedent for future action. If you'll look at my profile, you'll see that I'm exactly the kind of player that Flamu would have "hated on". My stats are poor, I've gotten into playing CV's since the big rework.. but I've never had a problem with "Stat shaming" as it comes from people like Flamu. From what I've seen of Flamu, he's a lot of talk, but he always tries to play his best. He doesn't largely change his own playstyle because their are "bad players" on his team. (actually, I have seen him use the opportunity to experiment with things, but his actions are not intended to "punish" other players.) I really can't say the same for many other players in this game, who often go camp in A1, all the while telling me what a horrible player I am. In that sense, I actually view Flamu as an example to be held up when it comes to things like "stat shaming".. People should express their opinions.. it's when they start acting on those opinions that problem's may arise. In addition, The point to the CC program, ostensibly, is to improve relations between the company and the community. It is not to get members of the community to act as corporate representatives. Believe it or not, vibrant criticism of the company's actions can actually serve the purpose that the CC program should be trying to serve. When Flamu and other CC's say something.. even something "spicy", we all get the opportunity to agree, disagree, or shout at our computer screens. Removing a "controversial" contributor also removes the community's choice. We shouldn't give WG a pass for "Pursuing their own interests" first because alienating a portion of the community is NOT likely in the company's best interests, and second because many companies these days seem to be trying to control their communities rather than allowing their communities to control them.
  9. Gothik_Knight

    The Bayern is awful

    completely didn't notice the necro
  10. Gothik_Knight

    The Bayern is awful

    You forgot Russians.. so of the 6 BB Tech trees, two are older than the Germans and 3 are newer. Of the newer lines, the french are pretty good all around and the U.K. and Russians are "mid-range" BB's, which slightly step on the toes of the Bayern. . Honestly, while the Q.E. has a bad reputation, IMO it's more consequential than most BB's at the tier, given that it doesn't sit in the back like U.S. and IJN BB's, and it has a longer effective range than the Bayern does.. of course, the Q.E. will mostly be setting targets on fire, and if your cruisers are doing that as effectively as they should, that limits the Q.E.'s effectiveness. I would say the Q.E. and the Bayern are actually pretty close in effectiveness.. I like both ships. Like the Q.E., the Russian BB's are "mid-range".. they do this by having accurate and hard hitting A.P. that can citadel most ships pretty easily. In my experience, the Russian BB's also get citadeled pretty easily themselves. My friends at least seem to consider Russian BB's to be the terror of the seven seas, but it seems like the fight against the Bayern could depend heavily on the situation.. essentially, can the Bayern get the drop on the Izmail. The french BB's are just above average all around, but in the end I think the Normandie compared to the Bayern is just a different horse. In my experience, the Normandie is at it's best when kiting. Which I guess means that this match up again depends on the situation. While I also appreciate the Normandie, I feel like it's probably a less effective ship than the Q.E. or the Bayern.. this is because I feel that a BB's effectiveness depends largely on how well it can get into the fight and draw fire, which I feel "brawlers" generally do better than "snipers" or "Kiters".. even if it also means that the Brawlers K/D is worse. At any rate, if the match ups against other BB's keeps coming down to the situation, then it's clear winning depends on how well each ship can set up it's ideal situation.. and despite some people's complaints, I think the Bayern CAN set up it's situation pretty well. On most maps, it's pretty easy to move behind cover until you can get within secondary range of some enemies. There IS a bit of a trick to when you actually engage. Also, I feel that many teams just don't work well with "aggressive" BB's, so you can't really rely on getting the support you need, which I feel is the "fatal flaw" of the Bayern, but it's not really a problem with the ship itself.
  11. Gothik_Knight

    Observations with Rhein

    Trying to hit DD's with torpedoes remains sub-optimal. I've literally had DD's do full circles infront of my torps and still manage to dodge them. (I don't yet have increased torp speed.. not sure if it would be good given the limited range already.) It's extremely easy for a moving DD to maneuver in between the two torpedoes. Furthermore, even on the rare occasions that you manage to hit a DD, you STILL don't do much damage to it.. well.. Okay.. Maybe 1/4 of the DD's health per torp.. the point being, you can't sink a DD with a single wave of torps.. your unlikely to sink a DD with a single sqaudron, and the time it takes to even try to line up your shots is probably better spent elsewhere.. I've only been able to sink 2 DD's in my Rhein.. both with secondaries.. I feel like I do alright against BB's with the rhein.. against cruisers I think it depends a great deal on whether they're "dodging" or not.. not that they need to make me miss them completely, but if they can throw the angles off. In practice the Rhien almost always does less damage than my Hermes.. and I think I've only actually won about 1 random match in 10 where my Hermes has a pretty good win rate (for me).. With that said, I feel like the Rhein has so much more potential.. because it seems to me like both carriers are designed to win by doing Damage over time (and of course spotting), but the Hermes "DoT" comes mostly in the form of fires and floods.. which prevents other ships from doing fire/flood damage, where the Rhein's consistent but small AP damage should work in concert with other ships causing fires/floods.. and still I do much better in the Hermes. The things that really baffles me in the rhein is that I get several citadels in each battle, but still do very little damage. Like.. I might get 10 citadels and only get 20k damage.
  12. Gothik_Knight

    I don't understand something

    are you suggesting the OP should play the Lotto?
  13. Gothik_Knight

    I don't understand something

    Pssht! You can't prove it didn't happen!
  14. Gothik_Knight

    New US BBs - technically inferior for their tier

    I don't know why anyone bothers talking about Alpha on these ships. As has been noted, the ships have low rate of fire, low turret speed, Bad projectile speed, and poor dispersion. These factors combine to mean that you're never going to get your full alpha on any ship that isn't dc'd.. well.. to be fair.. on any ship that isn't completely unaware that you're in the area and aiming at them.. still.. "Alpha" shouldn't be a consideration here, as the term is meaningless in actual gameplay. These ships are just bad, and WG should be ashamed of themselves.. BTW, I think the bigger issue, as far as what's causing people to complain, Is that these ships were the 4th of July announcement and we were told it would be something Americans would appreciate. I honestly think most Americans would have rather had Italian BB's announced instead of having these ships. Two of my three RL friends who play WoWs separately said they would rather have had the Italian BB tree announced instead of having these particular ships announced.. so I think it shows a little bit of tone-deafness on WG's part. They don't understand that Americans would rather have good/fun ships of any nation instead of having bad/boring American ships. Of course, The U.S. had one of the best navies in the world, so there's no reason we should have to have bad/boring American ships either way.
  15. Gothik_Knight

    ST 0.9.7, American battleships

    First of all. you have to accept that you're objectively wrong :p Honestly though, Fun may be subjective, but exactly what do you see about these ships that makes them "fun" in your mind? It's not like they're "hard to play".. no.. they're just bad. The person playing this ship will barely be in control of whether they hit or miss, let alone how many shells they actually get on target. You can't aim for citadels in these ships. You're not going to annihilate cruisers with these ships, because your likely to over-pen them too often. For erasing cruisers you're better off using BB's that have less penetration and higher velocity creating a flatter trajectory which will be able to pen the cruiser from the side, and will also be more likely to hit the cruiser with more shells. Furthermore, having lower reload time is objectively better than having more guns (assuming other stats are the same) in this game. This is a statistics issue, completely unrelated to the "fun factor" of being able to shoot more often. In addition, these ships being slow and unmanueverable means that, along with being unable to have a say in what they hit, captains of this ship will also have limited say in who hits them. You're not going to dodge, you're not going to run away, and you present a giant target for everyone. Again, this isn't a matter of captain skill.. it's a matter of the ships being horrible. On top of that, these ships are big and slow.. with impressive looking firepower that will actually be sub-par due to the way it's implemented, but they're far from some sort of juggernaut.. you don't really have any armor to help deal with all of the hits that you're sure to take.. Yes.. you'll probably be one of the last ships alive on your team.. but only because you never were able to get into the fight. So I don't really see how anyone could get a sense of joy or pride from doing well in these ships, because how a person does really isn't up to that person at all. I'm willing to entertain the idea that someone might think these ships are fun.. but seriously, how? what looks fun about them?