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  1. Gothik_Knight

    CV and WG

    Okay, this is really the most ridiculous thing I've ever read on these forums.. we all know that DD players have serious issues. Joking aside, there's way too much complaining about CV's.. and most of it's not really accurate or constructive either. Too many people just want to remove carriers from the game completely and not enough of those are honest about their opinion. The fact is, the major problems with CV's right now could be fixed by helping DD's sneak past the opposing line so they can go assassinate the CV's. I would suggest some type of "anti-aircraft smoke" that DD's could use to hide from planes. Meanwhile, Battleships need to be encouraged to deal with Cruisers that are spotting the DD's from sea level.. but let's be honest, too many BB players would rather shoot at DD's and other BB's, which, as a cruiser player myself, I sincerely appreciate.
  2. Gothik_Knight

    Need Help Deciding Which Cruiser Line

    50% of my matches have been in cruisers, and ironically I have very little experience in Russian cruisers, but I DO have at least a little experience in every line. So the American cruisers and british CA's (the new ones) seem to work pretty similarly to me. They are good ships, but not exactly the playstyle you're describing. (they tend to require a lot of hiding and shooting over islands) British CL's don't have HE and rely on sitting in smoke and citadeling enemy ships.. to be honest, I was great in these ships when they first came out, but I think radar and spotting changes since then have really hurt them. German and French cruisers seem to do best when fighting at Maximum range in open waters, where they can turn well enough to avoid most incoming shells. I think the German cruisers aren't quite as good at max range, but are slightly better at close range brawls. I have very little experience with Italian cruisers as well, but based on that limited experience, I would say Italian cruisers may be "the next best" at the playstyle you're describing. Honestly though, you're describing the playstyle of Russian cruisers and saying you want to try something different, so what's the most like the Russian playstyle without actually being Russian. You get what I'm saying? Don't be ashamed for liking Russian cruisers, if that's what you enjoy. If you're looking for something different though, the cruiser lines can accommodate you.. Just don't then turn around and dump on them for being different. Try to learn to appreciate the differences. With that said, I hope you find more ships that you enjoy. Have fun.
  3. Gothik_Knight

    Thank you Jingles.

    I like jingles. He's a great guy, but he really does need to spend less time complaining about CV's. For full disclosure, I haven't played since about june and came back a week ago. Over the years 50% of my matches have been in cruisers and something like 2% in CV's. So obviously I'm not a CV player. First off, I don't know about 1/3 of the players leaving the game if CV's got removed. What I DO know is that I would leave the game. I also know that I go on these long "sabbaticals" from the game, not because I'm sick of CV's, but because I'm so sick of all the whining. If I felt like people were actually being honest about their complaints, I might be more sympathetic, but the fact is that I have serious doubts that most of these whiners actually want to fix CV's.. even before the rework, when carriers were hardly played at all, many people were crying for their removal from the game. Remember though, this game was NEVER meant to be about close range naval combat. Carriers have ALWAYS been intended to be part of the game. We were PROMISED a game with Carriers.. and so.. "yes".. I would drop the game in a heartbeat if they were to drop carriers. As for CV's, what Jingles said is largely accurate, although it's funny how he says that the biggest issue isn't the lack of counter-play, and then he goes on to spend most of his rant on the lack of counter-play. This is one of the problems with the "remove carriers from the game" idea.. it leads to lazy and dishonest thinking. If you're not actually trying to solve a problem, why would you waste time thinking about it.. and yet people who think this way LOVE to present themselves as if they're actually trying to solve a problem. So, the biggest issue with CV's at the moment actually IS the lack of counter-play and, as jingles pointed out, the fact that there's no natural predator for CV's. In the old days, CV's were a Destroyers favorite food, but now DD's tend to go hide in a corner any time they see CV's. What I would suggest is reworking the smoke mechanic to be more effective against CV's. I also don't think smoke should show up on the minimap. In essence, I want DD's to be able to stealth around and possibly take out the CV's. (although DD's still have a problem with radar cruisers) I also think we might need less effective AA in general, but with cruisers having some form of more active AA that would be able to make up the difference (or more). Basically, DD's were supposed to be "stealthy assassin" ships and cruisers were support ships.. I'd like to see them actually be able to fill those roles. As for CV's themselves, I actually think they're in a relatively good place, at least at tier iv. I've been playing the Hermes some and my win rate is just above 50% and I'm not usually the top ship on the team xp-wise, so in my hands at least, it's not over-powered. However it sounds like WG tried to do a minor rework on cv's lately to get them involved in the action more.. I know Nozoup said something about CV's should move with the team now.. but I don't think that really works (again, at tier iv). There just isn't really a situation in which a person that outranges their opponent is better off not using that advantage. Perhaps if something (like a stealthy DD) could punish the CV for not being with support, but currently that doesn't happen.. I actually suspect that's what WG plans on having submarines do, but I don't really know much about subs in game, or how well they work. P.S.: I've had a couple of matches in which the Hermes planes couldn't get a shot off because the opposing team was bunched up.. keep in mind the Hermes has the beefiest planes at the tier and good speed too.. so I would say there actually IS skill based counter-play to low tier cv's.. it's just not something that can be done alone.
  4. Gothik_Knight

    Are you happy with the Current CV status?

    The only CV's that are in a good place, are the one's on the bottom of the ocean. :p More seriously though, without going into how I think wg could fix things, CV's need a lot of work. I appreciate that CV's are no longer RTS and I generally argue in favor of CV's and the people who play them, but certain issues need to be addressed.. therefor, in the absence of addressing those issues, I have to say that CV's aren't in a good place.
  5. Gothik_Knight

    If at first you don't succeed.........

    Ugh.. teams.. whatcha gonna do...
  6. Gothik_Knight

    WW2's largest Destroyer, or really a Cruiser?

    It seems like a lot of ships have been reclassified at various points. The U.S. once had ships called "destroyer leaders", but those were reclassified as frigates back in the 50's. They were then reclassified as either destroyers or cruisers, while "destroyer escorts" were reclassified as frigates. The Fubuki was originally called a "special type destroyer", but is generally considered the first modern destroyer. Italy had created "scout cruisers" which were essentially large destroyers. There were also "flotilla leaders", like Kuma and Atlanta, that were essentially small cruisers designed to outfit a flotilla of destroyers.
  7. Gothik_Knight

    Is WG KGB?

    If Russia were a land-locked nation, it's navy would be powerful enough
  8. Gothik_Knight

    What is the concept "tanking" in battleships?

    As for specific skills, it depends on the exact Battleship. So tanking requires two main factors. First, you need to make the enemy attack you. Second, you need to survive as many attacks as possible for as long as possible. 1a: On the first point, look at the IJN Battleships, whose best play-style is probably to sit back and shoot everything at maximum range, because very few people will be able to shoot back. While that may be the best way for them to play personally, it doesn't do much for their team, who is still taking fire from all the ships that aren't shooting the IJN Battleship. For that reason, IJN Battleships generally aren't good tanks. German Battleships, on the other hand, are generally known for their short range.. which means that many other ships will seem more threatening than the German BB, at least until the German BB gets very close.. Until that happens though, the German BB isn't likely to draw much enemy fire. One aspect of making people attack you is to make sure the enemy knows you're there and they see you as a threat. 1b: Another aspect is to make the enemy think that you are a threat they can relatively easily deal with. This part requires some artistry. It requires the Battleship player to specifically do things that will make them "easy kills", like show broadsides to the enemy. Now keep in mind, the point here is to make the enemy think you are easy to kill, not to actually be easy to kill, so a Battleship might show it's broadside to the enemy, fire a volley, then when the enemy has started reacting to the Battleship, the Battleship properly angles. If people start to ignore the BB, the Battleship might then consider showing broadsides again, but as long as it has the opponent's attention, the Battleship should be angled. Toying with ranges and speed can also help influence whether the enemy targets you or not. 2a: I mentioned angling so let's start there when talking about the survivability aspect. Usually a Battleship wants to be fighting with it's bow turned about 45 degrees towards it's opponent. As a note, you can't usually fire all of your guns this way. Generally speaking, the steeper the angle, the better, but you have to be careful not to turn your bow too close to a line with enemy shells, or the enemy will begin to penetrate your bow. This is another reason I don't really like German BB's for tanking.. they are generally tough, but have some big weak spots at almost the exact angle you would normally want to use. Similarly, I'm not sure I like Russian Battleships for tanking because they have large citadels.. this isn't as much a problem if you're angled properly, but at some point you will have to turn. 2b: You need to make the enemy switch targets on occasion. Be ready to jump in front of another Battleship who is getting torn up.. or if you're the one in front, be ready to retreat until you get some repairs done. I find the French Battleships to excel at this aspect of tanking, because they're pretty fast an maneuverable. 2c: This day and age we should also talk about the necessity of being able to defend against aircraft.. or at least pretend to do so.. USN Battleships have some of the best anti-air.. also, despite being slow they actually turn pretty well (so easier to dodge incoming attacks). I think the Russian BB's actually have some of the best AAA right now (In tech trees anyway). The French have crumby AAA, but again, good maneuverability can help against aircraft as well.
  9. Gothik_Knight

    Confessions of a stat padder

    So we should all be admiring trolls because they are selfless? Not saying you're a troll, just noting that most of their posts are about other people.
  10. Gothik_Knight

    How to Control your Win Rate

    I dunno. I'm usually a cruiser player and my win rate has been 48% when I focus on cruisers (mostly American). Just getting into Battleships and playing them aggressively actually increases my win rate, even if it lowers my damage, ships sunk etc. Now that I've had some practice playing BB's I've had a couple games where I do roughly 70k-100k damage (at tier 4 or 5) I get a bunch of citadels and devastating strikes. Sink 3 or 4 ships and my team still loses. In one of those matches recently I had also gotten fireproof and dreadnaught.. in another match I got first blood and something else, so it's not as if I'm just sacrificing the rest of my team or anything. There is no carrying some teams. I've also noticed an interesting factor between my Normandie and my Queen Elizabeth. My Normandie stats are far better than the Q.E. stats (especially in potential damage absorbed where my top is over 3 million compared to 1.9 million on the Q.E.) for some reason though, my win% in the Normandie is 45% where my win % in the Q.E. is 52%. This problem for me really seems to have gotten worse over the past 6 months.. my personal stats are getting much better, but my win% is staying about the same.. and then there's those days where I lose 7 or more matches before getting a win.
  11. AI Carriers need to be in co-op. Currently CV's are matched against Battleships.. , does this seem right to you? A tier 4 CV is not a match for a tier 4 Battleship. I don't understand why people are so opposed to CV's that they would oppose common sense changes. With that said, I'm a little afraid that this move will cause a lot of those co-op players to leave the game entirely, but hopefully they come to their senses and admit that CV are actually in a better place now than they were a year ago.. who knows, they might even start joining us in randoms again. (But I doubt it, I don't really have enough faith in my fellow humans to expect that will happen)
  12. Gothik_Knight

    Why almost all good players hate CVs

    DW torps are only useful in matches in which you're facing Battleships, Cruisers, and Carriers, which you can do in every match. Hydro is useful for facing any ships with torps, more so for destroyers and at least 3/4 of matches have destroyers in them. Radar is again, mostly for destroyers, but can also be used to spot island camping cruisers or battleships.. essentially all of these things can be useful in every match, especially if a person using them is actually trying to make them useful.. AAA on the other hand, is only useful for shooting down aircraft and only CV's actually rely on their aircraft, so AAA is only useful against CV's. As for the CV population below 10 being "too high" to lower the cap.. I mostly play tier 6 and 7 and I still get many matches without any CV's at all (although that seems to be changing just over the past couple of days).
  13. Gothik_Knight

    Why almost all good players hate CVs

    It's true he was talking about some specific things.. IIRC he mentioned both the "lack of counter-play" and also the RNG associated with bombs. (But I'm not going through that whole 20minute tirade to double check.) I put "lack of counter-play" in quotes because there is actually a form of counter-play, in assigning zones for anti-aircraft.. it just isn't really effective, it isn't fun, and a large part of playing a CV right now is dodging the flak.. which is essentially counter-playing the counter-play. The counter-play definitely needs to be modified, but the ability to counter-act CV's will never be consistent until it becomes consistently useful, which means there must be at least 1 cv in every match.
  14. Gothik_Knight

    Why almost all good players hate CVs

    They can't even be bothered to check the minimap
  15. Gothik_Knight

    Why almost all good players hate CVs

    Just so people know where I'm coming from, I generally enjoy watching iChase and he seems cool in the few matches I've played with him, I just think he was tilting a little in the video that was mentioned and, while he's good, he's not always right. in @iChase's video, he rightly attributed most of the problem to consistency, but he seems to have missed that the biggest issue with "consistency" is whether or not there's even a CV in a match. CV is the only ship type that people actually talk about "CV matches" and "non-CV matches" because the possibility of having "non-DD matces" is rare and "non-BB matches" are unheard of while most of us wouldn't even believe a person who claimed to be in a "non-cruiser" match. We actually (still) need to find a way to increase the number of CV players, but that's unlikely to happen while all the shaming and whining is going on. I will also say that current AAA mechanics adds "counter-play" to CV's.. it's just not necessarily fun or useful counter-play.. and the counter-play can itself be countered.. which is actually the core mechanic of CV gameplay. It's also interesting to note that, while iChase is complaining about CV's and a lack of consistency, Post rework CV's are actually all about dealing small, consistent amounts of damage and the effectiveness of CV is made more consistent, so that "bad" CV players can still have an impact on a match, even when faced off against unicum players. AAA needs to be effective, which means it needs to have something effective to counter, so we need CV's to be consistently effective. With that said, AAA also needs some way to actually deal with aircraft, which I don't really feel it does at this time. I would suggest making defensive AA an unlimited consumable.. I also really want some kind of penalty to aircraft as they take damage.. like losing accuracy or something like that. the natural solution to the problem is actually to buff CV's, (especially tier 4 and 6), but obviously we want to fix the slingshot bug as well and remove spotting from ships returning to the CV and taking off from the CV. (I'm hoping this will reduce the chance of DD's getting spotted just a tiny bit for now.) I might also increase the possible wait time for CV's or make some other MM change to try to make sure there's at least 1 CV (and preferably no more) in every team. Keep in mind, I'm not forwarding this as a solution, I just think it's a good first step in finding a solution. Something else to think about.. Before the rework I didn't play CV's because I couldn't compete with the better CV players (and I also highly suspect that most of the CV players I met were running hacks, as they always seemed to know where my planes were, even when I withdrew my planes so they couldn't be spotted), after the rework I enjoy CV gameplay much more, but I don't play CV's because tier 4 CV's are just about useless. It might be enough to buff the tier 4 and 6 CV's in order to get the necessary increase in CV population. Another thought.. Most players now play tier X, which has the most powerful CV's. If people really hate CV's that much, maybe they should go back down to lower tiers for a while. (The tiers which are more fun anyway).