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  1. IllyasvielEve

    Carrier Lexington dissatisfaction

    @Rickhavoc, as @Ace_04 & @Ahskance have mentioned, you should've checked how each CV works, possibly watch videos to see how their play-styles are? I don't think I have much liberty saying this, though with my experience playing CVs are more on being a supportive role compared to flying in right away, I recommend studying the lineups of your team & the enemy since as @Ace_04 stated, that depending how MM paired you up in that game, you'll need to have a standard plan, if up-tiered, be supportive, spot, don't attack unless if enemy ship is alone, & if they're alone & as well a Minotaur, Des Moines, or any AA Cruiser/Battleship, practice catapulting, I know it's a "cheap" tactic, though it helps you break through AA & saving planes for another squadron. From what you've stated on how your squadron gets wiped out before being able to attack, I reckon you've been going full throttle not maneuvering? If so, then I recommend that you keep the engine boost, "juice," so you can play around with the throttle by speeding up, slowing down, & maneuvering. It won't guarantee that they'll push through, though it gives you a higher chance of getting closer to enemy ships in a way to get an attack off. That's what I recommend, sorry if I wasn't any help, though I hope this doesn't dishearten you on playing CVs. -Amiral_Marie (U571)
  2. IllyasvielEve

    Game totally unstable, HELP!!!

    Hm..well I think @Femennenly is of help, with having you submit a ticket. Sorry, that I couldn't help..
  3. IllyasvielEve

    Game totally unstable, HELP!!!

    Just curious, do you have any mods installed?
  4. IllyasvielEve

    Pregunta sobre espacios en el puerto

    No hay problema, me alegro de haber podido ser de ayuda.
  5. To add on, did you check & see if the purchase went through?
  6. IllyasvielEve

    Pregunta sobre espacios en el puerto

    El espacio del puerto se queda. Pero no recomiendo a vender los barcos premium.
  7. On your question for why one ship is above the other, I believe it's your name, organized in alphabetical order.
  8. IllyasvielEve

    6 CV's per Battle !!!!!!!

    I don't want to cause an argument though I believe the reason for the lack of limitation for CVs at tier 4 is because it is a new class that starts at the tier & that the players are still learning the mechanics of it. Also, I see that tier 4 CVs don't have big squadrons to attack in which it's more of a nuisance than actual danger.
  9. IllyasvielEve

    Can I refund the Azuma?

    I do agree with it being a bit underwhelming, though I feel as if it may be a ship that some people think of it as a familiar opposition. Practically when people think IJN heavy cruiser, this is an in-between though it does punish as a cruiser in which I feel that people may not understand. I know it's a battlecruiser in which it seems many people try to use it as a battleship, though she feels more like a cruiser in her capabilities. Though I believe people can figure out their sort of playstyle with her.
  10. IllyasvielEve

    Change the Color of these Girl Capt.

    I see. I wish I could help with this though this seems up to wargaming & the publisher of ARP since this was a collaboration, though I am not sure if it's changeable due to the collaboration has been ended. Sorry that I couldn't be of help @SaltyRat, though hopefully, wargaming can see if they're able to do anything.
  11. IllyasvielEve

    Change the Color of these Girl Capt.

    If I may ask for clarity since I presume that you're talking about the HSF captains. I would like to be able to help.
  12. IllyasvielEve

    What do You Guys Consider/Think of the Future for CV's

    I see that this topic might be harder for other people to not start an argument between two people and that is what I'm trying to avoid. So if you guys can, don't provoke an argument, or just state your opinion and don't worry about what others think (your opinion is your opinion). Also I have been suggesting that you guys can exchange thoughts on carriers you would want to see in the future, like a new line or premium.
  13. IllyasvielEve

    What do You Guys Consider/Think of the Future for CV's

    If it does resort them making CVs bots, then what would they for all the CV players that basically has every CV, would there be a mass refund? I still wouldn't want them to remove CVs for players.
  14. IllyasvielEve

    What do You Guys Consider/Think of the Future for CV's

    I do accept your opinion, & I'll respect that. Well in the game we have "fleet" ships & submarines could be in a fleet, but they also work in their own kind of fleet (like the Germans with their "Wolf packs").
  15. IllyasvielEve

    What do You Guys Consider/Think of the Future for CV's

    The skill gap aspect between CV v. CV is going to be nonexistent due to the fact that they're pushing the idea of air v. ship without CV players defending their fleet, but their only way of defending the fleet is going to be relying on the AI fighters which is apparently going to be a consumable which brings fighters to a sector but only that sector (that's what I think).