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  1. If a DD only did 80k from a last minute rush, plus whatever else he did for the rest of the game, beat you in terms of XP, you just didn't do enough. Out of the 27 games I've played in this season, only 8 have been losses, and I only lost a star on two of those games. And only one of those two games I fell like I deserved to lose it. I took the liberty of looking at your FDG stats for this season, and while 97k isn't bad, you have to keep in mind what targets you are doing damage to. If its BBs, its not worth as much as a cruiser or battleship, surely leading to less XP. Your options to not lose as many stars are to either a) do more damage overall, b) do more damage to cruisers and destroyers (unless you're already doing that), or c) find a way to be a better team player, making smarter moves that put your team into a better situation, giving you a better chance to win. That last one should be paramount. You shouldn't be playing to do damage, it should be to win. Doing damage comes with being in a good position and being able to abuse the enemy for making mistakes. I'v found that Jean Bart is an excellent ship for doing just that this season. It lets you be flexible and punish mistakes. I suggest trying it if you have one in your port.
  2. Tateyama_Ayano

    Why do people hide their Stats?

    ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Its something that you have to work on I guess. It doesn't come naturally to most people.
  3. Tateyama_Ayano

    Why do people hide their Stats?

    There is a massive problem with people not willing to realize their own failings, and blaming their own poor performances on others.
  4. Tateyama_Ayano

    Why do people hide their Stats?

    I'm sorry if you think that winning half your games is a "stupidly high bar to hold everyone to." Never said I knew everything about you though, and I'm not sure why you think that. All I noticed is that you still don't know how many people are on each team in a full randoms match after 1,901 random games. (Edit after you made the excuse edit: dude you did it twice, don't try to make that excuse lol) And to clarify, I only "pounced" cause you said that 51% is a high standard to hold people to. Personally, winning half your games seems fairly average, just saying. Don't get so mad on the internet either, lol.
  5. Tateyama_Ayano

    Why do people hide their Stats?

    Good players have good solo winrates because they are able to carry more weight than just their own. Also, 13 players on your team? You are aware that team sizes are 12, right? Maybe your lack of basic game knowledge is why you're not preforming at a 51% winrate level...
  6. Tateyama_Ayano

    Why do people hide their Stats?

    What? What? What?
  7. Tateyama_Ayano

    Why do people hide their Stats?

    I like to know if the guy complaining about his team and the matchmaker has a point or if he isn't capable enough to carry his own weight.
  8. Tateyama_Ayano

    Stalingrad should not be made available for Clan Battles

    IFHE Henri IV Hindenburg Moskva all good counters
  9. Tateyama_Ayano

    Stalingrad should not be made available for Clan Battles

    just run IFHE H4's EZ clap
  10. Tateyama_Ayano

    Puka Puka Fleet

    And my favorite anime include the likes of Evangelion, Steins;Gate (the VNs are better), and Legend of the Galactic Heroes. While these are some of my favorites, I also watch shows that you would call "cheap garbage for a lower grade audience". Now what I don't understand is your need to tell people that you don't like what they watch and enjoy. Honestly its childish. Just let people like what they like. I understand that you don't want weeb content on the main site, but you don't have to then go onto to forums and b*tch about weebs. Be productive and offer a solution instead of trying to stir stuff up. Many popular shows today have no over the top sexualization. Many of the shows that do are sub par comedies that appeal to teenagers. Sexualized girls, apparently. Is it just me or do the anti weebs seem to find sexualization in just about anything anime related? Really makes you think.
  11. Tateyama_Ayano

    Puka Puka Fleet

    Misato is best girl prove me wrong. Seriously though these threads are always stupid. They lead nowhere and achieve nothing of importance. As long as it isn't hurting someone else, let other people do whatever they want to do.
  12. Tateyama_Ayano

    Skillfully Exceptional Players are recruiting!

    Just git gud red. EZ clap
  13. Tateyama_Ayano

    Worst Tier 9 Cruiser...

    Out of curiosity what did you not like about the Donskoi. Personally I found her to be great to play.
  14. Tateyama_Ayano

    [ Speculation] Will we ever see the USS Alaska??

    I'm going to have to disagree with you there. The Bismarck and Iowa classes were fast battleships. So was Scharnhorst but she was also kind of a small battleship. I think the Kriegsmarine called them that officially.
  15. Tateyama_Ayano

    [ Speculation] Will we ever see the USS Alaska??

    You should be penning all of those shots considering the bow is only 25 millimeters thick.