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  1. Tateyama_Ayano


    ok [edited]
  2. Tateyama_Ayano

    Cv rant thread

    It almost as if I haven't seriously played the game since 0.8.0 pepega
  3. Tateyama_Ayano

    Cv rant thread

    another CV thread pepega
  4. Are you thinking of ranked Sprint?
  5. It stays around your own rank. IIRC the variation is something like 2 ranks. Could be wrong cause playing ranked is for losers kappa
  6. Remove irrevocable ranks. EZ fix.
  7. Tateyama_Ayano

    Criteria for Premium Ships

    Will it make WG money. If yes, then it can be a premium.
  8. I play enough clan battles, I'm good.
  9. No, that's not what I want.
  10. Tateyama_Ayano

    Neutrashimyy thoughts (power creep and match-maker)

    Neustrashimy is such a boring ship to play it isn't worth getting. While it has the potential healthpool to last late into the game, you have to be holding down your mouse to get any damage done. Also >muh Russian Bias Imao
  11. Oh god you really aren't the brightest, are you? First, git gud is a meme, get over it. Winrate can be an indicator of skill, but should not be the only factor you take into account. When people are using winrate to brag or shame, its because its often the quickest way to do so, and even then, people also use PR are WTR with it to get an idea. Winrate can be boosted by various means, both playing solo and divisioned. You could play ships that have more influence over the game, or could be in a triple div. As someone who used to help recruit for a clan, RIP RUSHB you will not be missed, I, nor would anyone else, would only look at the overall winrate. PR, solo T10 performance, and other things are used in conjunction with winrate to determine skill. That is why winrate alone isn't enough to base a matchmaker system off of. Because there are so many other factors you have to take into account.
  12. Just use wows numbers at this point. warships today is dead
  13. Throwback to when i was sub 60% overall. We all have bad streaks. Its just some us don't blame it on rigged matchmaking.
  14. I'll give you a non meme response. Making matchmaking based on winrate is an awful idea. Mainly because only using winrate does not tell you the player's skill.
  15. lol wut There's a little something I would like to suggest for you. Git gud.