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    Remove Torps from DD gun botes.

    Threads like this one are the reason I am glad I am playing a different game for a while. What in the hell???????????????????????????????

    Invisible ships back again

    They never left and they are always out to get you!!!!!!!!!

    Almost every game is a blowout now?

    This is the main reason I went on to playing other games for a while. It has been this way for too long now and I think it will only get worse. I honestly don't think it may be a skill problem as much as all the side missions that get flooded into the game now. You can always tell when there are a new batch of missions as peeps will yolo in for some torpedo hits or spotting of ships just to die and then they are back to port to do it all over again.

    This banner at the top of the main forum page amuses me

    I still get the banner even though I have had all those ships for quite awhile.......

    So I broke my long standing rule on loot boxes

    Good luck! There is a chance of getting some really good ships.
  6. I am just curious, the ones crying over this. Did anyone hold a gun to your head and force you to buy them? Do you complain to your state when you buy a lottery scratch off ticket and get nothing for your money? Get the ships when they are in the shop and you don't need to worry about gambling to get them. Yes I have all the ships......

    Graphics card for WoWs and WoT?

    I run a GTX 1080 at 4K on a 51 inch display. WOWS runs very smooth, sure some other games will not. That is what SLI slots are for. For the person suggesting that 4K gaming is dumb. If I wanted to play 1080p I would buy an X BOX.

    WGing u gotta do better than this

    It is thanksgiving holiday here in the states. Kids are out of school for a few days and thankfully I am off from work until Monday! Sadly I am not playing ships as a long awaited update for 7 Days To Die has dropped and it is freaking awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Post rework CV refunds

    The simple fact in all of this is games change during their life cycle. It will always be that way. The fact they are willing to offer some form of a refund because of the changes is a good thing.

    Should WG fix Daily Containers?

    I didn't think the containers were broken..... Just my 2 cents, the current rewards just for playing the game are more than generous as I remember the way they did it from the start. They will never get a complaint from me on the rewards system that is in place now.

    The new co-op brawling king..

    They could give the Iowas their nuclear main battery shells!!!!!! That is an upgrade I could get behind! Only need one per battle! lol

    Just stop it

    One thing for sure this thread will go places until it is locked! lol

    Just stop it

    I am sorry to say too much (thought?) went into that post too be a troll post. Almost 10k battles and now wants training wheels.

    Just stop it

    What in the hell? The top players deal with the same "RNG" the rest of us do. So your answer is to push them out of the game? Because if something is implemented to hinder them that is exactly what will happen. Not only that is players like myself will leave the game as well. I do not want help with my aim, or my accuracy that is something I try to improve on myself. This game does NOT need training wheels!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    German BBs

    This is why I set my Tirpitz up with main battery accuracy. It does quite well at 12 to 15km and will surprise most of those that are used to facing German BBs set up for seconadaries. I have the Bismark and it is a full seconadary build but I just hate the main battery on it.