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  1. Concealment ?

    You are not more visible with the camo. The .2 difference in the grand scheme of things is minimal at the speed a DD can travel. Don't get me wrong, every little bit helps but, there is a delay in the game rendering the enemy ships.
  2. If they can get close enough to it to shoot before they get dev striked to oblivion.
  3. Weekend spree

    I was on the winning side 10 in a row last night so I quit while I was ahead.
  4. Hmm so I guess I should get one??????????????????
  5. Radar, and how to fix it.

    Had enough going to bed.....
  6. Radar, and how to fix it.

    Oh look another one of those threads.
  7. No need for a petition, that is what free xp can be used for.
  8. So dumbing down the game more? Maybe they should just give every one guided missles and call it good.
  9. OK what are those of us that do not know looking at here?
  10. Fiji a must play cruiser?

    Leander and Fiji are great ships! They are very powerful but, mistakes in them are punished harshly. They will really help teach you situational awareness.
  11. Yorck vs shchors vs Helena vs Myoko

    Belfast, Fiji and lets not forget Shinny Horse!
  12. I misunderstood your stance on the subject and I am sorry. I agree with what you are saying about reflected damage. On a side note they have really improved this function from what it was at the start. I can remember when pinks would just get sunk at the start of the match because they were the known teamkillers. lol I have just seen so many of these threads started by people who are crying about people sailing into their torpedoes that I just do not pay as much attention to the wording of the complaint anymore.. Kinda like the radar and match making threads............
  13. Is spotting and capping XP bugged?

    It seems they kept the model they used in this last season of ranked. Capping in a DD meant nothing for XP at the end of the match.
  14. Seal Clubbing at it's Finest

    I guess I have been doing it wrong????????????????????