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  1. I need a break

    Yea I bet your back hurts like hell after that one, I would need a break too....
  2. T8 MM again

    All this started with "protected" tier 4 MM. I really wish it would revert back to +/-3 MM if only for a few days. The forums would crash from all the whining and crying. It is as simple as this if you are tired of tier 8, progress to tier 9 and so on. If you are tier 10 you can't be uptiered! No more excuses then.
  3. What a snowflake.............. I cant even come up with words here, wth!
  4. Musashi worth it??

    Those new signal flags will really ramp up free xp as well. I used every anniversary token on them. lol
  5. Musashi worth it??

    I just got mine with coal the other day. You can accumulate coal pretty fast with all the daily missions and crates.
  6. The Hell With Ranked. I'm Done.

    I stopped at rank 10. After about 30 battles it was just crazy with the win one lose one crap. So rank 10 it is, no team work and too many running from the objectives for me.
  7. Might get Musashi?

    Well thanks again for everyone chiming in. I think I will go ahead and grab Musashi and keep piling up free Xp and hope Alaska is a free XP ship. If it is not I will just grind away at more coal. I just really do not see War Gaming making Alaska a coal ship as there is so much interest in that ship in this server people will gladly open their wallets to buy gold to convert.
  8. Tired of losing.

    Yep it was a random battle, I almost felt bad. Almost......
  9. Might get Musashi?

    Well I was really curious more that anything. I imagine Jean Bart will drop before Alaska as it has been in testing longer I think. I just have not read many reviews and such about it.
  10. Might get Musashi?

    Why would you say Jean Bart will be a coal ship? I have not read much about that one. Would it not make sense that it would be a free xp ship? That would give most of the lines a free xp ship to aquire????
  11. Tired of losing.

    I am aggressive myself in battle but I have seen a lot of what he is complaining about. I have seen a lot of it on the enemy team as well. I took my Clemson out for some fun today and sank a Phoenix in open water from 4km away with guns and torpedoes, he never turned his guns on me just kept shooting at the BB 8km from him. lol
  12. Might get Musashi?

    I appreciate the replies everyone! I do not have the Yamato as I could not bring myself to grind the Izumo. I could free xp it but I suspect as popular as Alaska will be they would be crazy to make that one a coal ship????? Also yes I will be using a ship coupon to get Musashi for the one that asked.
  13. Might get Musashi?

    Well I am 1000 coal away from getting it. I have completed all missions for the day and opened all three daily crates so it will be tomorrow at the earliest. My question is, do you guys think it is worth it? I already have the Missouri and almost enough free XP for Musashi to get it that way. Not much else in the arsenal has my interest as I already have Des Moines and Worchester so no interest in Salem. What are your opinions?
  14. Great news and thanks for the update! I am in south central Virginia and can tell you from the news here there is some real problems in some areas near there.
  15. If you want an example of good match making, check out ranked. It is proof of what I have been saying. I am an average player but some of the things you see in ranked just make you shake your head.