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  1. i play CV a lot- meta has changed so don't think you are obligated to cap cause you are in DD early. Only get into a cap when planes are rearming and radar is clear so you can smoke up if needed. Don't turn on AA unless you are spotted by planes.
  2. Anyone knows if a ship's AA DPS is uniform in any direction (assuming no AA sector is set)? I want to know if I will take less damage for my planes if the approach was along the ship's mid-line for the attack run and follow the same path after the attack. I assume there are more AA facing to either side of the ship compared to the ones facing aft and stern.
  3. SoftAndCute

    Good bye Hakuryu

    Good bye Hakuryu, thx for making potatoes like me a God in 0.8.0
  4. SoftAndCute

    Rocket-equipped Airships with radar

    it will over pen and besides it should come with smokes
  5. We should have more noob-friendly features for the game like for example radar airships that can park above capture points with rockets to shoot destroyers. You can also put heals with defensive AA with smoke consumables.
  6. SoftAndCute

    Rework / 8.0 changes radically changed game

    hey, I heard hotfix is coming so hopefully it will be better for DD player including yourself. WG admitted that they need to fix the game for the sake of DD.
  7. SoftAndCute

    Why not have Random w/CV and a Random wo/CV game modes?

    I want two WOWS Forum websites, the one where people complain about CV and the other people don't.
  8. SoftAndCute

    CV Screen frozen ingame

    Good - other ship classes
  9. People in NA generally voice our opinions (aka complaints) cause we don't fear of being poisoned or chopped up into pieces (or fed to dogs).
  10. Playing WOWS after watching IChase or Flamu is like trying to play professional football after watching NFL. If you want to know if it requires a nerf, ask Jingle to try it.
  11. SoftAndCute

    A easy way to help balance the DD genocide

    Best way to conceal a DD in current patch is not to bring it out of port.
  12. SoftAndCute

    Rework / 8.0 changes radically changed game

    First I thought about making fun of you then I realized you paid for this game so others can play for free, and I think you might be simply frustrated. So let me ask you, what ship classes did you play after 8.0? Don't play DD yet. Just play an AA ship and spec her with AA, and stay with the group. There's a good chance you will be happier. Still, WOWS is a good game. This is a trasitional period, which will be over one way or the another (eventually).
  13. SoftAndCute

    Midway Torp Planes Not Replenishing

    Good. -Destroyers
  14. After playing for the last two days in a DD ... I dont wanna cap anymore (sob..sob..sob)
  15. SoftAndCute

    I figured DD play for now

    Yep it worked, I speed boost in Kiev along map border to obvious CV parking spot. I know I sealclubbed a lower tier CV but that's one way to make them real salty about it. Why helplessly and relentlessly harassed by their planes when you can get right into their face? and much more ...