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  1. SoftAndCute

    Earl Grey (Shame on You!)

    To be honest, I was kinda getting over initial fallout and started thinking about how much PR would actually cost if I can't grind all directives. When I read Earl Grey's post, I felt like he was mocking players like me we don't have time to grind it out. Now I am struggling between spending money as an appreciation for developers who did a great job versus encouraging individuals like him who are unapologetic and giving false information to player base. Sadly, Earl Grey was a cc once and so he was one of us. This PR mess makes me thinking whether I should move on just like I did with WOT. I always thought WOWS is different but I may be just wrong. As for Earl Grey , hope you was coerced or simply drunk when you post it- and don't forget you were one of us. Don't be an idiot to become the fall guy for this mess. Oh Fem @FemennenIy, hope you don't join the dark side like he did.
  2. SoftAndCute

    Internal drama?

    you mean this?
  3. SoftAndCute

    Chinese Izumo...?????

    cause what ship are my high school teenagers, giant Teddy Bear, Lizard, Dolphin, Gold Fish etc supposed to drive? Talking about realism.
  4. SoftAndCute

    can't post in general

    It happened to me when I wasn't logged in.
  5. I agree with you on lack of tutorials for beginners especially there's so many things you need to learn in game. There are a lot of good contents like YouTube videos created by some people, and I'd suggest that you watch them. My favorite channels are Flamu and iChase but there are other good content creators as well. I personally love seeing new players and I hope they will continue playing the game.
  6. SoftAndCute

    Thunderer vs Yamato

    They are different. Worth getting Thunderer. She's a T10 Warspite.
  7. SoftAndCute

    Loyang or Arizona or Warspite?

    If you are good at Benson, go for Loyang. Her hydro is quite good for her tier. Warspite is a mini-Thunderer on accuracy and Arizona is slow but has a lot of guns.
  8. SoftAndCute

    Hi there!

    Welcome and don't forget to link your credit and bank accounts to your WG account.
  9. SoftAndCute

    Azur Lane Question

  10. SoftAndCute

    Azur Lane Question

    WG's graphic artists also work for Hooters???
  11. What are the units for axis of your graph? Also anything that moves has kinetic energy.
  12. SoftAndCute

    Midway Service-Cost Stupid Expensive

    Do you have premium account?
  13. SoftAndCute

    Captain free respec

    I wish if there's a button to redistribute/ rest all commander so I can still respec one by one slowly after the dead line.