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  1. SoftAndCute

    Too many planes on CV's

    Agree. AA OP please nerf.
  2. SoftAndCute

    Azur Lane Question

  3. SoftAndCute

    Azur Lane Question

    WG's graphic artists also work for Hooters???
  4. What are the units for axis of your graph? Also anything that moves has kinetic energy.
  5. SoftAndCute

    Midway Service-Cost Stupid Expensive

    Do you have premium account?
  6. SoftAndCute

    Major Lag

    People may be playing the game and downloading prawns at the same time.
  7. SoftAndCute

    Captain free respec

    I wish if there's a button to redistribute/ rest all commander so I can still respec one by one slowly after the dead line.
  8. SoftAndCute

    New Player to World of Warships

    First, you only played 9 games in Lex so you don't know how to play her yet. I wish you didn't sell your ship. You should have played ships that you are familiar with for example like Ranger to generate credits while you are learning how to play Lex. Next patch coming out on Monday would mitigate "some" of the combined damage by enemy ships to your planes. Still you need to learn AA ratings of ships and stay away from ships with high AA ratings. I always pick lone BB especially IJN cause they don;t have good AA. Generally, you do recon when match starts and careful not to send in your planes to do attack runs until enemy ships are spread out so they have weak combined AA bubbles. People use the trick of dumping payloads of attack squads (torpedoes/ bombs) to send back some of the planes to carrier and execute only one/two attack runs so the entire squad wont be shot down. USN CV's HE bombs are real OP so you need to learn how to use them effectively. Also remember most powerful weapon you have is the "vision" on the enemy fleet when you can cover the entire map with you planes in a min. There are a lot of advanced tricks that you can master for example (***) Besides flags and camo, premium account is something you need to make no-so-painful progress up the teach tree. In other words, this is a free-to-try game but you have to pay-to-play. imo this game is worth it (so far).
  9. SoftAndCute

    Wows Nightly News 27: Saipan inter-review

    I have been playing CV a lot after rework and I really enjoy it even though I miss RTS style. Rework made it impossible to have a dev strike like in RTS but CVs still play critical role. Don't let low DMG fools you, they still provide the most important thing in match, which is the vision and taking away enemy's elements of surprise with ability to cover the entire battle filed rapidly. CVs can do game winning mop-up jobs of low HP ships (and yes capping) in mid to late game to carry the team.
  10. SoftAndCute

    Anyone else have this glitch happen.

    Yes, i thought it was working as intended when I click other tabs during the animation.
  11. SoftAndCute


    I thought it was an intended feature like guns with a silencer.
  12. i play CV a lot- meta has changed so don't think you are obligated to cap cause you are in DD early. Only get into a cap when planes are rearming and radar is clear so you can smoke up if needed. Don't turn on AA unless you are spotted by planes.
  13. Anyone knows if a ship's AA DPS is uniform in any direction (assuming no AA sector is set)? I want to know if I will take less damage for my planes if the approach was along the ship's mid-line for the attack run and follow the same path after the attack. I assume there are more AA facing to either side of the ship compared to the ones facing aft and stern.
  14. SoftAndCute

    Good bye Hakuryu

    Good bye Hakuryu, thx for making potatoes like me a God in 0.8.0