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  1. alexbuildit

    Op Rng

    Agreed, only posting for the secondary hits lol.
  2. alexbuildit

    Op Rng

    So, bit of a backstory. A full HP Kitakaze rushed me in my Iowa, and the Kit started to turn broadside to launch torpedoes at 6km range. I had AP loaded and quick fired at it to try and do some damage before he launched the torpedos. A few main battery shells hit, but not enough to do anything serious. Just before he launched, my secondaries landed two hits. The second hit detonated him right before he launched, and did 15.4k Damage... I feel a little bad, he had every right to kill me there. Thx RNG. Fun stuff.
  3. alexbuildit

    Finally... Thanks WG!

    What’s good about the Grem? Can’t say that I’ve heard a lot about it before...
  4. alexbuildit

    Second Ship from Santa Crate

    I pulled a T61 and a Prinz Eugen from 12$ worth of crates... guess I’m lucky lol.
  5. alexbuildit

    Just cannot get gud scores in the Benson...

    Can’t relate, sorry! I just have so much fun in the Benson... minuscule detection range, fast punchy guns with great traverse speed. Only part I don’t like is the length of the torpedo reload, which can be mitigated partially. I love mine to death. I get average scores, but have fun doing it.
  6. alexbuildit


    Ok... I can’t seem to figure out how to play the Cleveland (or most cruisers for that matter) effectively. I’m tired of being a potatoe. What range should I try to make engagements? I’m just getting recked over and over and don’t want to keep hurting the teams I end up with.
  7. alexbuildit

    Worthless rigged ranked

    I don't consider myself a great player, but I finished in 20 battles. It was fun and not too difficult. It was less frustrating than normal ranked. Just keep trying, you'll make it!
  8. alexbuildit

    how can I progress quicker in WOWS?

    Flags and Camo can boost free XP. You can earn these regularly in events, etc.
  9. alexbuildit

    Does WG change the crate drop rate??

    Go look it up on reddit. For Christmas Crates, someone made a crowdsourced google doc list with over 1300 crate drop results.
  10. alexbuildit

    Friend Just Told Me This Code

  11. alexbuildit

    Submarine Poll

    If implemented, they better be a class cannon class. Any sub with holes, especially from 18inch shells isn’t submerging again anytime soon.
  12. WOWS 3rd anniversary collection.
  13. So... I have a MacBook Pro (2015), and bought the highest 16gb RAM variant, as well as the most storage variant at the time for the flexibility it offers. I play WOWS on the Mac, and it runs quite terribly frankly... and I can’t tell why. I have all settings on low (including sound), and ran a diagnostic while the game was running. I still have 7 gb of free RAM while the game is active, and yet the game freezes and crashes as if it was out of memory... I have only two other apps installed on the computer, with hundreds of GBs of space free, so it isn’t a cluttered computer... It also isn’t my network connection, I average 45 ping on most nights... Is the only reason it isn’t performing well solely due to the fact that I am playing on a Mac? Is there anything I can do to stop the freezes and constant crashes? It’s so annoying, I only want to play ships... and thought I have a decent hardware for the game with so much Ram and space...