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  1. I'll have to remember that when I take out my Krasny Cringe to dust off its snowflake.
  2. Aw heck, I don't know. It just kind of happened organically over time, and with the advice of my clan mates when we would div up. I think too it became more comfortable as I gained confidence with DD's as a whole.
  3. I have learned to do both, depending on the ship and circumstances, and it has made me a better player. For most DD's I use smoke defensively. When I started, I would get into a cap and smoke up, trying to get the cap without being spotted. Now I barely enter the cap, sit there and provide vision for the team, and only smoke up to disengage if needed. If opportunities arise where I can safely smoke up to lend fire assistance to other ships, or to help them disengage, I use it then too. I've started using smoke so much less on my torp boats now that I don't even use superintendent on most of them. Some DD's need smoke to get the most out of them, like the Akizuki and it's subsequent ships further up the tree. But if trying to cap, I still don't smoke up in the cap, but I will look harder for upportunities to smoke up outside of radar range in order to shell enemy ships. British CL's generally need to smoke up as well, again taking note on the mini-map where the closest radar ship is, and making sure they have hydro up if any torp ships are nearby. But in these ships I only tend to get close enough to the cap to lend support to our DDs, which almost always keeps me out of radar range.
  4. DreadRaybo

    Torpedo Acceleration on the Black?

    I'm glad you brought this up. I was considering getting the Black and assumed it had Fletcher torps. But 43 knot torps is painfully slow. You may have changed my mind on this ship. 48kts is still really bad. Don't consider anything under 50 kts to be very useful.
  5. DreadRaybo


    ^^^ This. But also in real life each gun of a turret can be aimed individually, and I am pretty certain that the guns are not perfectly aligned with each other. So there will be some dispersion in real life as well, growing in relation to the distance the shells have to travel.
  6. DreadRaybo

    Rarest Premium not taken out of the game?

    Yeah, especially when they show anything resembling a broadside. So light and crunchy on the outside, so soft and chewy on the inside. Yum!!!
  7. DreadRaybo

    How Not To Suck - Two Bad Player Types

    My clanmates and I were in a game the other night with an Asashio B player on our team. We all called it, saying that he would probably sail the map edge the whole game and not contribute much, and lo and behold, he did exactly that. But to put an exclamation point on his terrible performance, he launches torps, twice, at a Moskva who decided to take him out. So I would like to add: People, please learn the ships you take into battle, even if you just got them and they are shiny and brand new. Learn what they can and cannot do. And for those who don't quite get why I'm saying this, the Asashio's torps cannot hit anything other than BB's and CV's. The Moskva is a cruiser! It was impossible for his torps to do ANY damage to the Moskva! Also, one question for the OP: Why did you wait so long before using any of your heals? Were you trying to get the most of your AR? For me, an unused heal is a wasted heal. Just wondering.
  8. DreadRaybo

    Santa didn't deliver that ship you want?

    I feel his pain. My first ship ever to be received from a container of any kind happened last week with a big gift.... and it was the notorious Krispy Kreme!
  9. DreadRaybo

    Who got Missouri from Santa Crates?

    Hey, I finally got my first ship ever from any kind of crate and it was the Krasny Krym! String and used chewing gum are not better, although string and a new stick of gum would be. Accidentally bought myself a second set of 5 big gifts. Meant for it to be as a gift for a clan mate, but got click happy, and that's how I ended up with possibly the worst premium ship in existence as my first ever crate ship. Then a clan mate sent me a mega gift, and I got an Ashitaka. So maybe the curse of never getting any ships from containers is over? Only time will tell.
  10. DreadRaybo

    How much XP does a captain require?

    What I have found most useful is to elite xp my captains to 10 points, then grind from there. You can generally get the most important traits you need for a ship with a 10 point captain.
  11. DreadRaybo


    Wait... are you one of these people?!?
  12. None... although that is apparently my luck. Bought a 5 pack of the $3 crates this year and last (can't remember beyond that). I have never received a premium ship from a crate of any kind, purchased or Super. I think you all are just lying about receiving ships, just to make me jealous!
  13. DreadRaybo

    Spoiler Alert! Coal

    You might be thinking of oil.
  14. You do get decent xp for taking or defending a cap. However, defending a cap only counts when the enemy is in the cap and working towards taking it, and you are not, and you do have to do some damage to them and reduce their cap points. But if both you and the enemy are in the cap together and trading fire, you don't get any additional xp. I'd like to see that changed. If you are in the cap defending it from the enemy who is also in the cap, that should count towards cap defense. You would think they could easily make it based on a certain amount or percentage of damage done to the enemy who is trying to take your cap. And yes, many will agree that spotting the enemy is poorly rewarded, but it should not be as well rewarded as actually doing damage and eliminating the enemy, imho.
  15. DreadRaybo

    Starting Position Hilarity

    Game start positioning is very much affected by divisions. If all of your tier 10's were in a div, they will spawn together. Tend to notice this most when you have 3 DD's in a div all spawn together on one side of the map, leaving the other side with no DD's.