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  1. I believe it's a play on words of the John Denver song "Take me home, country roads". The song is about West Virginia, and the chorus is: Country roads, take me homeTo the place I belongWest Virginia, mountain mamaTake me home, country roads
  2. DreadRaybo

    For all the losers, you're not alone

    You're confusing randomness with probability. Randomness means anything that could possibly happen has a chance of happening, including a player with a 0.00% win rate. Probability says that most players will be around a 50% win rate.
  3. DreadRaybo

    Credit deduction after every battle

    Without further information it looks to me like it is the charge for premium consumables you have mounted. *Ninja'd and I didn't notice you were playing an operation
  4. DreadRaybo

    British Destroyer Acasta missing camo!??

    Girls! Girls! Please stop fighting! *going off your avatars*
  5. DreadRaybo

    For all the losers, you're not alone

    So let me be the first to point out the one word you should be focused on in random matches... RANDOM
  6. DreadRaybo

    Personal Combat mission gone

    That's the stage requiring wins, correct? Try playing the GK in a win and see if it pops up in the post game summary. Unfortunately, you won't see it unless you get the win in the GK. If you do see it, then it should mean it is still active, but for some reason not displaying.
  7. DreadRaybo

    PC Went Potato ... Bad Timing?

    How many years did you have this PC and it was working for you as you needed? Sounds like maybe 9-10 years? With that kind of longevity, you might as well get the current gen i7, hopefully at a discount with a new gen coming out. Based on your post it sounds like you won't be needing the latest and greatest, and the current gen will probably last you just as long.
  8. DreadRaybo

    Question on getting steel

    Well yeah, because they were hoping it would be another way to earn more steel. An easier, less frustrating way.
  9. DreadRaybo

    Watery Grave Wednesdays - Most Tonnage Sunk

    7 kills apiece in both Indianapolis and Roon.
  10. DreadRaybo


    Does your girlfriend know you've been hugging that map edge all night?!?
  11. I agree that it would be nice if there were awards that could be won in the operations of the week each time they came back in the rotation. Maybe not the 10pt Captain. And maybe lesser awards could be available after the first 5 star win. But as it currently stands, once you 5 star win an operation, you won't get any awards from it ever again.
  12. DreadRaybo

    British destroyer smoke. Do you all like it?

    Agreed, and the quick recycle of it means it is usually ready to go on the next encounter, which I like as well. So far for me, it seems to be at the ready when I need it 95% of the time.
  13. I see this quite often. There's always that one player who when the team says "let's go AB", they decide they have to go C.
  14. DreadRaybo

    What Is This For? Humor?

    That's the new high-speed thoroughfare for fast ships only, hence why BBs aren't allowed. The WG-DOT has been working on that for some time now. This is your tax dollars at work, making your daily commute to the enemies rear flank a more timely experience.
  15. DreadRaybo

    What is your "Dream Boat"?

    She was looking over your shoulder, wasn't she?!? Come on, you can admit it.