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  1. The Fletcher dilemma

    Yeah it's funny, those 16.5k torps on the Gearing have often meant that when I miss the target I shot at I end up hitting something behind it that I never even saw. Sometimes they are so long after the initial miss that I'm like "Oh yeah, I almost forgot those torps were still in play". It's a fun surprise when it happens.
  2. If you don't mind, post up some of the information you find. Myself and others would probably find it interesting.
  3. Really, WG Your Joking, Right?

  4. Yeah, Seems a Little OP

    Oh.... so they were killing the Bear's cubs! Yeah, bears tend to get super aggressive when that happens.
  5. Yeah, Seems a Little OP

    You Monster!!! Those poor baby seals.
  6. ^ Exactly... Hope. It can get very frustrating in ranked, as you have no control over the teams you get. For instance, I was having a hard time just getting to rank 10. Then breezed from rank 10 to 5 and hit a brick wall. Never was able to string together enough wins to get more then rank 5 with 1 star. Last night got bumped back to rank 6. It gets depressing. But having a point where you know you can't be pushed any further back gives you the hope to keep on trying. For myself, I wish they would throw in another irrevocable between rank 10 and 1. Just seems that MM really has it out for you sometimes.
  7. Hey Tai! Yeah, you can actually stay zoomed in to a degree. IIRC if you pull back 3 to 4 clicks from full zoom you gain the extra gun depression. Comes in very handy with BB Brawling!
  8. Commander xp conversion?

    Yeah, I'd never waste commander XP on anything other than trying to get other commanders to 19 pts (actually use most of it getting new commanders to 10 pts). But I would GLADLY waste any number of commander reserve slots for just about ANYTHING! ANYTHING!!! Received two more 4-slot packages in containers last weekend. Now I have over 200 commander slots, with about 190 of them open. And of those 10 or so occupied slots, most of those are ARP commanders. Would love to be able to trade some commander slots for a port slot. *Wink*Wink*
  9. Ranked Season 9 Survey

    Getting to Rank 10 was a pretty big pain in the butt. Was like pulling teeth at times. But since Rank 10 I've been rather enjoying it. I guess because I spent so much time playing in Clan Battles. Started off playing DD, but after lackluster results switched to the CA that I mostly played in Clan Battles, and haven't looked back. Only regret at this time is that I can only get in a few games per night, so progress has still been a bit slow.
  10. Congrats! If you have them, throw some XP and Commander XP signals on your ship along with some camo that gives like bonuses and you'll be there in no time.
  11. I agree with your observations after reaching rank 10. Before that, with tier 8 ships, DD's tended to be the ones keeping their stars on a loss, with mediocre damage and capping. At tier 10 that isn't enough. I was running my DD almost exclusively through to rank 10. Then after that tried a few games in my Z-52, but noticed the meta was running very similar to clan battles. So I switched to my Hindy, which was my go to ship for CB. I've been racking up well over 100k in damage most games. It's hard to overcome that in a DD with just capping. You'll have to get quite a few torp hits as well going forward. High dpm cruisers are just a more consistent way to go. Torps are just too hit or miss. FYI - I do still push caps and such. I don't hang back unless it's necessary. Had a few teams this weekend who were all on the same page and worked it pretty much like my clan would have, and we just wrecked the other team. It was very satisfying being on those teams.
  12. Is that a ship blown upright by the atomic plume? If so, Holy Heck Batman!
  13. Throwback Thursday - Premium Ships

    Of the premium ships I have, there are 3 that I regularly play: Scharnhorst - blap, blap, blap Graf Spee - blap, blap and Missouri - Cha Ching!
  14. First time playing the Graf Spee

    Had a Kraken +1 game in my first battle with a stock Amagi, with the final kill being the deciding factor for the win. One of my best games. Have had many other great games in Amagi, until I put commander Yamamoto at the helm. Have yet to get a first blood or Kraken since then. Thinking my Yamamoto may be cursed!