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  1. No one can hear your planes die in space!
  2. Conditions of Victory Change

    The losing team has been being reduced to zero points. Both teams start with 300 points, as I recall (correct if I am wrong on that). Losing ships and not getting any cap areas will reduce those points to zero, which is one of the longstanding victory conditions. That is what you are seeing.
  3. my captain!?!?!?

    Use the search feature. This has been discussed ad nauseam already. All they did was remove Seagull's name, picture and in-port animations. Everything else is still the same for the now re-named John Doe.
  4. Rename him Herr Zeal Kluber, stick him in a tier 4 of your choice, and let him go to town!
  5. Funny thing is, this was one of my misconceptions when I first started playing the game. Since strafing worked similar to manual drop torps, I thought you could strafe the ships. Took a few tries to realize my targets weren't receiving any damage!
  6. 12 midnight, then it's another day!
  7. Bring Back "Tub Time" Please!

    I really liked that mode as well. It was a lot of fun and a nice diversion from the regular game. And it even got the interest of my teenage daughters as well... at least for a little while.
  8. I think what it really boils down to is whether you as a player can play to the ship's strengths, and mitigate its weaknesses better than others. When you are able to do that, success in that ship should follow, and you should enjoy it more. And of course, vice versa. Also, I think there might be a little "love of the underdog" in there. If you're able to be successful in a ship that most people pan, then I think you tend to take a little extra pride in that. I know that I tend to do this.
  9. OP, just looked at your stats. If you race to tier 10 playing like you currently do, people will hate you. And I doubt you will have much fun either. Take your time in the lower tiers. Learn, improve and git gooder. Rather than asking questions about how you can race through things, look up how you can play better. There is a lot to this game that is not evident on the surface. Take your time and learn them. As your gameplay improves, so should your enjoyment of it.
  10. me and american cv's dont mix

    lol, did you turn pink from killing yourself?
  11. That's because if I grind my way to the top, I'll always be top tier!!! Then I can really wreck those other people who keep calling me noob! Oh wait, why did my ship just explode?!?
  12. Your Most Satisfying Kill

    Had a game in my Graf Spee. Not much happening until about halfway through the match when a storm starts to roll in and both teams are converging on the middle cap. Use the Graf's guns and torps to get back to back double strikes in a matter of a couple minutes. Was glorious! Also remember fondly a Myoko battle back before the ARP ships where I turned off from an engagement, firing a parting volley on a same tier CL/CA (don't remember what exactly), and scoring 7 cits out of the 10 shells fired, dev striking the poor soul.
  13. PSA: Discord Users (Might have heard already)

    What is a polar bear standing in a blizzard, for $1,000 Alex!
  14. Worshiping to our RNGodness

    Did you sacrifice your most valuable goat? If not, RNGodness will be most displeased. Meager offerings do not gain the affections of RNGodness.
  15. Lucky you. If I remember correctly, I'm sitting on around 200 unused captain reserve slots. I would welcome a port slot here and there, but I'm up to my eyeballs in reserve slots. I've been trying to promote this anytime I see it brought up, but to no avail.... so far. Keep hoping though. Heck, I'd trade 100 reserve slots (or more) for 1 port slot!