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  1. Yeah, I've questioned that too. Most respond that they are trying to spook you... then I go blow them up.
  2. Okay, I know you're supposed to build on the others, but I couldn't resist: In my fourth game of Warships / A Nooblord gave to me 4 fires burning 3 Torpedo Fishes 2 AP Bombs And dev strike from a BB
  3. Iowa upgrades - what to pick?

    I would recommend AA guns mod 2 over Arty plotting room. You are correct about the additional range. It's not needed and not effective. Your second choice is a little harder. Do you want troll AA or sweet dispersion on your main guns. For my MO, I went with the dispersion and really like it. If you choose AA, your rating maxes out at 100, but that doesn't mean your actual AA damage does. You could actually have AA that exceeds the 100 rating, it just won't show it on the rating scale.
  4. PVE missions too easy.

    Aaaaahhhhhh, caught by Cluch_Cargo, grammar police!!!
  5. PVE missions too easy.

    Your topic title got me thinking. What if they gave you difficulty levels to choose from for each scenario, with greater rewards for higher difficulties? Might be funner for both highly skilled players and those who are not so skilled yet. Just a thought.
  6. Fix the Game Broken Mechanics

    Just for clarification, I was apparently sailing straight at the Fletcher. He turned and started sailing straight at me. Because of his stealth I didn't see him until 5.8km away. He probably thought, well enough, that he could pass through the one shell volley I might be able to get at him and basically pass alongside me and delete me with torps. I probably would have done the same if the roles were reversed. I only won that battle with my skill and a bit of RNG dispersion luck. I was a dead duck otherwise. My point to all of this is that there should never be HARD counters to anything in a game like this. This is supposed to be a game of skill and tactics. If they ever make it so that those large caliber shells going bow to stern through a little ship does negligible damage, I'll be quitting and finding a new game. That's why I don't play any of those real time strategy games that employ those mechanics. It's just downright silly. And feel free to check my stats. I play a good mix of all ship classes, excluding CV. So I'm definitely not a BBaby. I just don't ever want to play a game where if it is down to your rock vs their paper, you have no chance at all of winning.
  7. obvious hack

    More holes shot through this post than Katori on it's final voyage
  8. obvious hack

    Either you have the name wrong, or you are looking at the data wrong. The person you named is a below average player overall, who has only killed 6 ships in a single battle at tier 1. He has only killed 6 ships total by aircraft (which may be what you are looking at) and averages 0.43 kills per game in his Langley, per WOWS Stats & Numbers.
  9. Fix the Game Broken Mechanics

    I know they are looking to tweak it, but I hope they don't nerf BB AP damage to DDs too much. Case in point, was assisting our DD in capping with my MO recently. Our DD gets killed. From 5.8k away a Fletcher charges me head on, at or near full health (radar was on cooldown). I only have time for 1 volley before he will be right on top of me. Luckily I get multiple AP shell hits on the bow and he is destroyed. With any stretch of logic that is exactly what should have happened. Even 1 - 16" shell going through a Fletcher bow to stern would do massive damage to it and most likely leave it a wreck.
  10. about premium camo

    If you plan on playing almost nothing but Yamato it might be worth it. At work so I can't confirm, but doesn't it come to about $25 worth of dubloons? For that price you could get 60 days of premium, which affects all ships and all captains. For me, that would make more sense. And you never know what is going to happen with the game. I purchased perm camo for my Bismarck, and then a few months later they had the hunt for bismarck camo's that provided the exact same benefits (eventually). I felt like that ended up being a waste of money, although I do like my purchased camo better.
  11. Khabarovsk PTS Buffs

    Just checked warships today and Khaba still stands at the top of T10 DDs with a 54.25% AWR and 62,641 avg damage. Next closest ship is the Z-52 with a 53.34 AWR and 45,377 avg damage (3rd highest). Shima comes in last for AWR at 49.22%, but second highest in avg damage at 46,254. So yeah, looks like the Khaba is REALLY underperforming and desperately needs that buff ... NOT! The top clans I have been running into have been using a half and half Moskva/Hindy combination with 1 BB, and forgoing DDs entirely. And a Khaba with its poor concealment doesn't make a good capping DD, but it does just fine dealing damage and sinking ships.
  12. I swear

    Yeah, tier 8 is where you have to start putting up consistently good XP and damage numbers, or you will lose money. But there is a way around it... play some lower tier ships first... especially if any of them are premiums! I'm using premium time atm, but when I wasn't I would always start my play time with a round or two with my lower tier premium ships. I would make 100-150k easily per match with those, which basically gives you money to spend when you don't have a great round with a tier 9 or 10. Also, you can use various signals and camo to offset costs or increase earning, which would help as well. It's WG's way of making sure everyone doesn't end up playing tier 10 only.
  13. Anchor in container is nice.

    So that's where all of my free port slots keep going!?! All I ever seem to get are commander slots. I think I have close to 200 of them now. Who in the world needs more than 10? Your commanders should be on ships! Wish I could convert some of those to port slots. Would even take a 50 to 1 conversion, or worse.
  14. Stats must be from pre-game launch... it doesn't show HP damage.
  15. Then the next question would be at what point were they set? Would this require setting the torps upon loading into the tubes, or could it be set moments before firing. So in relation to the game, would this be a 5s adjustment, or a full torp reload one (over a minute on many DDs)? I'm guessing the torp would be adjusted in the tube, because as far as I know USN DD torps were only loaded into the tubes at port, or upon some other resupply.