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  1. Looks like you picked THE right time to clean up your port and re-spec your captains!
  2. Yeah, I think someone needs to change Lert's litterbox.
  3. I believe that is what the +4% to enemy dispersion is supposed to represent with most of the camos - some confusion on the part of firing control as to your ship's actual speed and heading.
  4. No, you shouldn't have to buy the hashidate. Mine just appeared in my captain reserves. IIRC there was a special crate involved, but not 100% sure on that.
  5. Wait until you get the Iowa or Missouri, and finally the Montana. With the accuracy upgrade you can do a lot of damage to broadside ships, as long as your aim is good. You still get punished if you show broadsides, but it sounds like you have that already figured out. It should only get better for you going forward. I just got the Monty the other day and I am loving it. Only have 5 battles, but I'm at an 80% WR and average damage of 144k with it so far.
  6. Yeah, if you have the replay I would just double check it. In my case I swore up and down that he had more HP than me, but the replay showed my secondaries had lit a fire and dropped his health below mine just before the ramming. Just a thought, and I'd love to hear what you find... assuming you have the replay.
  7. Had this happen to me once, but I was the red team capt in your example. If you have the replay, then check it. In my battle, the enemy team was up on points and the last enemy ship had more health. He rammed me and I won. Checked the replay, and while he had more health when we first encountered each other, I was able to drop his health below mine, hence the win. Or at least that was the general consensus when I posted about it at the time. I'm guessing that he was able to drop your health below his before the ramming. Also, I don't know if the win would be awarded based on raw HP numbers or % of health. In my case I had both with a same tier and class ship as mine.
  8. We had a teammate announce at the beginning of the game that he was done because he didn't like the map. His ship didn't move the entire game. The last red ship ended up near him, and had put up a good fight, so as a team we stopped shooting at him and directed him to our worthless AFK. We let him sink that SOB and then we finished the game. Thought that was pretty cool.
  9. I've done similar at times, especially when the odds are long. I'll send out taunts like "Next!" and "This is my cap!" when I take or keep a cap against the odds. I view it as a sort of taunting, but I usually try to be good natured about it. Though there are times I do it because I've gotten a bit salty.
  10. People have been making far too much out of this. This is "CLAN" battles, not ranked. If a noob with a tier X ship is in the game, then that is their clan's fault. So either one of two things will happen. Either you will face a clan who let a noob into the battles, therefore giving your team the advantage, or you are in the clan that would let a noob in, in which case you should have a talk with your clanmates. There aren't any random teams in clan battles, unless I've really missed something somewhere.
  11. Yes, you have to have played at least 1 tier 8 ship prior, as has been pointed out many times.
  12. Da, because two always better than one! Strap them together to get Russian style super battleship!
  13. Your name is "der"? Did your parents hate you?
  14. A lot of the doomsayers seem to be forgetting this is just the first season of clan battles. And much like Ranked, I expect it will evolve and probably change tiers and class restrictions from season to season. Has there been any word on what kind of rewards will be available? Will this pretty much just be ranked for clans, with that same kind of setup of rewards for certain levels and clans trying to rank out? With all of the doom and gloom about the tiers and ship restrictions, I haven't really seen anything on this.
  15. So is there any reason to keep any replays from a previous patch? Or should I just delete them?