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  1. Here's something else you can do with free commander xp that I don't see anyone else mentioning. You can use it to train your commander for a new ship. Assuming you have enough coin and enough free commander xp, what I typically do is spend the 200k in coins to cut the xp training cost in half, then use my free commander xp to finish it up. This way you don't have to spend 500 doubloons or hours of your time grinding that captain so you can use his skills on that new ship. Also, I tend to use it to get any starting captains up to level 10. Those first 10 points usually have the biggest impact on your gameplay and tend to help out the most. Plus after that it tends to get a bit cost-prohibitive.
  2. What do you mean? I dress like that all the time!
  3. I'm in love! Madly in love!

    Nope, @Lert and @Kapitan_Wuff! You know how those cats and dogs like to put on a show of hating each other, but privately, they're secretly in love!!
  4. t-61 Question to WG staff

    I think they are just referring to this: T-61 — German promo premium Tier VI destroyer. Designed as an average-sized destroyer, her design was officially known as Flottentorpedoboot 1940. This series of ships were built in the Netherlands based on Dutch designs and components. It differed favorably from other same-type German ships by its overall well-balanced combat features.
  5. Fix T8 MM

    I think about the only thing tier 8's have to complain about is the number of times they are alone, or near alone, at the bottom tier of a match. I've had many matches where there was only one obligatory tier 8 on each side, with all of the other ships being 9 or 10. That to me seems to be the only real problem with tier 8 MM. I refer to those poor souls as the sacrificial tier 8's. In most other matches the bottom tier is usually more heavily populated than that.
  6. Wrong Answers Only: 13

    That is a ski boat. The picture cuts off the water-skiers attached to the back. There's about 50 of them. It's a strong pulling boat.
  7. Not Really a Free Game

    Did I say that? No, I'm just pointing out some facts in support of my theory as to why he feels the need to have to pay in the game. My theory is that he is not very good and as a result is starting to have trouble earning credits to progress through the tiers at the rate he feels he should.
  8. Not Really a Free Game

    Check his stats/history. He is very much a troll. He has only progressed up to a tier V ship, and is not very good. He is probably not progressing at the rate he feels he should be, and probably is having problems with credits, which is why he feels the pressure to pay something for his "free" game. Seems to be that he has unreal expectations about this game. You have to put in the time/effort for the "free" part. Paying something won't help you become a better player. It will only make it so you don't have to spend as much time and effort to achieve whatever goal/expectation you have.
  9. I have more fun in my Shimakaze, more success in my Z-52, and more frustration in my Gearing. I do really like all of them. Problem with Gearing is it's lack of mobility. But I just love getting torp hits long after I have forgotten I have torps in the water!!!
  10. Go for a cruiser. They are the bread and butter of CB. DesMoines, Moskva, Zao or Hindy are probably the most popular cruisers for CB.
  11. Firing Arcs

    Be careful extending that range on Atlanta, it may cause your shells to achieve orbit... and then they'll never come down!
  12. As @Octavian_of_Roma mentioned, it is your time vs your money. But if you don't learn to play the ships leading up to Yamato well, you probably won't enjoy the Yamato as much and may do poorly in it.
  13. I'm sorry, I gotta call [edited] on this one! There is no way you are 55 or older. You write and express yourself like a 14 year old entitled-everyone-gets-a-trophy kid. Unless of course you are suffering from the beginnings of dementia. Then you have my sympathies.
  14. Or will some of the ships available in the arsenal get switched out from time to time? Like they do with the premiums available for $$ or doubloons?