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  1. DreadRaybo

    Yuk - fun ship so far!

    Look again. The T10 match does have T10 CVs in it. Good job man!
  2. DreadRaybo

    NOT a CV complaint .. just a Question

    So you say you've played CV a few times after the rework, but you still don't know how they play? From looking at your stats it doesn't look like you've ever played a CV. So, FYI, CV's now have a set amount of planes they start with, BUT, they replenish those at a set rate throughout the match. So If you can shoot down lots of planes, you will effectively deplane a CV towards the end of the match, but you will never fully deplane a CV (unless they are really bad). Also, if a CV launches planes before they are sunk, those planes have a few minutes to still fly around and either spot and/or strike targets one last time. So going off of your description of the battle above, I would say you were also still being attacked by the CV you sunk, and since you were really close to the other CV, the surviving one was quickly cycling through strike packages. You don't have to wait for your planes to land to launch another strike, and in this case it sounds like the red CV made one pass with a set of planes and then immediately launched another strike package. Before the rework, a good CV player would have just dev struck you in one pass.
  3. DreadRaybo

    Plane range?

    Planes don't have a range, they have flight time. It's roughly 20 minutes max.
  4. DreadRaybo

    About the Furious WG.

    Ditto. I took the Hermes out for 1 battle, and the bombs would not pen a BB most of the time. I think out of 16 bomb hits, only 2 penned for any damage. A clanmate tried them on a cruiser with pretty much the same effect. The bombers for the Hermes are pretty much useless. I was able to get damage with the Furious bombers though.
  5. DreadRaybo

    CV play sucks now

    I disagree to an extent. I sucked at the RTS version of CV's, mainly because I couldn't micro-manage multiple units effectively. So a good CV player would strafe my planes out of existence while my focus was elsewhere. With the current system I can concentrate on the one flight group and my CV. I feel pretty comfortable with CV's now, and I feel that I do pretty well in them most of the time.
  6. DreadRaybo

    Rocket dispersion

    I haven't played today, but my rocket attacks yesterday did not seem to be any different.
  7. DreadRaybo

    Um, where is the Alaska?

    I knew I saw this someplace. So it looks like they will at least be moving some of the tech tree premiums to the "Armory" to be purchased with doubloons. I knew I wasn't crazy!
  8. DreadRaybo

    Sound Issues

    Good to know here as well. I had decided to mess around a bit with my sound settings at the same time I brought Cleveland into its first match after the update. Thought it was something I did, but noticed it only affected that ship. @iKami do you have any idea if this bug has been noticed by WG, and if it will get fixed in the next update?
  9. I don't think this would ever happen during a battle. Only after, when one side has left the area.
  10. <insert popcorn eating GIF here>
  11. DreadRaybo

    Alaska, the best state and now the best cruiser!

    Oh come on, everyone knows Colorado is the best state! The battleship bearing it name.... ehh.
  12. DreadRaybo

    Reduction of Flood mechanics

    Since the flooding damage decreased, they should really re-think the nerf to flood chance they made to aerial torps a couple of patches ago. Possibly put it back to where it was?
  13. DreadRaybo

    A poll (signal flag costs)

    I agree, I was hoping for lower prices on most of those signals. Microwave bacon?!? Heathens!
  14. DreadRaybo

    Um, where is the Alaska?

    I thought for sure they had mentioned adding these to the Arsenal, and removing them from the tech tree, to try and consolidate things a bit. Maybe it was just a suggestion I remembered.
  15. DreadRaybo

    Um, where is the Alaska?

    Didn't they state that at some point they were going to have all premium ships in the Arsenal? Not sure if they ever gave a time-frame for that.