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  1. I love the Gneisenau in WOWs, probably my favorite BB experience. I love the way she looks in game, even more than the Scharnhorst. So that got me wondering, how historically accurate is the refit WG gave her? I know the 15" refit was very much planned (and the KM just never got around to it), but did they get as far as to-the-inch blueprints? Or did WG have to make an educated guess as to what she would have looked like? Because I believe it wasn't just a pure turret swap, and that, for instance, the bow had to be lengthened, and perhaps other changes(?). I've also noticed that the B hull has what appear to be Hermelin turrets for its secondaries. I believe this was a hypothetical refit on WGs part. Did those turrets exist on any ship? None of this will change my feelings for the in-game presentation of the ship, but I'm just curious on a historical level. Thanks for any input on this.
  2. ctorange


    If you have Nvidia Ansel, you can use the Depth of Field effect when taking screenshots in replays. It adds that extra touch of realism that gets these screenshots one step closer to looking like real photos, I think.
  3. Is there any way to make all enemy ships always detected when watching a replay? I'm doing some bot battles to capture footage of any or all the ships that were in the battle. If, say, I want to capture footage of a Myoko on the enemy team, it's kind of awkward for it to instantly phase in and out of existence when it was detected/undetected by the ship I happened to be playing.