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  1. So WG releases a new line of ships, maybe even the new nation. Let's call it Neanderthals for example. How the grid looks like in 2021? 1) You start by playing some other ships and WG gives you the new ships for free, up to T8. 2) You don't play these new ships and sell them as soon as possible. Low tiers are filled with bots and mid tiers are filled with people who just start learning the game so you don't want to spend much time there anyway. 3) Dockyard event happens where you play other ships and use doubloons, which WG gives you for playing ranked, to get the premium Neanderthal ship. 4) You use coal or complete missions in some other ships to get a special Neanderthal captain. Since you'll need only one captain it better be the special one. All other captains should be executed for ECXP. 5) You use accumulated FXP to research T10 ship of the new line. Since all ships within the line are pretty similar in their design and only become better with tiers, T10 and that dockyard premium are the only two ships you will be actually playing. 6) Variety comes from the coal/steel/RB Neanderthal ships which WG will add soon. Yes, I know that there are people that play coop and do missions, you are welcome. But that's how my grind looks like in 2021.
  2. dimzzy

    She is finally home

    You are arguing that microscope is better than telescope because it's better at nailing things down. I just can't take you seriously.
  3. dimzzy

    She is finally home

    BBs have more armor so you get a lot of shatters. Not all shells are landing on superstructure. And BBs build for survival so lighting fires and burning them takes a lot of time, especially at high tiers. Cruisers are smaller and more maneuverable so they dodge even more shells. Again, you shoot a lot of shells but they are not very effective.
  4. dimzzy

    She is finally home

    Maybe because they don't want to fight you at 6-7km and smartly kite away?
  5. dimzzy

    She is finally home

    Again--Friesland/Gron is slow and most other DDs have speed boost; you can push but you'd be spotted and dumped by cruisers. When you smoke up there is a soup of torps coming and again you don't have speed to dodge effectively. Sure, sometimes it will work, but if you do this all the time your games will be very short.
  6. dimzzy

    She is finally home

    That's the dumbest way to compare two DDs.
  7. dimzzy

    She is finally home

    So that's the thing: I've played most of these games recently trying to improve initial 52% WR and went down as a result. I was just stunned how poorly it performs for me. I was switching between two captains--one full gunboat 21pt Swirski and another 18pt designed for range; both don't work. I mean yes--there were occasional bright moments where I was able to catch torp boats pants down or sit in smoke and harvest broadsides with AP but in most games Friesland is countered hard by other DDs and BBs now are fully specced for survivability and just refuse to burn down. I see how this ship could shine in div but solo...
  8. dimzzy

    She is finally home

    So you enter the cap with 6.4 conceal and get outspotted by all IJN, USN and EU dds. What's next? You can't hit speed boost and force the engagement--they have speed boost and can run away. Or smoke up at least. And your hydro is only 5km. Now you have two options: retreat and stay spotted by these dds or smoke up and cap. The next thing coming is a flood of torps which you may not be able to dodge because of the poor handling. Did you spot Soviet or French dd? Good luck landing shells on them after 10km. But they will be hitting you much more comfortably at range so quality>>>quantity in this case. Did you just spot Kitakaze? I won't be so sure who will win the trade.
  9. dimzzy

    She is finally home

    How about this: 1) Bad acceleration and speed in general so you can be rushed by cruisers and battleships without fear. Dodging torps could also be a problem. 2) Poor penetration so your only hope to deal damage to even slightly armored ships is to cause fires. 3) Low HP and no heals so open water gunboating is too expensive. 4) Very floaty shells so guns lose effectiveness even at moderate ranges. 5) No speed boost and poor speed in general which means you can kill sneaky dds only when their captains do grave mistakes. And god forbid meeting Kitakaze. 6) No torps means that you just scout and allow enemy team to push. The moment you smoke to use guns your targets go dark. It's a nightmare to be the only DD on your flank. Basically this DD is a very light cruiser; the only good thing is relatively high dpm but it's value is diminished by a lot of other factors.
  10. dimzzy

    Udaloi needs a concealment buff

    This is your main mistake. Look for uniscum ru dds guide by DophinPrincess.
  11. dimzzy

    She is finally home

    My Fletcher performs much better...
  12. dimzzy

    She is finally home

    One of the worst T9 DDs...
  13. Overall Recent Last 7 days Last 21 days Battles 8 608 0 18 160 Win rate Next level: Unicum (+3.8%) 56.24% Great - - 38.89% Bad - 0.04% 52.5% Good - 0.07% Personal Rating (PR) Next level: Great (+104) 1 646 Very Good - - 2 457 Super Unicum + 2 1 924 Great + 5 In case you are curious I was trying to up my Friesland WR but I've just killed it.
  14. dimzzy

    New Dev Blog for Captain Skills

    Love this logic:
  15. dimzzy

    Fix ranked battles already please

    You miss the point. The expectation from ranked is to raise above the random crowd and to play with better players. This is the whole reason there are leagues and stars and ranks in the first place: to separate people by skill. The problem is that the system works poorly, you can get to silver/gold league and still see a lot of bad players.