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  1. dimzzy

    BB in Sub matches

    I guess you are supposed to destroy other ships so your DDs can hunt subs. Actually it's the same thing when BB is left alone against DD--you can't do much.
  2. T7: There are only few radars at this tier so every team has three Atlanta/Belfast that cover caps most of the time. Tons of fun for DD players. Also because of small maps works nice for some BBs that become accurate at close range... oh wait--one ship stands out. T8: Even if you didn't research a CV line you have plenty of options to buy one. Fun for everyone. T9: Looks like a competition who spent more time digging coal. At least there are no planes. TX: Planes are back. Radar is stronk. And if you don't know how to play you can always rent a TX ship for free (to add extra salt to the game).
  3. dimzzy

    Commander Coupon

    It gives WG more options to manipulate you.
  4. dimzzy

    Admiral Makarov in Premium Shop

    I became quite sceptical about low tier prem ships. They all just sit in the port anyway.
  5. dimzzy

    Sub captains

    I got three 19pt captains with rental subs; will they leave my account after sub rentals expire? Thx.
  6. same here--the gameplay is outright boring; there is too much effort to land these torps and navigate in 3D and no time to think about objectives; I guess this gameplay is more for the people that enjoy simulation and more realistic battles but it totally sucks for competitive gameplay
  7. dimzzy

    I said it, now Flambass says it...

    The whole situation is actually quite a paradox. WG added so much free stuff including these coal ships that I just stopped spending money on this game. I feel that buying prem account was a mistake because I go through ships too fast. And if I'm not mistaken the primary idea behind this accelerated grind was to get more people playing/hooked to they game so they will be spending money.
  8. dimzzy

    Abruzzio, Indi. Best picks for rank???

    Ha--I love Azuma; the armor is actually not that bad and HE is really strong. It could be scary to bring it closer to the front line after playing other IJN cruisers but Azuma has armor and she can tank. Another good ship with bad reputation.
  9. dimzzy

    Abruzzio, Indi. Best picks for rank???

    New Orleans? This ship is OP. It does not look strong but it really is; my WR in it is 70% solo and I'm not that good. It's one of these ships that nobody takes seriously but they are really good.
  10. I think it shows where the money come from. There are more premium US BBs than tech tree BBs because USA is a cash cow for WG. Ask your fellow UK friend to play more )))
  11. dimzzy

    Abruzzio, Indi. Best picks for rank???

    ^^^ That's what makes cruisers a subpar choice and Sinop so good.
  12. US line was fun but Midway is a huge disappointment for me.
  13. dimzzy


    My observation is that steamrolls are mostly triggered by certain players. So many times I've seen DD or BB just yoloing into the cap, get deleted and now red team has advantage and they just push; this flank collapses and they wrap around the remains of the team. In one game today our THREE DDs went to cap, got radared before reaching the cap, all three stopped and smoked up and got deleted--and since they smoked up we were unable to even support them because they blocked all line of sight by their smokes. And you can't recover flank after that, and it triggers steamroll, and it was tier 8 game. The game is interesting when you have players that don't do such [edited] all the time; I understand that not everyone is capable but maybe there should be certain time when incapable are sleeping or eating or whatever so the game could be fun? At least show some green light when competitive gameplay is more likely to happen.
  14. No, you should take it for the team--that's the whole point.
  15. dimzzy


    Do you know if there is a tool/website that tracks the proportion of matches that end up as a steamroll live? Or maybe distribution of players' WR currently online? It just feels that sometimes the proportion of inadequate players becomes a bit too large so maybe there is a way to avoid this? I'm living on the East coast and empirically I'd say 7-9am and 3-6pm are the worst periods but it would be nice to see some data. Thx.