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  1. I see how it's useful on DDs and CAs but BBs... First of all the smoke firing penalty is such that practically you can't stealth fire. I could see how it could be useful for the full secondary builds but such builds don't make much sense on Italian BBs. Technically smoke is useful while making turns and that's great for CAs with weak citadels but BBs--it's quite safe to turn. Not much value here. Another potential use is to hide from CVs but BBs are so large that they get hit anyway. I also think that you don't see planes in smoke which means no AA so you just help enemy CV. Also while in smoke you don't spot other ships so unless you have a help with spotting you can easily get into situation where reds just farm you for free. And yet exhaust smoke is considered a strength by WG so they nerfed (presumably) range and accuracy to balance Italian BBs. I know there is a running joke that WG developers don't play this game but... is this actually true? I don't understand how they could have come up with such bad design.
  2. dimzzy

    So, I bought the Schroder

    Yes--these are the worst guns in the game.
  3. Amazing diversity, great ship selection! Bravo WG!
  4. dimzzy

    The lack of imagination

    But was there really a need to switch to 21 point? I'm fine with separation by ship type, I'm not fine with new two skill points that require as much grinding as previous 19.
  5. I remember that when WG was explaining captain skills rework one of the main selling points was adding more variety. It's not fun when everyone uses the same set of skills, too boring! We need more variety! Now WG seems to be on the path to add tier 11 to all ships lines. But look closely at these superships: they are basically the same tier 10 ships with very minor adjustments. The only noticeable difference in most cases is burst fire or tighter dispersion. SuperCVs also "super" in the same way. Every time I hear about new superships added for testing I hope to see something different and every time WG demonstrates the complete absence of imagination forking more copies of tier 10 ships. Who wants to bet that Z-52 with burst fire is coming? So as captain skills rework this new layer of superships seems to have only one goal--extend the grind. Players have to earn more credits, who cares about variety...
  6. dimzzy

    Short Notes on New Botes: Velos.

    I see how Benham is different but Velos... there is no reason to go after it.
  7. dimzzy

    Brawl stupidity

    That's what I did.
  8. dimzzy

    Brawl stupidity

    This is the new low for the game design. Just how WG thinks it's fun to push against two DDs and a brawling BB in two non brawling BBs and a squishy cruiser? This is really the dumbest thing I've seen so far. You have to be a bot to enjoy this... I don't even know how to call it.
  9. dimzzy

    Weird MM

    Could we please don't allow MM to have these "limited" matches because they are not exactly the experience of a random game... at least from my point of view.
  10. dimzzy

    Any good strategies for the Battleship minigame?

    ^^^ this is the best one
  11. dimzzy

    New Ops losses/wins feedback

    I've played three games in ops and I didn't like them at all. The scenario is always the same: you have to protect a green bot that suicides into an overwhelming enemy force. I just don't see the point of this exercise. The most interesting feature of WoWS for me is the ability to outplay opponents by clever positioning and team play but ops... it's just the opposite of this. BTW the same extends to brawls, especially 1v1--this is literally the worst mode in the game.
  12. dimzzy

    I need help with UK DD line.

    Everything changes at tier 8. At tier 8 you get awesome concealment that allows you to pick fights and push caps. Also torps become useful. Before tier 8 they are just OK support DDs that park in gun range and do random damage with guns. My advice to early myself would be to use free xp to skip to tier 8.
  13. dimzzy

    Free to play and reality

    I stopped spending money as a protest to the game changes a while ago. The game is totally playable for free.
  14. WG has to add more content and more things to grind to keep people interested. Hence this captain XP B$ rework and SUPER ships. Quantity over quality is obviously what players want...