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  1. dimzzy

    Vermont or Montana?

    Take both--they are quite juicy targets--I like them!
  2. That's not Kuznetsov/Lutjens/Conningham level cap; that's John Doe level cap. I expect the real OP Dutch cap!
  3. dimzzy

    PSA on Friesland/Groningen devblog

    I think I'll swap to Groningen. 1) Friesland requires a bit different build. Dutch CA captains would fit perfectly in this dual role. 2) I expect WG to come up with some OP Dutch captain which would be a perfect fit for the Groningen. In other words, I'll be chasing the perfection here.
  4. dimzzy

    Which T10 tech BB is the best?

    You need only 3 BBs in this game: 1) Yamato to stop people to sit nose it. 2) Conqueror to make people mad because they burn. 3) Ohio (or Georgia, JB) to brawl. All other BBs are either worse at this or boring to play.
  5. dimzzy

    Game is decided in first 2-4 minutes

    Which kind of decides the game in the first few minutes. It's pretty hard to recover when your team loses 3 ships right away for free.
  6. Mainz 8 Germany 37 72.97% 2 034 81 317 1.03 3.7 It's a fine ship... at least in my hands.
  7. dimzzy

    What are your WoWS goals for 2021?

    Get good to play the game at T10 without prem account.
  8. I've tried to play Georgia recently, built for secondaries, with 18pt cap. The experience was meh. Switched to traditional build and the first game was awesome carry. I guess I'm not looking back. So what was the problem (at least for me) with the full secondaries build? 1) You trade (good) long range damage for (bad) short range damage. It may seem that secondaries should increase your average damage but in practice these points and upgrades that you spend on secondaries make you less survivable and less effective with the main guns. And the amount of damage these secondaries do is not that significant. You are just getting a worse ship. 2) You have to spend too many points on secondaries, which come at the expense of durability. And I think that this is just a bad game design: ships that play at range could work without extra concealment or heals, but ships that have to get close need that extra concealment and heals. And you don't have points for that because all was spent on secondaries. So what could be done to improve this? 1) Improvements to secondaries should be tied to AA, concealment and durability skills. There should be skills that improve gun performance at range, but they should have associated costs--worse concealment, less durability, less AA. There should be clear compromise: you build either for long range fragile ship or short range durable brick with secondaries to help. Or something in the middle ))) 2) There should be clear advantage in secondary builds: when you build for close range you are expected to be focused by other ships and planes; you should be able to last longer, help DDs with secondaries that do harm red DDs and most importantly provide noticeable AA cover. When you build for secondaries you build for utility. Right now it's just not the case; despite all these new points we still terribly lack diversity in ship builds.
  9. dimzzy

    HMCS Haida: Is She worth it?

    That smoke kills all the fun.
  10. I've played another game for a while and when I got back to WoWS it was just stunning how many missions WG has put into the game. It's literally a list of TODO lists. All with deadlines. In 2021 one does not just enjoy the game, you are in a mega grind and your purpose is to unlock as much stuff as possible until it expires. Well, I stopped reading event descriptions. I know that there is some German beasts grind, I clicked the first button to activate it but that's the limit of my participation in it...
  11. I have Haida and I just hate this smoke. It's the only reason I'm not getting Vamp II.
  12. DolphinPrincess was preaching this years before...
  13. dimzzy

    One Good Side Effect of the Research Bureau

    Just use free xp--that's what it is for. 'Proper' regrind is a waste of resources.
  14. dimzzy

    Here come the Submaries - In Ranked.

    This effectively means that WG gives up on subs, which is good. Now the sub is just like a DD; that limited underwater capacity is exactly like limited smoke capacity. I assume that WG will cash out later by introducing special premium subs with extra long battery charges, which would be "real" subs.