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  1. The more CVs are nerfed the better. How's that fare that 90% of players should suffer so other 10% could have some fun?
  2. dimzzy

    Why spend money on the Witchita?

    Maybe; I'm just saying that it's hard to balance ships and it's better to err on underpowered side.
  3. dimzzy

    Why spend money on the Witchita?

    If you'd be WG and decided to balance ships--how would you approach this? If you start with buffs and end with nerfs people will remember nerfs and will be angry. If you start with nerfs and end with buffs people will remember buffs and will be happy. So if I'd be doing this I would definitely start by nerfing GC, Belfast, Kami and end with Krasny Krym ))) Also releasing new ship as underpowered is a much safer option because later you can buff it and bask in player compliments for doing this.
  4. dimzzy

    Why spend money on the Witchita?

    I think there is a new kind of gamble for WG here: 1. Release underpowered prem ship 2. Some people will still buy it and will play it 3. Stop selling it 4. Buff the ship 5. If it becomes too good promote it as rare thing so people buy chests to gamble for it 6. If it's just right just sell it again Solid safe strategy to extract max money from playerbase.
  5. dimzzy

    Cesare farewell

    oh my--this ship is so good... and this is my early 183k damage game which I still can't beat:
  6. dimzzy

    Ranked play: what am I doing wrong?

    carry harder...
  7. It's called 'outpotatoed'.
  8. I've seen enough T9 DDs in ranked and I'm writing this exactly because I'm not impressed by their performance.
  9. How about Jutland and no radars in game? Yeah we all know Kita is a special DD.
  10. There is a difference between spotting and rushing, I'm sorry you don't get it.
  11. Island is a hard counter to any radar. Going for the mid does not mean yolo--yes there is a risk but there is also a reward. What I see is that even when the risk is low many DDs just don't want to take any, bailing on a big reward.
  12. 8 now but I expect that gameplay will improve closer to the top.
  13. Spotting is supposed to get you more xp, no? You can't save star by sitting at the spawn.
  14. Yeah, like sitting at the spawn. Or better chasing buffs so the team with more buffs wins by points.