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  1. Archimiedes

    1000 base xp co-op?

    The only 1000 base XP game I ever had was in the Jean Bart. I think this was one of the first 100 battles in it so it's basically become my favorite ship now. Also this was before the CV rework.
  2. I see the point you're making about relative costs, but I still think 1mil free xp is too much for the Alaska. What I really should have said earlier is that I don't understand why WG made the Alaska 25% more expensive than say the Missouri for example, arguably a better (albeit unattainable) ship. I know no one is forcing me to get her, but I just can't shake the feeling that WG went a little too far on the price.
  3. Archimiedes

    Premium Ship Review #111: Jean Bart

    Really glad I went for the manly build on this ship, albeit slightly more invested in secondaries and main battery reload (I've discovered that if I just let my HP go down to red before using my heal once, I can get the reload down to ~8 seconds with the booster). I know this screen shot is old but really kinda goes to show how strong this ship is. This was in co-op btw and also the first (and so far only) time I've ever gotten a 1000 base xp game. Im not sure but I think thats a record for coop, if not please feel free to correct.
  4. The only thing I can't stand about the Alaska is the 1mil XP cost. HMS Conquerer costs 255000 xp to research, I can research the ship almost 4 times for the same amount of XP. I wouldn't mind if Alaska was the previously standard 750K price point, but I can't get behind the extra 250,000. I don't think it's worth that much really. Anyway, thats my 2 cents.
  5. Archimiedes

    Naval Legends: HMAS Castlemaine

    Can we expect to see a video on the Liberty Ships? I know you guys did one on the later Victory Ships, put you didn't talk much about the Liberties. Theres plenty of material you can use, such as how Liberties where the most mass produced ships in the world and still hold construction speed records. Plus, there's ships like the Jeremiah O'Brien in San Francisco that participated in the invasion of Normandy. The O'Brien also took part in 11 crossings to Europe, earning the name Lucky O'Brien (inside one of the paint lockers on the main deck theres a shamrock commemorating this). Lastly, O'Brien later went on to be a movie star, providing the engine room scenes in the movie "Titanic" and also appearing in the movie about Bruce Lee's life, "Birth of the Dragon". Honestly, you guys could make an amazing video of the Liberties!
  6. Archimiedes

    In Praise of Pre-dreadnoughts

    Should pre-dreadnoughts be added, one ship I'd really like to see is HMS Victoria from 1887. Despite sinking in 13 minuets after colliding with another ship during maneuvers, she was the home of John Jellicoe back when he was an XO, and supposedly Admiral Horatio Nelson's sword is in the wreck as the captain was a big admirer of Nelson. Plus the ship looks really cool!
  7. Archimiedes

    Update Hotfix - UPDATED (11/2)

    So, let's discuss the *fixes* point by point, shall we? I'll be going in order of the points top to bottom. Also if walls of text are scary to you, look away. Why? It's already hard enough to hit, let alone spot a destroyer. Why make it even harder? It's not like attack aircraft even do that much damage to warrant a nerf, DDs will take more damage from enemy DDs than from a few rocket salvos. Again, why? Perhaps players are immediately landing their planes after the first strike because AA is so broken, and their planes just get shot down before another strike can be launched. This really hurts players like me who are not that good at cv gameplay. To be honest, I didn't even know dodging AA explosions was a tactic. All I've noticed is that one moment I'll be lining up for an attack, a few tracers wizzing past, then all of a sudden flak explodes around my planes. If we are to be expected to fly around flak clouds, a little warning as to where the flak will be would be nice. Also, being able to fly around flak clouds sounds good on paper, but if you're maneuvering around frantically you can't line up a good attack run on a target. It'd be like trying to shoot with a sniper rifle on the back of a moving truck. Sure you might hit something, but really only if you're lucky and skilled. Why are you making it harder to score hits with torps now? With this, players will have to start their attacks further out, just so they can have enough time to line up and slowly fine tune their attack run. This will also make the planes easier to shoot down as they'll be in AA fire longer, and it will give the ship ample time to see the incoming planes and dodge the torps. For the fourth time why? I'm pretty sure no one was complaining about torps causing flooding so often. If anything I think the opposite is more true. I've had games in the Ryujo where I've landed 7 torp hits and only one flood. I could have gotten at least 4 in a DD, plus more damage. But the real kicker about that one flood I got, it only happened when I killed a CL with a torp. So the one time I actually cause flooding is for 0 damage because the torp killed it before it could do damage, typical. A little overkill wouldn't you say? Yeah sure theres a rumor of a 550K game in the Hakuryu, but thats just an extreme fluke. Theres no flood of replays showing off 550K games, this is just a one off. This nerf is just a huge over reaction. Ok, an actual good thing. Less planes being shot down instantly is greatly appreciated. Ok, thanks I guess? Didn't know that this was a pressing issue but ok... So basically ships that don't have small AA guns have their mid range buffed. I'm pretty sure cv players have been asking for AA to be nerfed instead... So, WG, why? You know what would have been ONE good thing to fix/add? Perhaps the ability to switch between AP and HE bombs on the flight deck. It would give Japanese CVs a bit more flexibility with their bombers because now they won't have to go exclusively for BBs. Honestly, giving them only AP bombs was a bad move. Say you get into a co-op game and theres no BBs, or if your in a random battle and all the enemy BBs are dead. A third of its capacity has just been made useless because AP bombs always overpen anything that isn't a BB or a large carrier. Perhaps this is something that should have been addressed instead.
  8. Archimiedes

    Armada: HMS Vanguard Trailer

    Whats with the Golden Gate Bridge in the left side of the picture? Is this a subtle hint that we're getting San Francisco as a port soon? I know you guys used the same background for the PEF armada post.
  9. Archimiedes

    CVs need more work

    In hindsight perhaps I did write a bit much... but then again I was having a rough night in coop (no explanation needed as to why) and was also getting friendly with a bottle of Sailor Jerry. However, I still stand by my massive wall of text. I don't know why WG thought this was ready for release, stuff like the inability to kill a BB and bad economic gain is something that should have been ironed out in early testing. I know WG will correct this issue, but releasing a patch in this state is almost like something out of EA's playbook (plus it doesn't exactly help WG that they introduced loot boxes last year).
  10. Unlike a few other people on the forum I've seen so far, I'm enjoying the new CV gameplay...sort of...ok not really. I will say that I like the new controls. Being able to control a squadron and conduct attack runs is fun and much more interesting than previous CV gameplay. But that's where the good things end, from here its down hill. For starters, I wish that the controls where a little bit more free. Instead of only being able to control the planes left and right, I'd like to also be able to control the pitch of the planes. Something akin to the mouse controls of games like World of Warplanes or War Thunder (yes I said the word, you can kill me later) would be really cool to have for cv gameplay. That way theres a bit more margin for error when beginning an attack run, as you'd have more control on where you drop your ordinance rather than controlling it on one axis only. Second, CVs need to pack more of a punch. I recently played a game in the Ranger where I spent about half of the game trying to kill one Queen Elizebeth. I scored 5 bomb, 3 torp, and 15 rocket hits for about 45K damage, plus another 5 fires for 7K damage. Yet...the damn thing wouldn't die, which cost me the match. CV's can not carry teams, let alone get kills. I've only killed about 10 ships with the new CVs, all of which I had to kill steal because planes do so little damage. Rockets, while fired in large volleys, have basically no chance of fire. Bombs have a ridiculous chance of setting fires, yet so little actually land on target that this fact is basically negated. And torps, what the hell happened to the chance of flooding? I've had matches where I scored 10 torp hits yet only one flood. Plus they do pitiful damage compared to surface ships, they don't have the rate and saturation of fire. Sure the ranger's torps have about the same max damage as one AP shell from a Baltimore, but since you can only drop two torps at a time compared to a Baltimore's 9 shells, the torps will do significantly less damage. And thats not even taking into account A. the time it takes to swing your planes around for another run vs. the reload time of artillery, B. if the torps score a high or low damage roll, C. the torpedo damage reduction of anything other than a DD, and D. if your planes live long enough to make another run or be shot down by AA. Also, I think part of the problem with low damage turn outs, and this is pure speculation just fyi, but I think theres a bug with the damage control for bots in coop. I've noticed that they seem to be able to put out fires really quickly even after I set one less than 30 seconds ago. Third, AA is scary. The rework to the AA mechanic is interesting, like being able to focus AA power on one side of your ship to increase its affivness. However, there is a problem with this. Say two ships are sailing more or less down the middle of the map side by side, and the ship to port has its AA focus to port while the ship to starboard has its AA focused on its side. Affectively, they have become a no fly zone, completely immune to planes. Not sure how you overlooked that in testing but ok, I'll give you the benefit of the doubt WG. Although, I have to ask, what in the name of all that is holly happened to balance? I was in a match in my Ranger and I sent some bombers after an Akizuki with an AA rating of 46. The entire squadron was wiped out before I could start an attack run...by one Akizuki. Um, what? An entire squad of planes wiped out in less than 5 seconds, not exaggerating, by one Japanese DD. I'm sorry, I must have missed the memo that hell has frozen over. Not to mention, I was in a match in my Akizuki and I couldn't shoot down one catapult fighter for more than 3 minuets. Did you guys do something to the bot AI in coop? They seem considerably stronger now, like 'I'm losing matches more than usual' stronger. Anyway, I digress, if an Akizuki can destroy an entire squad no problem, just imagine what would happen if I sent them against, oh I don't know, ANYTHING OTHER THAN A DD? Lastly, this is more of a nitpick but I thought I should bring mention to this, did you hire caption obvious to make your UI. I can tell when my planes are being fired at by AA, I don't need an icon telling me that. Perhaps that icon can go off when I'm attacking a ship that has its AA focused to one side and Im in that zone, but I don't need be told that I'm being fired at when i can see the tracers and explosions around my planes, it's redundant. Next thing I know I need to be told that the sky is blue, human nature is strange, and EA is an evil company. To sum up this borderline essay of a feedback review, I think you're on the right track for fun CV gameplay, but I can't help but feel that it's more in of a beta state than fit for actual release. Its a start, but damn you need to buff CVs. I'm actually glad I used my free xp from the Hiryu to get the Fredric instead of the Shokaku.
  11. Archimiedes

    CV's suck so bad now

    I agree that the new rework is pretty shoddy. In a recent battle I spent roughly half of the match trying to kill one Queen Elizabeth in my Ranger. I scored 9 bomb, 3 torp, and 15 rocket hits for about 46K damage plus 5 fires for another 7K. Still wasn't able to sink the damn ship. The planes for tier 6 don't do enough damage, 5567 max damage for ranger's torpedoes is ridiculously low. Thats just a little above the max damage of an American 8in AP shell. And then on top of that you've got torpedo damage reduction for BBs, so now they do even less damage...if they hit. Plus, if you're unfortunate enough to be bottom tier, might as well not play. I remember going after an Akizuki (which has a max AA of 46) and losing my entire attack squadron before I could even click to begin an attack run. I'm not sure what happened WG with all your testing, but somehow you really overlooked this issue. Also, is it just me or does the bots in coop seem to get their damage control off cool down faster? Like I said earlier, I set 5 fires on the QE, for 7K damage. How does that work?!
  12. Archimiedes

    CV so OP now

    Honestly, I haven't had that problem. If anything, I think some of the carriers are kinda under preforming. I just got out of a match with the Ranger and in said battle, I was the last one against 4 enemy ships...couldn't even kill one Queen Elizabeth. I scored 9 bombs, 3 torps, and 15 rocket hits for 45460 damage, plus 5 fires for another 7K damage. Even still, wasn't able to sink the damn BB, after pounding it for roughly 7 minuets. Honestly, I think the planes while easier to control and overwhelm enemies, don't do enough damage. Either that or there's something up with the coop bots where their damage control comes back faster for some reason.
  13. In my defense, I have having a good night with my friend Bacardi Gold. When I look back at it, it's pretty clear what the mission is. Still kinda annoyed about the lack of a new years create though...
  14. I just unlocked the very last mission for the MP campaign, the one where we have to get 1000 base XP. As I finished the mission to unlock this one, I was supposed to get a New Years 2019 create, but I didn't receive one. Even though I finished the collection, I don't see any reason why I shouldn't be able to open another one for the free camo. Also, I'm not sure if this is a bug or if the mission is just worded weirdly, but for the finial mission it says "Earn 1000 base xp...in a victorious battle". Does this mean that I have to get 1000 base xp in one battle, or does it mean over the course of a few battles ending in victory I have to save up to 1000 base xp? If its the former, why bother making the mission open to co-op? Out of the 5856 coop battles I've played, only one scored over 1000 base xp. I would play random, but since I play on a mac theres a bug where the game crashes multiple times throughout the battle. If it's the latter, then theres a bug with the mission because I've played 2 battles in my Jean Bart, and I've made no progress on the mission. Does anyone know more about this/can help me?
  15. Archimiedes

    San Francisco Port.

    I know this page hasn't had a post in about a year, but I think WG left a small easter egg for a San Francisco port. Look at the Armada 2.0 page on the P.E. Friedrich, specifically at the left side of the picture at the top of the page. Looks suspiciously like the Golden Gate Bridge with Fort Point underneath.