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  1. Aggressor97

    Anybody played the subs on the PTS yet?

    Yeah, my favorite is the Seelöwe, 2.5 Detectability at periscope depth, plus 1:40 of air. Wasn’t as maneuverable as the barricuda, and it had less health. But if you play it right, you could do pretty good. Got 372k in it last night
  2. Aggressor97

    Anybody played the subs on the PTS yet?

    I’m not quite sure, i think once you complete Horror on normal, the hard one becomes unlocked. As for accessing the subs, one of the guys in chat said you had to complete the other halloween operations and get a high score. I do know i got the Seelöwe after i completed the Sunray op.
  3. Aggressor97

    Anybody played the subs on the PTS yet?

    The Barracuda has a super short supply of O2, thus why you have the secondary guns. With which you can do a nice amount of damage with. My favorite so far though, is the Seelöwe. Worse maneuverability, and no secondary guns, Buut you do get 1:40 of air, and a 2.5 detect at periscope depth.
  4. Aggressor97

    Subs might underperform

    O2 runs out a little too fast, the tops are U.K single fire with a 1.5 cooldown between each shot before you have to reload again. I can’t remember if it’s 4 or 5 shots before the reload. They aren’t as maneuverable as DDs, but that comes as no suprise to me (Think DD size with less health and the turning radius of a CA). Depending on which sub your using, the concealment can be anywhere from near russian DD level or 2x better then a japanese DD (I might’ve exaggerated that last one a bit, but it is close). One bonus to the first sub you get, is that it has really good secondaries. Build it like a german BB, and everytime you come up for air, the enemy ships are being punished.
  5. Aggressor97

    Anybody played the subs on the PTS yet?

    I’ve only played the barricuda, so i only have one complaint thus far. The oxygen runs out WAAAAY too soon, other then that it’s a fun ship. You want to build it like a german BB/DD though. edit: Some pertaint i formation, your torps are close to U.K. single fire with a 1.5 sec cooldown between each shot. You get 4 shots before you have a 50 sec reload. You are the size of a DD with less health, and a CA turning radius. Your stealth is about the same as a russian DD on the surface, and your O2 runs out in about a minute. Luckily for you, You’re secondaries are very good. So any enemy ships near you when you surface are going to be feeling the pain. Note: all of the above info is in regards to the Barricuda
  6. Aggressor97

    Paper Ships in the game

    Happens to everyone sooner or later
  7. Aggressor97

    Paper Ships in the game

    Namely that glorious U.K. cruiser armor right? ;)
  8. Aggressor97

    Paper Ships in the game

    Me thinks you missed the “almost” in that sentence
  9. Aggressor97

    Paper Ships in the game

    One thing that kinda amused me, was how almost all of the American tier Xs were built and used in real life.
  10. Aggressor97

    Paper Ships in the game

    I figured a majority of players didn’t really care about if the ships were actually built. This was more in response to someone who wanted them all gone. I just wanted to put the math out there, about why it wouldn’t be a good idea to remove them.
  11. Aggressor97

    Paper Ships in the game

    There are some here who like to complain about the so called paper ships, ships that were designed but never built, these people believe all paper ships should be removed from the game. Using tier X as an example, let me illustrate why this is a bad idea. currently there are 21 tier X ships from 7 nations, which is quite the selection. With that many available to chose from, your bound to find one you like. However if you get rid of the paper ships, suddenly it becomes 7 ships from 3 nations. Those nations being U.S.A, Japan, and P.A. I have a feeling that many players would resent being stuck to just 3 nations if they want to play tier X. Not to mention the BB mains who’d only have 1 BB to chose from.