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  1. lukas_dietrich

    Clan of Old Grumpy Men OGZR

    I know the founders of this clan and they are good people
  2. With clan wars Season 5 fast approaching, now would be the time to look at joining a clan. We offer CW play in a fun environment. Whether you have 15 tier X ships or are using rentals we are inclusive and always have a great time and have many fond memories of every prior season. If you need a clan or your current clan is not active and you wish to participate in some semi-competitive game play and you have the personality of not being a [edited] then we may be for you! http://www.tsg4.org/recruitingprocess
  3. Many of us are very active this weekend. If you are seeking a new home port and think you would be a fit for us, this weekend would be a good time to check us out since many of us will be around. It is also a good time to begin the recruitment process so that if we find you to be a good fit you can gain full membership within the first week or two of season 4 of Clan Wars. Even if you have zero interest in Clan Wars we are always looking for players with good personalities who enjoy having fun with the game.
  4. With the next season of clan wars announced now would be the time to apply and work on your recruitment phase and be on your way to being accepted as a full member when the season kicks off. If you have high tier ships and are looking for a home port for the upcoming season you can do no better than TSG4.
  5. With clan wars anywhere from 2-6 weeks away (maybe?) now is the perfect time to begin your clan search. And if you want a clan where not only do you have fun but make a group of friends in the process then you can do no better IMO than TSG4. With our recruiting process if you join in the next few days and get the ball rolling so to speak then you can be a member in time for the start of CW season. And even if you do not care at all for CW then that is perfectly okay with us! We just enjoy playing the game and building friendships on discord and on our forum. We do our best to cater to everyone whether it be the more casual player or the more competitive ones. Being in this clan has made me play the game more and also enjoy the game more and I have made some fantastic friends along the way. If you think this fits you then get started at https://www.tsg4.org/application
  6. We are always on the lookout for exceptional people of all skill levels and time in game. We have people with just a few hundred battles to some approaching 15,000 battles. If you are not just looking for a clan but a 'home' among friends then give us a try.
  7. I have been apart of this clan since early June and it was everything I was looking for and more. I am in my early 30s and married and have two young children. I did not want the usual drama and immaturity that goes on in some clans and gamers guilds. I can honestly say I enjoy each and every person in the clan and I consider them all to be friends. The clan is semi competitive in that we do take part in competitions and of course try and win. But more importantly we realize this is a video game and fun and respect is always the first and foremost concern. We accept players of all skill levels and everyone is welcome who is mature and respectful. It can be intimidating meeting 100+ new people but everyone is so friendly and easy to get along with. I feel like I have found my new home and it has made my enjoyment of the game grow day by day.