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  1. Who are we? Buenas Noches International is a Latin American clan founded in January 2017, as [KM] Kriegsmarine we initially started off as a clan of close friends but ever since the first clan war season we have been competitive and are well respected Latin American clan as we have consistently been able to match the achievements of the other major competitive clans on the NA server. Looking into 2019, we look forward to grow as a clan and dominate the tournaments such as KOTS and Clan Wars. If you're looking for a place to compete against the top clans on the server and better yourself as a player, this is the place. hat we look for in a Player? We are seeking players who can put their time and effort in the competitive aspects of WoWs. Requirements: • Be able to communicate effectively in English and/or Spanish • 1600+ PR (WoWs numbers) • 57%+ Win Rate • Have a discord and a working mic • Multiple T10 ships which are viable for comps • Be active on discord and interact with the clan members • Be competent with at least one ship class • 1000+ battles played • Is able to read the general direction of a game and act accordingly • Have a sense of humour but also the ability to be focused during competitive play • Every member is expected to continue improving • No drama and no toxicity/hostile attitudes towards anyone What do we offer as a clan? • A strong clan with well established foundations. • Lot of active and skilled players to div with • Scrims and practice, it maybe internal or with other clans • Continues participation in tournaments such as KOTS, Wargames and competitive modes such as clan wars Our Achievements? • 6th place in KOTS 7 • 3rd in Wargames IV • Reached hurricane for Season 4 of Clan Battles •Top 12 Clan Wars in NA •Best Latino American Clan Discord Link: https://discord.gg/pPWjvsD ENVIASTE UNA INVITACIÓN PARA UNIRSE AL SERVIDOR [-BN-] 🔫🌹 22 En línea111 miembros Unido
  2. We’ll i understand old ranked is over for ever, arms race is not ranked it will be like sprint ranked. I’m sad.
  3. JaymiMendoza

    ¿Es un adios a las Rankeds Battles?

    Me pareció malísimo que pongan el flint y el black en el arsenal porque ahora “cualquiera” puede tenerlos y no los que juegan ranked, me dolió. Pero como dices tú Andrea, será un filtro para que solo gente competitiva juegue rankeds ! Así que veremos qué tal salen estas ranked.
  4. JaymiMendoza

    Porque todos merecemos destacar...

    Mi Perú hermoso y lleno de historia. De todas maneras veremos algún barco Peruano en el juego compatriota !
  5. JaymiMendoza

    ¿Argentina merece una bandera propia?

    Que ridículo el artículo, merece la bandera, claro que la merece al igual que cualquier barco latino que salga merece la bandera del país al que representa, lo mismo pasa con la rama de los Pan asiáticos. Y si quieres una razón te daría una al azar “las Malvinas”. Te recomiendo que en vez de generar conflictos entre nosotros mismos, hagas una linea mexicana de posibles barcos y así ponen uno de tu país y su bandera.