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  1. Operation Narai Feedback

    Sharnhorst Narai was extremely fast compared to the other co ops. A bit too easy as well. One can mindlessly go in and aim at something to kill it. Able to 5 star in 1 go The difficulty was just too easy it seems liek the AIs this time only knew how to drive forward.
  2. USN BB only mod and a few other preimmune ships. Think of it as a enhanced version of Aiming Systems Mod 1 Edit: wrong mod, I was thinking of Artillery Plotting Room mod 2

    sharing rare moments.

    look further down and look at my div mate
  5. Forum Funnies!

    I'm sure a lot would know this chat from somewhere Captain #1 (to Captain #3): answer Captain #1 (to Captain #3): why Captain #1 (to Captain #3): did Captain #1 (to Captain #3): you Captain #1 (to Captain #3): not radar Captain #2: allways good to have a scapegoat Captain #1 (to Captain #2): ??????? Captain #1 (to Captain #2): you literally could win by reversing Captain #1 (to Captain #2): and you sail into torps Captain #3: who had radar? Captain #4: here comes the torps Captain #1 (to Captain #3): YOU HAVE A Game ends with a defeat.
  6. Cause AA is totally balanced

    Clearly, you didn't read at all what I said.
  7. Cause AA is totally balanced

    you think i didnt wait for that? that crapstill manages to kill of torpedo bombers except this time dive bombers actually made it through.
  8. Cause AA is totally balanced

    no flying straight towards iy for a drop was enough the [edited] up a entite torpedo squadron cause usn bombers.
  9. I don't care if my bombers get wiped immediately if I'm flying into 3 ships stacking AA neither do i care if my bombers die right after they're done dropping or that USN ships are AA speced but to have this kind of still in randoms is just unacceptable as well as the Iowa literally killing bombers before the bombers themselves can drop.
  10. Carrier Choices

    An obious choice for someone who has no experience at all with Carriers.
  11. What type of gun sight is this?

    Type 12 static reticle iirc. Use that one all the time as the section divisions make it easier to determine where to aim when the target is angled. Edit: Must be a mod no idea.
  12. They can't even balance Carriers and they're thinking of adding in another class.