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  1. An obious choice for someone who has no experience at all with Carriers.
  2. Type 12 static reticle iirc. Use that one all the time as the section divisions make it easier to determine where to aim when the target is angled. Edit: Must be a mod no idea.
  3. They can't even balance Carriers and they're thinking of adding in another class.
  4. "Impossible" This took me only about 20 games to get this far.
  5. just spend that single doubloon
  6. The mod pack, in my opinion, gives you a noticeable advantage. True you still need to be able to aim but the time you need to think and make a concrete decision on where to shoot cuts down almost twice the amount for me.
  7. Hey, I can actually see the shells splashing the water now.
  8. give it to me All I got were 25 Hydra flags and a Defensive AA Fire Module
  9. Frustration is a deadly thing. My stats aren't usually that bad.
  10. No problem at all ill finish this in 10 days
  11. get rid of all 50% exp wins on ships I'm grinding then call it a day unless there are missions that give reasonable rewards.
  12. I would rather say it's more on the endurance side rather than skill to be honest for this season.
  13. Here, I'll summarize what happens in the majority of my losing matches. One side or area becomes devastated giving a lopsided victory to the enemy where they took almost no damage at all.
  14. You could technically say that though the survival rate speaks for itself.
  15. This was me in rank.