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  1. THe perfectionists are crying about the fact that top exp in a CV at tiers 9-10 are near impossible for the average CV player.
  2. Now they need to make Detonations a large fireball when you get detonated.
  3. With the way AA is now as well as how easily it is to shoot down USN bombers, I don't see why WG can't revert the loadout changes.
  4. Try high tier AA.
  5. CV life. All I can say.
  6. rank by the way.
  7. inb4 some people say too complex for the game
  8. Yeah, grammar was never one of my strong points but still what are you considering as the finer points of the game. The mechanics in this game are as advance as mobile games I beg to differ what are considered finer points of the game.
  9. But what is the finer points of the game is the question.
  10. I don't think trying to make an uproar about a game and then seeing people taking it seriously can be called trolling. What exactly does it show that's wrong about the people taking it seriously.
  11. I don't think it's possible to make such a narcissist want to kneel to other peoples advice... The best thing you can give is just words of encouragement.... even if it's fake and you know it's wrong
  12. Do you also mean how your performance in the Nagato as well as the other previous ships is extremely below average as well?
  13. The Cruisers which you have deleted in one salvo want to talk. /s I wonder how you managed to get to the Nagato when sailing broadside to a BB in an IJN BB is the last thing you want to do.
  14. I'm beginning to wonder why the German tree has Hydro on their battleship. I understand something like the GK but for the other 2 and especially Bismarck who has the best turning radius and 2nd place for TDS I question why even.