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  1. DuckBoom

    Upcoming Charity Stream Guide

    Never thought I'd be saying this, but WG made it right with me. I'm not going to disclose what they did, but I was pleasantly surprised. Thank you Wargaming. Good cause and you did right by me.
  2. DuckBoom

    Upcoming Charity Stream Guide

    I think donating to Save the Children is a wonderful thing and I would have made this donation no matter what "gift" WG were offering. However, I must admit I was excited about the prospects of getting one of these rare ships. As I looked at the list of donations, I could tell that I made the first $200 donation. However, this did not ensure that I would get a Missouri or Belfast, as the Admin said. In fact, all of the ships were gone before I had a chance to even try to select them. I'm not sorry I made the donation. I just wish WG had put a high price on each ship and sold them with proceeds going to the charity rather than misleading players.
  3. Knowing that each year WG ups the price of Mega Containers and reduces the probability of getting a rare ship, I usually watch YouTube videos before purchasing. I watched 2 videos this morning of CCs opening a number of Mega Containers. The first CC got 6 Premium Ships out of 20 containers. The second got a ship within his first 2 containers - the USS MISSOURI! Ya think its possible that WG is using CCs to mislead players about the probability of getting ships in these containers?
  4. DuckBoom

    first new cv impression; TERRIBLE

    New record 80K dmg in a Co-op. I was the only player left against 2 BBs. I kept slamming them for 2K each hit. Even learning how to avoid flak and AA, it's still a joke. I want to love this. I love flying the planes. It's just that they feel worthless when it comes to having any impact on the game.
  5. DuckBoom

    first new cv impression; TERRIBLE

    OK, I have been raging all day about how bad these are. But I have to say that with more experience comes better results. I still think the AA is outrageous. Just as the players on the sea will say having unlimited planes is outrageous. However, I can see that not having played any of the PT games, it takes some getting used to. In my last Co-op game I had 2 kills. My dmg in one game was 62K. I still think having 5K dmg on torps is wrong. Maybe not 16K sky cancer, but they are the same damned torps! No one should be losing 90% of Co-op games when you are supposed to have a CV "advantage". I also think they should limit planes. With my stealth build on my Shokaku my torp planes have a 6.1 detectability. Seems like its more like 10K. By 6K half my planes are gone. Even dodging flak and using engine boost, your planes are shredded. I do find that using the engine boost and plane repair give me a little more opportunity, but this is by no means easier than before. Much more complex, hence a longer learning curve and less players.
  6. DuckBoom

    first new cv impression; TERRIBLE

    Another Co-Op LOSS in Shokaku. I'm trying to give it enough time and practice to prove that maybe I'm wrong about how bad it is. But I think you're right. Bots with no CVs win every time over players in new CVs. Once again I got 2 torp hits worth less that 5K dmg each??? Same Type 8 mod 2 torps used on the Hatsuharu that have over 16K dmg!! Is this just some mistake by WG???
  7. DuckBoom

    first new cv impression; TERRIBLE

    I had the same experience in the tier VIII Shokaku. IJN new advantage is supposed to be stealth (including planes). My planes were ripped to shreds before I could do anything in most attacks. In one game I got 2 torp hits on a BB and 21 rocket hits - total dmg for the game - 13K! Type 8 mod 2 torps on the Hatsuharu do over 16K dmg each! Mine did a little over 5K each at full broadside! And I had 56 planes shot down! And we had a Midway on our team!! And we lost... in a Co-Op game where the enemy had NO Carriers!!! Why???? Think I'd rather do auto-drop in the Hosho in the old version!
  8. In my Shokaku - 2 torp hits on BB+ 21 rocket hits=13K dmg. I placed just below the Midway on our team (I think he just gave up after his first sortie). We LOST in a Co-Op battle with 2 CVs on our team and NONE on the enemy team!!! OMG!!! 56 aircraft shot down (and I have the super stealth build - the big advantage of the IJN CV planes)! I could have done better in my Hosho in the old version of the game!
  9. Not to worry. All 23 sets of planes will be obliterated before they get to your ship... again and again and again and again...
  10. So, I know it's a gamble. I don't throw too much money at it. Bought 5 Mega's this morning ($20). Got a Kii (with 10 point captain), Blyskawica and 2,000 doubloons. Not bad.
  11. This is such a ripoff! Why didn't I see this thread before? Why did I buy 5 of those crates? I want my money back! But seriously, its kinda like playing the lottery, if you go in knowing your odds of getting the Missouri are one in a million you won't be disappointed. But you enjoy the dream! More importantly, you do get something. I got 2,000 doubloons, lots of camo, free xp and flags! Can't really complain. That's better than a lottery ticket!
  12. DuckBoom

    PSA: Missions for free Black Friday containers.

    Of course you are correct. The devil is in the details. But I spent my career in marketing. What offends me is the "bait and switch". If the sale banner says, you are buying a ship, a port slot and a mission worth 2500 doubloons, it's wrong. And to make matters worse, my "Personal Assignments" tab even shows the "Gold Rush" mission (typically reserved for the ship you purchase) even though I don't own the standard ship! If I'm not eligible for the mission, why do they show it?
  13. DuckBoom

    PSA: Missions for free Black Friday containers.

    I bought 5 "Black Friday" containers and got lots of black camo and a Tirpitz B (not what I was hoping for). FYI, if you receive a ship via a container, it comes with a 10 point commander as well (not bad). However, if you purchase a "B" ship it comes with a zero point commander and even though it says you are eligible for a 2500 doubloon mission, you're NOT. You can only play the "Gold Rush" mission if you already own the ship and then buy the B Ship as well. Makes sense? Oh yeah, and even if you do NOT have the standard ship, the mission shows up in your "Personal Missions" tab. Why?
  14. DuckBoom

    musashi or kronshtadt

    I like Russian cruisers. Gun arc, velocity of rounds and general playstyle. What is interesting is that with some extra dubloons, I'll have enough free xp to get one or the other (35x conversion rate this weekend). I'm going Kronstadt because I think I'll like the playstyle more. But the good news is I'm halfway to the Musashi with coal! I plan on getting both!