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  1. inktomi19d

    ranked experience so far

    Yeah. Ranked always seems to get worse later in the season. I try to think the best of people though.
  2. inktomi19d

    State of tier 10 ships.

    I feel like Yamato could use some slight buffs, but it’s still pretty good. She’s been power crept a bit, with every BB having better protection in the current meta. Since almost everything has improved protection compared to release, having the most powerful AP isn’t the advantage it once was. It’s not junk, but it just doesn’t shine like it once did. Like others have said, tier X is overall the most balanced tier. I kinda hate how static and stagnant the meta is, and prefer to spend most of my time at 6-8, but when I’ve done tier X ranked that was fun and competitive, so it’s not the ships that are the problem.
  3. inktomi19d

    ranked experience so far

    Not always. If there was a crash or a network interruption then the guns will often be turned by the time the player is able to get back in. WOWS gets occasional random crashes in WINE (including the official Mac client, especially since MacOS switched to 64-bit only). Like you click to enter battle and the game takes a dump or the network drops. I ranked out in the first two days of the season, so I wasn’t seeing a lot of players starting late (maybe one in five games), and one player in five or 10 games sitting their with guns turned, which is consistent with what could be expected from legitimate bugs. Later in the season real AFKs are a lot more likely. Gameplay in general seems most pleasant in the first few days of a season.
  4. I was prepared to disagree with the OP, but I definitely see the point when talking about late game. I generally like facing CVs much more since the rework since it’s harder for them to keep me spotted in the early game, and they can’t just instantly delete me with unavoidable cross drops. I’d take the new CVs over the old any day of the week. But CVs still aren’t perfect, and they do have too much of an edge in the late game. The big problem is that AA gets destroyed, but planes don’t. With the old version of CVs, they were usually short on planes by late game, so it balanced out, but now everyone has all their AA shot off but CV planes regenerate. I don’t mind that sunk ships weaken the AA bubble, but the survivors should still be able to huddle together for protection. Contrary to what many on the forums think, there are ways to counter CVs, traveling in packs, using AA boats and keeping near hard cover so you can shoot down planes without worrying about getting focus fired), but most options vanish in the late game. It might also help if CVs didn’t get an alert when their planes are spotted — It’s too easy to use to triangulate a position, and unnecessary. Many DDs probably need a little rebalancing. Many low tier ships should really have some ahistorical AA added, because if those ships were still used when carriers existed they would have had heavy machineguns added all over their decks. Torpedo boats probably need some buffs, but that should really be on a ship by ship basis. Several DDs seem to suffer a bit more than the others.
  5. inktomi19d

    Dalas or Pensacola line first?

    I generally favor the CA line right now. New Orleans is really the only bad ship, and much of that is just because she is in a tier with a lot of the most overpowered pay-to-win ships. Pensacola has great guns and is adequately stealthy and armored for a tier 6, but New Orleans really isn't better. NO has more guns forward which can make her play style a little different, but mostly she just faces more powerful enemies without being significantly more powerful herself. Baltimore gets radar, is overall better protected (by cruiser standards — DD and CL guns are a bit less effective against her) has significantly better secondaries and AA, and feels like a significant step up. She doesn't have too much more firepower than NO (or Pensacola for that matter), but radar alone makes her a much better support ship. Des Moines is still a great ship. She still needs to hug an island and is still primarily valuable for her radar, but her guns are accurate and have a high rate of fire, so she melts enemies. The AP on USN CAs is great. The advantage is that it penetrates from sharper angles than most AP, so it almost never bounces off other cruisers, and even against BBs it is effective if you shoot at anything other than the citadel and the turrets (aiming for the main deck immediately under the superstructure gives reliable damage). USN HE isn't bad, but USN CAs are generally most effective if they only shoot HE until they start a fire, then switch to AP.
  6. inktomi19d

    Tier 8 ranked sprint favourites

    I ranked out with Kidd, and Im generally not great with DDs. Did a few matches in Baltimore and Cleveland too — Baltimore seemed overall better since her guns are more accurate and powerful, and there weren't many opportunities to just spam HE.
  7. You don't even need to be half decent. I ranked out in the Kidd, and I'm mostly bad, play on a crappy connection, and mostly a BB main. I don't usually even rank out. Any AA specced DD should be good this season. You can generally run with guns off and cruise toward the first squadron the CV sends out to spot, turn guns and AADF on at 3 km to wipe the squadron, then turn guns off and head toward a cap without worrying about getting spotted. Most of the maps this time had good hard cover in most of the caps, so as long as I was careful about where I hid I could usually survive the radar/hydro spam. Bonus was that since the CV usually covered spotting, I could often just hug a rock while I capped, or smoke up and spam HE. Kidd is a great AA boat, but Benson would have worked too (maybe better, since Benson has better torpedoes).
  8. inktomi19d

    Improving Ranked Battle (thoughts)

    I wouldn’t make every rank irrevocable, but it more should be. I’d also get rid of the save-a-star mechanic, since it’s easy to abuse, and playing to save a star tends to make the game less fun for your team while also making you contribute less to the win. Mostly I just wish there was some sort of permanent mode similar to ranked; 1-2 tier spread, skill-based MM, and small teams. I find ranked a whole lot more fun than random because the small teams and similar skill levels tend to make each player more impactful.
  9. Colorado is a frustrating ship for many because players don’t adapt to the larger maps that tier 7 sees. If you take a tier 5 sailing down the edge of the map, you can still win. Try that with a tier 7 and you will be out of range, show up late to the fight, and make your team lose. Other than speed, Colorado is a great ship, so as long as you don’t point your bow in a direction that it will take forever to come back from it’s good. Don’t yolo, but keep the middle of the map within 10-14 km and don’t get stuck behind anything that blocks your guns. Using FXP to buy modules might make sense, but don’t use it to buy the ship or buy your way to the next ship. Play through the mid tiers and find a way to win with them. The gun handling, armor angling, and rudder are similar enough to tier 8+ that it really pays to master tier 6 and 7. Personally, I found the NM and CO frustrating until I came back to them later. They are hard if you play badly — putting any BB where it’s too distant to shoot accurately or where it’s guns are blocked by islands is stupid, but it’s more punishing in slower ships. They became a lot easier and more fun once I realized that I needed to push to mid range and then keep them there.
  10. inktomi19d

    Best Battleships

    USN tier 8+ is great. Tier 6 and 7 are frustrating for many players, but great ships of you know how to play them. TLDR is that they work well when played well, work badly when played badly, but are fairly easy to learn if you accept that you are at fault for your failures. The ships can adapt to virtually anything, so success means learning to play. Where people mess up with NM and CO is that those ships have good long range guns and low speed, so you will see a lot of people trying to play them as snipers — Don’t do that. If you ever find yourself in these lines, you are wrong: A,B,I,J,1,2,9,10. Never, never, never play the edge of the map in mid tier USN BBs — It’s too easy for the enemy to just take the other half of the map, or to isolate and kill you. Those are “standard” BBs (standard means they were designed for 20 knot speed so they would be the same speed as the rest of the fleet) which means they are slow but have great rudders. They have faster turrets than other BBs and can alter course more quickly, with tighter turning radii. They aren’t fast, but they are agile. Play that agility as a strength. The agility means that if you zigzag on long moves, it’s almost a impossible to hit you with torpedoes or long range guns. Outside of 5 km, if you are constantly adjusting course it’s hard to hit you with torps at all. You can always turn to be a difficult target for aircraft, and if you see a DD showing you it’s side you have time to change course and avoid the torps. The agility also really helps with angling your armor, briefly exposing your rear guns, or weaving through islands. You need to drive for the middle of the map (stick between lines 3 and 8 almost all the time) then keep your range between 10 and 14 km. Keep your speed over 12 knots so you can turn. The good agility and thick armor on these ships means that it is usually better to keep full speed ahead and turn (risking your citadel briefly) than to try to reverse. If you are 10 km from your targets, a DD might sneak in to toro range, but don’t worry about it because as long as you don’t keep a straight line for long periods the NM and CO are far too wiggly for a DD to hit. Torpedoes are really only a risk of the DD gets close enough to break concealment, and even then you can usually force a miss (or just get hit by one) if you turn the second the DD is spotted. You really need to play these ships aggressively, but learn where the “YOLO” line is and don’t cross. You need to always, always, always be able to fire into the middle cap, because your ship is very slow and if you get caught with your guns hidden behind a rock, you can’t possibly get into position to shoot quickly enough. USN BBs have great guns, and if you play them where they can’t shoot you are playing to lose. Just be aware that being able to shoot into the cap is not the same as yoloing into it. These ships have good armor (better in some ways than tier 8+), but you need to use it actively because you can get citadeled if you sail in a straight line. Since you are slow, you are probably out of position if no one is shooting at you, but you need to be careful about letting 3 or more enemies focus you. Ideally, your health bar should constantly be moving up and down in a controllable way. These ships aren’t the best brawlers, but they are pretty good. Their guns handle very well in close, so you can usually turn them to keep engaging, and you can do devastating damage against turrets or upper belt armor even when citadels are too well protected. Generally they make good brawlers when your whole team is fighting in the same area, but not when they are alone. It’s fine if you are a little ahead of your team in a push as long as you are pushing. Funny thing is that I hated the NM and CO when I ground through them, but now those are some of my most played ships.
  11. inktomi19d

    USS Colorado

    This. Colorado used to be great when she and Nagato were the top guns in tier 7; they have similar strengths and similar flaws, with enough difference between them for a different flavor. Each new line has disturbed that balance more. Nagato also needs to be rebalanced a bit, but I wouldn’t know how to do that since I’m not aware of a variant which WG is not using.
  12. inktomi19d

    Thoughts on T7 ranked

    I don’t get it either, but apparently I multiply the quality (or lack thereof) of whatever team I’m on. Basically I know where to be and what to do when everyone is doing their jobs, but if I’m on the sort of team where no one else is doing their jobs then I get caught out alone and die while the team hides behind mountains. When both teams are afraid to leave the rocks and have all their BBs sailing in circles at the map edge, at least no one get caught out. Being the one BB that moved up to cover our DDs (who will turn and speed boost behind a rock as soon as the see anything) is actually worse than just being AFK for the first 5 min. Playing with a team is just a different skill set than playing with a collection of individuals who are all trying to save a star or don’t know what they’re doing at all.
  13. “The Ghosts of Pearl Harbor”. They’d make a good Halloween event.
  14. inktomi19d

    Thoughts on T7 ranked

    I have the same problem. Late in the season it always seems like battleship player get very, very timid. When I get into a season on the first day it’s east to rank out fast because I’m surrounded by good players, but late on a season everyone is afraid to go into a cap and spends most of the match hiding behind rocks
  15. inktomi19d

    Best Battleships

    Nothing wrong with playing a lot of battles or a lot of ship lines. It makes you better.