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  1. For those who buy Premium Account time by the year, you are already probably aware this is the best time of year to buy since it's half off - $47.99 on the website or 12,000 doubloons if you buy directly in the game (Any Amount of Doubloons price is $48). However, the best deal is to purchase the Admiral's Bounty for $47.99 in the Premium shop. It includes 12,500 doubloons and 30 Premium days. 13 months for the price of 12. Merry Christmas
  2. RedBarchetta3

    Wargaming Premium Time Annual discount

    IIRC - last time around the discount didn't hit the shop until the week after Christmas. I could be wrong, memory fades with age.
  3. RedBarchetta3

    My Testing out very early WG Submarine

    Yeah, I should've clarified by saying the "early" years. That M60 debacle was an epic fail.
  4. RedBarchetta3

    My Testing out very early WG Submarine

    Ahhh, WOT Blitz. Fond memories.
  5. RedBarchetta3

    There's only one problem with the new AA

    Thank you for bringing this up. Ironically, the alternate key for AA sector selection is placed right next to the key that turns off the mechanic. I'm going to assign this to an unused mouse button.
  6. Agreed, well stated OP. The comments in WG Twitch streams are hilarious "gimme, gimme, gimme".
  7. RedBarchetta3

    Well, now WG's targeting me

    Can't rule out the possibility of receiving a free sub. Probably won't have to buy 10 subs to get a free one either. There isn't anything abnormal about WG's marketing. The "buy 10 get 1 free" offers are loyalty promotions. We get those in the form of login rewards and combat missions. Stock pile the coal from combat missions, containers, etc and free ships come your way. Loyalty promotions and retention promotions will always be different because we are talking about two different types of customers. Oddly enough, this WG retention promo isn't all that, I don't feel like I'm missing out on anything. They've had much better in WoWs.
  8. RedBarchetta3

    Well, now WG's targeting me

    Maybe it's just me, but I've received a bit of extra content in the form of premium time, signal flags, small amounts doubloons and a couple ships, just for playing pretty regularly. Sometimes there are extras just for logging into the game.
  9. RedBarchetta3

    Well, now WG's targeting me

    These player-retention offers come out frequently, I doubt it has anything to do with the CV-rework. I received one back in December 2017, and I know there have been others since. BTW - the offer I received, which was too good to pass up, worked out really well for WG. I came back to the game, play regularly and spend $$$. Even brought in a few friends who also spend.
  10. RedBarchetta3

    Clean Up Your Act

    Does this figure (and the graphs) include the RU server? Just guessing, but when that population goes low enough, then we may hit a crisis point, whatever that is. For now it just seems like there is a lot of "the end is near" talk without data in the forums and reddit whenever there is an issue in the game or gameplay people don't like.
  11. RedBarchetta3

    Clean Up Your Act

    I don't play many multi-player games, but from my experience this game is pretty tame. I used to play Forza 4. That voice chat was a verbal war zone. Even though it was rarely directed at me, I stopped playing that game entirely. It was burning brain cells. The level of toxicity in this game isn't that bad, weekend nights seem to be the worst, but nothing alarming. However, the level of bad advice coming from dead and living players is increasing and progressively gotten terrible. I have been directed into cross-fire, told to move too close to flame throwing dds and ordered to push into situations where I'm going to be out-numbered. It's counter to what i would do, but I'm not a great player, so I have to decide, "Is he right, or am I right?". Don't listen to someone and I'm an "idiot". Listen to them and get deleted, I'm a "moron". They don't have my perspective - ie. know what I've been watching, I'm seeing on my mini-map, if my DCP is on cool-down, etc. The only thing keeping me from putting a Post-It note over the chat window is for that 1 in 10 chance someone tells me something useful. And people who like to ping squares, not everyone knows what you mean. Fun little anecdote: I was in a battle with a Twitch streamer on my team. The streamer and I were 2 of the last several ships alive. I was holding a cap tucked up against an island. There was a dd coming around that island but not visible. This streamer is a very good player so when he pinged the map I thought he was telling me I where should be positioned to shoot the dd. So I moved into that square, found the dd and 2 of his torpedoes ending my game. I shouldn't have moved. I went and watched the twitch replay, sure enough his intent with the map pinging was to tell me where to expect torpedoes and not to move. Oh well, 1000 people watched me do the "wrong" thing 'cuz pinging the map.
  12. RedBarchetta3

    WNN 53: Diapering!

    We should be careful how far we push this. The powers that be at WG might just make diapering the next April Fool's event. Instead of crates, we would earn loaded diapers. Then anything you get in the diaper that disappoints you can really be called "poop".
  13. RedBarchetta3

    Kami's Early Match Tips!

    Great topic Kami, this is the part of the game I struggle with the most. I'm a BB main, so my answer would be to take the highlighted BB and head towards C to support the DDs (this is assuming at least one each went to A and C, and they intend to cap). I've never played a Fuso, so I don't know it's capabilities, but I'd probably try to get to the D line by the time the DD gets to the cap circle then support the DD from there. If we start to get the upper hand on that side I would start pushing (likely way too fast) and hope others follow. If it's clear we are losing that side I would either try to make a u-turn to kite away or just bow in and fire at advancing red ships to give my team mates a chance to retreat while cursing myself for getting so far forward so fast.
  14. RedBarchetta3

    Get a load of this Naval Training Center

    It’s over. Invariably there will be some people that say they didn’t go far enough. But they listened. We can’t deny that. Thank you WG.
  15. They listened. We can’t ever say they never listen to the community. Thank you WG.