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  1. And those are different camos. The "Big Supply Drop" comes with "Restless Fire" camo, but doesn't explain that either.
  2. Quite literally it's not on this page
  3. Whales, Orcas specifically.
  4. In the Premium Shop there are 3 new camos for sale. Yet there is no indication what benefits these camos provide. Yes, I know I can look at the wiki (alas, I only found one of the camos there), but that's no way to sell a product. It's Merchandising 101, explain the benefit of the product where the product is sold.
  5. For anyone who wants to watch the whole thing...YouTube can be set to 2x speed in the settings, right next to the HD selector.
  6. I had a co-op teammate start getting mildly salty at a CV player. This CV was a bot. I say mildly salty because he was mixing in a little advice and clearly didn't realize he was talking at a bot. I looked out the window, it wasn't even a full moon.
  7. I started playing using the Mac Wrapper a year and a half ago ( for 25 years I have only ever owned Macs). It sucked, so I deleted the game. Recently, I came across an old business PC with an i5 that was refurbed to like new condition. So I bought a 1050ti video card, a decent keyboard and a gaming mouse, and downloaded WoWs again. It and Teamspeak are the only software on the computer and it's all I use it for (I don't like Windows, and don't understand it). All settings set to high and the game is beautiful, 74fps. So for a couple hundred bucks I'm enjoying the game and not ruining it for others. I see people complaining about the Mac Wrapper, and I was one of them. If you enjoy the game enough, sooner or later, you just need to put aside your Mac pride, realize that your time is valuable and find a creative Windows answer to the problem.
  8. If I got punished for being disconnected by the server, I would submit a ticket to support. Anyone who has this happen should. If customer service can't do anything about it, players should continue to submit tickets. It really is the best way to get the message to WG that this situation needs to be fixed.
  9. Read the Bleeping Manual

    There are people throwing this op, well at least one person. On Friday night I was div'd up with a clan mate. He was in the cap circle along with a Cleveland, I was steaming towards the cap and once I arrived we would complete the op. I was about 4 or 5 ship lengths away from entering the circle when the Cleveland fired up his engines and left the circle. Once I was in the circle there was a minute left, but the Cleveland was sailing off away from the red ships. The clock ticked down and we lost. These ops are long, and not everyone has the time to just [edited] around. It was a complete waste of time.
  10. talk about the terrible weather design.

    I really like the weather aspect of Hermes and hope that it's effects are implemented into Random Battles. The upcoming wave simulation looks cool too, and I'm hoping there will be some level of game mechanic added into the game for sloppy seas. All this adds to the variety of the games. Loading into Two Brothers with bright sunny skies and flat seas every time is boring. Maybe it's because I race sailboats, where not only do we need to out play our competitors, but understanding and compensating for weather, tides and currents is all part of the game. Any of these factors can be the great equalizer.
  11. What are the benefits of the two new camos (Pi Day, Women's Day)? Neither are in the wiki. WG - Why don't you list these benefits in the Premium Shop?
  12. When your team can't hit a barn door

    That'd be me. Last night most salvos were like sneezing. The things went in the general direction I was aimed, but really all over the place.