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  1. How to pronounce Worcester

    Well, actually I don't have an accent. I live in an area of CT that has little to no accent, especially when compared to each of the states that border us. Yes, folks from Rhode Island, true Rhode Islanders have a thick accent. To make up for our lack of accent, we overuse non-sensical phrases, such as "Have a good one"
  2. How to pronounce Worcester

    "Pahk Shahk"
  3. How to pronounce Worcester

    Bravo! Being from CT, and spending a fair amount of time in Mass, people's creative pronunciations of Worcester often makes me cringe. People don't seem to have a challenge saying Monaghan correctly. Oh well, GO PATS!
  4. NA Random Games

    One of the things someone told me in WOTB, stop playing if you lose 3 in a row. Go do something else. There has to be something better to do than losing that 4th game in a row, let alone 11. I know how it feels too. I'm usually a 50% player, but in the past 7 days (probably more like 2 weeks) I'm at 39% WR. And that's even playing by the 3 losses rule, and trying lower tiers. When the WR is that bad, I know I'm probably the problem in many of those losses. Better to just turn off the game.
  5. Need help im a complete noob

    Lord_Zath's youtube videos are helpful. I've started watching his replays, he gives constructive criticism about other people's play. I find it's easier to see other people make the same mistakes I do, especially when I don't even realize i'm making the mistake, and have someone point out the correct thing to do. I'm glad you started this thread, I'm having a particularly disastrous couple weeks myself and I'm looking for ways to get out of this funk.
  6. The New WGC Launcher

    I wouldn't mind seeing them continue to support two launchers, but it's not going to happen. We, the players, aren't the only users of the game launcher. The launcher is filled with content, which doesn't populate magically. We have no idea how clugey the launcher is on the merchandising/marketing side, but this is an old launcher - for the people that manage the content in the launcher, the current launcher is likely well past due for a major update. A big part of the migration to the WGC might just be to streamline workflows on the backend. WG isn't going to tell us that, because most players wouldn't care. But when workflows get streamlined, based on my experience in marketing and online merchandising, people have more time to do more important things. Ultimately, that should benefit the player base.
  7. Wrong Answers Only: 12

    The Pacific Princess
  8. Will the Missouri come back

    This. Never say "never" when it comes to WG. Before I played WoWS I played WOTB, from day 1. Early on they had a promo running with "Fury" the movie and were offering a "Fury" version of the E8 in game. Once it was gone, it was gone. Word from WG was licensing ended and that was that. No more. Zilch. "You'll never see it for sale again, licensing expired." Two years later, it was in the premium shop. This was an external deal that put a limitation on the tank's availability, something WG said they had no control over, and it came back. The Missouri was removed under no such constraint. There is no reason it can't come back. In my experience, when a tank is in the game and it is breaking the credit economy, it will be removed from general availability and become a very occasional reward tank only. The credit-printing issue is left as-is. Credit-printing doesn't impact game-play. I can see this happening with the Missouri. Probably later than sooner.
  9. Chat Ban

    The only problem with the chat bans, is once someone is banned they come to the forums and ask "why me?"
  10. Bad Advice: Horns (music special)

    Does someone have the link to the mp3 for the song? It was posted on the portal, but it seems to be gone. thx
  11. Focus Firing on Enemy Ships

    The Missouri is just one of those ships that is a priority target. If it's one of the first 4 or 5 ships spotted, that really exacerbates the issue.
  12. Since the week I played that game I've been traveling, and now that I'm back it's been all downhill. In general I tend to overextend, which didn't seem to be too much of a problem then, but now the red team is making me pay for it. I see a lot of Worcesters and Des Moines, they seem to sniff me out early. Then it just rains fire and I sink early. When I try not to overextend, I end up with pitiful damage numbers. The main guns just don't have the reach. Besides my own gameplay problems, I did switch to Manual Secondary Fire Control (dropping CE) which probably isn't helping. I'll likely switch back. BTW - Is this boat cursed with poor spawn locations? Most of the time I start games way out to the edge of the line-up, and I'm usually on the side that has 3 ships.
  13. I'm really enjoying the Massachusetts. It's speed keeps me from over-extending. If I do overextend the secondaries are ready to help keep racking up damage and the quick cool-down on Repair Party keeps me around longer. It really is becoming my go to ship. Even with all that, I've had some really bad games, usually because I'm low tier and get focus-fired early. I finally hit 50% WR in her last night, and it took me 4 straight wins to do so. But, the big games do happen and they make it all worth it.
  14. Relatable gifs

    oops don't know how to add a gif