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  1. RedBarchetta3

    Playing for "Fun"

    75 battles... 2 years... Rock solid opinions about the playerbase.... who is this mystery man? And I'm not being snarky, I'm relatively new here, genuinely curious.
  2. RedBarchetta3

    Playing for "Fun"

    Yep, me too. But apparently that is "demonizing success" to people.
  3. RedBarchetta3

    Playing for "Fun"

    You went and checked my stats! Predictable. I'M A 48% PLAYER EVERYONE! Yikes, stat-shame away if it makes you feel better. And this gem "If you can't summon the brain power to be even just average at something, you might as well go all-in and demonize success." How can you be serious when you write this? Lighten up. Actually, using "I play for fun" to troll just occurred to me while reading this thread. Never used it before, don't even think I've seen someone say it. And I don't encourage trolling, I'm quite opposed to it. To be clear, I really don't care if you believe me or not.
  4. RedBarchetta3

    Playing for "Fun"

    Did you ever think that people say "I play for fun" to troll you? This thread is evidence of how much it triggers some people.
  5. 6 months of premium time in the game is 13,500 doubloons. With today's sale $42 = 13,500 doubloons 6 months of premium time in the premium shop is $57.49.
  6. RedBarchetta3

    How many ship missions have you gotten?

    I got the Acasta and Icarus from free crates the first weekend of the event.
  7. I doubt WG would ever do player-to-player based transactions. However, when it comes to in-game content being pulled from the store, never say "never" when WG is involved. Over in the tanks world, crazy-OP or broken credit printing tanks were never, ever, NEVER going to come back to the store. "Never, ever" would be proclaimed by Community Managers, Regional Managers, the development team, customer service, product managers, anyone who any contact with the game. But guess what, eventually, "never, ever" tanks were in the store. "Never, ever" award tanks? yep them too.
  8. RedBarchetta3

    Uss Alabama(friendly discussion)

    I pretty much play US BBs exclusively and I love the Alabama. But I'm playing her less and less since I bought the Massachusetts. For a scrub like me, those secondaries can be a game changer.
  9. RedBarchetta3

    XVM Prevalence

    I wish it didn't exist. There's nothing more distracting than being chastised in chat for having a mediocre WR when you're the last ship afloat dealing with multiple red ships. It's happened to me twice, and both players who called me out were >60% players. You'd think they would understand they are better than most of the players on the server.
  10. RedBarchetta3

    Ever worry about becoming 'That Guy'?

    I've seen more than a few games go up in smoke because a player chose to stick around and fight instead of fleeing. It's instinct to keep up the fight. I don't see any problem in telling someone to get out of Dodge, although I do so politely. Sometimes it works, the player just was all caught up in the moment.
  11. Thanks for responding. I'll definitely have the Montana in time for the end of season 10, just not so sure I want to be the potato no one wants on their team.
  12. Yep she was a beast. I started with the Alabama because she was good last season. After a couple losses I switched to the Massachusetts and wow, what a difference.
  13. I'll preface this by saying, it doesn't matter to me that I can't play Tier 10, I am well aware I am not ready. I'm just curious if anyone else ended up in the same situation as me. Last Ranked Season was my first. With no Tier 10 ships, I couldn't progress any further than Rank 10. Fine, I had fun. Because of that Rank, I was placed into this Ranked Season at Rank 16. But, I still don't have a Tier 10 ship (I'm halfway through the grind from the Iowa to the Montana). So here I am at Rank 16. I win the first game, then lost several in a row. End up in 17. I won 3 straight last night which takes back through Rank 16. And that's it, I'm done after just 8 battles. Had I won the second battle that first night, I would've been done after 2 games. I actually enjoy Ranked Battles, as a new player it's a relief to play Tier 8 without Tier 9 and 10 red ships. Also, with just 7 boats on the enemy team, there are less boats to focus fire me. WG I wish you left the cut-off for Tier 8 at Rank 10, I would've like to play more Ranked Battles.
  14. Would any of the better players be willing to do coached battles in training rooms? I'm still a relatively new player with less than 1000 Random battles and I need help. I understand mechanics and economy, my real problem is positioning (especially during the first 3 minutes of the game). It's frustrating to end up in a bad situation early on, and really have no way to recover in such a way the game is enjoyable. I don't think WG can create tutorials that cover positioning well and campaigns and coop strategies don't translate well to ranked and random battles. YouTube is only good to a point, some of these guys are so good though it's hard to relate. Other players mention positioning as a problem too. With coached games, teams face each other like they would in random, with a knowledgeable person on each team explaining what to do, where to go, what to look for, etc. How does this benefit the better players (coaches)? It's one way to help the player base get better, teachers tend to learn from their students, and there's nothing wrong with a little good karma. I played WOTB for several years, one of the better clans held these types of coached games at regular times during the week, plus special sessions to improve aiming, reading the map, finding and using cover, all sorts of stuff. There was no shortage of topics. Ultimately, this benefited the clan because they found promising players early on, people who were a good fit and non-toxic, and brought them into the clan.
  15. RedBarchetta3

    A Request to the Community Contributors

    I agree with the OP, but posting this situation to the forums is probably not the most effective way to deal with the issue. A DM to the CC in question would probably get the response you seek.