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  1. The primal sea

    I move slowly through the strange and nameless plants. My summer working uniform is stained with sweat, as usual, but now also with the noxious pollen and grass stains of these curious islands instead of the usual grease and powder of my station on ship. I move slowly so as not to startle this strange lizard that walks high on its hind legs. His movements are almost feline to my eyes - not at all like the creatures back on the farm at home. He seems to be luring me, I realize, as I begin to worry that I am going too far from the rest of my shore party. Then, all of a sudden, I'm staring at him face to face...only this time he isn't so small, but seems to grow before my eyes. That blue tongue, normally concealed, stretches out towards me. The stench is unbearable! I feel pain in the front of my skull and a ringing in my ears. What have I gotten myself in to?! I will be injured and punished for my distraction. What disgrace! My one stripe will be reduced to none and I will return in half a year to explain to my family that I lost it. I don't know if the fear of dishonor or this pain is worse for me, but both rise to a crescendo before I sit up in my rack...it was all a nightmare. What could have interrupted my sleep? My body is exhausted from my volunteer missions with the shore party, and my routine duties have not ceased, nor have the drills. It is then that I notice the acrid smell from the dream has not left, and that I am not dreaming. The strain on my ears is from the ship's alarm and the shouting of my shipmates. This is something normally not heard on our ship except during gun drills, as our Captain places great emphasis on stealth and discipline when underway. The fire is not in our station - I would know, and seeing as it is one of my many responsibilities as gun layer on Turret 3, it is an almost unthinkable disaster to me. No, the fire is in the galley, or so the shouting would indicate. I pull on my working uniform and boots in less than half a minute with long mastered practice and I take an oxygen mask off the wall. Fighting the fire is a task all sailors know, and one that us Destroyer crewmen must be especially adept at, since there are fewer of us than on the Capital Ships of our Ocean Fleet. The fire is a simple matter and none are seriously injured in the task, but our hydroponics lab is destroyed. I don't even have time to feel regret for the loss of my tomatoes as I realize that this can only mean that negligence is to blame. A fire amidship can only be the fault of one of the crew being remiss in his duty. The next day I carry out my sad duty with the rest of the crew. The Captain's Inquiry has found Electrictian's Mate 2nd Class Sund negligent in his monitoring of the wiring system of our ship. This is not uncommon in our navy, considering that our wiring is known to be inferior to that found on the ships of the Western Alliances. Our scientists surely are not to blame, but whereas we are rich in iron and renowned for our quality of steel, our copper reserves are of an inferior quality. None of that matters when there is a man assigned to the task, however. Electrician's Mate 2nd Class Sund is stoic about his punishment. He strips his service uniform shirt - the same one we are all wearing - and begins his walk down the gauntlet. I am only thankful that I am positioned towards the rear of the foredeck, so that I do not have to strike him after he has begun to collapse...and they all collapse towards the end, no matter how brawny or resistant to pain they are. The enlisted men must pass one of the Master at Arm's clubs down the line to strike Sund with, and strike hard we must. Once the captain has rendered judgement, it would be presumption of authority to do anything less, and the Master at Arm's eye will fall on any man who shows undue mercy. I strike my blow and hand off the club, glad to be done with my gruesome duty. Gunner's Mate 1st Class Franzel is another matter. He seems to relish his role in dispensing justice, but the rest of my gun crew all knows the truth - he is a cruel man. I don't understand how. He comes from a farm just like me, and although he is bigger, I don't think that he is as tough or as brave as he presents himself. It was Franzel who was the first to kill one of the strange animals we encountered on these islands, and for no reason at all! As much as I wish to fight him, I know that it would only bring disgrace to my station and would ensure punishment for myself. I console myself with the knowledge that my gun crew works for our gun chief because he instils respect, not fear. As expected, Sund can barely keep himself on his feet, and by the time the Petty Officers and Officers strike him across the back with the flat edge of their swords, he begins to shout in pain, his pride extinguished. There is a science to this - a man must be made to feel shame before his rank is stripped from his sleeve, and stripped it is by the Senior Chief of the Boat. Franzel does a poor job at hiding his sadism and I only hope that the redness of my face is less obvious than his grin. Sund does seem to regain some of his dignity, and whatever our Captain says does at the very least seem to be constructive. The Captain is not a cruel man, but we have our traditions, and there is no Captain in Oberland willing to presume that he knows more than what four hundred years have taught us. The formation ends at last and it is a feeling much like at the end of a funeral. Electrician's Mate 3rd Class Sund is recovering in sickbay while the rest of us go about our duties in relative silence. Now, more than ever, I am eager to take part in the next shore party's expedition. I do not like this somber atmosphere, and with no hydroponics lab, it is now more necessary than ever to procure the fruit that at least two of the islands have been found to offer. That fruit, though found to be edible, is a rare luxury. I don't know if recent events will make it taste better or worse for me and the rest of the crew.
  2. Why are big spenders (whales) hated in video games?

    Support for EA, Konami, Capcom, Eidos, and so forth perpetuates all sorts of fuckery and those companies are bad for gaming. Fortunately I only play Botes and Tanks now ((:
  3. The primal sea

    Even the lichen on the rock surfaces of the Primal Sea is different, somehow less persistent in its natural state but more corrosive. Our Galley Chief was studying botany in Northeg before he was called out of the reserve to serve us in this time of struggle. It is his opinion that there is a symbiotic relationship between the small lizards on the islands and the plant life. It makes sense when I consider it. One of our signalmen was part of a shore party who went to set up a long range antenna. He was bit by one of the strange, almost bird-like creatures. The antivenoms he received as a precaution didn't have an effect and he nearly lost part of his hand before the Ship's Surgeon identified the cause of the inflammation as bacterial infection. Something in these creatures allows them to break down their prey, both flora and fauna, but it isn't venom as we had expected. Since then we have taken precautions and have been more apprehensive about shore parties in the future, knowing that the hinterland of the larger islands is unknown even to the most educated among the crew. How the Western Alliances never studied this is beyond me. Were it not for the threat of war, it would be a mystery worth solving to our dedicated explorers and scientists. This is part of the reason that Oberland must impose its will on the Oligarchs ruling in the west - the knowledge contained in nature is something all of mankind has a right to. In the meantime, our homesickness is alleviated somewhat by the strange wonders of the Forbidden Sea. While the local fruits require more testing and none of us could stomach the reptiles found on the islands, our hydroponics lab continues on at a fast pace. The men on board were happy for the seeds I brought from home, although my tomatoes are quite sad specimens compared to what we had produced on the farm. Still, it is a little piece of home that I enjoy almost on the weekly basis while we are on mission here. 3rd of the month of Grapes A. Funk, Gunner's Mate Turret no. 3 (the best gun crew in Oberland) GOS Fenrir
  4. Great MM Fails of Our Time #69: Tier VII Hoshos.

    Is fail-divisioning with a CV always a bad thing? I wonder if there are exceptions, like with Saipan or Enterprise. You know that you are going to only be matched up against a same tier, and if you have a team-mate who is confident in his abilities with that ship, it doesn't seem like the worst thing in the world.
  5. Does anyone else think Estuary is boring?

    Islands (the tier II map) is a lot of fun and something I would like to see in higher tiers. Not just for destroyers either but that maze-like design could be fun for lots of different ships. I don't think having more close range maps would bone BBs as much as people think. It's maps like Estuary and especially North that have overly burned out avenues of approach, which means that you get more camping on those maps and less fun in bigger ships.
  6. Third Kraken

    Noice I don't count Krakens I get in a V-25 but I got one the other day in a Z-52. That I will definitely take!
  7. Does anyone else think Estuary is boring?

    I wish I got to play the olde Islands of Ice. It isn't small islands that bother me, it's maps that force you into one place. Two Brothers sort of has this problem but once the fighting starts it's pretty much a straightforward gunfight. Estuary just has too much waiting around to get into range.
  8. The primal sea

    Over the western horizon is nothing but hundreds of miles of emptiness. The Western Sea, known now as ever simply as Ocean, has been a source of fear to most. To a few, it has been more. To the dreamers and the wonderers, the cold and forbidding expanse is more than unfathomable depths and a home to the slow moving (but aggressive) white tipped sharks of ancient notoriety. What exists out there besides this Triassic era killing machine? Is it possible that there are seas unexplored and undisturbed by man? Our satisfaction wih our own knowledge renders us complacent just as our modern luxuries dull our sense of wonder and exploration. Who knows what lurks in the depths beneath the bare rocks and corals of forbidden seas. Perhaps Dunkleosteus still swims somewhere and there is master of all he surveys.
  9. Does anyone else think Estuary is boring?

    I like encountering enemy DDs or even cruisers in the center but after grinding through Nagato I really got to start to hate this map
  10. Does anyone else think Estuary is boring?

    I never see a lot of strategy on this map, just a straight up crash into each other and hope you shoot better. I think the only people having fun on this map are CVs. I'm sad that I don't get Shards more often when I play Tier VII or VI because that is a map which is fun and which looks better.
  11. Most fun Tier VIII Battleship

    Relying on secondaries makes your main guns worse and I can't stand that
  12. Most fun Tier VIII Battleship

    Colorado has the accuracy to do great things but it's in a Tier where people know how to move around, and since you can never get to where you need to go the opportunities are few. North Carolina is pretty good. For people without money I'd say it isn't a bad ship to get and keep. Alabama is way better. The Massachusetts hype may mean it will be a better ship but I doubt it will be as fun to play. I like the short and turny Battleships. I'm looking forward to Amagi as well. Since the Japanese premiums are supposed to be bad maybe I'll keep it. Kii is one of the rarest ships to encounter, I have found.
  13. Another Free ship!

    it took a couple of days but it seems pretty fun! good guns on it too
  14. This is why CV's make this game suck

    I'm not one of the kids you teach at your school for [edited] so you can lose this condescending attitude.