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  1. I have a Z-39 but I'm afraid to play it.

    it is so much like a Cruiser that you can Cruise with it if you must
  2. Where have all the DDs gone???

    gone to the bottom ev'ry one
  3. Massachusetts vs Alabama

    Normally I wouldn't care about secondary memes at all but Massachusetts is starting to look like a good place to put an Atlanta Captain, since he would have all the skills necessary EXCEPT superintendent and manual secondaries, but manual secondaries are so damb expensive anyhow. I can see it being strong without it. AA power and its fire chance is also something I would need to know before buying it. Also there is the issue with American BBs and their poor gun depression.
  4. I completely stink at CV's

    I disagree. Co Op is a good place to practice basic command and control, especially before moving up a tier. After that, the place to learn to play the actual battles is in an Independence. You don't have a buttload of stuff to work with and it plays properly, unlike Tier V and IV which has already fallen under the rEwOnK
  5. WG is selling Giulio Cesare again?

    It's so much better than Nikolai it's not even funny. I like having Nikolai as part of my rare ship collection, and I play it with friendos who are not up to high tiers yet, but I never play it just when I'm feeling brad and need some wins. That's what Cesare is for.
  6. Lol elitist attitude

    My lord *kneels*
  7. Lol elitist attitude

    The true elite are the Krasny Krym players. Someday I aspire to join their ranks.
  8. Krondstadt OP, I want the USS Alaska!

    It would be hard to make Alaska brad as it was and it fits perfectly as Tier IX cruiser. Probably it will be better than olde Baltimore. Plus they are going to be trying to sell something for a lot of money and they apparently don’t want to give it meme silver earning like what they did with Missouri. It doesn’t seem likely it will be not good
  9. New Cleveland - To IFHE or not to IFHE

    dammit I sold it
  10. Massachusetts vs Alabama

    lol holy cow that sounds turrble
  11. Grind US CV line or no?

    Get get get Also add Ark Royal
  12. Krondstadt OP, I want the USS Alaska!

    CHAD bombs really do a fine job of sinking Kronstadt Alaska will be glorious tho when it arrives.
  13. Massachusetts vs Alabama

    I thought the Massachusetts was on track to have accuracy over maneuverability, which would make it more like the other American BBs at higher tier. Alabama is the ship you want if you like to get up and look them in the whites of their eyes.
  14. Why the CV re-work is unnecessary

    If the appeal really is the same then the player would play them regardless. Unwillingness to learn is not unique to any one class. The majority of players are not in fact completely potato. I’m not an expert but I’m not potato. The supposedly small number of carrier players is a counter argument against people who claim that they have to much influence on their own games. If you really hat them as much as you say, why are you justifying making them more prevalent? I don’t want them in all of my matches either. What happens when there are more of them and they aren’t sufficiently dumbed down enough? Everything you are wishing for if you want them changed is going to make your life worse and it will rob of us something we enjoy.
  15. Tiered of Graf Zeppelin. (Please Balance)

    Another thing to try as a cruiser or any ship with good AA is just to target the fighters if the chance presents itself. If the Graf Beppelin loses his fighter squadron not even twice, he is boned, and even a one armed Lexington player can dominate the match.