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  1. Big_Tidday_Goth_GF

    Premium Ship Review #101: Kronshtadt

    Why the hek would I get this instead of using a Moscow with supra camo instead? I can only think of the reason that someone wanted to division at Tier IX but not with a Battleship, and I don’t have an IXs at the time.
  2. Big_Tidday_Goth_GF

    Premium Ship Review: Z-39

    Trying to decide between AP and HE is a big decision every time. My plan may be to use this as its own commander ship, maybe as a standby in case they introduce a CL line or an alternate DD line with 150mm guns. Until then I will just keep my V-25 captain in it. The problem with that is that putting Survivability Expert on a V-25 is sort of a waste too.
  3. Big_Tidday_Goth_GF

    Premium Ship Review: Z-39

    I agree. The guns, also, are really weird on this ship. There are salvos that rival cruisers in this thing, as long as you are using AP. Honestly I am thinking that this might actually be a premium which is a true trainer. It is an excellent ship for someone to practice their grind from the Z-23 to the Z-52.
  4. Big_Tidday_Goth_GF

    Premium Ship Review: Z-39

    I hope the T-61 never sees the light of day...or if they want they could legitimately move it up to Tier VIII where it would still be OP. This though I am happy to get. I think once people actually play it, a lot of the drama over the 150mm guns will go away. Gameplay aside, that is sort of the defining feature of German DD guns during the war. What's also good is that you can use this to put a captain other than your high tier DD captains in.
  5. Big_Tidday_Goth_GF

    Update 0.7.4 Bug Reports

    it seems like there is nothing I can do to prevent crashes. One battle and it will crash
  6. Big_Tidday_Goth_GF

    Update 0.7.4 Bug Reports

    Crashes more common than last patch. Before, I would restart the game every five battles and this resulted in good performance with no crashes. Now I crash after two and sometimes on the very first battle.
  7. Big_Tidday_Goth_GF

    Premium Ship PREVIEW: HMS Hood

    The only disappointing thing to me about Hood is that British BBs ended up being what they are. I have less incentive to play it if it only trains a captain for ships that need to be rebalanced for the good of the game.
  8. Every line I'm grinding (except CVs)