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  1. Are you talking ranked or randoms? Random at tier 5 is littered with CV's, double CV games are not uncommon. If you're talking ranked, (IMHO) the Konig should be way, way higher. It's balllistics, ROF, and accuracy make it a killing machine. It's concealment and armor are best at tier 5...which allows you to get close and bully. Not that I place too much value macro stats...but Konig leads all tier 5 BB's in damage, accuracy, and a couple of other relevant stats. As long as you play it patiently and wait for your range, it's a dominant force among all tier 5 BB's. I hope you'll revisit this rank...even if you dislike the ship.
  2. I think this nails it. All things being equal, you're not going to out gun a gunboat. You're not going to out torp a torp boat. This is not a gunboat. This is not a torp boat. It is a ridiculously adaptive DD. It handles well and has good concealment. It's guns feel comfortable and start fires. It's torps hit hard with a sniper's aim. As long as you play it to it's strengths and accept it's weaknesses, it performs well. If you are a pure knifefighter or torphound, this may not be the ship for you. But, if you can do both fairly well and enjoy adapting to each confrontation, then you'll love it. For me, it's been a blast. I wouldn't take it into Dynamo though, either event ships are far superior...simply due to AA. Regardless, I love the little bugger.
  3. Not sure why anyone would do it differently. Everything you earn in elite XP will be transferred over to whoever you choose. And, wouldn't you want to invest that elite XP into the special RN Captain from the event instead of burning it on the Gallant start-up Captain? There is no loss here...only wonderful profit.
  4. I'll take Ranked over Dynamo any day. Some Dynamo's are decent, but there are also an equal amount of Dynamo's where we lose 4-5 players to mines in the first turn. Also, you get those players who hit flank speed and run after every torp boat and/or race to the finish as fast as possible. Like everything in this game, get your licks in early and you enjoy it a ton more.
  5. Before they jack with smoke, they should figure out a way to make islands block radar LOS. Ramming a ship into an island and serving as a stationary, omniscient radar station is a silly mechanic. I prefer my dose of silly from old Monty Python skits...not Des Moines.
  6. I ran a bunch of them last night..with varying results. Namely, there was this one guy who kept showing up in my team who would literally treat the Op like a race. They would floor it, not even sure if they ever picked anyone up, and sail straight to the end. This happened in three separate Ops. Same guy. Everyone yelling at him to knock it off. Never responded. Just sat at the end...if he made it that long...and died. By the third episode, I found it kinda funny. Did they ever realize what they were doing? Was it intentional? Or, were they constantly wondering why everyone...bots and humans...were picking on him? That thought gave me some laughs...
  7. Sitting behind smoke negates all of the changes...and everyone in ranked will do just that. Another reason why this isn't a wise change. All this really does is infuriate DD's at anyone who enters their smoke guns blazing. This means randoms will be full of DD's running from the team to max their own smoke. Same for RN line...you will be mandated to be a loner if you want any dps. So...big changes and salt for randoms...not so much for ranked. Gonna have to say: Go fish.
  8. I missed the cotton candy?! Was it the blue kind I love?! That's it. I'm breaking out my burning pitchfork.
  9. This will result in Russian DD's becoming the default option. Speed and firing range will be the most desirable qualities of a DD line. Or, IJN DD's running the edge of maps the whole game throwing torps...never firing their guns. In fact, all DD's will avoid every other friendly ship as well. DD support will be dead. It will also absolutely wreck the RN cruiser line. Finally, imagine the increased salt between teammates when BB's invade smoke. Making the game even more toxic can have very serious long term consequences. So...while this change might solve one glaring problem, I strongly suspect it will generate many more. It's essentially whacking a mole to have four more pop up. Something like this needs to be individually applied to each ship...if applied at all. That's a ton of work to do it right. I'd go back to the drawing board.
  10. Biggest issue I had was players believing it was a race and sprinting to the end. This behavior triggered all of the scripted events and guaranteed a loss of secondary objectives. Even if you explained the mission at the start and had a team begging them to slow down, it didn't matter. Also, if you are terrible at gunnery, then don't run the Anthony. Had multiple runs where we had 3-4 players with zero kills. The Cyclone can be invaluable just by dropping smoke and positioning your AA bubble. And yes, if you choose the Cyclone, you have to use all of your smoke charges. The one lesson I learned is that if you want 4-5 stars, run it earlier in the evening rather than late. I got my stars in my first two missions and watched the quality of the gameplay drastically drop as the night wore on. I ran all three ships and saw no issues with making each work...and excel. But, those yoloing sprinters really can ruin a run like none other. Edit: It occurs to me that those who engaged in the bad tactics are very unlikely to go on the forums and read how to improve. So...I guess I'm just venting.
  11. I had no issue with the Bayern from ranks 23-12. In fact, I found it to be very effective given how players in higher ranks yolo BB's into your sweet spot. You could be the first BB on the cap and wipe out many unsuspecting DD's. You also had first choice on your strategic position. But, once I hit 12, it became readily apparent that the engagement ranges were extending out of my effective zone. Sure, there were still battles were strategy and common sense fall off the table and I could truly brawl. But, the lower you rank down, the more smoke and long to medium long range sniping becomes the norm. Granted, the Bayern can tank damage and turn with the best of them. It's speed is also great. But, all of your strengths seem to be nullified by the lower tier meta. It didn't take me long to see the writing on the wall. I could hold my own in these matches, but I could never carry or really impact a battle like I wanted to. I was wholly dependent on the rest of the team holding their own...which is not a spot I'm comfortable with...nor do I enjoy. Since I'm a "newish" player, I only had the German BB line at my disposal and one 19 pt Captain. It may have been impulsive, but I simply grinded a Gaede in the past two weeks. I mean, why not? It was in the plans anyways. Regardless, I started running it this weekend and am enjoying it immensely. I know it's not an OP DD. And, the smoke duration is a big negative for the real low tier stuff. Still, I just consider myself a IJN DD killer and play to it's strengths. At the very minimum, I feel like I can carry a match far better than in a Bayern. I'm also grinding up to a Farragut but don't know if I have the free time to get it finished up...given my real life obligations. Would it have been wiser (and more efficient) to just stick with the Bayern and get carried down? Probably. Still, I am finally enjoying ranked again and I guess that's the whole point. The bottom line is that the Warspite is superior to the Bayern for lower ranks for the reasons that have already been identified. It shouldn't stop you from using the Bayern, but just know that you won't be typically playing your ship to it's strengths once you rank down far enough. Any ship can work given player skill. And, in ranked, determination and time invested may be the stronger portfolio when considering ranking out. But...for me...it was all about my enjoyment. I'm starting to wonder if I should have blessed my team with a green Nurnberg driver. Nah...I'm not that evil. Back to my slug Gaede...
  12. Bayern isn't that bad in ranked. But...you have to know how to use it. Many BB's drivers in ranked are either new or don't have a firm grasp on how to employ their strengths while minimizing their weaknesses. Shoot, this was my first season in ranked and I went from rank 23 to 11 in about 35 games...all in a Bayern. I never felt that the ship let me down. My numbers were respectable in terms of dmg and I was able to close down most pushes simply by smart positioning. In fact, most of the losses were due to other BB's either hiding or not using friendly smoke to mitigate damage. Or, not having adequate DD's who would prematurely melt and place us in a totally defensive engagement from thereon. I realized pretty quickly that (in this meta) DD's carry the win. Specifically, two smart Farraguts can pretty much ice another team. If anything, I'd say DD play and composition matters far more than BB composition. The bottom line is that any smart player can make a ship work. Shoot...pretty sure Klatt(WWWWWWWWW) ranked a Gnevny in short order. But, if you're not the smartest or most experienced, then you must rely more on the ship carrying you than the other way around. Regardless, running the most OP ship isn't going to solve many problems if you can't hit your marks or place yourself in advantageous positions. Finally, it's also apparent that their are those who play competitively or recreationally. I don't know how this issue can be solved...or even if it's an issue. It just is. You just gotta hope that your team has those smart players who care more about winning than some other agenda. This is pretty much a truth that carries across almost all group PVP games.
  13. WoWs Ship AAA Effectiveness Bayern has them all beat.
  14. I say a different prayer...something along the lines of "May my RNG aim be true and my DD's keep them eternally spotted...while offering a sacrifice of that cocky Nurm and his tasty citadel." Edit: It will be a cold day in Tattooine when I take advice from a Chiss. You no pupil having Imperial lovers...
  15. To be fair, the Bayern has great-looking secondaries. They have a hard time hitting the broad side of a barn though. It's really more of a psychological weapon. As for the OP, he clearly missed out on the BB prayer routine before every match...