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  1. The truth be told, Egirl-Brony isn't playing CB's only because of CV's. We simply can't get Gaishu to come down from the peak of Jerimoth Hill due to an extended meditation session. No one dares interrupt his silent illumination journey. Some say he will bring forth tablets with a new set of tactics for all players to follow. Others say those tablets will only contain questionable manga. No one knows. Until we learn of his fate, we will simply be RESTing...and certainly not running it down.
  2. Uber_Ghost

    Congrats to 07 and whatta Match!!

    The last minute of the game 5 finals is insane: https://clips.twitch.tv/GorgeousBlushingRhinocerosWoofer
  3. I always custom/clean install my drivers. What kind of monster hits "express"? (the issue is with the driver, not the install method)
  4. No prob! To reiterate to those reading this thread, this has nothing to do with the game and everything to do with the Geforce driver update 445.75. The "fix" will come from a new driver update or reverting your driver back to 445.74.
  5. It looks like the most recent Nvidia driver update will cause the game to not load and crash/hang if you have image sharpening enabled from the Control Panel. This was not the case with 445.74 which was released only a few days ago. It hangs immediately when Geforce attempts to apply the sharpening upon game loading. Just a FYI as I didn't see anyone posting about it yet. Simply turn off sharpening and everything will be fine.
  6. Uber_Ghost

    Starblazers Unite!

    At a risk of exposing my tree rings, I religiously watched this show as a kid...and could sing the theme song in perfect pitch from memory until it reappeared on the internet some 20+ years later. I saved this on my Youtube channel a long time ago: Original Starblazer's Theme circa 70's
  7. 2nd submission. Just messing around now. (Uber_Ghost NA)
  8. Instead of a pattern theme, I went with texture. As in...woody floaty boats. I'll need to figure out how to place it in game to see how it looks... (Uber_Ghost NA)
  9. Uber_Ghost

    Ranked Sprint 1v1: lol wait, really?

    Why is that? The Shokaku and Enterprise can easily alpha down big ships...significantly faster than HE bombs. Rockets are good enough on the Shokaku and great on the Enterprise for DD's. The GZ may even be good enough in this mode...and certainly a CV killer with it's secondaries. CV vs CV is another matter altogether...and will largely be determined by player skill. Ammo choice, flak dodging, and plane preservation/fighter support will be key. Ram flags are mandatory. What exactly are you testing?
  10. Uber_Ghost

    Ranked Sprint 1v1: lol wait, really?

    CV's with AP bombs and half a brain will be dominant. It's not really hard to alpha down any T8 ship while permaspotting/kiting away from the opponent. BB's will be strong. The Lo Yang with manly torps is very strong. Interesting concept.
  11. Time to get funky with a simple optical illusion. They tried some optical illusion camo's back in the day, but they never really went for full funk. I call this "Seasick" for obvious reasons: Edit: Needs to be downscaled for model application.
  12. While the Harekaze is an amazing and fun T8 DD, it does have one very serious negative: 13,300 Base HP. You don't see a ton of them in ranked or competitive because of this. It has amazing DPM. The torps are good. The conceal is amazing. But, you cannot employ it as a focused brawler. It has no heal. And, with one of the lower HP pools at the tier, it simply cannot live long enough to perform normal gunboating duties in a contested cap. The Kidd, Akizuki, and the new French DD's will make quick work of you if you cannot kite and hide. RN DD's are your mortal foe. But, the Harekaze is an absolute blast to play in randoms. It excels as a hybrid DD that is a very effective ambush predator. Still...reading all of the above comments, the whole low HP pool thing needed to be mentioned. The Harekaze is no bully. It's a glass cannon DD with very good concealment. Regardless, it is a fun ship to play. I recommend it just for that.
  13. Uber_Ghost

    French DD Captain Spec

    Si on French DD's is a total waste. Don't take it. Instead, mount the speed boost mod. This gives three charges of 270 second duration speed boost. That's 18 minutes right there. It's essentially the whole match. The only advantage to Si is the reload booster. Relative to other 3 point skills (SE, BFT, and DE), it's simply not worth it. I run PM, AR, LS, SE, BFT, IFHE amd CE. Also, AFT seems nice until you see those shell arcs. I think this is the optimal French DD build. You could drop IFHE and run DE. Maybe trade IFHE out for AFT, but this is far more dependent on your skill in aiming at max range than anything else. Regardless, no Si. It just doesn't make sense.
  14. Uber_Ghost

    Does the Z-39 Do Well in Narai?

    I think you have confused the Maass for the Z-39. Turrets and guns are relatively slow for a DD...and it has one of the worst DPM in the tier. It's still a decent DD...but it's main strengths (concealment and HP) transfer more effectively to something like ranked rather than Narai. Don't get me wrong, I've five-starred Narai with it many times. But, I would prefer almost any other gunboat DD over it for that Op.
  15. Haida is the strongest DD for T7 Sprint mainly because it has the best concealment with some of the best overall gun dpm at the tier. It also has long creeping smoke plus hydro which makes it a cap monster. Go ahead and check off a generous health pool and HE alpha. Granted, it lacks the relative ability to influence matches once all the DD's are dead...but if you killed all of the red DD's...you should be on the winning side. Bad gun angles, poor fire chance, and a pitiful(high damage but low number) torp rack don't really cancel out the massive advantages this ship has. The Haida is by far the best DD at T7 for a pure T7 match. It's not really close. There should be some epic confrontations between Haida's and Belfast's in a couple of days. If you want to roll into Sprint with the perceived darlings...you're taking: Haida, Belfast, Sinop.