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  1. Uber_Ghost

    Does the Z-39 Do Well in Narai?

    I think you have confused the Maass for the Z-39. Turrets and guns are relatively slow for a DD...and it has one of the worst DPM in the tier. It's still a decent DD...but it's main strengths (concealment and HP) transfer more effectively to something like ranked rather than Narai. Don't get me wrong, I've five-starred Narai with it many times. But, I would prefer almost any other gunboat DD over it for that Op.
  2. Haida is the strongest DD for T7 Sprint mainly because it has the best concealment with some of the best overall gun dpm at the tier. It also has long creeping smoke plus hydro which makes it a cap monster. Go ahead and check off a generous health pool and HE alpha. Granted, it lacks the relative ability to influence matches once all the DD's are dead...but if you killed all of the red DD's...you should be on the winning side. Bad gun angles, poor fire chance, and a pitiful(high damage but low number) torp rack don't really cancel out the massive advantages this ship has. The Haida is by far the best DD at T7 for a pure T7 match. It's not really close. There should be some epic confrontations between Haida's and Belfast's in a couple of days. If you want to roll into Sprint with the perceived darlings...you're taking: Haida, Belfast, Sinop.
  3. Uber_Ghost

    Philippine Sea Friday - Choose your Side

    This comment seems a bit much. 1. Mismanagement had little to do with the final outcome...it was only a matter of how long it would take. One could make a very reasonable conclusion that a quicker war...via mismanagement...was pragmatically better for Japan. Relative to the fact that the US perceived and devoted a "Europe First" strategy up until 1945, one can easily conclude that a longer war would have been absolutely devastating to Japan's population and perhaps existence...when the US would actually devote dedicated resources to the fight. The original Japanese strategy severely underestimated the "stomach" of the US. Which leads to... 2. The "long established scouting report" you reference was absolutely not generated until after the Korean War and really took hold during Vietnam. There was an isolationist tinge to a majority of countries reeling from The Great Depression. But, this isolationist perspective should never be confused with an unwillingness to "stomach" a war. In fact, the main tenet of isolationism prevalent in the US was on the premise that losing American lives for someone else's war (WWI) was not to be repeated. These two concepts may have been confused by Japan, but history corrected that misperception. But, it pales in comparison to the next point... 3. This if/then conditional is what gave me the most pause: "(The IJN) Had the same military industrial complex might as the US." This conditional is simply too great a leap in reality or logic. The whole precept of the Japanese first strike was to gain some sort of economic leverage against a economic superpower who was (most likely) treating them inequitably. Japan knew it could never compete against the United States in economic influence and thus military industrial complex. All Japan really wanted was a seat at the table...quite literally if you know your history. The whole notion of actually defeating the United States came after Pearl in what has been translated in English to be a symptom of the "Victory Disease." Still, the main point is that Japan never had the potential to compete with the United States military industrial complex. The only way one can even perceive such a notion is to cede all Japanese territories gained after 1943 while comparing said resources to a 1940 United States. Even then, you would still need about a decade's worth of development to generate the resources to pull even. But, then you have to assume that the United States would sit on their thumbs lacking the stomach to even defend itself or develop it's own war readiness. In short, it's pure revisionist fantasy. 4. Finally, accepting the fantasy notion that your above claims were accurate, Hawaii may have been in play. That was certainly the goal of Midway. But, Japan lacked the population, logistical support, and resources of every measure to carry out an invasion of California. It simply wasn't possible. It's ironic that Japan forced the United States from the widely accepted viability of the "Great Battle" while still holding onto the notion for itself. There are many similar circumstances where one side made the proper adjustments while the other held firm to old beliefs. I believe this is the "mismanagement" you reference. American pragmatism proved superior to the Japanese's traditional conventions. Regardless, one can say that both sides severely underestimated one another...and failed to understand each other on a very basic level. This in itself was the greatest tragedy. History has borne out that we are similar enough to become powerful allies. Japan never had a chance. But, that's really not important. Both sides share equal blame for placing themselves in a scenario where brother must fight brother. Creating revisionist historical timelines only distances us from that important lesson...
  4. Uber_Ghost

    Lag spikes on NA?

    No. It was absolutely an ISP issue. We had line techs out in the neighborhood today...because about 20 other neighbors were reporting it as well.
  5. Uber_Ghost

    Lag spikes on NA?

    I just checked downdetector. My area...D/FW...is red for ATT. Looks like someone screwed up the Richardson switching station again. Not WG's fault.
  6. Uber_Ghost

    Lag spikes on NA?

    Anyone else getting bad lag spikes tonight? I did all of the normal checks and everything is fine on my end. I can't play ranked like this.
  7. Uber_Ghost

    Was ramming nerfed?

    I'm a medium rare kinda guy... (It might be something to do with certain parts of certain ships sticking out in front of the hit box, or it might not...) World_of_warships 2019.05.03 -
  8. Uber_Ghost

    Leningrad Defense Camo

    There was some concern that the gold wasn’t shiny enough, but it’s just a function of how cloudy/dark many of the maps and ports are. Here’s a screenshot I took:
  9. It might be the lighting. Keep in mind that many of the maps in game are cloudy or with medium-low light effects. There were some minor alterations...but this is the "final" version as provided to me in late March:
  10. Why you would choose a plain strawberry milkshake over a Butterfinger Blizzard (or any of the other million Blizzards) makes me question the veracity of this yarn. Let me guess...you also like running standard consumables because you don't want that fancy pantsy stuff? We need to have a Dairy Queen intervention brother.
  11. Avast ye! A privateer is a buffed pirate. The no prey, no pay rule has been rescinded in favor of salty dogs who share the booty. Update the Pirate Code accordingly.
  12. Uber_Ghost

    Tips for DD Duels

    OP, take this offer and run with it. Almost everyone learns better by direct action than theorectical constructs. You learn to tie a tie by doing, not watching others...or reading about it. There are far too many variables in play for anyone to make anything more than a guess based on their experience. This is *your* experience and battle, and you will learn far more efficiently by having someone "relive" it with you...shot by shot. Take the offer.
  13. Uber_Ghost

    FLY STRIKE WIN Question ( Another one....)

    A bit off topic but what is your unofficial prediction date for 8.2?
  14. Uber_Ghost

    Soviet BBs, radar module?

    This line...at least certain ships...seems headed to the nerf bat section of development department. We shall see...
  15. Fix outlier AA ships that can nuke planes without skill investment or AA mods...or effort or player skill. Stealth AA has only compounded the issue. I'm looking at you Mino...