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  1. I've been waiting for the Lo Yang since I learned of the PA line. It is odd. I would have thrown money their way a long time ago...
  2. A huge buff at that.
  3. I think this is a key point. The tier 8+ ships are support DD's and situational hunters. You're not going to approach a cap like a USN or KM DD. Sure, you'll outspot almost everyone...and you should. But, at that exact point, you're surfing the detection range and hoping to bait smoke. I also would imagine the radar-equipped version will run the radar mod...which changes things a bit. You'll use islands if possible. You'll *really* want to have another DD leading the cap...preferably a Z-46 or Z-52. Pairing up with with a KM DD pretty much counterbalances every weakness with a strength. Now that's a scary combo. Any pushing red DD without serious support is KIA. Situational? You bet. Regardless, the radar-equipped ships provides vision, both in detection and radar, to your team. That is it's main strength in this version. You have enough concealment and punch in your guns to dissuade IJN DD's from taking a can't miss torp shot on you. You'll probably want to run from KM and USN DD's that want to close the range. It's a niche role...but it might work. On the other hand, the smoke version is a bit of a wild card to me. That long smoke is enticing for pop and caps, but folks are going to figure out that you are essentially a gimped-Belfast. You will be torped and DD charged with impunity if possible. That seems like a bad position to place yourself in. I suspect the smoke-equipped, high tier version will turn out to be a lone wolf Shima-style stealth torper with little or no interest in capping. It's not an exact match, because you have decent guns and can fight if needed. But, closing the range to make those guns work also places you in serious torp danger. I think you'll want to break into the back lines and wreck havoc...hoping to avoid all red DD's. Still, that smoke could be very useful for any other friendly DD...say a Z-52...and it's extended hydro range and duration. So...once again...this line in it's high tier version seems like a situational but deadly support DD. I'm not sure which version...super smoke or mod-enhanced radar...will be most effective. On it's own, it does not look OP at all to me. But, it does look OP as a support DD...maybe situationally OP? Is that a thing? TBH...you'll need to be a pretty polished DD captain to make this line hit it's potential. Otherwise, I expect a lot of frustrated players complaining about the DWT's. Regardless, I do not perceive this line to become the terror of the seas once it drops. I'm kinda expecting the opposite. Having to rely on others to be "OP" is not something that will go over well in randoms...
  4. This will never happen...for philosophical and resource issues. The philosophical reasons are fairly simple, whether one agrees or not. The choice has been made. As for resources, adding animations would take some serious man hours that would absolutely subtract from other projects. While I agree the option would be intriguing, the cost and consequences are far too prohibitive...if not controversial.
  5. PT boats fit far more effectively. WASD hackers dream. Ridiculously short lifespan. Imagine how many games you could log in 20 mins.
  6. Also: You've been hit with radar. 1. Seven people are targeting. Say a quick prayer and make a mad dash for cover. Maybe throw out some torps because it might be the last set for the match. 2. No one is targeting. Revel in your superior positioning, laugh at the wasted consumable, maybe troll the red team? Perhaps another friendly DD is being targeted and that red Des Memes reveals their position. Wait for the radar to end, sneak around and kill them off. Mercilessly troll that DM. Therefore, at the very minimum, the skill allows you more trolling opportunities. Seriously though...priority target is an essential skill to take. No other skill gives you this much knowledge at a key point in your existence. Finally, KM DD's are DD hunters. If you play the line to it's maximum potential, then priority target is a key weapon in your DD-hunting arsenal. When you detect that red DD...and they detect you...you want to know just how aggressive you can be in the kill. Priority Target is invaluable in this regard.
  7. Being detected and being targeted are two very different things. Further, being targeted by multiple ships is also a very useful piece of information. You lose all that targeting knowledge without the skill.
  8. The Z-52 is better at that, although the Gearing is no slouch. If you can get in close (because Mino's are generally using island cover) a Z-52 can multi-citadel them down before they can wreck you. High velocity guns on the Hindy and Moskva scare me more. But, yes...not really a great idea to face any cruiser.
  9. As a Z-52, I relish having less DD’s on my side. It means one less CA/CL and one more victim...unless of course that extra DD is another Z-52. Still, I’d rather face anything than a radar equipped ship. Anywho...you might add a Z-52 exception...
  10. There's not a darn thing a DD can do if he's in a match with a poor CV strike captain against an average AS CV captain. You will be perma-spotted...except in smoke...but you will be greeted once that respite is over. Unless you run and hide the whole match, adding no impact whatsoever, you're going to die...horribly. The only honorable choice you really have is to die well. The good news is this might not impact the overall match. But, it does suck eggs. You have been countered...deemed unworthy in the eyes of your peers. You just take your lumps and re-Q.
  11. Lots of folks rushing up the lines to get a tier X for CW's...or that meta favorable tier X ship. There's a greater incentive for those who would not normally play the top tiers to get one without really being familiar with it. I've noticed the recent change as well, but it is what it is. Things will fall back to the norm eventually. Just pray to the RNG gods you get on the right team.
  12. The internal and eternal struggle between TAE vs AR continues. I run the same exact Captain skills...although I’ve been running AR instead. I’m not sure it matters much, but it drives me crazy between those two choices. Btw...I can’t imagine anyone who has run this line will not purchase the T-61. Now, they just need to generate a Z-23 replacement. I did not dislike either the Gaede or Z-23, but they simply aren’t similar enough to the line for me to fully embrace them...
  13. Agreed. Any non-gimmick dependent, solid premium DD is a no brainer for me.
  14. Every mid tier and up KM DD (with perhaps the exception of the Gaede and Z-23, but not really if you play them correctly. But, that's another subject entirely) are jack-of-all-trades boats. KM DD's should cap...and win that cap. It is their greatest strength. In fact, the ability to dominate DD caps increases proportionally with each tier culminating in the Z-52's dominance. Accordingly, SE is a vitally important skill for any capper to take. The survival rates for KM DD's reflects the inherent dangers in their greatest strength. It is not a reflection of the viability of SE. The key importance of SE is to be able to win HP trades. It's a strong skill...although one could argue that other skills might be more beneficial if one does not intend to play the ship as the cap monster that it can be. I think one would be foolish to not run it on the Z-46 or Z-52 though. For example....when in the Z-52, the primary things I look for at the start of each match is radar ships, CV's, and other Z-52's. These factors impact how I approach each match like none other. A SE equipped Z-52 is at a significant advantage over one that is not. I will win that cap. They will bail...or die. Tbh...I don't see many Z-52's without it anymore. As for full pen damage, I've found it to be very rare to the point of insignificance. And, with the upcoming changes, the issue will be extinct. Also, you employ AP as much as you possibly can...with HE as a fallback or when setting a fire is more important...which is highly situational. You can absolutely murder things with AP. Hitting multi-citadels on Minotaurs is one of most favorite things in this game. And, unlike other DD's, you actually try to setup broadside firing angles as a main tactic. For me, it was like a light turned on when I figured out when and where to use it...and I use it often...on almost everything. Granted, you don't get as much mileage on it in the lower tiers. Finally, I believe tmGrunty is speaking from experience...and a lot more than I have. He's been running the KM line for awhile and has generated a very polished list of DD captain skills...for all DD's. The current stat sources we have to settle for are great for very generalized opinions. But, they lack the specificity to actually prove a point like the viability of SE. As with most things, experience is the best tool.
  15. I'd bet good money it will appear before the DD line drops...whenever that is. Not sure if it will beat Christmas though...