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  1. The Ultimate Frontier.....of death

    With the new dedicated rewards, you have a lot of folks who have no experience in the Op or Scenarios in general giving it a go. You can five star it with a decent team. But, you really need everyone’s dps to achieve all the various goals spread about the map. If you lose folks early, it’s just not realistic to expect much.
  2. There's a snowball effect that is darn near unrecoverable...specifically in this Op. If you fall behind on any of the waves, it just gets worse and worse. Every five star I've earned in the new version has been with teams that all know the various phases and waves. Every one of these 5 stars was finished with ease. Ignore the CV until the end, kill it with ease in a contest on who gets that last kill. If the BB gets stuck on the island, you just burn it down. But, you have to be ahead in the waves to have that luxury. That's the 5 star catch. In the past, you could have two guys carry this Op. Now, I think it takes four. And, no more than one player can die like a fool...which seems to be an epidemic now that the difficulty has increased.
  3. PM, EM, AR, SI, Vig, AFT, CE. I believe this is the standard build. I slot both damage mods. Started with the rudder shift and switched over to the damage one once LWM’s dissertation on the benefits of the rudder mod. Never missed it since. Auxillary mod, AA mod, Conceal mod, and Artillery mod. Now, if CV’s become even more rare, I might consider a Zombie build. Still, it’s nice to have a serious counter when CV’s are in the queue.
  4. If you watch Twitch instead of Youtube, then you'll eliminate the "highlight" effect. You simply get the players playing the game in real time. It's far more instructive. And, you can even ask the streamer why they did what they did...while it's fresh on their minds. It's just better.
  5. Start at Twitch, then move to Youtube. You hit a bunch of the mains...but you missed Mejash and SirVenomIK. For Cv's...Femennenly and Farazelleth. Recomendations: TmGrunty, bfk_fer1yfe, Hyfr1re. KOTS streamers (and competitive play) not already mentioned: SeaRaptor00, Quadrilus
  6. Aegis tactics

    Simple guide: Focus on first group to the East, kill and focus on second group to north. Do not go south of the southern island and deprive everyone of your dps unless you are a fast ship. By now, you will know if your group is good enough for four-five stars. No one should be dead. And, the main convoy should not be very close by the time the second group is dead. If they are or if multiple players are dead, just float along to the East with the fleet and defend. Only one ship has to make it to "win" and it can be defended by employing the islands as cover. If your group has tackled both groups with competence, then you have choices. The Cleveland is the absolute best choice for the CV hunter job. Two is optimum. You can somewhat survive it alone in any non-BB if you are good at torp beats. But, you have to be good. Any CA/CL can do this job if the captain is able. I believe two...and no more...should go North after the second wave is dispatched. You can lob in broadside kill shots on the way...or a timely torp. The main group should be focused on anything making it's way to the Exit point. This is the kill area for almost all the bots on the fleet. They will zig zag on the way so long distance torp shots rarely work...but they show broadside with reckless abandon. As for DD's...if you have two DD's and one heads to the CV's...the other should speed boost to the far East and try to torp the main convoy fleet from the side. The CV's should be occupied with the CV attack group and you usually are not plane spotted if you are far enough East. You can also setup to the East after the convoy is dispatched and smoke fire and torp to discourage hard pushing into your group. Save one smoke for the end if a single convoy ship needs some help. As for the CV DD, if you have made that choice, you will be massed focused by both CV's. Save your smoke until you get into torp range. If you cannot dodge torps to do this, then you shouldn't be here. Still, if you are and are in trouble, try to smoke yourself and whoever joined you. The absolute worst play is to try to kill the CV's, fail to get close, and smoke yourself to live. The one redeeming grace is that both CV's planes will circle your smoke until it ends. At least they won't be on the rest of the group. This is one of the few Op's where DD's can make a difference, in a good way. The BB's job is real simple. Don't die, defend the fleet. If you get low, you will be focused. Use those heals effectively and proactively. You will have many broadside shots. Use AP and don't miss. Don't get too close to ships with torps. All in all, this is one of the easiest Ops to five star.
  7. Notser: Fix XP (ranked)

    From one of the most polished DD players in the game: Flambass Published on May 15, 2018 SUBSCRIBED 13K This ranked season is SUPER hard if you're a DD player cause everything is made and equipped to kill you. The radars are lasting far too long and the range on them is rather long as well, there's torps buzzing everywhere and BB AP is just w8ing to touch you. Cruisers have a lot of rapid firing guns and everything is looking at you. It is almost impossible to save the star so you either play for a win or you're going down. WHAT DOES IT ACTUALLY TAKE TO WIN ??????? ---------------------------------------- I'm not getting into the whole save your star debate or exp issues. I'm all about those W's. But, there is no doubt that this season in the T10 bracket is not friendly to DD's. Still, we've had some friendly brackets before so you just take your lumps and move on. From what I've seen, most DD mains switch over to other classes when the grind gets real. I ran the Lo Yang and Alabama from 16 to 10. I ran the Z-52 from 10-6. 70 battles in and I think I've been at 6 for almost 10. I might switch over to the Yue Yang. Ironically, I think the Yue Yang has tipped the radar game into the dangerous level that it is now for DD's. DM's, Mino's, and Moskva's radar is fairly static and predictable. Those darn Yue Yangs can be anywhere. Well...if you can't beat'em...join'em.
  8. DD's should always spot. They should cap when it's not suicidal. And, they should always looks for unfair engagements. In fact, this is your primary goal in ranked. Create engagements that are heavily weighted in your favor. In this meta, DD's are the composers of the orchestra who sometimes get to use that baton to smack around the reds. If you go into a match looking to farm damage, then you probably won't last long...and your team will hate you. But..the point is valid. You're just not going to be at the top of the leader board very often. You play DD's for W's...
  9. Tier 10 Special Module Additions

    To equip the new mod, the Z-52 loses out on the conceal mod. That's -10%. Then, you get 5% of it back with the new mod. So...the sum total is a 5% nerf...relative to the conceal mod being equipped. You lose the dispersion bonus as well. That's not really important on a DD. Yet, it's still a nerf. But, you get 10% less of a torp reload. My ranked build does not employ TAE, but I usually run it in randoms. Either way, the impact is pretty minimal...what...6-8 seconds? I strongly prefer having my conceal rating as close to my hydro range as well. That moment that you get detected and pop hydro and see nothing will last even longer with this mod. I don't know about anyone else, but those moments are when I feel the Z-52 is most vulnerable. Also, more time for a red DD to not show me broadside is a serious negative in my book. A potentially more stealthy Gearing running around makes that even worse. Now, if you're a pure torp spamming Z-52, then yes...this is the mod for you. The Yue Yang mod is great for radar. It's like not having to choose between MBM3 or TPM3. You get slightly less of a buff, but you get both mod buffs. Straight buff if you run radar.
  10. Tier 10 Special Module Additions

    Yeah...some don’t make much sense to me. The Z-52 loses 5% detection and dispersion but gains 10% in torp reload time? 10% of the shortest reload time at T10 isn’t really that much. They might want to polish some of these a bit more.
  11. Looks like the theory crafters have some work to do...
  12. Does anyone have any ranked tips?

    Everyone considered him the potato of the county...
  13. Ranked Season 9 Survey

    Only if they offer a T1 premium...just for consistency.
  14. For this Op: Cleveland, Budyonny, Nurnburg, Molotov. In that order. Kill the DD's first, then pick off whoever is in front. Everyone falls back to repair zones for the last big wave. No one but Unicom players push out beyond the green before it's time to hunt down the last CV. It gets stuck on an island frequently, otherwise it will push in. DD's can push out a bit, but you must know what you are doing. Otherwise, you're just going to get plane spotted and focused by every bot. Ran it three times this morning. First was a no star win because our CV was afk and two of our DD's Yolo'd the first wave. The next two were five starred...easily. It really comes down to who you end up with in the queue. Like most of the new Ops, you need everyone to contribute.
  15. Submarine Watch - Update

    Three Aichi M6A's...with a single 1,870lb torp or same weight in bombs. The sub would have the highest concealment rating in the game (for subs). Definitely a T10.