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  1. RU DD Gunboats are Terrible

    If you are close to max range and have 5-6 players targeting you..and they are raining accurate hell, you go dark and reset. Also, if they are consistently accurate while you are at max speed, consider a little W-S hacking coupled with some unpredictable wiggling...rinse and repeat. Accurately targeting a RU DD is all about predicting where they will go...and a very gratuitous lead. Don't be predictable.
  2. Ok so where is T 61

    I'm not sure you got this negotiating thing done pat. Let's begin with an offer of 75 seconds and see where it gets us. Would it kill them if the KM DD line got a jewel before tier IX? KM DD mains deserve some kind of consideration for having to endure the prebuffed T-22, that tugboat of a DD in tier 6...not to mention the smoke firing window of 1km for the Z-23. Balance comrades.
  3. Ranked Harekaze Builds

    While I agree with your conclusion, I'm not sure I agree with how you got there. The IFHE HE DPM on the B Hull Harekaze is only behind the Akizuki and Benson. It out DPM's the Kagero by a wide margin. More importantly, it's out bursts the Kagero by a wide margin...and that's assuming the Kagero has it's guns turned correctly at the very start. Further, the main tactic for a Harekaze is kiting away. This gives you essentially the same DPM as kiting Akizuki. Simply put, the Harekaze has better guns. I'm not sure what kind of Harekaze's you faced on your way to rank one, but I assume they weren't that polished. The only DD in a knife fight (that I usually encounter in ranked) that I feel I can easily overwhelm is the Kagero. Her turret traverse makes her an easy mark if she tries to really knife fight. Regardless, this is not the fatal flaw for single digit ranked. The main flaw is her HP pool (and to a lessor degree weaker torps). It's just not enough to face the hordes of Lo Yang's, Benson's, and Akizuki's. The Kagero can employ it's best-in-tier torps/concealment and perform a capable job as a spotting torp platform. Both DD's are forced into this role as the ranks go down. And, the Harekaze's superior gun platform becomes less and less important. But, at the same time, the weaker torps and lower HP pool become a more glaring issue. Why run a Harekaze when the Kagero has the more effective toolkit for the lower ranks? If the choice was only these two, then this would be my analysis and conclusion. But, to be honest, I think both have an uphill climb against the current Lo Yang meta. I looked at your stats. You're quite an accomplished DD captain and you ranked out playing only the Kagero. 77 games. Congrats. What I'm wondering is why you didn't run your Akizuki?! Or, your Lo Yang, Kidd, or Benson? I suspect I know the answer already. Still, gotta ask. I also wonder what a very experienced Kagero player could do with the Harekaze. I hope you'll give it another try when the situation arises. Just based on the numbers, an excellent DD player has the potential to really capitalize on those B hull guns while compensating for the torps an HP pool. But, it would be a challenge. Something tells me you might like something like that. I'm somewhat new to this game, although I was a theorycrafter in previous MMO's. I just don't have the free time to play like I used to. I've only logged 43 games this season, my second ranked attempt. I've pretty much defaulted to the Kutuzov/Alabama since I don't have any of the current meta driving DD's. I had high hopes for the Harekaze, and I've done well in her, but I can see the writing on the wall. With so little time to play, I have to maximize my effectiveness.
  4. A few thoughts... The 100mm guns are really it's best configuration. But, you must have a high point captain to make it work. IFHE, CE, and SE are mandatory. The US guns are nice, but you don't have enough of them to scare anyone. My experience with them was unpleasant. You think you're doing decent damage, but you're really not. It is not a dominant gunboat. It is not a dominant torpboat. It is a powerful spotting DD that can dish out some punishment if cornered with either weapon platform. In ranked, the only DD that you will likely want to face is a Kagero. All of the other usual foes will make quick work of your small HP pool...and that's assuming it's a simple 1 vs 1 encounter...which is rare. The Harekaze's main strength is remaining undetected. The optimal window to open up with those wonderful guns is when you gang up on another DD that is already being engaged. Granted, there are exceptions and opportunities that occur which one can and should exploit. But, generally? No way. That low HP pool makes seeking out HP trades a terrible proposition. I've seen many poor Harekaze's try to use the ship as a gun platform. They rarely make it to the end, where the Harekaze is at it's greatest effectiveness. And, as you get to the lower ranks where players hit their shots and focus fire, Harekaze becomes almost a pure scouting/torp platform. You will see many Lo Yang's. The main trick is to make them burn hydro prematurely...at a place of your choosing...and then make a mad dash outta there. The more Lo Yang's you see on the red team, then the less powerful your concealment advantage becomes. It is hard to be an effective DD when several red DD's can negate your main strength with a push of the button. The amount of situational awareness needed to make this DD work in serious ranked competition is very high. Ambush and run. Head on a swivel. Fear. That's the Harekaze's mantra in ranked.
  5. It's useful for DD's. It's very useful for DD's who don't want to gunfight. But, for those who want to gunfight or actively seek and destroy other DD's, it's utility lessens as there are many 3 and 4 point skills that accentuate offensive capabilities...and even some defensive measures. Granted, in ranked play, the value of RPF is multiplied simply by the fact that the teams are smaller and knowing the location of one DD or the safety of a cap can be a very important factor. There are many who disagree as to it's value or lack thereof. I highly recommend trying it out just to see if you subjectively value it enough to ignore other perks. I have found the skill useful on some builds, and a complete waste on others. In short, there are some who enjoy the value of that little white triangle giving them information. There are those who prefer to use the force to locate other Jedi's. Only you can decide if it works for you.
  6. The smoke firing nerf pretty much forced me to position and setup the Kut about 4-5km farther than I was accustomed to. It also forced me to be more strategic in my positioning in case a DD got within my smoke firing concealment range without revealing itself. In short, I now setup farther away and try to have at least two avenues of escape. The smoke firing penalty forced me to play the ship smarter, which has increased my effectiveness. Ironic.
  7. But I enjoy the spectacle of people jumping off buildings. Is that wrong? Seriously though, I wouldn't mind a slight hydro range bump for the Z-23 and Z-46...but it's more of a evil, greedy thing than a legitimate demand. Regardless, the Z23's 1km range between it's hydro range and the smoke firing penalty isn't exactly a fun thing. I understand the big picture and they "why" of it all, but you have to admit that the Z-23 came out as the ugly, red-headed stepchild with these changes. It doesn't mean I don't like the Z-23. But, once you get to the Z-46 and especially the Z-52, you really need some incentive to jump back into that sniping tugboat. Doesn't hurt to ask...right? Well, except for the folks jumping off buildings... And yes...fighting unfairly is the bread and butter of the KM line. I have never felt a twinge of regret when hydro firing from smoke on the helpless and meek. They aren't inheriting jack on my watch...
  8. New Gneisenau.

    Pope Shizzle's Updated Build I found this thread to be very useful when I started on my Gneis. I linked the last page because that is where the updated build is located, but the whole thread is worth reading. The man does good work. The choice between manual secondaries or manual AA is up to you...depending on how many CV's you see...and if you plan on moving that captain up the line.
  9. Yes. Those who can run it effectively are very influential. But, that's not really the issue. The issue is that it doesn't take a skilled player to buy a Lo Yang and pop hydro near a cap and hide...which is essentially what we're seeing now. The good news is that as the better players rank out, the utter dominance of the Lo Yang is fading. As a DD, you just have to be very aware of their location and wait it out. I've also seen packs of Lo Yang's chaining hydro in a cap and just passively sitting there for half the match. In this case, it makes killing everything else pretty easy. So...the meta is dominated by Lo Yangs...but the use of the word "dominated" has changed to mean frequency rather than influence. On a side note, WG really needs to look at the poor Z-23 and maybe consider matching the same hydro range. It's bigger, slower, and slow firing. Great torp spammer but really limited by concealment and agility. It also has a paltry 1 km range between it's hydro and smoke firing penalty...even on the 128's. It's hydro was the one thing that gave it some punch. But, with the Lo Yang's hydro buff and the smoke firing changes, the Z-23 is truly hamstrung. This ranked season has really honed that point in.
  10. There's really been no reason to slot Def AA in ranked this year. Hydro gives you a slight warning, but positioning is what saves you. Also, with such a big smoke firing penalty, if you're spotted in smoke, then it's time to haul. It doesn't matter what it is...bad things are about to happen. It shouldn't take too many lessons to learn this rule...
  11. Fletcher vs Z23, Z46, Z52

    This is a good general guide. I'd also highly recommend spending time in training battles just hitting things with AP at different angles. Start with DD's. Work you way up. There's no better way to remember something than by doing it...over and over again. When you figure out how to use KM DD AP, it's like a light comes on for you. Well worth the trouble.
  12. Is Gneisenau a good ship?

    I've found Pope Shizzle's build to be the most comfortable fit. You could switch some things around if you don't see any CV's...but as is...it's a very strong template. The Gneis is all about controlled aggression. And, never relying on one accurate salvo to save your hide. It is not a sniper or even a mid range BB. It is meant to get up close and do harm. Your speed and agility can control angles. Your armor can take hits. The main trick with this BB...and really every KM BB from this point on...is learning when that magical moment occurs when you should go ham. Figure that out, and it fits like a well-worn glove.
  13. Fletcher vs Z23, Z46, Z52

    While I'm relatively new to this game(1 year), I'm fairly experienced in MMO theorycrafting. And, I find the notion of "DPM" variables to be widely misconstrued in this game...especially in regard to DD's. "DPM" stands for damage per minute. This number holds it's greatest utility when the attacker reaches the victims full HP total in ~1 minute. The measurement was designed for long engagements on "Bosses" in raids. It also does not account for variables designed into the game that significantly alter a straight damage parse. To begin with, there is a massive amount of variables that go into any DD vs DD encounter...not to mention true 1 vs 1 duels are very short and rare...that muddy the waters even further. Yes, "DPM " is a valuable tool. But, only when employed in proper context. It is best to think of it as a starting point in a very complex equation. Still, none of this really jumps out at me when I read these DPM debates. I assume most know all of this. Regardless, the thing that screams at me is the notion that burst damage is being totally ignored. Burst damage is what turns almost every DD fight. Your starting off...at best...with a little more than 20k hp. You are not dpm'ing a DD down, you are bursting them. If you really want to know who has the edge, figure who can burst the other one down, applying inherent variables to the line, typical application of those variables, in a fair fight. And, the better shot and smarter player you are, then the more this applies. If I can kill you in five to six well-placed salvo's before you can kill me, does it really matter if your DPM is higher? To put it in perspective, if DPM was really that important, then the Z-23 would be one of the worst DD's at it's tier. It is not. It is a powerful HE alpha sniper...not designed to engage in anything resembling a "DPM" contest. The Z-46 and Z-52 would also be great at spotting with hydro, but mediocre in almost every other regard. One employs HE and AP differently for those two examples, but one truth exists: the high tier KM line has very good burst potential. Potential. It's up to the captain to maximize that potential...and not many do. Still, those who understand the mechanics in play can make this line a nightmare for any red DD. You may run into a Z-52 without hydro and think you're on equal or better footing. You may well be. But, both of you are most likely going to turn and show broadsides. This is where the burst happens. It is not an advantageous position. Then, you must account for that hydro. It is not something to dismiss. Don't get me wrong, any DD can sink any other DD...if the right variables are in play. A better captain can nullify a ton of negative variables. I'm not here to espouse one DD over the other either. USN DD's are designed to fight other DD's...and do it well. A polished USN DD captain can minimize negative variables just as good as a KM can. What I am here saying is that "DPM" in a DD versus DD encounter is typically misleading. You usually have...at most...20 seconds to gunfight another DD before other variables swamp the equation. It's all about the burst. Just my two cents.
  14. Folks seem to have forgotten about the Z-23's alpha strike. It's a monster in a game with many DD's. Let the Benson's/Kidd's/Lo Yang's spot and focus each other and then open up with those 150's. It has very good torps and alpha with the guns, but the HP pool has been it's greatest strength so far with me. Actually, pretty surprised by it's effectiveness. This all might change as I rank down though...