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  1. It was a difficult choice, and I can certainly appreciate your path. Initially, I actually ran your exact setup. Yet, the AR buff to both the guns and the torps seemed like a more logical, beneficial choice given the numbers after damage. I also like to take a more pragmatic view of these skills and with that comes the understanding that more often than not, I'm taking damage from something other than the red DD in front of me. Radar is fairly prevalent...so the matches were I take a huge chunk from being lit up was certainly a consideration. Perhaps in time I will be able to mitigate damage as effective as you, but until then? AR seems more prudent. Also, and perhaps most important, at what point does the amount of health left change my play style without AR? I found that I could operate at max effectiveness longer with AR than without. Accordingly, once you accept AR (and since PT, LS, SI, SE, CE are givens), you then decide whether you want TAE or BFT. I chose BFT simply because I wanted more DPM on that first cap DD encounter. Also, I don't always fire my torps on cool down, while I always realize a benefit to a faster gun reload. Still, the numbers with TAE and AR are enticing: base: 90 sec base + module: 76 sec base + module + AR (50% HP): 68 sec base + module + AR (50% HP) + TAE: 62 sec As for a 1/4 health DD in late game, I'm thinking that I'm spamming more torps than gunning...and the benefit from AR is significant at that point. Regardless, we're really splitting hairs here. We're talking about ~7 seconds on an already fast torp reload. Yet, the fine point here is the issue of taking damage. I intend to go in harms way and thus accept harm will come my way. If one can confidently and consistently maintain over 3/4 their health pool leading into late game, then my hat is off to you. You don't need AR. All I can say is that if I run into you, then AR is probably my best chance to keep it even... We killed each other in a Kutuzov on Kutuzov encounter last week...so I guess a Z-46 on Z-46 encounter is inevitable. May the luckiest man win...
  2. Your build covers all the basics. I'd like to add my build that differs ever so slightly. On my Z-46, I employ smoke about half the time for others so I run the rudder mod. Also, I just don't like anything above 4 seconds for knife fighting. I think this mod choice is really a personal preference issue more than performance though. As for Captain skills, I agree...PT is a must. LS, SI and SE are also a given. I kinda differ after that. I use AR simply because it provides a relative massive reduction in my torp reload after contesting those initial caps...with a bonus that it also lowers the gun reload as well. The torp reload is so small on KM DD's that TAE gives you a modest decrease...but there's nothing wrong with maxing the ships best weapon. For me, it came down to TAE or BFT. Since I employed my modules to help my torps, I spent those three points on BFT and threw that last point on PM. The choice came down to six seconds on my torp reload or lowering my gun reload from 4.0 to 3.6. And, since I run AR, when would I realize the gain? Would I want faster guns on that first cap or faster torp reload? I chose guns, simply because I felt I would realize that small gain more often on that weapons system. Still, I think one's play style will dictate how they finish out the build: guns or torps. As for the OP, it really depends on what kind of Captain/resources you have. IFHE works really well with the 150's, but then you're talking about a ship specific build rather than a line build. As for RPF, I actually used it extensively as I learned DD's. In that application, it was invaluable. But, as I gained experience, I asked myself: Would I be doing anything different knowing what I know from RPF? Except for some isolated hunting of DD's at the very end of matches, the answer was usually "no." In fact, RPF can get you into as much trouble as it saves on that first cap. Think you know where the lead DD is heading and feel emboldened to cut him off? He just might be the lead element in a multi-DD attack followed by some fast cruisers. I know some like to use it to launch torps in a general direction, but I've also found that I prefer a more precise shot. Finally, in a KM DD, you want to ambush other DD's. Being located can scare off many easy IJN kills. Then, there's the notion that you spent 4 points on it when you could have had SE, SI, TAE, or BFT...depending on your build. For me, RPF was strictly a training tool.
  3. As someone who plays all classes except CV's, this is kinda funny. Lots of BB's on BB weeks. Not fun for CA/CL's. Fun for DD's. Lots of CA/CL's on CA/CL weeks, not fun for DD's. Fun for BB's. Lots of DD's on DD weeks, not fun for BB's. Fun for CA/CL's. The key here is to rotate to the proper alpha dog at the proper time. Then, it's always fun. And, you can bet I'm running my best AA ships on CV weeks. This is a prime example why one should run all classes. It's simply more fun.
  4. I think there's a point in every DD players career where the whole class just clicks. You finally get it. And, whatever line you're grinding at that moment becomes "noob friendly" and their favorite. For me, it was the KM line. I actually started on the IJN line when I first started the game and didn't really enjoy it or understand it. I concentrated on BB's and that was that. But, when the tier IX BB grind became a bit tedious, I dabbled in USN, RU, and KM DD lines just for a change of scenery. In retrospect, I think running these various lines (including IJN DD's and KM BB's) gave me the knowledge and skills to enjoy life as a DD. Since I was in a KM DD phase at that "Aha!" moment, it became my favorite. Further, since I started playing DD's after the various nerfs and meta changes, I never felt like anything was being taken away from me. You can't miss what you never had. I'm sure folks with a ton more experience than me can debate the merits of which one is actually most "noob friendly." But, for a beginner, I'm not sure this should drive your decision. IMHO, dabble. Play various lines...not only to find which one you enjoy the most...but to find out each line's strengths and weaknesses. This knowledge becomes invaluable and actually adds to your enjoyment factor when you finally find a line to concentrate on. Unlike BB's, the DD game is far more cerebral and reactive. Knowledge is the one thing that really gives you that edge to not only enjoy the class, but play it well.
  5. This. The secondaries aren't that punishing and many don't have the skill points for manuals. Before rushing, always check the turret position, paying special attention to the aft ones. More often than not, those are the ones that will have the best chance to hit you on a rush. You can actually outmaneuver the fore turrets rather easily but the captain will have time to rotate his ship and turrets for the aft shot. Predicting that move and a good turning radius can make all the difference.
  6. Shouldn't this character just generate a template hate letter and fill in the appropriate blanks? I mean...if you're gonna be a dedicated troll, at least be efficient at it. I deduct troll points for form.
  7. I did the stage three in one try. Killing all those BB's was quite another story. Mine wasn't as bad as Notser's...which gave me a few laughs: https://youtu.be/hQ-j3B3HPuU
  8. Yes...it's one of those "just bought the Harekaze" threads. I've read through various threads and watched the vids...and tried to generate the best build "out of the box" for a 10 pt Captain. Still, I have some questions, since not everyone seems to be in agreement: 1. Guns: Is it correct to assume the 11-12 hull is best for a Captain without IFHE? Is the 4-10 Hull (and guns) workable without it? I am unfamiliar with the utility of the 100's. 2. Smoke or Torps? I initially set it up with the reload since I reasoned that the guns (in their current 10pt captain state) didn't seem that powerful to be a smoke shooter. Yet, I see many who prefer the smoke option. Is this opinion based on a more advanced build? 3. Since I didn't employ the smoke option, I chose the steering mod instead of the acceleration mod. Is there any reason to use it without smoke? I've been leveling up various DD lines (USN, KM, RU) and purchased the Gallant and Sims. The appeal of Gallant's concealment rating lured me to try the Harekaze. Most of my experience is in the KM line as I just unlocked the Z-23. Regardless, I took out the Harekaze on it's maiden voyage last night and held my own...and enjoyed the play style. So...this may be a keeper for me and I'd like to get a game plan on how to equip/employ her for the long haul. Any advice or answers would be greatly appreciated.
  9. It drops a trail of containers that distracts the reds. It's a capping machine. No one wants to kill the golden goose.
  10. And any teammate in close proximity during a cyclone has a 25% chance of sinking, or detonating if you enjoy some flair.
  11. It's great for ranked. It's also very good for someone just starting DD's, like me. I've found it to be very valuable on that first cap and chasing down DD's at the end. I have noticed as my experience grows that I use it less and less. But, just from a utilitarian aspect, skills that are always "on" tend to generate more value than situational ones. IMHO, it's not overpowered or a waste. It's just a skill that gives you a slight edge if employed correctly...like all other skills.
  12. I've been detonated three times total in my BB's, all by torpedo bombers hitting an area between the first two turrets. Laughed about it every time.
  13. It's the classic: Everyone rush to the base down the west side! Hold it. Reds are there. Run away! Run away! http://www.fusor.net/fuse/wp-content/uploads/2015/11/runaway.jpg
  14. I bought both the Kutuzov and Belfast in the last two weeks. I picked the wrong week to stop sniffing glue... https://youtu.be/hd1ciPnTGKg
  15. Those poor Kutuzov's. It's pretty much a dead heat with little time to react.