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  1. I run a AFT setup...(PT, PM, AR, SI, IFHE, AFT, CE)...although I will switch to a DE build (PT, JOAT, AR, SI, DE, IFHE, CE) with ranked and give it a try. I do not miss DE as the DPS/ROF/Fire Chance are still very good. I also do not believe 5% reduction on consumables is that valuable. But, I don't really remember many T10 CV games in ranked last season. If not now, then when? Still, the thing about AFT is that it pushes your 152 AA aura to 8.6km...well beyond air spotting distance of 7.2. That's nice for the ambush. But, the thing I really like about it is that it pushes your 76.2 AA aura (your most powerful) to 7.2km which synchronizes perfectly with air spotting. You are the ultimate CV ambush predator. Keep AA off until they hit 7.2 and watch them melt. There's a reason why CV captain's don't even try to drop on you anymore. Regardless, with this setup and under an ill-advised but concerted CV strike, most of the planes will melt before they reach 5km. This nullifies any chance of a torp strike. I will need to test how close they get without AFT. It may not matter much. Now, your air detection after firing is 10.2km, so this is the number that really matters the most. You will be firing those guns a lot. And, knocking down spotting planes asap is a matter of survival as well as increased dpm. Accordingly, that 8.6km reach is nice. Is AFT worth it over DE/JOAT? TBH, I don't think it matters *that* much. I chose a more defensive philosophy since the Sauce Boat is literally overflowing with offensive potential. I really think it's just a matter of aesthetic personal preference. Edit: Take SI as your first 3 point skill. You are a consumable god. IMHO, 4 radars is worth it over an increased fire chance.
  2. You can bring any ship into this Op and dominate. But, if you do not bring your brain, then you suffer the ultimate nerf.
  3. Eagles loyalty points over 75 now

    I have 79 Shark points. My loyalty is beyond reproach...although I’m an Eagle now.
  4. The chance that those who need this advice are actually reading the forums is slightly higher than absolute zero. So...there's about a -459% chance this helps educate the hordes.
  5. Logic dictates that he should have requested a B6 nerf.
  6. Akizuki - Good, bad, or meh?

    It's a good ship power wise....a great ship for fun. Serious fun. It should be noted that fun is applied in the sense that you can wreck things and also get hilariously rek'd.
  7. How to pronounce Worcester

    This world makes no sense to me anymore. The noble bovine's sacrifice deserves so much more than smashed tomato's and/or some black goo consisting of fermented anchovies.
  8. How to pronounce Worcester

    I fully respect your right to butcher the English language if allow me the same courtesy. All those barren lands without accents can try to decipher just what we’re saying.
  9. How to pronounce Worcester

    We all realize it’s not the sauce. We name ships after people and places...not blackish goo infidels desecrate steak with. Also, there are no sharks in parks.
  10. How to pronounce Worcester

    We don't speak the word in Texas...primarily because no one should ever add this horrid sauce to steak. Seriously, it's just awful. A crime against nature. Accordingly, I call it the Sauce Boat. And, when I get around to getting that camo, it will be hereafter known as the Park Shark.
  11. Premium Ship Review #108: T-61

    I think we all understand why there was no T6 ranked...which many expected. I speculated in a previous thread (upon news of the new ranked 8/10 season) that a T-61 release could explain their choice. I believe it has been validated. If there was a T6 ranked, you could have expected some Aigle's, Shino's, Gallant's...and the usual suspects. The former would have outclassed the latter until you got to the very end. There's a definite hierarchy here...yet it's not obnoxiously wide. But, with a T-61 in play? You could ride that horse to the town and back. I'm sure everyone who has gone through the KM DD line understands just what I mean. In the right hands, this is a monster for T6.
  12. The New WGC Launcher

    I will be disappointed if the final version does not do this. It's both a question of performance and aesthetics.
  13. Spend Doubloons, Get a T-61

    It's on the NA site now. I'm guessing WG has determined too many folks are sitting on doubloons. Or, they have seriously overvalued the demand they created by holding onto it so long. Either way, while I'm appreciative they are offering a means to get it early, this is a bit much. Well...more than bit...as in...really?
  14. The New WGC Launcher

    I, for one, welcome our new lizard overlords. I'd like to remind them that as a trusted player, I can be helpful in rounding up others to toil in their underground salt caves. (The launcher seems fine, unoptimized as it is. I assume the full load mem issue will be resolved soon. There are other minor bugs which have been detailed in this thread.)
  15. Wargaming, please help the Eagles.

    Points are nice for those crates but the rewards are pretty small. I assume, perhaps incorrectly, that the whole driving force behind this dog-and-pony show is the loyalty points and corresponding Shark/Eagle points for Arsenal. The big prize is those perma-camo's. The only way you can earn loyalty points is one daily win for your side, and declining a team switch...also once per day. It does not matter how many games you play as long as you hit these two qualifiers. You can also pay real money for the large crates which give you 10 points (Arsenal) per team. Almost everyone will switch sides once the loyalty points are maxed. Obviously, the Shark's team will hit that margin first. I'm pretty sure this was the reason why so many folks chose the Sharks in the first place. It was a pragmatic choice. If you did your homework before the contest started, then you knew that there was a concerted effort to get as many people playing Sharks as possible. It was all about getting those camo's. What does this all mean? Well, if you're a current Eagle, there will be a massive influx of Sharks switching teams soon. Maybe a week or two? I'm not sure as I haven't tracked earnings that close. If you actually paid for a container, then you'll be switching even earlier. Regardless, the pendulum will swing to the other side....with even more lopsided victories for the Eagles...simply because Eagles players will not have earned max loyalty by lack of daily wins by then. In the end, it was about getting the camo's(Sharks) or getting containers(Eagles). That was the real choice. I have a strong suspicion that WG will not try to duplicate these sort of rules in the future. We kinda screwed the whole competitive nature of this event by our cooperation. Ironic.