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  1. Uber_Ghost


    Frisco is on the northern end of the developed DFW metroplex. It's also next to a large lake. Virtually everything north of here is cows and crops. There are bugs, critters, coyotes and bobcats running amok in my subdivision. Bright lights and bugs don't exactly mix well out here...
  2. Got to rank 5 last night in six games. All Nicolas. Gonna try to rank out later today. The team quality is all over the place. I mean, it's total chaos. Kinda fun.
  3. Uber_Ghost


    I live closer to the Star...so the Cowboy's HQ was my primary target. Then, because I'd surely be hungry after scoring some Cowboy's paraphernalia, I was thinking about some Chipotle. I recognize your Frisconian relevance though. The lights are bright, but that's not the main issue. The main issue is the bugs those lights attract in the summer.
  4. Continuing with this etymology, I assume that a post-Ocean’s Eleven type of group would be referred to as a Whale Shark. It only makes sense...
  5. On the other hand, it’s completely acceptable, maybe even in vogue, to complain on the Tesla forums about the price.
  6. $50 for Ovi seems a bit steep. I was actually interested in this item for a variety of reasons. But, relative to other price points in the game and comparison to other game’s markets, the cost is punitive. I’m not sure how $50 for a 15pt special commander was reasoned, but a simple comparison of competing goods would have revealed an inconsistency. To be clear, I have no issues with gambling money away. It’s a choice one makes. But, this particular item seems like the result of losing a bunch of rolls and finally winning that one item you wanted at $50. At least, that was my first thought when I saw $50. No one, even those with money to throw away, wants to make a concessionary admission like that. There’s a subjective and objective sliding scale for every purchase one makes. The higher the cost, then the more you risk hitting that all encompassing objective negative threshold. $50 for a commander may have hit that undesired economic barrier.
  7. Uber_Ghost

    Please don't CV snipe in the CV beta

    My very first game two CV's tried to snipe me at the start. I simply sent out fighters while passing them in my planes. Further, my AA and I assume my wonky autopilot path made it impossible for either to do much damage at all. Our side sunk three ships before they even finished. It became an obvious roll and the last two red ships were the test CV's hiding in the back. Everyone got a chance to snipe. The problem is, if you snipe and fail, the bots just can't make up the difference if you don't outright sink your target. BTW...is the test down for anyone else right now?
  8. Uber_Ghost


    ATT...based in Dallas. Has no redundant systems at said home base. I'd love to be at the board meeting for that explanation...
  9. Uber_Ghost


    Wooster nerfed. Wooster still not let other ships play nice. Nerf Wooster more. Wooster bad. That's the summary.
  10. Uber_Ghost


    I see you survived the "Great Dallas Internet Disaster." Congrats. I have to admit at about the 12th hour of silence I was starting to feel a bit of the urge to pillage and loot. It was close.
  11. Uber_Ghost


    I don't like spelling it out. And, Wooster looks like Rooster so it works for me. A million pecks of IFHE. So, if folks calling it Wooster bothers you, maybe you just read it your way and we're all good. Anyways...I'm Texan and we have a long, storied tradition of butchering about every language possible to make it work for us. Also, I have an English degree, so I'm making a learned choice to call it a "Wooster." Just live and let live...
  12. I'm in like Flynn. I'm kinda hoping there's no CV limit (I'm sure there is) on the test so we can have ultimate CV warfare. Also, need to test the Wooster's AA effectiveness so feel free to focus me at will. Full AA Wooster should answer all questions.
  13. In a full health Worcester, nailed by a Bourgogne at range over several islands. Never even suspected it. I know the guy was frustrated with Woosters and it provided him a bit of revenge. I had farmed him in his Republique in an earlier match. We both laughed about it. No reason to get all miffed about something like that. I think it made his day...
  14. Uber_Ghost

    Royal Navy crate SCAM

    I paid for five premiums, everything else was earned in the missions. I unlocked T5-7. In the meantime, I have earned enough XP on the Jervis to unlock the Lightning and enough free XP in Dynamo to roll right to the Daring. The Lightning would be nice, as it would save me around ~40 XP/FXP(hull upgrade) and whatever the cost will be. But, by grinding the RN event including Dynamo, I have earned far more than what I will need in credits, XP, and FXP. Never pin your hopes on a roll. Pin it on rolling up your sleeve and getting to work...
  15. Uber_Ghost

    Nerf Worcester Harder

    It needs smoke as well. Then, it will be complete.