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  1. Uber_Ghost

    new cv reworked

    Rockets are pure DD killers with the Midway. The HVAR rockets are simple fire tools for any other ship. The Tiny Tim's can damage larger ships but they are not near as effective as HE bombs...and are far less effective against DD's. I don't really see much of an advantage to them...yet. Regardless, for those who run DD's like myself, the HVAR rockets from the attack planes on the Midway are specific DD killers. You get 48 of them (in 4 waves of 12 rockets each) that do max 2k damage and wreck modules and start fires. Decreasing the speed of the planes helped mitigate the extreme danger for DD's in the last PTS...but the threat is still real. Edit: The PTS looks to be down so that may be it until the next and final test phase.
  2. Uber_Ghost

    The CV rework is going to be great for DDs

    Yet another factor many of us haven't even tried on the PTS. It never occurred to me to even test it. But, watching Fara's vid...in which he never attacked a DD...I have some new ideas on how to attack DD's in smoke. As for a DD breaking loose on a flank or going unspotted? Not with RPF on a plane. I wonder if that sticks tomorrow? We'll see.
  3. Uber_Ghost

    The CV rework is going to be great for DDs

    I don't think the OP spent much time on the PTS. He is correct in the sense that active DD spotting is not as frequent...mainly by choice. Torp spotting is also non-existent. There is really no air torp threat to DD's. All points are technically correct. But, even with these old meta factors diminished and/or gone, DD's were in a much worse state in the previous test. Why? Because it has become rather easy to delete a DD with rockets. Midway carries a tool that is an absolute counter to DD's: Attack Squad, 4 waves, 12 rockets per wave, 48 rockets total. And, the time from release to hit on any DD is ridiculously short. You aren't juking rocket attacks. Anyone who has carried one out from the CV's perspective understands this. Also, with turbo charged planes and a relentless supply of them crisscrossing the map in record time, intermittent spotting is at an all time high. You don't need to perma spot anymore. You have the ability to reach out and spot almost anyone (not on the back line) in short order. So your rocket attack didn't kill the DD? Well...just spot him real quick so the rest of the team can finish him off. Also, DD's posed no AA threat. Not Gearing. Not Groz. No one. A DD either smokes or gets slapped....over and over again. The main flaw here is the OP is relying on old meta factors in application to the new meta. But, there is hope. The new meta is dead. The PTS should be up tomorrow with some suspected AA reworks and other various changes. None of us know what that will be. And, since there is at least one more PTS scheduled after this one, WG has built an additional layer of testing in. At any rate, I wouldn't get too worked up about the previous CV rework until we see what is in store for us tomorrow. In short, it's all irrelevant until then.
  4. Uber_Ghost

    CV Rework/Public Test

    Interested to see what the changes entail...
  5. Uber_Ghost

    Fix the CV rework in three easy steps.

    I was thinking a limitation on the availability of fighters rather than the limitation of ammo which can be saved at will. It was more of a conceptual question to limit one from spamming fighters the whole match and permaspotting...if you're following my somewhat vague explanations.
  6. Uber_Ghost

    Fix the CV rework in three easy steps.

    #1 is already under consideration. #2 isn't a battle worth fighting since the given rationale is that single CV games will "settle in over time" thus eliminating the "overspotting" 3 CV's would provide. You cannot defeat a conception that is grounded in "giving it time to see if it is right" with anything but time. In short, they are dug in on this one. Also, I did not perceive spotting as the real problem with DD's. It was the damage inflicted upon them with relative ease. Regardless, I'll move on. #4 is interesting because we do not know what the AA rework entails. Will they greatly increase sector swapping time? Will they nuke it altogether? Who knows. Gotta wait on that one. All of the above steps are highly dependent on the current rework as is. Will the rework balance things to make some of these points moot? We don't know. Hold these thoughts for after the rework because I suspect they will fall on deaf ears until then. #3 is a conceptual dynamo. As soon as I read it, I knew it made perfect, simple sense. CV players need to be more engaged and this would do it. On every test variant, the main gist of being a rework CV is farming damage over and over. AA was weak and fighters were easily avoided. You just picked a target and swarmed. It was engaging, but not really strategically demanding. Adding this would help virtually every problem you present in your steps...maybe making them unnecessary except for maybe a less clunky priority sector system. And yes...it would demand even more time and balancing. Still, this might present an option that is more palatable to those who hate the rework or the very concept of CV's. Also, forget the manual strafe. Forget auto attacks. An AOE DOT would be simple, easy, and effective. The main problem with this? A smart CV would simply run fighters as much as possible while also using them to perma spot. So...an obvious timer or limitation needs to be built in...maybe fuel? Maybe a long rearm sequence? I don't know yet...but the concept has serious potential.
  7. Uber_Ghost

    Hear me out.. As a DD main post patch

    4 waves of rockets per squadron...easily accurate...on a DD isn't "crappy damage." If you hit, then you take out more than half a DD's HP in those four attacks...or more. Whether it takes one or two more squads to finish them off is based on player skill and some rng. Remember, most will run the HVAR 127mm...not the Tiny Tim's. That's potentially 48 rockets per squadron at max 2k damage. You don't really have to hit with many for it to do it's work. But, I should reiterate, nothing is set in stone right now. The AA rework is where the action is...
  8. Uber_Ghost

    Hear me out.. As a DD main post patch

    As I posted in previous threads, DD's are in trouble. It's not really the spotting...as explained previously...although a CV could drop fighter planes on a DD (or DD push lane) and spot them for at least a 5km radius. But, that is avoidable. What is not avoidable is the fact that CV's can and will kill you with rocket spam (and HE Bombs on USN CV's). There's not much you can do about it other than smoke up. DD AA, even with DefAA, is just ineffectual. T10 Gearing's and Groz's were getting slaughtered on the PTS. And, with AA ranges diminished, getting under an AA aura was not really a reasonable choice unless you simply sat with the fleet for the first five minutes...and even then...not really effective. DD's were in trouble on the previous version of the PTS. The AA rework on the PTS will go a long ways in determining if a fix is viable. And, I don't expect the changes to be just on AA. Plane regeneration is also a variable...and infinite planes may be scrapped. There are lots of variables in play here. But...Yes Virginia...there is a Santa Claus...and he's coming with rockets.
  9. I understand and have worried about this exact problem...as infinite planes really skew the issue with HE spam at an all time high. WG tacitly acknowledged the issue by doubling the HP pool of AA mounts...but I'm not really confident that this will have much of an effect relative to the spam. It's not like I stop firing my Worcester's HE because I've eliminated mounts. Either another significant increase in mount HP is warranted or a different mechanic altogether needs to be approached. You can't have unlimited planes and limited AA mounts...unless those mounts regenerate at the same relative pace a squad does...which makes little sense. Maybe you tie a heal to all modules? It's getting really complicated huh? Straight up...the notion is incompatible to balance. More testing is really needed here to see how long an AA mount typically "lives." But, just from a big picture perspective, the easy solution is to limit planes numbers, albeit with an almost ridiculous hanger to start. Unlimited anything can really have some negative implications on game balancing. Sidebar: Also, the AA sector switch is clumsy and way too slow. It doesn't really make much sense to me anyway. It's not like any human or machine had issues aiming at the general direction of a plane. I assume it's a holdover from the ManAA mechanic, but with AA already fairly ineffective, I just don't see it as anything other than a hindrance. It's almost like they want you to feel like you're aiming, but with the acuity of a tree sloth. I have felt and still feel that AA should either be fully automated or with full control. The latter is not feasible in this system so automated seems to be the logical solution. I mean, we want folks to enjoy the CV rework in ships other than CV's. Making AA a frustrating chore does not reinforce that.
  10. Because they have a time machine. The meta change with Hara's and Daring's plus the hammer nerf pretty much makes temporal physics a necessity.
  11. I don't want to actually derail the overall good theme of your OP. I'm in agreement on most issues. But, pushing DD's...capping DD's...in the current PTS system are in trouble. The AA buff might alleviate that. This was the Ocean map with a ton of ground to cover. In a lot of maps, you can push the CV up some (with cover) and the DD push routes make that an even shorter flight. Killing a DD within five minutes of a match...without really any DD error...can be very bad for any team. So yes...in the current system, the DD meta must change. No pushing. I think that's bad. And, I can confirm (personally from both sides) that in this current system, DD's are in trouble. Two dedicated attacks...boosting as much as possible with boost upgrades...takes far less than this example. I agree it takes longer than the previous system once the attack starts. But, I can get there faster, get back faster, and guarantee the job far easier. I can only relate what I'm experiencing. I like the new system...but it has some work to do. Please stop the hyperbole. We both want the new system to be “right.” Edit: Also, with limited ranges on even the best AA ships, tucking in for AA cover is a function of being right next to that ship. The loss of AA range is also an issue they might need to reconsider.
  12. While I agree with your general theme, DD's are having serious problems. Things are currently not better for DD's at high tiers on the PTS. The funny thing is that in the first few weeks of the CV test(not PTS), DD's were making a beeline to the CV's and just wrecking them. We were playing CV's like the old ones, and DD's were perceived to be harder to hit. Even worse, with the lack of CV control and cross drops, you're pretty much on borrowed time if a DD gets remotely close. You can do very little to counter. We learned, and adapted. Things have changed in a big way. Every smart CV player now actively hunts those pushing DD's and drop fighters in expected entry zones to discourage further pushing. Let me break it down: 1. Continual spotting is harder since you can't really loiter around anymore. But, you can easily keep an intermittent spot on any DD. That's all you need. 2. Upon knowing a DD location, you send your attack planes armed with accurate rocket spam. While the rockets are simple fire tools for every other class, DD's feel the hurt. If you can hit them with USN HE bombs, you can really put the hurt on. You send rockets, then HE bombs, then rockets. USN CV's are a nightmare for DD's with those easy-to-hit rockets and HE bombs of death. I have yet to test what a IJN AP bomb would do to a Hara. It's on the list. 3. Every attack run respots the DD. You will spot that DD three times in short order...if they actually go unspotted at all. This might matter if you had supporting ships to fire at them, but DD's simply aren't living long enough for this to be a factor. Or, we're simply to busy to notice the eventual death because we've moved on. 4. DefAA on the Gearing and Groz have had zero impact on attack runs. You might lose one plane out of three strikes. Maybe. 5. The only defense for a DD is smoke. 6. While you can never one-shot anything with the new CV's, you can reliably kill a DD with two squads...six attack runs...if you can hit them with HE bombs. 1 Rocket and 1 He strike. Probably less as we get better with HE bombs. And, you must if they are trying to push into your marshmallow defenses. CV's must hunt and kill DD's to live. I cannot count the times I've seen a Gearing or Groz at a sliver of health within five minutes of a match. And, these are most likely full AA builds! The very first thing I'm testing after the AA buff is the Gearing's and Groz's DefAA effectiveness. I'm not sure what to say about other DD's. I assume a serious buff to short range AA for DD's might be the logical answer...but without full details of those flak clouds...I cannot say. In short, players have figured out how to eliminate the most dire threat: DD's. It's up to the Devs to counter.
  13. Uber_Ghost

    Logic and the CV rework

    Because it's a thought based on simple logic...and I provided a reasonable alternative if that notion fails. Applied to this scenario and in life as well, dealing with success or even achieving it is not what really matters. It's how you deal with failure that marks the man. Not everyone passes the test. It could be bad. Absolutely. We just disagree with how to deal with it. I choose to have some faith. Not blind faith either. I'm well aware of the past. Even if I'm wrong, I'd rather go down this way than any other. That's a personal choice each man must make. And, more importantly, I'm not asking folks to believe. I'm asking them to try. Whatever motivates them to do that is not my concern...as long as the end result is constructive.
  14. Uber_Ghost

    Logic and the CV rework

    One gets the feeling the first version of the rework (not available to us) was a total AA fiasco and the multi-layering nerf to all AA numbers and skills was a hail mary effort to solve it. It seems some decent mechanics were unnecessarily removed. I've kinda put the AFT issue on the backburner until the AA values were reasonable. You're not wrong...it needs to return. And, I suspect AA layering might be one of their solutions, although this might impact the actual flak cloud mechanic. To say I'm very curious as to their AA solution would be an understatement. It will clue me in to what is actually a variable and what is perceived as static.