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  1. I am not a big fan of co-op, but I use the mode to grind out modules before I take a ship into pvp. My issue lies with the fact that every game I pmay in my Aslace, I have AI carriers. Each time, I seem to get the brunt of the aI CV's focus, and continuously dodging multiple torp waves is not very fun. Besides divisioning with a player CV, any magic button to get rid of annoying bot CV's?
  2. Take a few days off, go play something else. For me, that list involves titles like BF 4, HOI 4, and Civ V.
  3. Its not a lemming train. Its natural selection.
  4. Microsoft account Balance?

    I do not touch the MS store ever, so I do not know. you have to start from scratch anyway.
  5. CitadelPalooza

    I think the game hates me. On gold of france final for part two. It obly asks for ONE cit pen and win. Has it happened? NOPE Been using Aslace, Gascogne, Dunk and trying to do it in coop. Every game I land a shot that LOOKS like it should be a cit pen, I get de ied. I am racking up my incapacitation ribbon count, even set a fire using AP which I thought was nigh impossible. Its most annoying when I do a 20k volley and its not a cit pen, just normal pens. yup, I am cursed.
  6. Avatar mode in port

    Same problem with the first person idea, that would be a considerable task for the coders. Not just have to create the models for the crew, but different uniforms, and even different era uniforms too if applicable. Also they would have to model the path for the crew to move along, which probably would require a whole redo of the coding for the models themselves to accept that kind of code. Also they could not just create a master one size fits all scheme, but would have to customize it on a ship by ship basis, aka lots of hours. In ofher words, it probably will be a major headache.
  7. Will you be playing Total War Arena?

    For this type of game, I just load up HOI4, or 3 and call it a day.
  8. Proposed Single player mission

    WG did something like this in woT for halloween. A group of players fighting a super tank in a scripted battle. So, something to this end is phesible just because they have done something similar before.
  9. I'm a team killing maniac

    I am thankful for this in every Hermes run. I constantly see a friendly fiji or algerie firing torps inches in front of my bow, thus hitting me. Thankfully doing nothing though.
  10. Grabs popcorn and a bucket for the tears.
  11. Question regarding XP modifier

    It only affects the xp pool listed on the bonus. For example, a 100% xp flag will only be applied to the ship xp pool, while a free xp one will only work on the free xp calculation. Same thing with commander xp. this is why camos like the pi day camo plus stacking xp, free xp, and commander xp flags at once to get insane bonuses is a fairly common practie.
  12. My Opinion on the Gascogne

    Looks around for a Gascogne opinion...SHOCKER! Nope just another MM rant. Walks away
  13. Republique is BAD!

    Would sacraficing a module 1, instead of main battery armemants, fo for the AA one?
  14. Republique is BAD!

    ALL BB armor is screwed atm, its not just the Republique.