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  1. Good Match Making Monitor link

    So, its essentially XVM without the WN8 stuff too, yeaa no thanks, not in the mood to be more depressed than I usually am when I hit Battle button on ransoms mode.
  2. Good Match Making Monitor link

    What does this mod do?
  3. CV Questions - New Player

    That sounds a little...unbalanced
  4. "Overpopulated BBs"

    My Cleveland is making quick work of that 1k hit need.
  5. CV Questions - New Player

    The YT vids I have found were mostly discussing multiple air wing tactics, kinda hard when you get one, but thanks.
  6. Good Match Making Monitor link

    Matchmaking monitor? WHat does that even do?
  7. So, I have decided to buy the Langley. I have found a few YT videos, but so far are not overly helpful, maybe found the wrong ones, dunno. 1. Is there any way to increase how many flights I can launch? 1/1/1 is rather...annoying 2. How do I manually control the air wings? So far, I have found out the basics of clicking on targets and that's it. Any other general advice, tips, tricks, keyboard shortcuts, etc would be helpful.
  8. it is a potentially good way to keep the meme matches down to a minimum :)
  9. How do I Survive in the Omaha?

    I have indeed noticed dealing with DD's when they get in close isn't THAT hard in the Omaha either (if they drive a straight line :)), because you can easily fire the main guns from both sides. Plus, the torp arc is good enough its easy ish to double tap something with just a little bit of wiggling.
  10. How do I Survive in the Omaha?

    And that's the sad part. On the flip side, I love the Omaha's weapons. decent HE fire chance plus a bunch of shells with decent accuracy = a fire making machine, at least in my esperience. Plus the torp arcs are very good. Currently at about 15k xp on it, so halfway there.
  11. How do I Survive in the Omaha?

    I was in my prime Russian Number Generator playing days back then :)
  12. How do I Survive in the Omaha?

    I do hear the Cleveland is a much more usable Cruiser. I also chose that path because of the US cruiser split. Might as well take advantage while I can.
  13. How do I Survive in the Omaha?

    Thanks for the tips, yea lots of nuance to learn, but getting there slowly :)
  14. French Battleship Missions

    I have the 5,6,and 7 French BB missions, hoping to eventually get the 8 too :(
  15. I am still relatively new, but compared to a few of the other ships I have played, even the Phoenix, the Omaha feels like a BB round magnet. Every random game I have played has ended up in BB's focusing me even if I have positioned myself around the back side of an island or behind friendly BB's. I do enjoy the ship, good guns, usable torps, good speed, just the thing feels like its ready to fall apart at a moments notice.