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  1. Teammates! I need your help!

    Those all sound like administrative nets to me - while there is some tactical information being passed (using the SALUTE format), it doesn't sound like it's information being passed for immediate action, like a COF (Conduct of Fire) net, which is used to pass target location from a forward observer to a fire direction center for artillery/mortar fire, or a TACP net which is used to conduct close air support. This might be TLDR I don't know. There many different radio circuits that are used to provide command and control of warships. There are both tactical nets and administrative nets. Usually in tactical nets, there is an established "format" in which information is passed, so that everyone understands what is being said using minimal transmission time. You can google "call for fire"/CFF http://blog.refactortactical.com/blog/call-for-fire/ or "close air support 9-line" https://www.trngcmd.marines.mil/Portals/207/Docs/TBS/B2C2777 Aviation Employment Considerations.pdf?ver=2015-03-26-101157-867 At least in the US Navy, several common circuits are normally monitored - the specific radio circuits are promulgated in a task force comm plan. Typical circuits include: Task Force Command Task Force Tactical various C&R nets international safety frequencies - Guard (IAD 121.5Mhz/MAD 243.0 Mhz) / Lifeboat (8364khz) / Distress (2182Mhz) / Safety (156.8Mhz) additional nets dedicated to specific purposes like fighter control, MPA control, naval gunfire control, marshal control, datalink coordination and several datalinks for example if you want to have all the ships get in a column formation and steam smartly into port for a pass and review, that is done over TF Tactical. The signals used come from the NATO ATP-1 publication. To get all of the ship in a column you might say something like this over the radio: "All stations in November, this is Alfa November, Execute to Follow, FORM ONE." All of the other ships in the task force, respond in call sign order. At the same time, the ship that Alfa November is aboard, closes up two signals on the flaghoist. A FORMation signal, and a ONE signal (not the Pennant One/Unaone signal). Everyone, goes to the ATP-1 signal book and in the book is the instructions on how to form a column, which ship becomes the guide ship and what spacing and interval to use. The other ships in the task force, respond by flying an identical FORM ONE signal on the flaghoist at the dip (half-mast). When the individual ships figure out what they need to do to get their ship into position to execute the FORM ONE, the signal is then closed up (raised to full mast). After all the ships in the task force have closed up FORM ONE, then over Tactical "All stations in November, this is Alfa November, FORM ONE, Standby, EXECUTE." at the same time, the FORM ONE signal on the flaghoist is brought down. All of the other ships, bring down their FORM ONE and execute whatever course and speed changes are needed to get their ship into position. If there is EMCON in effect (emissions control) so no radio comms being used. Then the same thing can be done entirely by flaghoist (or flashing light) without the use of the radio. To turn the formation, you use TURN or CORPEN signals. TURN is used to turn the entire formation simultaneously, CORPEN is used to make a turn, but everyone follows the wake of the ship in front (normally) or to wheel the formation (everyone turns at their own time, but ends up in the same relative position in relation to the other ships just on a different heading) There are several sections of the ATP-1 dedicated to controlling gunnery actions with the TWO flag. and there is a SAG (Surface Action Group) control section with all of the signals used to control surface gunnery. The signal BRAVO ZULU is also in the signal book. It's decoded as "Well Done" so that's why you'll hear people that have any navy time say BZ instead of GG (which by the way also has a specific meaning in the signal book - and it doesn't decode as "Good Game.")
  2. Teammates! I need your help!

    No if chat were like actual comm circuits there would be comm discipline and no chatter like there is in chat. there is no one asking anyone for anything Just the warfare commander directing and ordering and informational calls which means there’s one person in charge but since this is just a game, what wg has provided works fine because most of the player group in randoms don’t take kindly to direction by other players.
  3. You missed the sale on his brother George Doe several weeks ago.
  4. WoWS XP calculator

    Updated the link in the original post to add: Go Navy! premium camo gamescom 2018 camo Sharks/Eagles event and premium camo Special Signals: Basilisk, Scylla, Leviathan
  5. the original gamescom camo had +50% credits and +50% XP the 2018 gamescom camo has +100% XP and +300 Free XP so it depends on what you're after - if youre looking for credits the original gamescom is better if you're looking for XP and free XP, the 2018 gamescom is better.
  6. I created a clan taking advantage of the discounted cost last year but then paid full price to change it to WOLF6. so you couldnt have done worse than i did... lol
  7. Scenarios

    Its how some people get from tier 5 to tier 8 without ever have played tier 6&7 on their record.
  8. Credits earned after T8

    Also join a clan you get an additional -10% service discount that stacks with your flags and camo. tier 10 ships have access to camo that gives you -50% service discount (thats why the permanent camos are expensive $30-something / 5000 doubloons) so with -50% (camo) -10% (india bravo terrathree) and -10% (clan discount) that is -70% off a tier 10 battle
  9. Eagles will start winning around day 15 and will win until the end of the event
  10. Well it looks like the camp is hideous, but the 2018 gamescon camo has better bonuses.
  11. Running in WOWs in Bootcamp

    I have a 2013 11-inch MacBook Air running WoWS in a boot camp partition. since it’s native Windows 10. It runs just as well as my gaming PC at home. Other than the fact that the MacBook Air runs in minimum mode and the Gaming PC is running with everything maxed. on the MacBook Air I get 35-40fps.
  12. I'm guessing 15 days in after the start of the Sharks vs Eagles event, it will switch to the point where the Eagles win every day when everyone who picked Sharks for the first 15 days will pick Eagles for the remainder of the event.
  13. Well I guess you will be the first of the wave to start playing for the eagles then. To try to get 75 loyalty and 195 eagle tokens. which is the whole point of the event. (To get 4 tier 10 camos worth 5000 doubloons each) for free.
  14. There was a World of Tanks game mode where a tank shot healing rounds, and as the heavy hitter was taking hits, light tanks supporting the heavy tank could keep the heavy tank alive by shooting it with healing rounds.
  15. I guess my original post should have mentioned that It was after I completed the collection. The collecting / not collecting switch is grayed out now.