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  1. wtfovr

    Which steel ship to get

    Thank you very much for your inputs. I hadn't thought about Tier 7 operations. Yes I would play these ships only in CoOp . I do find radar useful when shooting from inside a smoke cloud. but with cooldown usually 1 radar use is about all I get in a game so I don't bother taking any premium consumables in battle. - it just collects and piles up like I'm a hoarder or something. I did end up getting Salem for coal, but I actually haven't played Salem very much. I have noticed that with the Tier 10 Permacamo, you're not bleeding credits in coop, make more than Tier 8. I'd have a 100k damage game in Benson, and I just get a paltry 100k credits.
  2. wtfovr

    Which steel ship to get

    I didn't know where to post this but because I play only CoOp its probably more relevant here than in the General Discussion. I haven't spent the steel yet from the winter events, but I have enough to get either Flint (outright) or Black (with the 25%off coupon). I have always wanted to get Flint because I love playing Atlanta and Atlanta was the best $28 I ever spent on the game. Ive gotten my moneys worth with Atlanta and even more. But now that I'm playing American DDs. I didn't care for Mahan and earlier ships, but working on grinding Benson to Fletcher, Ive come to really enjoy playing Benson in CoOp and my average damage in Benson is about the same as my Average Damage in Atlanta. Anyways, I wanted to get the opinion of those who have played these ships, which should I get Black or Flint. Is the Flint gameplay any different than Atlanta? Or is the Black better or worse than Fletcher? At the moment I'm probably leaning towards Black, as I htink the gameplay with Flint is very similar to Atlanta, trading the radar for the smoke, and I guess I don't need two Atlantas.
  3. Don’t try to understand what anyone else does.... just play your game.
  4. wtfovr

    CO-OP only From now on

    More ships for me to kill in my DD. :lol:
  5. Same as before, I already got my NdJ/Boise. If you want the mission, none of us can do anything for you, send in a support ticket. i haven’t spent any thought on the topic since I posted. The little amount of thought dedicated to warships is spent trying to decide whether to get Alaska for $80 before March 27 or just pick it up for 1 million free XP before it disappears from the tech tree. Currently undecided. Probably won’t make a decision until March 26th if I remember to make a decision.
  6. Now that wargaming NA has relocated to Austin, are there any SXSW related events going on? just curious.
  7. wtfovr

    Museum Ships in WoWS

    when I visit museum ships, I enjoy making down to the engine rooms and trying to find the “throttle board”. There located in different places on each museum ship and the contain the ahead and astern throttle for that engine rooms propeller shaft. But I’ve noticed that every time I find the throttle board, I am surprised that I actually understand what piece of information each gauge is telling me and what I can do with that information on the gauge, even though I haven’t been a crewmember on that ship. Although equipment technology had advanced leaps and bounds, steam propulsion theory hadn’t changed much between Olympia and the ship I served on in the Navy of the 1990s. One thing to look for on the steam ships are the 1MS-1 valve (The Main Steam Stop) - each boiler has one. They’re the first valve coming out of the steam drum of the boiler. On my ship the valve is air operated to close (a few seconds to close the valve) so that you can close it quickly in event of an emergency like ruptured main steam piping (a really bad day for the engine room crew) But you can only open the valve by hand. It takes 30 minutes to open and close the valve manually, so the main steam stop is also called the 30 minute valve. And if you piss off chief, your extra military punishment I mean instruction might be to cycle the 30 minute valve a few times. The more times you have to cycle it, the more you’ve pissed off chief.
  8. wtfovr

    Museum Ships in WoWS

    Aircraft carriers in active service get their flight deck redone every 2-3 years. It’s expensive to maintain the flight deck. Out on deployment, you’re not allowed to repaint it or replace missing nonskid. So enter Lexington in Corpus Christi. It was good visiting her. But making my way up to the flight deck, I was quite distressed to see that her flight deck has been paved over with asphalt (which is understandable - cheaper and more durable than replacing nonskid and redoing it every few years). one museum ship I am really glad to have visited is Olympia in Philadelphia across the river from USS New Jersey in Trenton. We have many world war 2 era museum ships in battleships, destroyers, submarines, and aircraft carriers. not many turn of the century warships, like Olympia and Texas. when you tour Olympia, it’s a combination wood/ironship. Touring the gun decks of the Olympia, you see many similarities with older wooden ships of the line/frigates like the Constitution in Boston. The crew berthing on Olympia is not much different from Constitution. But at the same time, you see the evolution in change of propulsion from sail to steam. The glass greenhouse you see in the ship model of St Louis in the game is also present on Olympia. It’s the access to the engine room. It really is cool to see that the only thing keeping rain out of the engineroom is the glass greenhouse. theyve got a set of brass footprints showing where admiral Dewey was standing when he gave the orders to engage the Spanish fleet in the Philippines. I wish there was an Olympia in game. @iKami ikami, if you ever get over to Belfast, the Imperial War Museum / Churchill’s war rooms are near by as well as buckingham palace and the Greenwich observatory (where Zulu time is “measured?”)
  9. https://news.usni.org/2019/02/28/pentagon-plan-sideline-carrier-truman-will-net-just-17m-fy-2020 i remember when Stennis, then Truman and then Reagan were brand new shiniest newest carriers in the fleet. i can’t believe Truman is already half way through her design life and coming up on her midlife refuelling. but now instead of spending the money to refuel her the Pentagon is contemplating not refueling and mothballing instead, kind of like what they did to the Virginia-class cruisers in the early 90’s. What a shortsighted plan - Walk over that dollar to save 10 cents kind of puts a damper on that 355-ship Navy.
  10. CV is the go to for spotting mission nowadays. Unless there’s two CVs, but the last 2 CV coop game I had, the other guy seemed to still be trying to figure out CVs so I got 8 spots that game too. i play COop because it’s just WWWW, charge into the middle of the bots and mindless clicking on the left mouse button. Setting bots on fire and/or torping them. Sometimes I die, most of the times I’m surprised I still survived. There’s no thought required, and I find that kind of relaxing. I’m not trying to advance up the tech trees (tech tree advancement is incidental), I’m not trying to earn credits or anything just break even. But totally understand I can’t do that in PVP. i usually end up top half of the team with around 600-700 base XP for the coop win. That’s just as good as a loss in PVP except that it’s done in 3-5 minutes instead of the full 20 minutes to get that loss in PVP. The challenge in coop is beating the other humans not the red team.
  11. Yes I am noticing that the port is now laggy on my desktop PC. It’s a 5 year old computer i7-4790k with an gtx 1070. But when you click on battle you have to click several times on battle to get the client to recognize that you want to go into battle. on my MacBook Air i5-2350 with no integrated graphics and a 1300x766 screen the port is very cluttered to the point where the panels on the left take up half the screen and obscures the ship just like in your screenshot. And it takes several seconds before the battle button works.
  12. Maybe we need something Kind of like that racing mode in tanks for month. Mouse did a v25 deathrace mode that was fun for a time. one time transiting back to San Diego, one event of the day was warship drag races. We lined up all the ships in the battle group in a line abreast at 5 knots and someone yelled “Go!” (Actually just said “execute.” over the fleet tac ) Then everyone went to flank speed. The frigate spanked the other ships in initial flat acceleration, but eventually the cruisers and destroyers caught up and overhauled it because of its slower maximum speed.
  13. wtfovr

    Running in WOWs in Bootcamp

    Probably doesn’t run very well in Parallels, as you still have all of the macOS infrastructure and windows running in an emulator in macOS. when you run boot camp, you are running a native windows 10 install. You’re not going through the macOS at all. im running boot camp on a 2013 MacBook Air, world of warships runs pretty well as far as I’m concerned, although with each update, the port seems to lag more and more. Once in battle I get 35-45 FPS running in minimum graphics, because there is no dedicated GPU in a MacBook Air. Graphics is just running off the Intel graphics on the i5 processor.
  14. wtfovr

    Ground a 19-point commander solely in Coop

    I am also doing the Halsey campaign solely in coop but I haven’t been keeping track how many battles. I’ve just got the commander XP and credit tasks on Pete and repeat until they’re done. I’m still on stage 4. About 6 more stars to go. i do have 3 other 19-point captains (one on the Massachusetts, Cleveland, and buffalo) the Atlanta commander Admiral Ward was the sole dedicated commander I put in Atlanta when I bought the ship so long ago. I think he was a 3 point 25 doubloon commander. Atlanta was my first premium ship when I was still working my way out of tier 3 in the South Carolina, wickes, and st.louis. But I’ve played Atlanta more than any other ship that it’s has its own 1.708 million XP that’s trained up Ward. I just never had the courage to take Atlanta out into randoms because of its short 13.3 range and it’s very fragile. I’ve developed a way of playing Atlanta that only works in coop. Aggressive charge. Pick out the opposing Atlanta and quickly dispatch it using a combination of maneuver and overwhelming fire. So now I’m going to continue working on my North Carolina (15points) and benson (10 points) commanders with the elite XP coming from the Massachusetts, Cleveland, buffalo and Atlanta commanders. i am having a blast with Benson though so I am looking forward to getting to fletcher. I’d like to get to Iowa, but I’m not very fond of North Carolina. I’m having way more fun with Massachusetts, so much so that I’ve dedicated the Massachusetts sisters with their own captain to share between the two.