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  1. wtfovr

    RN Directives tasks can't be completed

    If you wait until Saturday, after all 4 directives become available, then all you need to do is play one battle in Cossack, reset a cap just once, and get all 4 Cossack missions done in one game, and pick up 40x elite captain XP.
  2. wtfovr

    questions about halloween operations

    If you 5-star the first two operations - one this week, and the second one the next week, you'll get additional submarines instead of just the one submarine to play with.
  3. wtfovr

    Daily Shipments

    10 days of daily shipments starting Oct 31
  4. It got it done in one game with a Boise / so a Helena - in one volley I got 14 citadels against a Fiji in coop.
  5. wtfovr

    update ??

    Dunno... still playing almost got the second directive done - just need a lot more (5 million more) potential damage.
  6. Looks like you need a Cossack to collect 40,000 of the 50,000 elite commander XP that are available through the directive missions - even though you don't need Cossack to complete the directives. and just leave 40k elite commander XP on the table uncompleted. All you get for getting the 7 operation stars are: 6x India Bravo Terrathree, 3x India Yankee, 3x India Delta, 2x Equal Speed Charlie London - so you're not missing much if you don't get the operations stars. I think the elite commander XP is worth more than the operations stars TBH - although I don't know if it's worth $43 to buy it in the store just to get 40k elite commander XP and the doubloons at the end.
  7. wtfovr

    Kitty Purrfurst #3 Code

    worked without entering it... :)
  8. wtfovr

    PSA-Saving Transifshegetssunksyoulosevania

    You’ll want to play the first and second one at least until you get five stars so that you can get more submarines to play the third. Otherwise you’ll only have one submarine to choose from and get the other ones from either 5-starring the original operations or just get 5000 10000 and 50000 so from the third op.
  9. wtfovr

    New Mission And Reward Ship Nobilium

    Are you playing a carrier tier 5 or higher?
  10. I guess you could get the permanent camos from the Halloween containers for 5-starring the operations But most of the camos are coming out of the premium Halloween containers found in the premium shop (I don't know if they are there now.) Last year, you got doubloons for duplicate permanent camos. The only reason for playing the scenarios over again is to gain elite commander XP if you don't have any or only have a few 19-point captains.
  11. The Halloween event is another good commander XP farm. It helps level the non-19 point commanders I have for the "real" ships That's the way I look at it.
  12. So because of the way they've reorganized the worldofwarships homepage, I can't seem to find the button we need to push to take part in the hockey event. I don't remember if it's today or the 19th I have to push the button? Is it just me who's all confused about how the webpage works? I used to be able to read the posts to find out about sales and events, but now they don't make new posts, they keep updating the old ones, and so I keep missing the updates.
  13. wtfovr

    watching replay of old updates

    You’ll need to find someone who kept a copy of the old client. I guess someone can start an old wows client archive like the person who maintains a website with older wot clients.
  14. wtfovr

    Royal Navy Task -- Badge of Glory?

    No just get an achievement. I got it by getting Close Quarters Expert.
  15. wtfovr

    Lone Wolves recruting solo players

    Most clans have openings - apply to any WOLF clan (full or not) WOLF1 - 48 captains - 2 openings WOLF2 - 48 captains - 2 openings WOLF3 - 50 captains - Full WOLF4 - 49 captains - 1 opening WOLF5 - 49 captains - 1 opening WOLF6 - 50 captains - Full WOLF7 - 28 captains - 12 openings WOLF8 - 50 captains - Full WOLF9 - 50 captains - Full WOLFX - 39 captains - 1 opening WOLFA - 45 captains - Full WOLFB - 47 captains - 3 openings WOLFC - 34 captains - 6 openings WOLFD - 34 captains - 1 openings S0L0 (S-zero-L-zero) - 48 captains - 2 openings VVV - 31 captains - 9 openings