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  1. Well with only 90 million, you are not far from being broke.
  2. Well from real life tactics and everything.... Air power can not take and hold ground. You have to have forces on the ground in order to be able to take and hold territory.
  3. I wish we had an Atlanta to take care of those pesky DDs that you're not to allow to get into an area. Teamwork is essential for the latest one, lots of lower tier ships that come at you from all different threat axes, i.e. multiple directions at the same time.
  4. I’m looking for discounted premium this holiday shopping season. It was a good deal last year selling it for half in each one of the games premium shop last year as they limited it to one package per player last year. So picked up a year of premium for tanks even though I don’t play it anymore and a year for warships and voila two years of premium for the price of one using gold I got from the 17% bonus for buying doubloons with PayPal. so two years of premium for about $70 was what it worked out to.
  5. No day care is just beginning. My kid is 10 now and I asked my wife why do we need a baby sitter when he’s not in school. I was staying home alone on school holidays and the summer since I was 6. The deadly look my wife gives me stifles any thought of trying to save money by scrimping on a babysitter. A good sitter is hard to find. that and braces.
  6. Say you're doing 30kts in a cruiser - at 30kts in real life it will take the entire battle time of 20 minutes to sail 10 miles. I don't think people want to play that kind of game. When you play warships in real life with Harpoon missions, one scenario with accompanying missile engagement(s) takes about anywhere from 1-1.5 hours to run for a short scenario. - even putting Harpoon missiles out - @ Mach 0.9 takes about 8-10 minutes to get the missile from the launcher to the target.
  7. Until they get to Level 11, usually the games are 1 v 1 human players with 16 bots at tier 2 and 3. I was getting my kid into the game, and that's the random games he was getting into playing solo. I divisioned with him in one of his Tier 3 ships and dragged him into the normal random 12v12 queue. Now he's level 13, but less than 100 battles, and he sees normal random battles now instead of the him and bots versus another human and bots.
  8. They accelerate faster compared to other nations, and don't lose speed as quickly in turns.
  9. Actually 10000 gold is $44. the flags are about $15. So were in the market for gold and the flags, then you actually get the ship, port slot, 10-pt captain, and the Indianapolis flag for $6. If you already own the ship, don't you get 7500 doubloons for the ship as well? So 17500 doubloons and the economic signals, another 10-point captain is essentially what you are getting.
  10. Ever since they put up Missouri up for 750k XP there has not been a XP conversion sale. There have been elite commander XP to free XP sales but not for XP locked in your ships to free XP. But my go to fun ship would have to be Atlanta. Win or lose.
  11. You actually have to win and accomplish the primary objective and achieve secondary objectives to get credits. With a random team, you never know. If you can division up with people you know you can count on then it's possible to farm credits and XP with operations. Creditwise - not accomplishing the objective is just as bad as losing in co-op.
  12. Not as bad as a SPY-1 array. Those arrays will cook a helo crew inside out trying to take off or land on the aft helo pad.
  13. That is definitely a HF radio antenna and not a radar. Aboard ship there’s two flavors of HF antenna. Blue and Red and the base of the antenna is painted the appropriate color. Red HF antennae are the transmit antenna and the present a radiation hazard to personnel so there is usually a red circle on the deck and bulkheads around the antenna to represent the minimum hazard distance that people should stay away from the antenna. the blue antennae are HF receive and didn’t present any radiation hazard but either way you are correct the guns could not fire directly forward due to the birdcage HF antenna its like the 76mm gun on the O2 level on a Perry frigate. There have been documented cases of crews making a mistake, firing the 76mm gun directly aft, putting 76mm rounds through the smoke stack and taking out the CIWS mount aft of the stack and the remnants of CIWS Mount come crashing down on the flight deck and maybe taking out the helicopter as well. Not bad for a single 76mm/3-inch shell.
  14. phyisics.

    Steam ships did reverse the screw on one shaft to turn tighter - called twisting the ship - not an option with frigates though - frigates only had one shaft and always had to have right rudder to counteract the tendency for the ship to always turn left, i.e. it was more maneuverable in a left turn than a right turn. It depends on how long you need the twist - response time on a steam ship is slow compared to gas turbine ship - the throttleman had to shut the ahead throttle, and open the astern throttle, and it all had to be coordinated with the burnerman who controlled the firing rate of the boiler - so as not to suck a boiler(s) off line and consequently lose the shaft. Twisting will reduce the advance and transfer of a turn, i.e. the turn radius, but not necessarily increase the rate of turn as you lose the effectiveness of the rudder on the shaft that is in reverse. The response time on a gas turbine ship is relatively instantaneous from ahead to backing as all it's accomplished by changing the blade pitch and not prop rpm and direction of shaft rotation. It all depends on what you're trying to accomplish - reduce the turn radius or increase the rate of turn. As far as rotating in place, the Tico/Spruance ships are clumsy ballerinas. the FFG-7 is the master of that with it's single prop and two APU motors you can make the ship walk sideways or pirouette around the ship's pivot point without having a tug. http://www.thedrive.com/the-war-zone/12320/perry-class-frigates-had-these-crazy-pop-out-auxiliary-propulsion-pods