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  1. All the ships have their own cancellation postmark. when I was public affairs officer for my ship, I’d always get letters from stamp collectors who would write my ship asking for a postmark. So I’d take their self addressed stamped envelope that they sent and walk down to the ships post office, made sure the postal clerk got a good clean postmark cancellation impression and mail it back to them. some people would ask for items from the ships store like ships ball caps or lighters and I’d mail them back a price list. Or when they ordered stuff from the store I’d pick up items they ordered and ship it out to them. After ships got internet at sea in the early 2000s, the volume of letter mail went down as understandably emails became the primary means of communications between sailors and loved ones ashore. But the postal clerks jobs got harder because now the volume of package mail exploded with lots of sailors doing retail therapy at 2am from the middle of the ocean and having their amazon.com package delivered at the next scheduled underway replenishment rendezvous. or as we would troll the new sailors and post them at the bow of the ship with binoculars and impress on them the importance of not missing the sighting of the mail buoy. Otherwise we’d have to send pac fleet messages explaining why we missed our mail drop in the middle of the ocean.
  2. wtfovr

    Free XP calculation after game is wrong

    If that battle was played on the 9th. There is the mission for 1000 free XP when you earn 500 base XP for chain 1 or 1100 base XP for chain 2 I believe
  3. wtfovr

    Santa Premium Discount

    I just picked up 360 days of premium for $3 I used 20000 gold from world of tanks that I haven’t played in over a year and bought 500 more gold for $3. And used the gold to buy premium. logging in to wot to purchase to premium tune netted me a few more days of premium that were given for maintenance downtime in tanks
  4. Driving an Atlanta, got 14 citadels in one salvo against a US cruiser (I think a Helena) that was driving down the middle channel in two brothers.. the range was short, less than 5000 meters. Fired all seven turrets, every one a citadel. Then dropped 4 torpedoes into it. accomplished a score 15 citadels mission that happened to be running in one game.
  5. For the Tier IX Iowa I came up with 34,275,000 credits to buy the ship, all of her module upgrades, and fill all 6 of her equipment upgrade slots. 15,500,000 credits for the basic hull (not including any clan or seasonal/event discounts) 11,900,000 credits for module upgrades 6,875,000 credits for the slot 1-6 equipment upgrades You can save by waiting for equipment upgrade sales (usually 50% off) and waiting for a Tier 9 sale if you don't have the -15% clan discount for tech tree ships. The Tier X Montana is cheaper to acquire and equip - just 27,675,000 credits to buy and fully outfit. I made a spreadsheet that tracks how many more credits I need to purchase every ship in the tech tree and its module upgrades and equipment upgrades, I have 2.2 billion credits left to go to own every tech tree ship.
  6. It is situational - I got 363 days of premium for $4, using gold that was sitting unused in tanks. which will become warships premium when they give it out in some future patch.
  7. In the World of Tanks premium shop - today only - 360 days of Premium Time is 15% off the cash ($81.99) and gold price (20400 gold). It's not the 50% off premium time deal they had 2(3?) years ago. But seeing as WG is about to grant you Warship Premium Time concurrently with whatever Premium Time you have running now within the next few patches..... It may be time to get more premium time I had about 20000 gold laying around in World of Tanks. Since I haven't played Tanks for over a year now the gold has been sitting unused. I spent a few dollars and got 400 more gold, and bought 360 days of premium in-game for 20400 gold and added another 360 days to my premium time. Also got a few extra days of premium added due to Tanks maintenance downtime just for logging into tanks. TLDR; if you have unused gold sitting around in Tanks and Warplanes - you may want to consider cashing it in for premium time.
  8. wtfovr

    Thankful and Grateful Mission, part 3

    I just finished the free xp part and so far have been grinding the base XP 500-700 base Xp a game in coop
  9. wtfovr

    Code within

    Not valid as well. Handtyping and copy/pasting
  10. wtfovr

    5 Atlanta's in one Hermes

    Well that would have helped in my free so grind yesterday
  11. West Virginia dropped in the shop today. https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/deals/premium-shop-november-2018/ i vaguely remember the stir/controversy it caused. Anyone know if it was buffed/nerfed from the test version or if this ship is worth getting? Hoping the mouse review drops soon as well.
  12. wtfovr

    Most luxurious warship you have been on

    There was a time my ship was assigned to NATO’s Standing Naval Forces Atlantic force. Basically a frigate squadron composed of Canadian, British, Dutch, Spanish, Norwegian, German, Polish, and US ships. we sailed from port to port all over the North Sea, Baltic Sea, Celtic sea, Mediterranean, Getting underway was just an excuse to get to the next port. along the way, we would run exercises, and drills etc. we would hold briefings to prepare for the upcoming exercises. Well no one ever wanted to do the briefings aboard a US warship, briefings were always held on other nations warships, because after the briefings, we could retire to the wardroom bar with wood paneling really nice appointments and most importantly partake in alcoholic libations. Not so on the US frigate that I called my home away from home. It had its creature comforts, but nothing compared to what was on other nations warships. On The helicopter ride from the briefing back to our ship we were nursing some pretty good warm buzzes. the Spanish Navarra was especially nice . The Canadians had an interesting concoction that I really liked, we nicked named it moose milk. The Dutch were especially friendly and didn’t seem to particular care about separation of the sexes. So any US warship luxurious? More like utilitarian.
  13. wtfovr

    Deputy Commander Question

    If you make everyone a deputy commander, anyone can build clan buildings, everyone can start a clan wars division and no one can exclude anyone else from the clan.
  14. wtfovr

    Hot Fix Austin

    @RadarX @Gneisenau013 @Femennenly @TragicLoss @Pigeon_of_War @kami @TheURLGuy @BTed72 @sea_you @Boyarsky https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/community/oh-look-its-me/ Thanks for the Behind the Scenes Austin video. It was cool seeing the faces behind the screennames on the forums. Thanks for all you guys do.
  15. Originally I was going to pass on the containers, but after seeing some of the better RNGs earlier this thread, I couldn't help myself So in 24 crates: 160 Shadow Lurker camo (Drops 1, 4, 11, 14, 15, 16, 21, 24) 70000 Free XP (Drops 2, 18) 3750 doubloons (Drops 3, 12, 22) 60 Type 59 Camo (Drops 5, 10, 17, 19, 20, 23) 14 Premium (Drop 9) All 4 Black ships, which dropped on container 6 (Asahio) , 7 (Atago) , 8 (Massachusetts), and 13 (Tirpitz). I couldn't find the missions to play the original ships to get the doubloons, maybe I'm looking in the wrong place - I don't see any personal missions. So I'm definitely happy but unfortunately encouraging WG in the future to give us less crates for the same amount of money just like the grocery stores are giving us less for the same amount of money.