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  1. WoWS XP calculator

    Updated the link in the original post to add: For Meritorious Service camo Subscriber Reward camo Stars and Stripes Camo Cleveland "Freedom" premium camo
  2. Need community help

    The reduction gearing on US ships are dual input dual reduction double helical locked train. for some reason the number that I seem to remember is a 33 to 1 or maybe 30 to 1 reduction from hp\lp turbine rpm to prop rpm. But that is probably a number they threw at us in steam propulsion school in Newport over 25 years ago as trivia because as a propulsion plant watchstander it really isn’t info that was relevant in running the plant.
  3. Probably because it was the easiest way to implement the visual effect. As you know, steam whistles don’t work that way in real life. But most people who play the game don’t know the whistle doesn’t come out of the smoke stack. if you ever see steam coming out the smoke stack it means the boiler safeties have lifted to prevent a boiler explosion.
  4. Repairing ships

    On a ship fighting a real fire you have to man up the fire parties first. It takes time for the fire party to report to the repair locker, put on their fire fighting equipment, oxygen breathing equipment and then dispatch to the scene of the fire. before you can fight the fire, you have to set primary and secondary smoke and fire boundaries and then deploy the fire hose teams. Once your hose teams go on scba tanks, a 15 minute timer is started. That’s how long you have until that hose team has to be relieved. while the hose team is fighting the fire a second and third hose team is reporting to the other two repair lockers (a ship normally has three repair lockers) and suiting up to relieve the first hose team. after the fire is out, you set a reflash watch and work on desmoking, dewatering and overhauling the fire. So no it’s not realistic for the fire to be put out instantly. Usually a response time of several minutes elapse from the time of discovery of a fire before a hose teams responds to the fire.
  5. Every battle is all Des Moines and Baltimores with a single Montana or two - no DDs and maybe an Essex/Midway... After 5 battles, I've already collected 21 items of 48 in the collection with 9 duplicates. Finishing stage 1 will get me 16 more containers and 16 more collection items.
  6. If you grind the campaign you don't get premium, you get 5 sets of the dragon flags. If you complete the collection you get 24hr premium. I didn't think I wanted to attempt to complete the collection, but for every win you get 5 containers, so I've already got 15 items of the 48 items in the collection. (4 games / 3 wins) Got up to the Tier 8 to start working on the campaign which is relatively easy for the first stage.
  7. All ships have that “ship” smell. It’s probably the ventilation/recirculation system. It’s pretty bad on a submarine, since the air is recirculated endlessly with CO2 getting scrubbed out. Pretty much you come back from deployment and you throw all of your clothes you had on deployment on the submarine away. The engine room is a hot noisy place when a ship is underway. You spend your watch camped out underneath an air vent. when I stepped into the USS Alabama engineroom when I took my 8 year old son to visit, I saw the gauge board for the main engines. Alabama was decommissioned in the mid 1940s and the last time I stepped into a steam propulsion engineering space was around 20 years ago. But I was really surprised to find that I recognized the gauges on the Alabama and still understood what all those gauges was telling me. i tried to explain to my son how the fire team at the boiler front operated the boiler - it’s a delicate balance between 4 people - the throttleman(controlling steam demand) , the burnerman (controlling fuel) , and two boiler techs controlling air and feed water. showed him the torch and how they used it to light the fires in the boiler. Bic lighters are prohibited in the fire room, but the burnerman always carried a Zippo lighter. When it was time to light fires in the boiler, the boiler fire team purges the boiler. ventilation is shut down in the engineroom. It’s the only time when it got quiet in the plant. The burnerman takes the torch. At the end of the torch is literally a rag soaked with DFM/JP5. ignites the torch with the zippo and shoves the ignited torch into the firebox. At the #1 burner barrel, he fans the air registers and introduces fuel. there is a huge whoosh as the burnerbarrel ignites. “Fires Lit #1 boiler”. Ventilation to the engineroom is restored and everything gets noisy again. my kid had already lost interest and was off looking for more knobs and levers to play with, but I found I had.a group of other visitors listening in. “Oops. Sorry I don’t work here. Just visiting” its definitely a contrast to today’s modern gas turbine ships. On a steam ship, the messenger is running around with a clipboard recording gauge readings all over the engineroom. On a gas turbine ship. Oh we have to start an engine? Flip one switch, flip two switches press a button. “#1 gas turbine engine started” Need to record gauge readings? The messenger pushes a button, the printer prints out all the parameters. He takes the printout signs it and gives it to the EOOW. Oh what hot engine room? While the engineroom where the gas turbine engines are located is still a hot noisy space. It was designed to be unmanned (but as of 15 years ago the Navy still insists on having someone in the engineroom) most of the engineering plant watch sits in an air conditioned remote control room.
  8. Lone Wolves recruting solo players

    Lone Wolves - NA's largest casual clan of 540+ solo captains. The sooner you join the sooner no one knows who you are. No required clan team play No communications/Teamspeak/Discord required Co-op or Scenario player only? Play your way not our way. Play your way, when you want. Get clan benefits without clan commitments. Most WOLF subclans have a minimum play requirement of 1 battle every 30 days. (There may be more stringent requirements - check individual subclan page for more details.) Spots open in the following WOLF clans with openings and benefits gained - Apply to one of the clans below in game or post here to request an invite. Multiple applications to any one of the Lone Wolves clans are acceptable (even to ones that don't have openings - they might accept your application to replace inactive players.) WOLF2 - 4 openings WOLFB - 1 opening WOLF3 - 1 opening WOLF6 - 1 opening WOLF7 - 3 openings WOLFX - 9 openings WOLFA - 2 openings S0L0 (S-zero-L-zero) - 1 openings VVV - 8 openings Full Clans WOLF1 WOLF4 WOLF5 WOLF8 WOLF9 Come join the other 540+ active solo captains sailing with the Lone Wolves.
  9. This is the spreadsheet I use to figure out the different combinations of premium non premium Daily xp , camo and flags i was stuck at 16 points for a while then finally got my first captain to 18 points then was looking up the steep cliff climb for the 300k for the 19th point. then decided to start using these hydra red dragon flags I had collected but never bothered to use and I went for 18 to 19 points in 10 games Taking your captains into scenarionsnand throwing on the dragons and economic flags and camo with premium and the 200% daily win can get you 30-35,000 commander xp on a single win. so play with the calculator linked in the thread above and see how that works
  10. Atlanta, rainbow shooter

    If you haven’t bought the Steam packages yet and you already own the ships in a steam package. just pick up two of them youll get 10350 doubloons. For example texas and Anshan in the premium shop for 19.98. take those doubloons and buy an Atlanta off the tech tree. You’ll still have doubloons left over basically a 50% off the normal Atlanta premium shop price of $41.
  11. Atlanta, rainbow shooter

    Atlanta was one of the first premium ships I bought and it’s my most played premium ship. I have to say I have gotten my money’s worth playing Atlanta. Although I have thrown much more money into the black hole called world of warships over 20 or so premium ships. I haven’t played the other premium ships as much as I have Atlanta. I am not good enough to play her in random battles, so all of my game play has been in coop and operations. At tier 7 operations Atlanta does really well. but I’ve had my fair share of battles where I only lasted 15 seconds into the battle and spent the rest of the battle spectating. But I’ve had satisfying monster games as well.
  12. The US Navy has a problem

    CIC unaware of impending collision until about a minute before collision when ACX Chrystal appeared on the AIS tracker. https://news.usni.org/2018/05/10/uss-fitzgerald-combat-team-unaware-approaching-merchant-ship-seconds-fatal-collision
  13. You can use my calculator to compare the different camos (shameless plug)
  14. Until you get to service record level 3 you can only play in coop until you get to service record level 12 or play a tier 4 ship you will only play against other “new” players which means they are also service level 12 or less. but there is nothing keeping an experienced player from creating a new account to seal club new players in the sandbox.