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  1. wtfovr

    Lone Wolves recruiting solo players

    Apply to all of them, even if they are full - they might remove an inactive player to accommodate you.... one of the 20 clans will be bound to answer
  2. wtfovr

    The US Navy has a problem

    Well I never expected an NTSB report on the McCain collision, but I’ve learned that the bridge maneuvering console on John S McCain has changed (installed in 2017) since the last time I was aboard MCCain in 1999. A lot of the things expressed in the report are unchanged from my time in the Navy. I.e. watch standing assignments, PQS system, EOSS, EOCC, etc. a few things are new. I remember a physical throttle on the ship control console, (and down in engineering) but no physical throttle on the new ship control console boggles my mind. How do you change the throttles if all the ship control touchscreens on the bridge (I believe the ntsb report says there are four of the ship control touchscreens on the bridge) are damaged? Can engineering still take control over engine control in local control nowadays with the new control console? https://news.usni.org/2019/08/06/ntsb-accident-report-on-fatal-2017-uss-john-mccain-collision-off-singapore
  3. wtfovr

    Daily Missions Help

    It doesn’t help that you don’t see the daily missions right away. you only see Easy, medium , hard first you have to scroll right to see the mission you have to complete. Daily mission Part 1 and then Part 2 the Easy medium and hard are just counters to allow you to keep track how many times you’ve completed the “real” daily mission. which are to: earn 250 base XP earn 500 base XP earn 1000 base XP in a win (completes daily mission part 1) moves the easy medium hard mission counter earn 1100 base XP in a win earn 1200 base XP in a win earn 1300 base XP in a win (completes daily mission part 2) moves the easy medium hard mission counter
  4. Used the gold from tanks and warplanes to buy premium time... it won’t be warship time but it’s good for 50% credits and XP when your warships time runs out.
  5. Use the elite commander XP earned by your 19-point commanders to retrain or respect your commanders who are not where they are supposed to be.
  6. wtfovr

    safe to play on linux yet?

    Clean install every 30 days
  7. wtfovr

    Call for help - Unique Commanders

    I use Ovechkin in US and soviet DDs. The survivability expert skill gives the DD an extra 3600Xp at tier 9 and 4000XP at tier 10
  8. I played wows on my 6 year old MacBook Air all day yesterday. I’m not using Mojave though I’m running windows 10 thru boot camp
  9. wtfovr

    Clan treasury

    Your clan gets stuff when your clan plays clan battles. how the clan distributes it depends on the commander and deputy commander(s), if any.
  10. wtfovr

    Personal Orders

    Spot 3 ships cause 1 flooding set 2 fires are three I’ve gotten in addition to the list above
  11. wtfovr

    The Azur Lane post has to be perm

    I was thinking the same thing when I saw the post recommending that an environment be made to display your ships as models... I was thinking captains cabin. Now which one? The captain has an inport cabin (above) and an at-sea cabin (closer to the bridge - like steps away from the bridge.) The At sea cabin is more austere and is nothing more than a bed, desk, and a head. When I had to visit the captain regularly (several times daily), every time I went into his cabin, he was working on a ship in a bottle, and as he completed them, the bottles with the ships in them, went on display behind his bed. By the time we had a change of command, his entire wall behind his bed was entirely bottles with ships in them.
  12. I guess it was only a matter of time before the easy button came out. Not only do the players not know how to play their ships, their Japanese commanders miss out on over 50% of the XP they could have earned by the time the player gets to the higher tiers. Assuming they start with a 10-point commander, they would only have a 14-point commander reaching Tier 10, instead of a 17-point commander But for me, the Japanese lines are the only lines I haven't bothered with yet. I'm at Tier 9 about to get my first Tier X on the US lines, and Tier 7s for everyone else except for Japan, where I'm at Tier 5. So this would help me personally, but I still don't know if this is something I'd want to do. The Commander XP is pretty valuable.
  13. wtfovr

    Top Gun...for ships

    Well it’s not just one person that fights the ship unlike fighter aircraft. So you wouldn’t send just one person to the surface “top gun” school. As you know the ship fights with its CIC watch team, the OSs, GMs, FC, STs, EWs (or whatever they call them these days) You have your GQ watchteam, but you’re not at GQ all the time, so you have your Condition III watch teams, ideally you’d have four condition III watch teams to man up CIC, but I’ve never been able to field any more than 3 full condition 3 watch teams on any one of my ships. TAOs do go thru some sort of “tactics” school in Department Head school in Newport, but it’s generic and not class specific. You’re not using the actual TAO console that you have aboard ship, it’s just some PC with software emulating the watchstanders consoles onboard a notional warship (and we (the TAO/DH students ) have no idea what the FCs or EWs do on their consoles.) The ship itself can use its CIC as a simulator/trainer. It can run simulations in port or underway under supervision of the CSTT. What would be needed instead of the current system of a single ship running a scenario that lasts during a 4 hour watch period, would be multiple ships each running a single scenario networked across all of the ships over multiple watches, under supervision of a designated DESRON or CRUDESGRU that is responsible for certifying the strike group for deployment. it would be nice to network all the ships in the strike group together, so that when one ship does something, it also shows up on all of the other ships in the strike group and they can react accordingly. , I.e. a ship assigned to take a track experiences a MK-41launcher malfunction so it can’t take the track, so another ship has to scramble to take the track. so the DESRON is responsible for the tactical training of the deploying strike group, and the ships’ watch teams learn to work together as a watch team fighting the ship as part of a strike group. Anyways didn’t know if that’s what you were after.
  14. wtfovr

    Alexander Ovechkin

    None of the 19point captains have a rank other than “Highest Rank”
  15. Sometimes I play tethered to my phone through wifi or USB when the hotel internet is spotty. It's not bad at all. I don't try to update though, although I don't have a data limit on the cellphone, it will get throttled if I use "too much." But for playing games, it works just as well as a broadband connection. The amount of data pushed through the pipe is not much to support a game, it's more a constant stream. So when the stream 'Hiccups" then the digital ships "freeze up" momentarily, then magically teleport to their actual server positions. The ping spikes from 15-25ms to 100-300ms, then it goes back down to 15-25ms. game moves on.