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  1. wtfovr

    Pacific War Campaign Progress Thread (PVE Thread)

    Do the missions change depending on whether you choose US or Japanese? For Midway I chose Japanese and the mission appears to be the same as the US one. 70 shot down/ or spotted except you have to use Japanese carriers or\ 140 shot down/spotted except you have to use Japanese battleships cruisers or destroyers Looks like this is better done on the US side. That's pretty much my tactic - try to get as many spotting ribbons as i can and then try to drop fighters on the enemy CV planes.
  2. Still have any slots open? Thanks

  3. How do you get to this screen, I never got it and it installed it to C:/ProgramData/wargaming.net and I can't delete it. When I redownload the gamecenter installer it auto installs it to the same C:/ProgramData/wargaming.net directory.
  4. I can install the game to the D drive, but not game center. How can I install game center to D drive also?
  5. How did you do this? The game center automatically installs to C and doesn't let me change the install location. I can choose where to install the warship game but not the game center.
  6. The Game Center automatically installs to C drive how do I install this to another drive other than C? I can install the game to the D drive, but not the game cetner?
  7. wtfovr

    Wargaming Game Center – All in One!

    How do I install this to another drive other than the C drive. I want to install all of my games to a D drive, but I dont have enough room to install it to C? It installs everything to C and doesn't give me the option to install anywhere else.
  8. wtfovr

    The US Navy has a problem

    Well I never expected an NTSB report on the McCain collision, but I’ve learned that the bridge maneuvering console on John S McCain has changed (installed in 2017) since the last time I was aboard MCCain in 1999. A lot of the things expressed in the report are unchanged from my time in the Navy. I.e. watch standing assignments, PQS system, EOSS, EOCC, etc. a few things are new. I remember a physical throttle on the ship control console, (and down in engineering) but no physical throttle on the new ship control console boggles my mind. How do you change the throttles if all the ship control touchscreens on the bridge (I believe the ntsb report says there are four of the ship control touchscreens on the bridge) are damaged? Can engineering still take control over engine control in local control nowadays with the new control console? https://news.usni.org/2019/08/06/ntsb-accident-report-on-fatal-2017-uss-john-mccain-collision-off-singapore
  9. wtfovr

    Daily Missions Help

    It doesn’t help that you don’t see the daily missions right away. you only see Easy, medium , hard first you have to scroll right to see the mission you have to complete. Daily mission Part 1 and then Part 2 the Easy medium and hard are just counters to allow you to keep track how many times you’ve completed the “real” daily mission. which are to: earn 250 base XP earn 500 base XP earn 1000 base XP in a win (completes daily mission part 1) moves the easy medium hard mission counter earn 1100 base XP in a win earn 1200 base XP in a win earn 1300 base XP in a win (completes daily mission part 2) moves the easy medium hard mission counter
  10. Used the gold from tanks and warplanes to buy premium time... it won’t be warship time but it’s good for 50% credits and XP when your warships time runs out.
  11. Use the elite commander XP earned by your 19-point commanders to retrain or respect your commanders who are not where they are supposed to be.
  12. wtfovr

    safe to play on linux yet?

    Clean install every 30 days
  13. wtfovr

    Call for help - Unique Commanders

    I use Ovechkin in US and soviet DDs. The survivability expert skill gives the DD an extra 3600Xp at tier 9 and 4000XP at tier 10
  14. I played wows on my 6 year old MacBook Air all day yesterday. I’m not using Mojave though I’m running windows 10 thru boot camp
  15. wtfovr

    Clan treasury

    Your clan gets stuff when your clan plays clan battles. how the clan distributes it depends on the commander and deputy commander(s), if any.