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  1. Will add to my list of potential matchups! What do you guys think of this?
  2. Drill SGTs
  3. Of course! Some shots will probably work fine, and if I decide to go forward with this, I will need help with other aspects such as cinematography scripting, if you will.
  4. A fair point. Any dialogue would have to be voice-over.
  5. Cool beans! I am still just in the early stages of planning, but there are so many directions that can be traveled with a project like this. As mentioned by several of you, this game has astounding graphics on max settings. What I will probably need the most of is footage, exactly what will depend on what kind of cinematic that we choose to do. I am thinking of starting simple, perhaps a two ship duel with film-like camera stuff and maybe captain/bridge crew voice-overs. Would love to hear your thoughts, and ship suggustions.
  6. Good afternoon all, Just throwing this out there to see if anyone would be interesting in contributing footage and stuff for a cinematic project in World of Warships, that is, almost a mini-movie sort of thing. The game looks beautiful on full graphics, and I believe that fact should be taken advantage of. Have a couple of ideas rolling around my head, so, just seeing if anyone else might be interested in such a project.
  7. I had a cruiser player accuse my of using an aimbot in my Kaiser yesterday. I actually laughed outloud, wasn't my fault he was giving my his broadside at a number of kilometers that could be counted on one hand. I promptly pointed out my 39% winrate and told him to bugger off.
  8. Imperial Star Destroyers would KO everything else easily. I mean, a squadron of those could Base Delta Zero (AKA glass) an entire planet in a span of hours to a day or two.
  9. Things that should be ticket able for $500, Alex...
  10. Illegal parking
  11. This is your brain on acid...
  12. And today seems to be a reversal; currently 2-0 with 6 kills and a new high damage score. Can't complain, lol.
  13. Wait one moment, I have to call my lawyer to ask permission for what I am about to do.
  14. Yeah, I had an 0-3 run in my Kaiser before deciding to hop off and sleep like a normal mortal. Got some good kills though, and my damage wasn't that bad (30K, 60K, and 55K).
  15. You are nothing without the suit