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  1. Mr_BushyBeard

    Grand Battles?

    So when I select “Grand Battle” it says something to the effect of “this mode is available for 15hours.” But the battle button is subdued and it says “This battle mode is not available.” Then I go on Twitch and see people playing it. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  2. Mr_BushyBeard

    Grand Battles?

    I cannot enter them. They say they’re available, but the BATTLE button says they aren’t. I am positive I am doing something wrong but I’m mystified as to what. Help? Thanks!
  3. I made the leap here from (World of) Tanks and am having a lot of fun. I like the similarities and differences between these two WG games. I was wondering if there is an equivalent here in Warships of the "Ace Tanker" medal that one gets when one plays in the top 1% of players in that tank/ship for the week? When I get the rare really good game, I'd like to know that among others who played that ship, I did very well. Just remember: if you see me out there on the enemy team, give me your entire broadside to shoot at, so you can laugh while I miss it. Peace, BushyBeard
  4. Mr_BushyBeard

    Paid to play (Poll)

    $35/hr, with some of the best medical/dental benefits an employee can get. I'll take it!
  5. Mr_BushyBeard

    Paid to play (Poll)

    I don't know if they're paying us well to play, but since I can play at work occasionally, I am technically getting paid to play.
  6. Mr_BushyBeard

    New or old operations

    Here I am, having just discovered Operations this last week, loving the hell out of them. A more broad point: I play mostly PVE due to the chill factor, and it’s what has made me really enjoy the game. I came over from Tanks and the toxicity and stress of it really pushed me away from any enjoyment. They could use PVE over there for sure!
  7. I only just discovered the "Operation of the Week" and have enjoyed it a lot. It's a nice change of pace. Since I have not seen it till now, is this an ongoing thing? Thanks.
  8. Mr_BushyBeard

    Ship Captain's Names

    I agree. We have the ability to do so over in Tanks, why not here?