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  1. Wyatt_DERP85

    Conqueror 419 vs 457mm guns

    I just got the Conqueror, only played a few games in it so far. First impression is it's a fun boat. It seems to have the ability to do damage in any situation. Only weakness seems to be that given it's AP seems "OK" and it's HE is amazing, I find myself with HE loaded when amazing AP opportunities like broadside cruisers come up. It doesn't seem to matter too much as it's easy to citadel that pesky Minotaur with HE but I'd like to remove him from the game instead of reducing him down to low health! I was wondering which guns you preferred in the Conqueror and why? I only have the 419mm guns so far but I can unlock the 457's now. I hear most people say the 419's are better since there are 12 of them but would like to hear other opinions.