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  1. slowpoke_2

    Armada: Habakkuk

    My favorite part of this is all the people posting in the youtube the answer to the “quiz” that was given with nothing said about a reward at all in the video, or the description. Bravo wargaming, Bravo!
  2. slowpoke_2

    Is Nelson worth the 375k?

    Not very badly, and its also been free xp inflated so it’s a great deal. Personally like it a lot better than the Strasbourg. I would recommend it.
  3. slowpoke_2

    What's replacing the Hizen in drydock?

    Disinterested if the next is a German DD. Didn’t care to pay to get the Hizen. Did pay to get Odin and Anchorage. Odin is great fun, Anchorage is okay. Maybe there will be a good premium ship midway on the next dockyard, although my guess is it will be Emden.
  4. Nelson is a very good deal on the free xp, It’s been there so long it shows how inflationary the free XP ships are. It was half the price of Missouri and Musashi and their replacements went up to 1million, so now its closer to a third of the prices of the tier9 free xp ships. I’m actually surprised it’s not been bumped to 500k. I also am sorry you cant get Georgia, it is an absolutely fun ship to spam coop. I recommend it highly, it and Smolensk are my favorite coal ships.
  5. We will never sell a Tier X premium, there will never be submarines in the game.
  6. slowpoke_2

    Discontinuation of MacOS Support

    No, they’re incredibly dependent on TSMC to fab their silicon and protect their chip’s trade secrets.
  7. That is what I like. In random if you are having a bad game, team chat is often toxic and abusive. In a coop bad game, team is all “yeah more rewards for me!” Yet no one complains about the players in coop who finish ahead of them. Add the more aggressive play that I like and I haven’t really missed randoms, even though I prefer the bigger challenge and rewards there.
  8. To the OP complaining about eating teammates torps, It seems like he is unaware that sometimes there are green bots. In my experience four out of five times i get friendly fire in coop it is from a green bot. I have even been torped from both sides at once from two green bots. I do play coop mainly due to player attitude in random, as well as stat watchers.
  9. slowpoke_2

    Discontinuation of MacOS Support

    Mikeysoft did an arm port and then abandoned it. I had read that at each next generation of computing devices the market goes up an order of magnitude and therefore the processors take over and eclipse the previous performance. If that is the case and continues Widows will join Unix, VMS and OS360 as older platform OSes that no one really cares about and ARM will take over the other computing markets rather quickly.
  10. slowpoke_2

    Discontinuation of MacOS Support

    Yeah, I brought up that issue earlier. Made the announcement surprising but not unexpected. The email from wargaming however, was unexpected and rather nice.
  11. slowpoke_2

    wth is up with the Ships and Fate campaign?

    So no one wants to bring up that they have Hawkins in the Ships and Fates, when it already has a permanent camo? Why not a different ship?
  12. slowpoke_2

    PLEASE let me block clan invites.

    Create your own and get the perks with the solo experience, or join my clan and enjoy some minor perks like bonus coal and the fact that there isn’t anyone else active in the clan.
  13. slowpoke_2

    Do CVs Belong in WoWS?

    So, it is just mental masturbation then.
  14. slowpoke_2

    Do CVs Belong in WoWS?

    I am also in this boat.
  15. slowpoke_2

    Do CVs Belong in WoWS?

    Because it is evil to dismiss people as not worth listening to.