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  1. slowpoke_2

    American Heavy Cruisers when?

    Don’t forget she’s the only one without torpedoes in your list comparing number of guns.
  2. I expect that to get this to work well, they need to adjust the play at lower tiers to be as "comfortable" as at upper tiers. For example they equalize the maneuverability and dispersions at max range across the tiers and different the higher tiers by more damage, range, speed, and, gun rotation. This means that things are slower closer at lower tier, and faster longer in higher, and removes the frustration of bad accuracy at low tier.
  3. Well, I was going from all the Greeks i knew growing up that were eastern orthodox, I looked it up to be sure it was same for the Russians.
  4. slowpoke_2

    Next Steel Ship - Already have Bourgogne.

    Plymouth really gets no love. Is it that bad, or just the meta?
  5. So Survivability Expert gives a bonus amount of HP per ship tier. With the new update it increases the Hp per ship section too. The reason this matters is that each ship section has an HP pool, so when the section loses all it’s HP it is “saturated” and any hits on that section after it is saturated reduces the amount of damage the ship as a whole takes. So the increase in the sections HP increases the damage the ship actually receives and in certain ships mean the ship takes more damage and dies more quickly than without the skill.
  6. slowpoke_2

    Steel Ship Coupon Suggestions

    No Plymouth love?
  7. Two free Megas from certificates: Siroco 30 basilisk Free santa containers from twitch and armory: 30 days premium time 4 New Year Sky 50 Papa Papa 50 Zulu 50 Equal Speed Charlie
  8. slowpoke_2

    Update 0.10.11: New Year

    Why is Lenin the middle frost giant?
  9. slowpoke_2

    "Underappreciated" ships you enjoy?

    Which brings us to my favorite unliked ship: Makarov.
  10. slowpoke_2

    40 minutes for an update?

    And wasted premium time too
  11. Let me add something. Thank you Wargaming for being truthful and transparent about the odds in these. This goes a long way towards making the event feel fun, and not feel like a sucker thats been taken at a carnival game/scam.
  12. Eastern Orthodox Christmas is celebrated January 7th. So for Russia, 2022. с Рождеством
  13. When I was a new player I liked getting any premium ships. Back in early days there weren’t easy ways to obtain them for free. I think the best outcome for a very new player is the lower tier premium so they aren’t over their heads and can have fun. For a newer player that has started to get skilled a tier 7 or 8 premium so they can get a good credit stream in, and then premiums in tier 6-8 of lines they are grinding so they can train captains. The great news is we’re getting honest actual odds from Wargaming, there isn’t a short list of ships that will get dogged on. I suggest we get back to the original intent of gift crates; to gift them to other players in the game. Merry Christmas 🎄