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  1. Is Lexington even worth playing?

    Once you think you got the hang of it from Co-op, run t6 or grab a Saipan to master the basics of Randoms, then you can start to mess with higher tier CV play. The Lex can work, but of all the t8 CVs, she makes YOU work the hardest.
  2. I was hoping the Kidd would be in the mid to high 30s (am I misremembering the Lo Yang's price?), but at that price I'd rather spend the extra 2 bucks and get the Harakaze with an 8pt capt if I had the means to get one right now.
  3. CONTEST: Bringing on New Players

    Though they are a little out of date now, Zoup's "Help an Ensign" series was a huge help to me when I was still learning the ropes. I also think that people learning CVs should be able to access manual drop while in coop or scenarios against bots so when they enter T6 play they aren't starting over. That's all for now, I'll post more if I think of it later.
  4. I would like to see a new port filter akin to the elite and premium ship one, but this one is for non elite/premium ships, essentially a filter to allow the ships I'm currently grinding to be highlighted. I currently have almost 100 ships and scrolling around looking for the ships I'm grinding isn't especially convenient. Thanks.
  5. Its way too high for the bonuses we get for free with the ship. T6 perm camo is only 1000 doubloons and does the same thing, by contrast the T9 camo which is also costs 4000 doubloons does quite a bit more. You're just paying for the looks in this case. Not that I'd pay 4000 doubloons for it either, but I was disappointed to see no matching Zikasa camo.
  6. GenCon 50

    I've been to Gen Con once before, but this year is the first year I'll be in attendance all four days. Only a limited quantity of Friday passes are left and they wont be sold at the door, so if you want to go Friday, register now! If someone in the know says that there is some WoWs stuff happening at the event I'll check it out, but from what I've seen its all WoT so I'll pass.
  7. Pigeon, about Bastille Day

    Hey just wanted to say, thanks for rectifying the situation with the RU DDs! Still don't know if I can do it, but I think its possible for me this time.
  8. Pigeon, about Bastille Day

    The main problem is that since this is only for one line and doesn't include the premiums, when your ship dies you have to wait for the battle to be over before you can carry on, meaning that 20 minute maximum is practically a minimum.
  9. They've said they'll never sell a tier 9 or 10 premium, so if they ever do a premium Musashi it'll be along the lines of the MO or a tournament prize. I'd love to see her, but don't ever expect to. On an unrelated note I'm super excited to see the Graf Zeppelin. Now to wait for the De Ruyter...
  10. Has this list been abandoned? I hope not, I find it really useful!
  11. Hi, I'm the user who invited Edward000, I just checked that screen and his name isn't there. I'm not sure what happened, he said he accepted my invite which had him create an account and then download the game client. Should he have created an account before accepting the invite or something because my other friends who I invited had no issues and the only difference I can think of is that they already had WG accounts.
  12. This is what I came here to post! Also, Graf Zeppelin, and Shinano