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  1. hughjass07

    Weekly Combat Missions: Canada Day

    How about a ship that really was in the Canadian navy? Strictly as an example, HMCS Ontario for instance. Yes, we have other British light cruisers in the game, but at least this ship existed. There are families of sailors who served on real ships who likely play the game, giving them an emotional connection to the in-game ship. Very likely they buy it, and very likely they play it pretty often, just because. I love this game, but dropping a ship that has no connection to Canada (that I am able to find) and paint it up in red, white, and a maple leaf, just before Canada Day, just smacks of a no-effort attempt to grab some $$$.
  2. hughjass07

    Weekly Combat Missions: Canada Day

    Yes, it sure would :)
  3. hughjass07

    Tirpitz Still Has It

    Howdy folks! Why is it that we have ships in our ports that we often leave neglected, taking them out rarely? I have quite a few ships in port that rarely see the light of day, and Tirpitz is one of them. Why, I don't know, but I'll choose Bismarck over Tirpitz 9.9 times out of ten. After this battle though, I'll be sailing Tirpitz more often.