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  1. The_Bongo

    Looking for a Clan

    Hello, I'm but a smol person with a great desire to share the love that is the Armada Dominion ARMDA and ARMDG. If you are looking for some folks to play World of Warships, Elite Dangerous, Azure Lane, talk anime, etc... We would love to have you join us https://discord.gg/xqk3F4Z We don't have any stat requirements. We are casuals, we exist to just enjoy each other's company.
  2. The_Bongo

    The Armada Dominion [ARMDA] & [ARMDG]

  3. The_Bongo

    The Armada Dominion [ARMDA] & [ARMDG]

  4. The_Bongo

    The Armada Dominion [ARMDA] & [ARMDG]

    Come join us for some DOMINATION!
  5. The_Bongo

    The Armada Dominion [ARMDA] & [ARMDG]

    The glory of Armada is all you need to know son
  6. The_Bongo

    The Armada Dominion [ARMDA] & [ARMDG]

    New ARMDA (Armada de Britannia branch) requirement: - Tier 7 non premium being the minimum tier ship you have unlocked. Reason being because we want players to be close to grinding to tier 8, which recently is what clan battles require however we are lenient to let folks in with tier 7 to work on towards. If you dont have tier 7 non premium that is fine, you would be okay to join the Strict casual branch of ARMDG (Germania). Those already in the clan ARMDA with no tier 7s but have lower tiers are not going anywhere for now until ARMDA gets full and we need to re-organize into pushing folks who are wanting to compete and have the appropriate ships.
  7. The_Bongo

    The Armada Dominion [ARMDA] & [ARMDG]

    Good amount of clan battles we've been having