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  1. 2 Player Look for Clan...

    Greetings from the next state over! We are part of three different levels of clans: social, semi-competitive, and competitive that interact with each other a lot to find divisions. Give us a look and if you like what you see come talk to us on our Discord channel! https://discord.gg/WVYGpeZ
  2. Strongest T6 Cruiser

    Graf Spee, but I'm super-biased. Global record holder for max damage in one game in it
  3. Sad post

    Don’t care if you personify Imperial Japanese boats as little girls, but I dont sympathize with them. I love the look of their ships and they’re fun to play, but they sunk for a reason. War is hell so who are you to judge? Or do you willingly ignore the occupation of Manchuria, the [edited] of Nanking, the Bataan Death March, Korean Pleasure Girls, and Unit 731 and suggest the defeat of the IJN a tragedy?
  4. Why you like your username?

    Because Konigstiger was taken and usernames don't take umlaut O's. But as it was so nicely pointed out by @UnemployedHistorian, the Königstiger was a Mark VIB, not Mark VII, which is in fact the Löwe. I learned something new that day.
  5. RNG/-RNG-/_RNG_ Recruitment Thread

    I am not
  6. Channel Dash-esque op is sorely needed
  7. Once you hit 500 games you’d fill the requirement of our social clan. Im the meantime you’re more than welcome to use our Discord to discuss the game or find people to division with; see if we’re a fit! https://discord.gg/6DnDYye
  8. Mature Competitive Gamer Seeks Home

    Come check us out on our Discord. Until you meet our social clan requirements we couldn't technically place you in a clan, but you're more than welcome to use our resources, including divisioning in our voice chats, asking in-game questions, or casual conversation. Have a couple Aussies in the clan as well.
  9. why is this allowed?

  10. Trading in my Shitakaze?

    Because breaking forum rules will definitely get you what you want.
  11. Tier 8 summed up in one screenshot

    Because Kidd is a torpedo boat?
  12. RNG/-RNG-/_RNG_ Recruitment Thread

    Damn second page? Jeez. BUMP.
  13. It’s all contextual really. I finished with 160 games where most of the unicum players were on the tail end of ranking out. I had clanmates banging their heads against the walls against those same unicum players earlier in the season. I feel it was harder to rank out for them because their play didnt have as much of an impact as mine did. They all ranked out before me, but their game counts suffered for it.