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  1. credits

    So many people with the protagonist complex on here lately. Is it so hard to admit you’re wrong or had a misunderstanding?
  2. Iron Cross [IronX]: Politically Incorrect

    Clever forum drama click bait. Good luck in your search. Aaawwww I made all this popcorn with no entertainment
  3. Give someone a pass sometime.

    Agreed. I only get salty at the people who think they did no wrong. Example: "WHY DID YOU RUN INTO MY TORPS NOOB"
  4. If only Radar_X would come and look through his history like he did to that liar saying that he didn’t deserve an account suspension for his language
  5. What's the reasoning

    1. Everyone gets that kind of matchmaking every once in a while. Most of us survive it by finding other competent players to division with for guaranteed support and teamwork. 2. Please take the time to research the play-style needed to make a ship work. I guarantee your numbers will get better if you listen to experienced community contributors and take some time to practice in the training rooms to find where your guns will work. Also plenty of related videos talking about how to maximize your efficiency in it.
  6. Izumo why are u so Bad

    I loved my time with her. Specced her secondaries to 10.6km and she was an excellent fire starter. Most just don't spend time researching how to play it before they get into it. I watched Notser to prep me for the ship and I enjoyed her enough to get through the grind without using Free XP.
  7. Divisioning with competent players usually solves the losing-faith part, but the burnout can be real. Ive taken time off before and it’s refreshing to come back after spending time away from it. Goos luck with your errands!
  8. Detected while in smoke

    Proximity detection is a thing. In the game if you are a certain distance away from someone (1-1.5km? not sure) you will spot each other no matter what is between you. Was he moving towards you while you were spotting him?
  9. She is a ship captain.

    I didnt know we were supposed to be playing WoWS to learn about gender and race disparity. Mea culpa :kappa: If a person is not smart enough or aware enough, it’s not WarGaming’s responsibility to do it for them. I wouldnt mind having the option to make your own color/gender avatar. You’re the only one that sees it anyways. But to cry sexism/racism and get offended, you’re a thought facsist and attention wh*re.
  10. I agree with you, but the fact of the matter is most people are ignorant and wrapped up in themselves. I’m resigned to this and will only give out suggestions when I’m sunk and can provide information via the Free Cam. They’re going to do what they’re going to do and there is no point investing your emotions in it. Replying to the opinionated potatoes does no good and gives them the opportunity to vent keyboard-warrior style. Good luck out there. Randoms are a dangerous place without a division, but can be really beautiful when strangers come together to implent and coordinate a plan.
  11. Tier X Camofluage

    Hello! I have 6,000 doubloons ive recently reached from French crates, Clan Battles, and the Hermes Operation and Im looking to spend it on premium camo for one of my tier Xs that doesnt have it yet. These are my options: Shimakaze, Zao, Des Moines, Montana, Grozovoi, Khabarovsk, Hindenburg, Großer Kurfürst, Minotaur, Henri, or Z-52. Is there a ship type that is easier to farm with in the meta? Any economic advantage to pick a ship I do best at or go with one I have the most fun with? Any additional information or suggestions are appreciated.
  12. I Have a Complaint

    Correct. And after you're finished with the collection and open crates with duplicate collection items, they are reimbursed automatically for 15,000 credits each.
  13. I Have a Complaint

    It's not an issue though. Those are items for the event at hand, and you are given 15,000 credits for each duplicate from the collection you get after completion.
  14. Fixing the Asashio

    Hello everyone. I know there's a lot of controversy and talk about what the Asashio is to become, and I'd like to hear everybody else's opinion on what features it could/should be given to make it a worthy purchase and a balanced, fun ship to add to the game! In order to make my suggestions, I did a quick skim of the wikipedia page on the history and features of the destroyer, so all of my suggestions are up for criticism: 1. This destroyer class was preceeded by the Shiratsuyu, and succeeded by the Kagero class, with the Asashio being faster than the Shiratsuyu and lighter by 32 tons than the Kagero (2,000 tons vs. 2,032 tons). So I feel it should be slightly nimbler than the Kagero and faster than the Shiratsuyu. 2. It has the same guns as most of the other mid/high tier DDs and should have similar artillery performance as the Kagero. 3. Torpedoes..... yikes. Well this is the topic of contention since those 20km DWT were being tested, which I personally don't approve of. It did use the Type 93 torpedoes, which the IJN officially stated that its maximum performance was 11 km at 42 knots. I like the 11km range since its just inside Moskva/Donskoi/Chapayev range and just outside of Des Moines/Baltimore/ New Orleans range. I'd bump up either the torpedo speed or make them just as hard to detect as the Pan-Asian Deep Water Torpedoes for balance and fun play-style. Not sure about a reload time, please discuss. 4. Last suggestion is to give it a bigger hitpool than the Kagero. The Asashio historically survived at least four major engagements and evaded destruction in many more escort operations for the Combined Fleet. Would be a cool tip of the hat to the operational history of the vessel.