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  1. Kaa1elWoWS

    Premium Ship Review #108: T-61

    Appreciate your work LWM.
  2. Kaa1elWoWS

    Best in game chat [edited] you've ever heard.

    A player in an NO chirping at me after I got High Caliber and Confederate, waiting for the cap point ticker to give us the win. Calling me a bad player for not facing a 3/4 HP New Orleans against a 1/5 HP Dunkerque in the last 2 minutes of the game. We won.
  3. Kaa1elWoWS

    Report on me due not good at aims.

    Honestly it depends on your tier. In the higher tiers you are expected to have a good understanding of game mechanics. If you don't, be prepared for a rough time.
  4. Kaa1elWoWS

    Boise no Good

    Duh, it's human perspective it will always have a spectrum of subjectiveness. Would I value your review over LWM's? Hell no. She has a lot more experience and understands the game mechanics better than any of us. If you want to look at "reality" get a grip for your own understanding of the game. It requires a lot of learning and improvement from taking a glance at your profile. If you can't admit that, I'm done with the discussion.
  5. Kaa1elWoWS

    Boise no Good

    Wasn't hyped. Like at all. If you bother to read in-depth reviews from a reviewer that looks at all of a ship's aspects and doesn't get paid for it, follow LWM. Ruling: Meh-bote.
  6. Kaa1elWoWS

    I can't play this game due to toxic players.

    Unfortunately the class you like is highly influential in wins and losses and the skill gap between players usually makes or breaks a Random game. If you’re unwilling to put more practice and research into your gameplay prepare for more criticism, whether filled with swear words or not.
  7. Kaa1elWoWS

    Reported for Shooting

  8. Nice. Always welcome more diversity to the game.
  9. Kaa1elWoWS

    Rise of the Lemming....

    Weekend. Division up to help stem the tide of incompetence.
  10. Kaa1elWoWS

    Fort Rinella battery

    Gun Jesus walked across the Atlantic to film this. Praise his works and deeds!
  11. Kaa1elWoWS

    Salem and Camo Benefits

    It's the same as any Tier X permanent camouflage. Don't know why they even mentioned it as a "feature."
  12. Kaa1elWoWS

    sold indy