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  1. bigcountrylolz

    If Giulio must be hit with a nerf--

    adjusting premiums used to be some WG didnt do. It is a mistake, but they dont make good calls, so I fear they will continue to me ss things up.
  2. bigcountrylolz

    WoWS dying?

    oh its dead. The CV update, that fixed something that was not broken as well as have tier 9 and 10 premiums, as well as the ships that only good clans can buy, has put the final nails in the coffin. Been playing since beta, used to play everyday, now I play maybe 1/week, it's sad this game used to be amazing, oh well WG always does this.
  3. bigcountrylolz

    CV Rework patch broke DD gameplay

    As a DD player I agree, they ruined this game. it's all FTP from here on out, they lost any income from me. The sad thing is wargaming wanted this. [edited]russians smh.