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  1. Bout that time eh chaps?
  2. Wash0ut

    Update 0.8.1 - Bugs Report

    Got this audio setting checked?
  3. Wash0ut

    Update 0.8.1 - Bugs Report

  4. Div up with someone running concealment and AA skills on a cruiser. If it looks as though the enemy CV is going to hound you, bait them into flying into the flak of your div mate.
  5. Wash0ut

    Broken camo patterns on US cruisers

    "Worth mentioning by the way... Hopefully that will be fixed sometime soon..." - Flamu, back in June.
  6. Wash0ut

    Broken camo patterns on US cruisers

    They've got the time for the new space skins. So why not bring it up.
  7. Example 1: Pensacola permanent camo. Starboard side: a minor break in the pattern on the citadel armor belt, nothing major. Port side: OMG, the citadel armor belt here is a mirror swap from the other side while the rest of the pattern is completely different. How did this pass quality check? Example 2: Baltimore permanent camo. There is just a thin strip of citadel belt armor above the anti-fouling paint which doesn't continue the pattern. It's not very noticeable until you change to say the stripped Type 2 camo and now the stripes are all mismatched. Admittedly a much less egregious case than Pensacola. Example 3: Buffalo with New Year Streamer as an example (go ahead and try anything that's not a solid color on the hull). Again the pattern is all mismatched at the citadel armor belt. For comparison I added Charles Martel with the same scheme showing that the pattern can flow without a break across the citadel armor belt when the job is done properly.
  8. Wash0ut

    Naval Battle: Clans Competition

    We have clan members that think they each need to get 20,000 base XP in order for us to qualify despite my telling them we have fulfilled the mission.
  9. Wash0ut

    Naval Battle: Clans Competition

    We finished our 91,500 XP mission last night, but the counter below it shows us continuing to earn towards some 20,000 XP mission. I played a game after taking this and that counter went up. What is this?
  10. Wash0ut

    Bad aircraft response to turn input

    OK, I understand now: A and D keys for hard turns. Mouse movement for fine adjustment.
  11. Wash0ut

    Bad aircraft response to turn input

    Sometimes I can release RMB and it won't turn the planes when I move the mouse and control seems a little more crisp with WASD. Then it goes away and I have to keep holding it down again. I don't get it.
  12. Wash0ut

    Bad aircraft response to turn input

    I'm trying to restrict it to WASD by always holding down right mouse button so that should only change camera view point.
  13. I am continuously holding down the right mouse button so I should not be confusing the planes with that versus WASD input. But they all still wallow around like drunks and it is frustrating lining up attack runs as the slightest input to correct it throws off the aiming reticle. Is it supposed to be this bad?
  14. Devs: please add the conversion ratio to the pop-up text in the arsenal. I was expecting the 50,000:1 payout as well.
  15. Wash0ut

    Hard work being wasted..

    50,000 per token.