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  1. I'll try my best to help here, but its kinda late and I apologize for any typos :) Sigma: Yeah sounds like you already know what this is pretty well Angling: That's part of it, but the main point of angling is that you can increase your effective armour thickness to projectiles because trigonometry exists. I'd highly recommend watching the video below which explains better. Also, I'm assuming you know already but to state the obvious, angling, auto bouncing and overmatch only applies to AP shells. Autobounce Angle: Shells will always go through the penetration check described in the video above until 45 degrees, at which point an "auto bounce" mechanic kicks in, causing a ricochet to occur. This process is calculated with RNG, and scales up until a 60-degree angle threshold, at which point shells are guaranteed to bounce. Therefore, you'd ideally want to keep an angle of around 60 degrees to incoming fire, though in practice reducing your angle slightly further should be fine too since its usually enough for your main armour to shatter shells fired by the same class ship as you. But wait, there's more; certain ships in this game are exceptions to the 45-60 threshold rules. High tier US heavy cruisers, high tier RN light cruisers and Russian cruiser Stalingrad have buffed up AP shells which improved the angles at which auto bouncing starts and is guaranteed. IIRC, 60 degrees is when auto bounce starts and 67 is when auto bouncing is guaranteed, so stay a little bit more angled to these ships as you normally would. Overmatch: This is probably the most difficult concept out of the four. When the caliber of a shell is 14.3 times greater than the armour it hits, it will essentially ignore the armour completely and penetrate regardless of the angle of incidence. I think it might be easiest to explain with examples. -A tier 10 light cruiser (say Worcester) with 25mm of bow armour is parked bow into a battleship which fires 380mm guns (say Bismark). The shells hit the Worcester on the bow at an 80-degree angle. Since 380mm divided by 14.3 is around 26.5mm and is greater than the 25mm bow armour, overmatch instead of auto bouncing occurs and the shells do damage. -A tier 10 heavy cruiser (say Des Moines) with 27mm of bow armour is parked bow into the Bismark. The shells hit the Des Moines on the bow at an 80-degree angle Since the overmatch threshold of the 380mm guns is only 26.5mm and is less than the 27mm of bow amour, overmatch does not occur and the shells auto bounce harmlessly instead. There are no exceptions to overmatch as had been with auto bounce. Every ship will use the same the magic 14.3 number to do overmatch calculations. Overmatch is also why ricochets do not occur when firing high calibre guns against the superstructure of ships or against destroyers. Unfortunately, exactly which ships can overmatch which sections of other ships will take a while to learn but is what separates good players from potato ones.
  2. Started grinding out the German BB line two days ago and stumbled on the Konig. I expected the standard German dispersion from the subpar 305mm guns but was dead wrong. The thing turned out to be a cruiser blapping machine that held its own against tier 7 ships and cvs alike. Ended up getting the Bayern in just four games, averaging 100k and managed to snag a Kraken while I was at it. Tl,dr: The Konig is new bestest ever bote
  3. AFlyingPengu1n

    Population Decline? Data shows otherwise...

    I don't know about Zoup defending WG, or actively going against the playerbase. In my opinion, Zoup never advocated for the carrier release before it was ready, and literally made a video explaining that they weren't. If you look at the past few videos Zoup made, a few were very blatant criticisms of WG's policies regarding the sale of T8 cvs and the introduction of carriers into ranked; siding with the community on both issues. Just because one day Zoup's own opinions line up with what Wargaming hopes for doesn't mean that he's been sold out.
  4. AFlyingPengu1n

    Thoughts on applying the radar spotting delay to CVs?

    Honestly, I'm a little surprised that a sort of cv spotting delay mechanic hasn't already been implemented.
  5. AFlyingPengu1n

    Idea to Improve Battles

    So just my thoughts but 1.) The firing range of Yamato, and essentially every single ship has already been nerfed. In real life, the Yamato had a range of about 42km which as the devs realized would be absolutely ridiculous if it carried over in game. 2.) The argument that statistically, most BB players who sit back and take potshots from 20+ km in randoms might not be of much help is valid. However in the hands of a skilled player in competitive modes, range is absolutely crucial in allowing the battleship to take cross map shots from positions and therefore making strategies work. 3.) Simply wiping off range from all battleships decreases the diversity within battleships as a class. Instead, wargaming primarily uses accuracy as a way to coax players into brawling, while still opening up the possibility to shoot at longer ranges. This ensures that BB play will not be monotonous by nature of design; Soviet and German battleships suffer most from this game mechanic and will inherently likely prefer close quarter engagements while ships like Yamato can stay relatively further back and take advantage of it.
  6. AFlyingPengu1n

    Salem vs Des Moines?

    Pros of Salem: -Stuff you mentioned -Better AA than DM -God tier gross credit printing Cons of Salem: -Tier 10s have far more post battle servicing cost than tier 9s *ahem Missouri, so kinda takes away from the credit printing in practice -Weaker radar Overall if you enjoyed playing DM you'll probably enjoy the Salem as well. You have the potential to do much better than you would with a Missouri, but at the same time, the ship is far less forgiving when compared to a BB even with the heal.
  7. AFlyingPengu1n

    King of the Sea Finals - Bonus mission for viewers

    Thanks for posting the code dude, For everyone who wants to know what they get out of it, its a 3 stage personal assignment for a premium twitch container, 4 FTW and 3 Battle Hardened camouflages and a flag
  8. AFlyingPengu1n

    Exeter Marathon is ridiculous.

    FYI guys you can do the Exeter missions in co-op mode as well. Definitely check what the stage requirements are but overall this has helped me quite a bit. Damage hasn't been an issue for me at all as I've found that 100k average games can be done very consistently through torpedo damage as bots will move in predictable locations, and these games are lasting much shorter than randoms.
  9. AFlyingPengu1n

    New Mexico, no torp launchers?

    Tbh if WG set the precedent by adding submerged torpedo tubes on the New Mexico, they would face pressure to add them to all historical ships. While having one torp launcher a side on the New Mexico would be cool and all, giving ships like the HMS Dreadnought five torpedoes tubes would kinda break the game.
  10. AFlyingPengu1n

    Waiting to Ambush Wednesday - The Sneak Attack

    Ideally popping out of islands: Most probable way to ensure your torps can actually land Usually guarantees that an enemy ship will be sunk It's kinda fun to get devstrikes That being said though playing open water in dds is still probably more useful overall, as not only can islands potentially trap you when radars or enemy destroyers are near, but by staying behind cover your ability to spot for the team greatly diminishes. Personally, something I like to do when facing unescorted targets is to position myself in a way so that they are moving directly towards me and pop smoke just as they are about to enter detection range. I find that distracted targets will continue to move in the direction of your smoke until you are close enough to be able to secure a kill with a torp salvo, while those who are more aware will attempt to turn away; inadvertently opening up a window, albeit narrow, for your torps to catch them broadside. tl;dr: Why be forced to use islands when you can make your own?