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  1. Honestly, I'm a little surprised that a sort of cv spotting delay mechanic hasn't already been implemented.
  2. AFlyingPengu1n

    Idea to Improve Battles

    So just my thoughts but 1.) The firing range of Yamato, and essentially every single ship has already been nerfed. In real life, the Yamato had a range of about 42km which as the devs realized would be absolutely ridiculous if it carried over in game. 2.) The argument that statistically, most BB players who sit back and take potshots from 20+ km in randoms might not be of much help is valid. However in the hands of a skilled player in competitive modes, range is absolutely crucial in allowing the battleship to take cross map shots from positions and therefore making strategies work. 3.) Simply wiping off range from all battleships decreases the diversity within battleships as a class. Instead, wargaming primarily uses accuracy as a way to coax players into brawling, while still opening up the possibility to shoot at longer ranges. This ensures that BB play will not be monotonous by nature of design; Soviet and German battleships suffer most from this game mechanic and will inherently likely prefer close quarter engagements while ships like Yamato can stay relatively further back and take advantage of it.
  3. AFlyingPengu1n

    Salem vs Des Moines?

    Pros of Salem: -Stuff you mentioned -Better AA than DM -God tier gross credit printing Cons of Salem: -Tier 10s have far more post battle servicing cost than tier 9s *ahem Missouri, so kinda takes away from the credit printing in practice -Weaker radar Overall if you enjoyed playing DM you'll probably enjoy the Salem as well. You have the potential to do much better than you would with a Missouri, but at the same time, the ship is far less forgiving when compared to a BB even with the heal.
  4. AFlyingPengu1n

    King of the Sea Finals - Bonus mission for viewers

    Thanks for posting the code dude, For everyone who wants to know what they get out of it, its a 3 stage personal assignment for a premium twitch container, 4 FTW and 3 Battle Hardened camouflages and a flag
  5. AFlyingPengu1n

    Exeter Marathon is ridiculous.

    FYI guys you can do the Exeter missions in co-op mode as well. Definitely check what the stage requirements are but overall this has helped me quite a bit. Damage hasn't been an issue for me at all as I've found that 100k average games can be done very consistently through torpedo damage as bots will move in predictable locations, and these games are lasting much shorter than randoms.
  6. AFlyingPengu1n

    New Mexico, no torp launchers?

    Tbh if WG set the precedent by adding submerged torpedo tubes on the New Mexico, they would face pressure to add them to all historical ships. While having one torp launcher a side on the New Mexico would be cool and all, giving ships like the HMS Dreadnought five torpedoes tubes would kinda break the game.
  7. AFlyingPengu1n

    Looking for a competitive clan to join [NA]

    Hey Luminarium, feel free to check out -RNG- and RNG! Both clans made it to typhoon last CB season with our main competitive clan RNG a game away from the struggle for Hurricane at one point. In addition, we have a very active discord server and partake in non-mandatory intra and inter clan scrimmages on a weekly to bi-weekly basis for those who want to improve their competitive play.
  8. AFlyingPengu1n

    Waiting to Ambush Wednesday - The Sneak Attack

    Ideally popping out of islands: Most probable way to ensure your torps can actually land Usually guarantees that an enemy ship will be sunk It's kinda fun to get devstrikes That being said though playing open water in dds is still probably more useful overall, as not only can islands potentially trap you when radars or enemy destroyers are near, but by staying behind cover your ability to spot for the team greatly diminishes. Personally, something I like to do when facing unescorted targets is to position myself in a way so that they are moving directly towards me and pop smoke just as they are about to enter detection range. I find that distracted targets will continue to move in the direction of your smoke until you are close enough to be able to secure a kill with a torp salvo, while those who are more aware will attempt to turn away; inadvertently opening up a window, albeit narrow, for your torps to catch them broadside. tl;dr: Why be forced to use islands when you can make your own?