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  1. Good day fellow Captains.  I have just unlocked the tier 9 usn dd, Fletcher(wooo hooo!!) and am looking for some advice on commander skills and modules.  Currently I have a 15 point commander and am looking to re-spec to maximize the Fletcher's game play.  In saying that, I have noticed no new guides for Fletcher builds or gameplay.  One interesting concept is using Fletcher as more of a torp focused dd as opposed to maximizing her guns... would love to hear the community's opinions on how best to utilize her, as she sounds like a beautiful ship to play(power creep not withstanding).  Have purchased the ship and will be free xp'ing the upgrades as well as re-specing my Benson commander but would love to hear people's take on how best to build/play this sleek looking greyhound of the seas !


    Ty in advance,