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  1. I have often thought that WG could make some money by selling camo bonuses and then extra if you want to make a certain pattern permanent. Say you want to camo a tier X ship. Pay 5,000 dubloons for the permanent camo. Then if you want to use a different pattern they could charge you another say 1k. So you could have tier X bonuses with say the blue lagoon camo pattern. Something for everyone. We get the bonuses and look we want and WG gets some of our money.
  2. Tahona


    iDuckman, I hear you man. I completed chemo and radiation 9 months ago. Cancer is gone as far as they can tell. Hang in their brother, it is worth it in the end.
  3. Tahona

    This isn't fun

    Yes, I am a co-op main. I prefer the more relaxed atmosphere. I play for fun. This is not fun. This may be the worst update I have seen in a computer game in nearly 30 years of computer gaming.
  4. Tahona

    Too many carriers in co-op now.

    This isn't fun anymore.
  5. Tahona

    Signal flags are missing from the shop?

    This represents a huge increase in cost of the signal flags. Here are my calculations: Zulu - 8 doubloons India Bravo Terrathree - 4 Doubloons Equal Speed Charlie London - 16 Doubloons Zulu Hotel - 6 Doubloons Papa Papa - 8 Doubloons Total Cost 42 Doubloons - Average cost 8.4 Doubloons If you bought the big pack of 300 of each flag it was $37.96 (or about). If you use the buy any amount of Doubloons 8500 Doubloons is $37.96 You get 1500 signal flags (300 of each type) in the big bundle. So the average cost is 8500/1500 = 5.6 Doubloons. That is an increase of 2.8 Doubloons on average. ((8.4 - 5.6) / 5.6 ) x 100 = 50% If my calculations are correct that is a 50% increase in the cost of economic signal flags.
  6. Tahona

    Why you will never get Missouri

    Why doesn't WG just come out with a new version of the Mighty Mo. Black version, green version for St. Patrick's day, red white and blue for July 4th, whatever. Change it so the payout matches other tier X premiums. They would make a killing.
  7. Tahona

    Starting noise from hell

    I have noticed it. It seems to happen to me after I play the Halloween scenario.
  8. Don't aim to far forward on most ships. Middle to middle aft. Aim just above the water line. You want to hit under the turrets or under the smoke stacks.
  9. Tahona

    500 Secondary Hits

    I did it in 3 battles in a Bismark.
  10. Tahona

    How is Nelson's earning potential?

    I do pretty well in mine. Plus she is really fun at 2 things. Deleting cruisers that sail broadside and BBQing higher tier BBs.