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  1. LucaDoncic

    Why YOU don’t Suck at World of Warships

    Love it great post!
  2. LucaDoncic

    This game sums up 2018

    You never know
  3. LucaDoncic

    This game sums up 2018

    Some clan fun and laughs. Ive had some really really tough losses in 2018 and I know I wasn't the only one. Do you have to sink the whole team to get a win? If you dont want to watch the whole thing just go to 8:20...
  4. LucaDoncic

    Merry Christmas!!

    Just wanted to say World of Warships has been fun! What a year and can’t wait to see what 2019 brings. I didn’t think this game would keep me hooked all these years but there’s been a lot of good changes. This year had its ups and downs. My father has cancer and was in the hospital for two major surgery’s. He was not supposed to survive last week but pulled off a Christmas miracle and surprised everyone including the doctors that said he had like a 1% chance to make it. I took a lot of prayers and I would say that was my highlight of the year and glad he is still here with me at the hospital. World of Warships has help keep my mind off a lot of negative things this year and vent out some good games and laughs with friends. My WOW highlight of the year was when I got chosen to be a Turkey for the turkey event! Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year!
  5. LucaDoncic

    Just gotta Vent

  6. LucaDoncic

    Team quality

  7. LucaDoncic

    BONUS CODE: 15 Dec 2018

    What if you have steam but dont play it through there?
  8. LucaDoncic

    What is the average age of our playerbase?

    If you are pulling hairs out of your ears, chances are you are old!
  9. LucaDoncic

    What is the average age of our playerbase?

    Lerts an old fart like me 37
  10. LucaDoncic

    Warship Wednesday - The Commonwealth

    Oh hi.. Make that 9 losses and 1 win ... 10% Win Rate GG and goodnight all lol
  11. LucaDoncic

    Warship Wednesday - The Commonwealth

    Speaking of British ships just got the Edinburgh and had 7 losses and one win. Made top 3 like every game.... ugh?! Like hows your day going?!
  12. LucaDoncic

    Avg Battles Turkey Event

    I thought it was to and Fem just posted this after my post
  13. So what was our over all average on the Turkey accounts, did not see this anywhere in the forums and doesn't the rewards stack i thought from previous tier?
  14. LucaDoncic

    Warship Wednesday - The Commonwealth

    Was about to say i dont have any of those ships in till I saw my Vamp. Maybe I will start her up lol
  15. Ok my one question is where can I get a World of Warships coffee mug? And if I had hair I would dye mines purple