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  1. This is the third loss today that I received because someone on my team says they are having connection issues. Don't play ranked if you are having connection issues. You are screwing over other players that actual give a crap. Thanks...
  2. _Sang

    Ranked & 2021

    Going to try to give another go at it. Maybe I needed a day off lol Anyways I like to play destroyer because I feel I have more control of the outcome of the game but if I don't have the support than its a loss cause. So I might have to jump into a cruiser or BB if the games are not going well in my DD. At least I understand to not sail broad side to Red like the whole game. I watched to many of my cruisers and battleships get deleted the fist 2mins of the game. Very frustrating when you think you are doing a good job spotting and capping and deleting other destroyers but then 3 of your team mates are out of the game. Happened 3 games in a row for me yesterday.
  3. _Sang

    Karma and CV's (your laughing already)

    At least you are a good sport about it! I know I hate the Karma system and I know people report me for what ever reason they feel like to. But I wonder because I noticed something. When I get down voted my games (over pins) and team goes to absolute crap. I wonder if negative Karma puts you on the loosing side?
  4. _Sang

    Ranked & 2021

    I was in a good mood this morning in till I played ranked. Some times you have to just log off the game and come back another day. I ranked up to #1 bronze and missed the part where I had to play 4 more to qualify to silver. Holidays makes things crazy. If you don't move up quick when season of ranked starts, you will be left behind and end up in even worse situations where you will have no support what so ever. So I missed the train. Taking a break in till maybe next season of ranked but most likely I might just play randoms. Less stress than loosing a star. Might even take a break in till the 0.10.0 update lol Happy New Year!
  5. I just wanted to give a shout out to BOBS and this awesome community we have! Raising over 45k (Save the children) is really awesome for a game that I see streaming about 5k total viewers, do just as well as other game main stream fund raisers. Fortnight which has maybe 50k viewers and such. Just shows what a great close community we have throughout the servers and peoples support for a great cause. Anyone’s hope everyone that sees this have a great rest of the week and Merry Christmas to you all! Also I should say at my work I see kids every day with out parents or struggling parents and this kind of hit home in appreciation for this event. Thanks BOBS and WG
  6. Auction off the Kita Ki! Make it so only a few people have it in game lol
  7. _Sang

    Yet another I hate CV post

    Don't be this guy! https://clips.twitch.tv/InnocentAliveChowderPartyTime
  8. No problem! It took me awhile for me to figure it out by process of elimination but hey I do this kind of stuff at work lol
  9. Solved! Do not have this on in new Nvidia update!
  10. I am thinking I might be something else in my control panel. Checking it out now. I even reset my router just in case it was that. Also just logged in and crashed right away and it said I am pink for 3 battles for... RIP
  11. Game keeps crashing after Nvidia update. It was either because of this update or when I just re researched a line. Seems to crash when I try to put flags on a ship I am re researching for research points? I dont know which part is making it crash. So I just Figured this out. In the new Nvidia patch do not turn this on!
  12. _Sang

    snowflake event

  13. _Sang

    Twitch Mission X-Mas box Haul.

    Wish I was a super tester
  14. _Sang

    Yudachi for the win!

    It is not really as bad as people say but to get it to that point of good. You really need a 19 point captain and suggest putting points into making your guns better lol