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  1. _Sang

    Jean Bart Armor LOL!!!???

    Pretty much why my WR stinks overall. When I first started playing, I grinned IJN BB line first and did not understand that I cant cit everything no matter the angel. In till I got the Yamato lol. I didn't really understand that just because I am in a battleship, doesn't mean I can punch threw everything. Now with everything going on and more time on my hands to game, i have been exploring BB's a little more. What is crazy is all the ship lines that I have grinned, back in the day, I still have more battles in than the newer ship lines. The grinds back then took for ever. That grind to Yamato I think is still a big chunk of my total games played. I am just thinking about all the games I have played with BB's and shooting at water line all the time, when close range, how much more attack I missed out on aiming at the wrong spot. Plus I think if my self and other players look into armor structures and what their guns can do on certain ships depending on where they aim, we might see an increase in better BB playing. Rather than rushing in thinking just because you are in a BB you can citadel everything. Having community videos are very helpful for players like me that work a lot and dont have the time to read more into what does what on your ships. I set my ships up from what videos I watch and go off them. Maybe change some things to fit my playing style. Over all I knew my aiming needed some work because I am missing out on so much more attack. Specifically in situations like in my video I posted and you are "like what in the world happened?!" "Why did I get no attack firing 3 full salvos at this guy." The comments and some exploring of videos have helped a lot and hopefully I can get more enjoyment when someone nose rushes me in a Jean Bart again lol But oh well, there might be a couple rage quits coming. Over all I have fun. Will have to wait and see when they bring in nuke AP rockets and Submarines. Then really will have to make even more adjustments.
  2. _Sang

    Jean Bart Armor LOL!!!???

    If someone can find me a video on where to aim when they nose in on you. BB vrs BB that would be cool. All I am seeing is a bunch of aiming on broadside water line ships
  3. _Sang

    Jean Bart Armor LOL!!!???

    At this point I am thinking about running a armor hack. So when someone hits me with 3 full battleship shell volleys and gets 0 attack on me, I’ll just say you were angled wrong bro. Or my French armor plating was too much for your 16” US BB shells... lol 😂
  4. _Sang

    Jean Bart Armor LOL!!!???

    Ok ill aim for the turrets thanks
  5. _Sang

    Jean Bart Armor LOL!!!???

    You would think so... So what I am hearing is I have to use HE in a Missouri at close range and fire at JB Guns. I was trying to set up a training room with me in a Missouri against a Jean Bart but it won let me... I would probably have better games if every shell I launched didn't bounce lol
  6. _Sang

    Jean Bart Armor LOL!!!???

    The Only ship I seen get attack off this thing at close range was a Venzia the next game i was in. He did 15k damage each shot. Crazy man
  7. Now I see what everyone is talking about. First time I squared up with this thing with another BB. This thing has Super Fantasy Armor like no other. What the *#$#@@#@# in Gods name am I supposed to do with this Jean [edited], ram the dang thing???!! Like Really no attack and I took three shots at this thing. Every other ship at that range with Missouri gets 5k at the least no matter where I aim. Now I see. Unless this guy is running some kind of armor hack. Or give me this ship so I can inspect what kind of Armor layout this OP French Fry is running man. Cheese and rice!!!..... https://www.twitch.tv/videos/583072482
  8. _Sang

    This Grind Was A Real Pleasure!

    How much did you pay for this ship?
  9. Um two DD’s I worry about is the Daring and Gumo. When I am in a DD and don’t own either one of these ships.
  10. _Sang

    Bring back the kitakami

    Yours for 1,000,000 Steel
  11. I think bad karma puts people on bad teams and the people that have high karma are on good teams. That’s why you see your team get steam rolled so quick. It serves a secret purpose 🤔
  12. _Sang

    Whats is wargammings goal with CV's?

    IDK after playing them for the firsdt time on the test server with the new mechanics. I give CV players a lot of credit. I dont know how you guys get any attack in those things. Planes get destroyed before you reach a target lol
  13. _Sang

    Stealth Radar, Power Creep

    I played the Yueyang with Radar in ranked and Radar mod I think gave me 20-24secs. It was really quit fun seeing a Shima crap its pants when I light him or her up ;)
  14. _Sang

    WGC: Log in to Experience It All

    Do you mean the automatic updates wont be supported anymore? Oh never mind was confused. I am already using the WGC. Abbreviations through me off lol