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  1. Just wondering if anyone completed King of the Sea Collection?
  2. _Sang

    My 2020 Black Friday 25 Container Haul

    Sounds like a lot of money
  3. _Sang

    My 2020 Black Friday 25 Container Haul

    I just wish the Black versions would count torwards the same name ship missions. Like that Jean Bart mission. Either B or regular ship should count to complete the mission. Nothing different except the color of the ship 🚢
  4. _Sang

    USS Nevada

    Good stuff!
  5. I get it. Just thought they are the same ship just different camo.
  6. I just don't understand this. These are the same ships right? Just different camo? Cant do Tirpitz mission with Tirpitz B either??
  7. _Sang


    Like this battle. Not one compliment lol
  8. I guess B ships don't count but when you win the Jean Bart B you get this mission?
  9. _Sang

    My 2020 Black Friday 25 Container Haul

    Won this today!!! SWEEEEETTTT!!
  10. I know maybe Karma points don't effect anything in game? But I feel sometimes when I sink enemy ships they report me just for sinking them and winning the fight. So I think that when you sink an enemy ship, that person should not be aloud to negative Karma you. Also Krakens should be automatic +1 to Karma, seeing that I don't ever get a positive Karma for carrying a team from time to time and not getting any positive Karma
  11. _Sang

    Show me your Turkey!!

    Happy Turkey Day!! USA!
  12. _Sang

    Thanksgiving Day

    Heck yeah! Lets play some boats!
  13. _Sang

    Turkey Hunt 2020

    Anyways I really enjoyed being a Turkey in 2018. If you really enjoy this game and community in here; for me it was not just about what I get, it was about what I can give back to the community. That might of sounded corny but people sinking me to win a prize was really fun. PS: Glad to see it back this year
  14. _Sang

    Turkey Hunt 2020

    Actually I think everything I did on that account was linked in someway when I was a Turkey in 2018.