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  1. same here... no flags reward added.
  2. I didn't get any flags... and i was playing from the morning today...
  3. That's right.
  4. the entire game?
  5. Same problem... no ones replay a solution
  6. Game Center Bug - "Unable to handle application files" Tha's what happend when i try to update and no one gives a solution, "please check your internet conection"
  7. Not Working... can't take the update
  8. 9 Tier X on port isn't that bad... and this is very generous, thanks to hakuryu, DM, Zao, GK, Yammy, Montana, Hindy, Kabarovsk, Grozovoi !
  9. Many thanks to the comunity, this kind of events makes the difference
  10. Enjoy! What a nice ship, gratz.
  11. Thanks and good luck!
  12. Thanks a lot
  13. Bro u still can do it
  14. Playing solo, u can find... a lot of surprises on weeknds..