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  1. Looking for a clan !

    Hey there, i'm looking for an active clan to join and participate! https://na.wows-numbers.com/es/player/1009054030,OtterSWillDominate/
  2. Hi there!, how can i join?
  3. Aftvent Calandar Supercontainers

    Got an Radar module and some flags.... but meh
  4. Just asking..

  5. Just asking..

    Hi everyone! I just want to know if is there any Clan tool for attendance code, for clan battles days here in WoWs
  6. Z-23 tier 10 blues...

    Fully upgraded? or just stock ?
  7. Sugerencias para la comunidad latinoamericana

    Interesante.. UP
  8. Best credit earning premiums

    Mighty Mo is the way !, also too Alabama and AZ, Prinz Eugen
  9. Hi Road! there's the config of my Missouri if you interested
  10. same here... no flags reward added.
  11. Special Flags / Anniversary camo

    I didn't get any flags... and i was playing from the morning today...
  12. Anniversary Containers

    That's right.
  13. Same problem... no ones replay a solution