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  1. Uploaded picture is twin towers NYC about two years before 9-11. Was with Ronnie Dowdy of Batesville Arkansas that year hauling perishable and temperature controlled freight all over USA and Ontario CA. The last time we saw the Towers was on 9-12 as we delivered a maximum volume multi million load of pharmacy for McKesson Linfield from McKesson Detroit. This would be one load that we know nothing about (Extreme Dollar Load) other than its a one time haul for what amounts to wartime to meet the needs of that city. We crossed the GWB that evening around sunset and saw about 20 acres of fire and rubble where the Towers stood.There was quite a bit of Commerce in trucking and airfreight etc related to that Tower over the years for me. Along with other Services to the Company and Industry. I ended in 2010 time period as a Crew Boss with up to 30 Drivers under my charge in Little Rock part time monthly. Its been almost 20 years of war. I am growing old and sick of war. Thats not what will defeat the USA. What will is anarchy and lawlessness; total failure of our way of life.