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  1. Steel. Whoopie. Took me three years to get the Burger and now shes powercrept. Whee. Coal? HA. Burn it. Super Ships? I played about 30 games with the Yamagiri today cost me 100 to 300K a game in credits. Made it back with about a two million credit overall loss for today. That Crredit burn rate will have me at zero in less than 10 days. It will be time to [edited] the crapout of Narai tonight rake in a few millions to pay for this morning debauchery.
  2. xHeavy

    Server is up...

    I am prostrate with laugher on the floor. You slayed me. Hoisted on my own petard. Nice! The Premium Shop server is up for sure. Just bought 5500 double-loons for the yamagiri permacamo and 500 more to retain Yammato to re-command that DD again. So they got 22 dollars for their efforts with this update this morning. I dont mind buying this permacamo. Saves me the trouble of bleeding credits or coal into other Camos.
  3. xHeavy

    Server is up...

    There are several servers. One tends to the armory itself. Another tends to your log in. Another tends to the battles, another tends to the buying and selling, another deals with the authentication and yet more involved in patching. So many servers, WeeGee aboundeth in servers. But they cannot build a sub that can be easily killed or have the sub actually fun enough to have most of the participating server population of humans to actually play them in any meaningful manner within the intended spirit of the game.
  4. xHeavy

    Server is up...

    Oh is it? I'll be damned. And Heaven would be silent for half a hour at such a revelation.
  5. Thats the first thing I eliminated in Wows. Enemy is winning. Whatever. In a fight as long you can breathe and gain power you can still land that knock out punch you have been working on since last Sunday.
  6. Ah well. There was a time we had none of that internet and computer non sense. All that raising up of technology and for what a dookie pew pew video game with which to piss away your most productive adult living playing a childs game of war? HA... the blessed server will be back up. WeeGee depends on it. Just have to take up knitting or something easily able to help you dispose of all this wonderful wasted hours with which to wait on more wasted hours and days pursuing a new shiny object of desire built for you to be able to extract the wealth of your sweat and labors.
  7. WeeGee sometimes has it's failures in glaring display of a inconvient truth when players do not pick up subs that have been made very simple to play. Because they dont do anything. Then they made the subs strong enough to take a few hits and are able to do something with their time and effort in battle. People find out that the subs cannot be found, and if they are found they cannot be sunk or hurt very much. Its really grosteque and enraging if I am a Z52 for example with the awesome hydro and racks of depth charges that are really good with the famous german taste for gotterdummering kaboom having to chat to a nearby BB who has airstrikes that do work against this sub I found but cannot kill. Its insulting to me. Having to beg a fat BB to kill this annoying sub directly under my tin can [edited]. And weegee wonders why I dont engage in behaviors they would love to see. Such as spending resources to play subs that they have spent years lovingly building in house.
  8. Thats why I only had three or so battles with the Kansas. My attitude was one of joyful anticipation when I acquired the thing. Finally a can of big American whoopass that will matter in the game. Here I come. Gangway. Fired at the enemy after waiting on that godawful long loading. Watching the rounds leave the gun on pathways in any of three axis that are already NOT going to hit the enemy target way over there. If I wanted a Kansas Potato Gun from back home I would have gotten one together in the back yard and started trying to shoot a barn with it. Its not fun driving a Kansas in wows. Not with such crappy artillery in game. When I see a Kansas in a DD, I wait for him to shoot. Then I close in with total intent to harvest all that damage sitting there in that tub. His secondaires dont shoot worth a damn either. 40 seconds is long enough to get to it close enough to make it go POOF with the torpedos. PROVIDED I have torpedos big enough damage in the sufficient numbers that will total at least the hull points of that kansas. Otherwise there is no point.
  9. xHeavy

    A not so serious rant about dispersion

    We saw the same thing in shooter games. Take a M240 machine gun, enter a subway corridor near say a elevator bank where the enemy is coming. Set up and wait for enemy to come out of the elevator at 30 feet. Close enough to kill but not so close that they can frag you with a grenade before coming out. (And vice versa) If you fired the machine gun into a wall, the game makes decals in the form of bullet holes. Generally a 8 foot circle at 20 feet then slowly fills in that circle at random. Not too terribly accurate from a hip shooting position. Which is why sometimes when ten enemies come out of the elevator dead to rights survive a full 200 rounds magazine fired all over them. You will nick a few maybe kill one or two outright. But eventually you get deleted. Then your team has a problem when they cap the objective you were trying to defend. You eventually had two choices. First is a common behavior. Get prone 5 doors down from the elevator bank, set your machine gun up on the tripod and delete the whole mess coming out when the ding signals their entry. OR... If caught in the open and you know you cannot hit anything long enough to survive, you instantly go prone from full speed running. This meta is called Porposing. Like dolphins breaking water ahead of your ship, you instantly flop down to the ground and gain the really tiny RNG needed to really engage and end the oncoming threat to you. Soon everyone would go dolphin diving instantly and finally forced the Developers to nerf the ability to instantly go prone among other things. Some servers started banning use of tripods. If you tried to deploy a tripod it is assumed by the AI Admin that you intend to dolphin dive which is now a banned behavior in the server. You got auto kicked and thats the end of the game for you. In Wows, the rounds you shoot does not arrive where it will matter until you get really close. Like say 3000 yards or closer. That makes the possible dispersion or random impact zone smaller than the actual hull of the enemy ship. The closer the better. Thats why Wows by Weegee learned never to give the effective secondaries that matter. Such as some of the German Ships that are really efficent in harvesting people in randoms by the dozen just with giggle inducing killing secondaries. The one fantasy or behavior I learned to dispose of in Wows my first year was the idea that I can open fire on something at 20 miles and watch the rounds simply delete the yammy. So beautiful it makes one weep to watch it. Aint happening bub. And so the game coding influences the physical behavior of the human to get really close to where you do matter. Otherwise you are just sound and fury, decoration for others who are actually having fun sinking stuff and other humans on the red team trying to sink them. Thats why you hardly never see say Italian Battleships in the game. They simply do not shoot well enough to matter. Its a futile waste and a tragety to throw away such wonderful creations of Italian Military Power when you get farmed by 12 people who know you cannot hit anything enough to matter on any of them at near or far ranges. In other words you are a target to be farmed. Dont be that target. be in something accurate enough to be lethal and dangerous. Then go hunting. But you are not going be doing that from 20 miles away. That went out with the removal of the dead eye perk that caused no end of teeth gnashing and hair pulling in wows for a time.
  10. I have been apathetic for a very long time in this game situation. If WeeGee does not give a damn and continues to pound away at the square peg that wont go into the round hole of their own creation then we are all [edited]. They have proven not to give a damn with the blessed surveys and feedback and therefore I dont give a damn.
  11. I loved the mainz. HOWEVER WeeGee built weimar to make me smile. I dont smile much these days. The difference between Weimar and Mainz is the quality of the armor on the hull. In the game of wows she can take a few hits from battleships long enough to either burn it down or torp it. The mainz requires more prey behavior. She does not have the stones to take a few solid hits. In the game if you are a battleship you are obligated to be issued one or two rounds to hit, if HE you need several before starting a fire. If AP then its overpen or bounce. I exploit that. The flaws kill the battleship this way. WeeGee could tighten that up and put the ouch right back into the AP and stop it with the silly one overpen or bounce with every full salvo.
  12. We use the old apple jack from Colonial Era out of Williamsburg. All they did is just mash apples get cider out of them, throw apples away, put cider barrels outside in the snow to keep them chill. Toss the frozen cider out combine several barrels into one concentrated apple jack. Take a sip. The problem with that method is menthol a poison to humans accumulate in it. Today's distilling at Lairds of Jersey takes the menthol problem completely out of it. Apples in Jack out. Three fingers and alls right with the world. But if you saw two moons or something then its a wee much.
  13. Or how easy it is to delete a real world US Navy Full Carrier Battle Task Force of 20 plus surface ships. All of which are networked into a common air defense basket. All you need to do as Russia or China is to launch 2000 missiles at such a group. Wait about half a hour. The Carrier Battle Group will completely and absolutely exhaust the few hundred total missiles and then burn out their phasers (Phalanxs) and empty the point defense rolling rams at leakers until the entire group is poof. Sunk in about 40 minutes to a hour. Suppose they survived by a miracle. They would be totally out of ammunition and you can now peacefully engage in some plinking working down from the big can until its all over. The fail with that stragety is that a US Carrier is American Homeland. You can expect to be turned into a parking lot with radioactive lighting and ash fall for 10,000 years for your trouble. A defense? Easy. We looked into Arsenal Ships, semi Submersables that can carry 5000 air defense missiles OR any missile in the NATO inventory on call via Link 16 or battle net for any joint services or nations tied into the arsenal ship to engage targets in that range on land, sea or in the air. A couple of these arsenal ships with every battle group fitted with a carrier would have say china or russia run out of their anti ship missiles before the USN ran out at sea. But sadly the arsenal ships were cancelled a few years back by those who wanted to save a dollar.
  14. Weimar. I have been fairly successful hunting DD's and burning nelsons this week in ranked with it. I dont mind being focused by entire red team determined to delete me asap after I did a first blood on their dd. Also its a Narai Boat. Narai should be live now or very soon. Make sure you have the gunther commander at 21 in her. (Or any 21 commander. Buy the special speed boost for it. Get over 4 minutes of engine boost that will get you into the realm of 38 knots give or take. Maybe 40 with the flag. (And the captain speed increase skill) Follow other weimars in Narai until you learned all 4 possible farming pathways. You are going to need those credits to support your T11 habit.