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  1. Its also useful to examine the creativity of the person you are with. Simple games like that long before there was a internet to play on. I remember telling the shrink that his visual tests for two faces or a vase is meaningless. If I saw one item they assign a value to it. If I saw the other item they assign a different value to it. The test itself is meaningless. It solves nothing.
  2. xHeavy

    WG year in review email/notice

    We used to do movie effups all the time. Why not round up a bunch of WG effups for fun? We all know about it and it will take the edge off. One of my favorite bloopers has to do with this... The car is in the frame shot at 53 seconds of the one or so minute as the enemy heavy Calvary charges wallace's line. One can also infer the massed tens of thousands of scots are petty much a few dozen or perhaps a village's worth of extras with careful camera posiioning. You can see a moment shot where the end of the line shows another mile of grass which would allow the horses to flank the enemy and take them in the rear. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FcJxhkerdVE&ab_channel=AskMen
  3. xHeavy

    Is Leeuw worth getting over Johan?

    More common names would be easier on these Dutch Names. Always something left incomplete in our own language structure. =)
  4. xHeavy

    WG year in review email/notice

    It would be easier to have a year to date column in the statistics. Emails are so noughts.
  5. xHeavy

    PSA - FYI on "Festive Tokens"

    I think there is a limit of 30 containers to be opened. Once you finished that limit (If you had enough ships)
  6. Every reason never to enter a dog pound with a fried steak medium rare with aroma.
  7. Or your entire team sitting on top of the sub with the X on it spraying all calibers of rounds at the poor bastard sitting right above the damn thing.
  8. xHeavy

    Server ist kaput?

    No works well enough. It did suffer a bit of ping issue earlier this am. A tethered smart phone with a faster connection calmed it down. Played with you earlier tonight I believe in Coop. All of you did well.
  9. xHeavy

    Pre-orders during Alpha/Beta?

    I was given a Beta Tag. Nothing fancy and nothing special. I'll go put it up.
  10. xHeavy

    If you were compelled...

    There is too much risk of this subject going overboard and then keelhauled into oblivion. IF I had just three Nations then I must look at the big stuff I am effective in. American for the Georgia, Gearing, German for the Scharnhorst and Z52. And one UBoat that I can live with at T10 having learned how to be dangerous with it to all near me. Keyword ALL applied in Satire. You do not want to be the teammate near me. Here at this point the exercise fails. The rest of the other Nations are equally crappy. And the French and Soviet deadlocked for other reasons not part of the game itself. One of those two are going to be picked to meet the three Nations restrction. The Italians are not part of the pictures. True to form, their ships are like their cars that rusted out in a couple of months. Its just as well that they have a strong diet of tomatoes, pasta and some of that cheese to get by until the meat load arrives in time for the big fat wedding. Some Nations its easy to toss. Say the Japanese. The Destroyers do not survive dedicated gunboat hunters that delete them The Cruisers by design have too many workarounds and are just a Junker Car that has been bypassed so many times to run one more time... its a total failure. The battleships do not battle. ANY time you fire a Japanese BB guns, you get one wonderful OVER PEN x1. Guaranteed. With all the Japanese Lethal Weapons of War are shown to be no good, everyone turns to one Johnny Socco, his wrist watch and a 500 ton robot that flies to pull the Chestnuts out of the fire. The British might as well be dead before Lazarus gets to work anyway. Since they are always chopping stuff into cutrate sales packages too small to make a good filling meal... The Dutch have lost their credibility by design months ago. To sit there and fire a dutch is to announce to the gaming world that you are now a official Cuck and cannot be bothered to defend your home and marriage from the bosche who loot and pillage you nightly. The Asian Nations? Well, they all visited the Good will and bought out our mothballs. Slapped fresh paint into the ships and went to sea. And the Commonwwealth? Well... If everything is equally crappy on that day of days the world over then its well that we do not noticed right away just how fooked we are as a Human Race. I know of first hand several warships sunk as a reef into the St Lawrence River because they cannot fight their way out of a yacht club.
  11. xHeavy

    Convoy and Asashio Torpedo questions

    Nope. There seems to be a incresing number of ashies in game for whatever reason and I have specifically been saved by the torps passing clear under, a total miss.
  12. =) Struggling. HAHAHAHA. Thats one of the things I have been working hard to get rid of in this game. Troublesome tasks that require a fight to overachieve.
  13. I can accept that. Mine came out to 6. But thats ok. We have them and thats what matters. Keep in mind we are not told the hard instructions such as "Sink this many" and you will receive from the burning bush within WG. You got it on 4 CV kills. Thats awesome. I celebrate that.
  14. xHeavy

    Who have you seen in game

    We had a game with AdmiralThunder of PVE Clan. He was in a DE7 Prov and sunk two. I was in a Uboat and sunk one. It was a text book game without any excess lost time, energy or motion.
  15. xHeavy

    Server ist kaput?

    I am happy I got some games in today, finished the last of the Anniversary ships.