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  1. JuiceEFruit

    Update 0.11.11: New Year Frenzy

    But is this really going to sell that many Renown 44's, just for one mission? I seriously doubt it. Not much of a "New Year's" mission if it's restricted to just one ship. IMO. <--which is correct, lol...you can't even buy Renown 44 right now, can you? That makes it even more stupid, if true.
  2. JuiceEFruit

    Update 0.11.11: New Year Frenzy

    I'm sorry, but having the New Year's missions start with a "Renown 44-only" mission is flat out dumb. Actually, I'm not sorry. Why in the world would you restrict it to that one ship to begin with? Or at all?
  3. I ran consumable camos all the time with a standard account. They still helped boost my XP and/or credits.
  4. Seems to be following the same path as World of Tanks. Super cool at first, mostly historic tanks, started adding in experimental tanks then just flat out making them up. Nerf/buff/nerf/buff all the time. Now it's unrecognizable.
  5. True, but if you come out of a battle and just want to hit 'battle on' and go right into another, you're going in with the same setup again. You have to go remove a signal manually to get it to not use it.
  6. I know what they could do to settle it: Just have a "Random" and "Random with subs and/or CV's" mode. Then track which one gets played more. Sounds pretty easy to implement, if they REALLY want to know. Subs don't bother me that much, but they ARE an additional irritant, so if there was an option to play without them, I'd choose it every time. I'd bet it would be overwhelmingly played without subs if they were so inclined.
  7. I do like the authentic camos, that at least look like real camo that was used on real ships. A lot of the other ones are just silly, but I did run them if I needed the boosts they provided. And I liked trying to match up those with signals to get the best benefit.
  8. I don't know how much I really think of them "giving" premium ships. I'd guess the overwhelming majority of people who are 'given' a premium ship weren't going to buy it otherwise. And it doesn't cost WG a dime to "give" one away. It's not like you're getting something tangible that they have the cost of materials in or something. I won the USS Texas. Cool and all....but I'd have never bought it otherwise, so I don't see how it cost them a thing. If someone gives me a new lawnmower, now that came right out of their company's pocket. But a virtual ship? It doesn't cost them a thing, unless I was already going to buy it if I didn't "win" it or get it in a container or combat mission or something. Same with premium time. I'm going to play whether I have premium or not. It's cool to have it. I've even spent doubloons on it, but it's not costing them anything to give it to me when that happens.
  9. I hate it. Containers used to be kind of fun to open. I loved to see what signals/camos I'd get. It was FUN to outfit my ship with special camos, signals, etc, to gear it towards credits, XP, commander, XP, etc. I need commander XP, but maybe I have another mission that also needs credits. What combo can I come up with that best does that? It was fun to try and mix and match those up to get the most beneficial combo. It also made the camos MEAN something. When I got say, "This is Your Day Commander" camos in a container or wherever, that was a happy moment. When I got some Leviathan signal, for example, that was another happy moment. And so forth, it MEANT something when you got those. Now, camo means jack squat. Sure, you can sell them, but why? They're just decoration, might as well not even have them. Why not just give me credits instead of camos now? It's really cheapened the container "value" when you get camo now. And you obviously don't get the signals that boost all the XP and credits, so that's worthless as well. It's just such a bummer to see a container open and "+200% XP" in it. They don't even LOOK cool, lol. All drab and uncolorful. They all look the same. Yeah, it's less complicated, but it's not as fun. WOWS was kind of a "thinking mans FPS', somewhat. Not so much now. Anyway, I'm sure some will chime in about how much easier and better the new system is, and that's fine, but from my perspective, you're wrong. I don't like it, have tried it and given it a chance, and it just stinks. Sure as hell makes super containers a buzzkill, that's for certain.
  10. JuiceEFruit

    USS Texas Moving to Dry Dock

    She's high and dry now.
  11. JuiceEFruit

    Why the Japanese kept using the old Fusō class Battleship?

    Yep, they're brand new. Meant to replace existing C's and D's. As far as the F-22 goes, IMO we made a big mistake stopping production. They are by far the best plane in the sky. I've not seen a 35 fly, but I've seen a 22 at an airshow. The air show routines are generally the same. The Thunderbirds and Blue Angels basically do the same thing. When you're at an Air Force base like Seymour Johnson, they'll have an F-15 do a demonstration. Last show I went to there, they also had the Canadian version of the Blue Angels/Thunderbirds, flying F/A-18's. You get used to how the planes look and move when they do their maneuvers. Then the F-22 took off to do its routine. Wow. It did a lot of the same things, but when it's maneuvering, it just doesn't look "natural" compared to what you're used to seeing from the regular jets. It moves differently. They have one move they all do, the turning radius. They'll fly down above the runway, and when they're in front of the grandstands they'll turn right and do a complete 360, ending up back over the runway and continuing on their original course. When the F-15 did it, he went WAY far away to make his turn, out over the town next to the base. It was a good long way out. When the F-22 did it, I don't think he even left the base's premises. He was back around and gone before the F-15 even finished his turn, huge difference, and you got the feeling that the pilot wasn't totally flogging it all-out, either. Super impressive plane.
  12. JuiceEFruit

    Why the Japanese kept using the old Fusō class Battleship?

    We are building new F-15's, too. F-15EX. Anywhere from 80-144, depending on who's counting.
  13. JuiceEFruit

    USS Texas Moving to Dry Dock

    And btw, how in the world did WG not have some kind of event for this?
  14. JuiceEFruit

    USS Texas Moving to Dry Dock

    Live feed Battleship Texas moving: Live view of move to Galveston - YouTube From onboard Battleship Texas Underway - YouTube