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  1. JuiceEFruit

    Overhead shot of USS Iowa and USS Midway, 1987

    You heard wrong. I think they have the same powerplant layout as a Montana, but that's about the only similarity to a Battleship.
  2. JuiceEFruit

    Halloween Container For the Progress Lost?

    I don't recall if that happened to me or not. With the Royal Navy ops that give you Halloween containers, it's possible I got a random one and just thought it was from the RN mission. Especially if the container arrived before the message. All I can report is what I saw happen...got the message, never got a container afterwards.
  3. JuiceEFruit

    Halloween Container For the Progress Lost?

    It's been a few days and one has never shown up. This happen to anyone else? I see you received everything from the activity on October 18. There was a "15 * Camouflage: Restless Fire" as a reward from container. And you opened it immediately. But from your words it sounds strange. If you have any doubts I would like you to submit a ticket to check everything in details. The Restless Fire 3 days ago (18th) was for finishing the Collection after it got restarted. However, before that ever happened, I got that pop up message and never got a container after I received that. That was last weekend...like Friday or Saturday, IIRC. I just finished the last Collection 3 days ago (Sunday) and got the Restless Fire. That message said I was getting a Halloween container because my collection process got restarted. I hit "Okay" or whatever it said to accept it and nothing ever happened. And I assume you mean November 18, not October.
  4. JuiceEFruit

    Halloween Container For the Progress Lost?

    Yes, I was. Collecting the Doubloons was the next step for me when I was reset.
  5. So over the weekend, I signed into the game and got a message in my Port that since I was affected by the loss of progress thing that happened the previous week, I'd be getting a Halloween container as a "sorry 'bout that" gift. It didn't actually say those particular words, but that was the gist of it. Cool, so I accepted by clicking "Okay" and....nothing. Never got a container. It's been a few days and one has never shown up. This happen to anyone else?
  6. JuiceEFruit

    30 days premium in a super container.

    My son got 30 days in a super container yesterday. He was using try your luck. Hardly ever plays . I always pick more resources and I have not gotten one since at least May. And I play nearly every day and usually get at least two containers a day.
  7. JuiceEFruit

    So are Super Containers Not a thing anymore?

    That's exactly what I do. I play enough to get 2 a day, and it's been that long or longer for me. Other than the SC I got for completing whatever mission we had last month. I get 2 a day, occasionally I'll get 3, but no SC since before the summer. Never went that long before.
  8. I always choose more signals and consumables as my container option. Used to be you'd get a super container every so often. I haven't gotten one all summer, and since my kids were in school last year. At least May if not April. And I've played as much as I ever did. Are they not in the mix anymore?
  9. JuiceEFruit

    Pink is the new WoWS...

    Well, I can tell you for an absolute fact that due to Hurricane (now Tropical Storm) Michael, my power went out tonight RIGHT when I was in the middle of loading into a match. It's been over an hour and now it's finally back. Just loaded into the game and I'm pink. Reason given was "Quitting a battle early" and "Inactivity in battle". No, I did not damage anyone as I was never in the game. No, I had not damaged or run into any teammates in my 2 matches I'd played right before that, either. So maybe you are the one that doesn't fully understand how this game works. As far as the game crashing, happens about once a month to me. Usually I can reboot and get back in the game before it's over, but not always. Happens more often than that to my son's computer. Can't tell you how many times we've both been loading into matches or already in the match and his freezes and he has to reboot. Luckily I'm already in those and tell everyone that he's rebooting so they won't jump the gun and report him, but it DOES happen, and frequently. Edit: What was even worse about my power outage that made me go pink was, I had loaded my New Orleans up with good camo and 8 signals....all wasted.
  10. Found it. Jane's Battleships of the 20th Century. They say cages with guinea pigs were put around the deck and the Yamato's guns were fired and they just disappeared.
  11. JuiceEFruit

    Fate of the BB USS Arkansas

    Correct. The dark area in the 'funnel' isn't a ship, but it was caused by the Arkansas being nearby.
  12. JuiceEFruit

    Fate of the BB USS Arkansas

    That's actually NOT the Arkansas. It's a myth that persists.
  13. Yep. Next time I run across it I'll post the name of it. I have a lot of books about Battleships and can't remember which one it was at the moment.
  14. I have a book that says they put livestock in various places and some of them simply disappeared after firing.
  15. Neither did any other 3 gun Battleship.