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  1. OnePrarieOutpost

    Forum Contest - Auld Lang Syne

    I'm looking forward to seeing WG bringing back some ships for purchase that have been gone for a while - looking at you Benham and Musashi! I look forward to T8, 9 and 10 Clan Battles in regular rotation! I look forward to having fun with my clan and not having to worry about toxic players that want to harass and belittle people.
  2. OnePrarieOutpost

    PSA: Free Commander reset...

    Commander skill reset - reset skills on non premium ship commander that is shared with a premium ship. After moving him to the premium and then back to the non premium I had to pay to retrain. That a bug? Would have been helpful to know ahead of time.
  3. Nobody in my clan is happy with this. Was there a notice about how the camo bonus stripping was going to be calculated? I have no clue if I got ripped off. I feel like I got ripped off...
  4. OnePrarieOutpost

    Bounty Event: Rogue Roundup!!!! *Signups Closed*

    I'm in! Sign me up!
  5. OnePrarieOutpost

    Clueless interface design

    In what world was holding CTRL and clicking on your ship icon during a battle to see you detection range bad? Let's make the whole screen blur out and add a wall of text for simple info we sometimes forget during a battle. Thanks but no thanks; it make me extremely UNHAPPY. WeeGee.
  6. OnePrarieOutpost

    Torpedo Bug still not fixed

    If you want you torps to follow your line, you have to mount the "Fly Right" flag that cost 100 dubs per flag and only applies to one set of torps. That's after you complete 12 missions.
  7. OnePrarieOutpost

    [ALL] ModStation

    Still ZERO information on the Score Timer mod? sheesh
  8. OnePrarieOutpost

    Important message for the community

    Where? I see SSDD wall of text.
  9. OnePrarieOutpost

    Web Campaign: The Pacific War

    Fun fact about this event. You have a chance to purchase Commanders that signed the Surrender aboard the Missouri. Except those commanders you can buy, were not the ones that signed. So... not true. Those people didn't even exist. Fun fact about the gamble... sorry, loot boxes. If you wanted to spend 1500 doubloons on boxed in the chance of getting that ship: 1 doubloon cost 0.00396 cents (USD) 1500 doubs x 41 boxes = 61,500 doubs total 0.00396 x 61,500 = 243.54 ... now sure, you get other items in the boxes but you are not spend real world money trying to get the other items... So the actual value that they have placed on that ship is $243.54 USD. $77.22 USD if you do the mission first and skip the gamble... sorry, loot boxes.
  10. OnePrarieOutpost

    [ALL] ModStation

    Is there any word on the Score Timer - That was a great tool in Clan Battles last season.
  11. OnePrarieOutpost

    Having Trouble Finding a Clan?

    Fixed it for you.
  12. OnePrarieOutpost

    Who have you seen in game

    [WG] Maredraco was a Merc in Clan Battles on Saturday night
  13. OnePrarieOutpost

    They found their scapegoat...

    Their words, not mine. https://legal.na.wargaming.net/en/game-rules-wows/ 2.14 Slander and deception of Wargaming staff. Wargaming staff is to be as impartial and unbiased as possible. If there is an issue with the performance of Wargaming staff, the players are to send a report to World of Warships Support at the above links, so the issue can be taken under investigation. Openly offending Wargaming staff, withholding information, or openly deceiving community managers, as well as contradicting their words, actions, and decisions can lead to various penalties depending on the situation. Offenses in this category go through a thorough analysis before punishment is given. Please note that I am not openly offending Wargaming staff... just sayin'.
  14. OnePrarieOutpost

    On the CCTP&Missouri

    Some? I get that Shonai is not the end all for decisions at WeeGee's House of Gamble Boxes, but for f**ks sake... Earn back ALL the trust. If the EU had not taken WeeGee's House of Gamble Boxes to court, they would NEVER had made the wording changes on the EU server. They would still be preying on the player base for more and more money. Push the sale of the Massachusetts because it's getting removed from the game and nerf the whole reason people wanted it - the secondaries. Trust Fail. Lie about the Santa Crates where you had to have one of the short list ships before you had a chance to win a ship worth the money. Trust Fail. Puerto Rico... Trust Fail. Commander Rework... Trust Fail. Biggest thing of all - the amount of people that TRUST @LittleWhiteMouse for her honest and truthful review of any ship people would pay for and to treat her like WeeGee's House of Gamble Boxes did. TRUST FAIL. Because WeeGee took a massive dump on every player through LWM.
  15. OnePrarieOutpost

    Premium Ship Review - Yukon

    The community has lost an incredible resource. April - enjoy the world free of the constraints of a group of asshats. Thank you for all you have done for us!