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  1. OnePrarieOutpost

    Missouri coming back in September?

    Awesome! Camo for my Missouri... ... ... oh wait.
  2. OnePrarieOutpost


    I would like to be a Pirate!
  3. OnePrarieOutpost


    Fantastic event!.. I had a blast wearing my #240 tag and with the exception of one or two players, the experience was awesome. Thanks to all!
  4. OnePrarieOutpost

    PSA: Today is the last day FOR A WHOLE BUNCH OF STUFF.

    I am speaking for me. Interesting that I never indicated that I was speaking for anyone else, let alone you. Don't berate me for your assumed offense. Yes I have the ships. Yes I've played them and will continue to play them. It was a general statement that they pushed that these ships were being removed from the game and encouraged people to get them because they were being removed.
  5. OnePrarieOutpost

    PSA: Today is the last day FOR A WHOLE BUNCH OF STUFF.

    I feel bad for all the players that paid for the Premium Massachu and busted their buts for coal for Georgia just to have the reason those ships were great taken away. Bait and switch.
  6. OnePrarieOutpost

    Swift Fish Bug

    Useless skill.
  7. OnePrarieOutpost

    POLL: Is game play better or worse in 10.0 ?

    Dead eye = dead game.
  8. OnePrarieOutpost

    Santa Crates

    And maybe a T7 Belfast...
  9. OnePrarieOutpost

    Santa Crates

    If the short list is a thing and has been a thing for years it would explain why I have always gotten crappy ships from the containers. Duca, Yudachi and Haunghe over the last 2 years. I picked up 16 Mega containers and a single with 1250 dubs, before any of this news came out. My results in order: First container with the dubs because the purchase didn't go through for an hour. Super Container - Sims (T7) + Commander and 10 points First purchased 8: 2000 dubs 30 Dragon Signals Super Container - Irain (T8) + Commander and 10 points 30 Dragon Signals Super Container - Siroco (T5) + Commander and 10 points 25 New Year Camo Super Container - Z-39 (T7) + Commander and 10 points 30 Dragon Signals Second 8: 20 Scylla Signals Viribus Unitis + Commander and 10 points - NOT Super Container 30 Oroborros Signals 30 Red Dragon Ochakov + Commander and 10 points NOT - Super Container 2000 dubs Super Container - Ark Royal + Commander and 10 points 30 Oroborros Signals So I am fine with my "gamble" - I wish WG would have indicated the shortlist ship. Otherwise, why did I get short list ships from Santa containers and other ships from Super Containers when the wording said they would ALL be available in a Santa container.
  10. OnePrarieOutpost

    Thirteenth Ranked Sprint

    On North America server - Ranked Sprint allows Division of 2. Create division. Ranked switches to Random. Select a T9 ship and the Ranked button moves to the bottom of the interface like it isn't active.