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  1. alphapn

    0.8.11 Snowflakes

    Who said it has tobe monetized? You ask it like it would look normal but IT IS NOT. It is announced every where as a free to play game. In the legal word making PAY for something FREE to play how close to a fraud is?
  2. alphapn

    0.8.11 Snowflakes

    I know you are paid by or have any kind of interest in WG affair. You are just answering with propaganda words aiming to make WG look good. But really there is no answer to why: 1) Players ar treated different (discrimination) 2) T10 ships get lesser value gift than T9 ships, being more difficult to get T10 ships than T9 3) Premium customer are treated equal to non-premium customer (we are talking about WG gift snowflake not about getting a ship paid for). What kind of answer is that? "You got the ship." Of course I got the ship I paid for. Maybe you cannot understand or acting as you don't. I am comparing gift with gift. So I don't see any comment answered or addressed by your comment. More honesty would go a LONG way giving a decent comment / answer (or abstaining from it).
  3. alphapn

    0.8.11 Snowflakes

    Sure I have. But here I am only a customer giving an opinion on a company strategy. As a WG counsellor I could give some good advice. Of course if they pay for the job. But still I can give a FREE suggestion: monetization strategies have to be based on a principle of equity (get some money give something appropriate in exchange); not on a player base exploitation: give some crumble and ask for grind grind grind and then money money money. In the construction concept (that btw I like) it all depends on how much time is required to build the ship and how much money is necessary to save a certain amount of time. The big problem is that nobody say in advance how much of this and how much of that, so nobody knows if he will be able to finish the ship within the time limit (that btw could be removed), nobody knows if he will have to spend real money or not and how much. Imagine I start the building the sip dedicating 1 hour a day, then I see it's not enough and adjust RL to dedicate 2 hours a day, then something comes up in RL and cannot finish the ship in time, then decide to invest some money and surprise the little 10 or 20 per cent of the remaining job cost 100 dollars, but I don't have it ready because of RL commitment, so f (screw) up myself and get no ship with all the time invested. I really don't like this scenario (who would?). That's my customer opinion on a nice idea that could be implemented better.
  4. alphapn

    0.8.11 Snowflakes

    This is absurd. How is possible that in 2018 (edited): PREMIUM T8 got 200 steel and in 2019 get NO steel. Not even a little increase compared to silver T8 (let's say 100). Not to mention very costly premium T9. WG forgot all those players who supported with real money. What are thinking devs who got their wage because of people paying real money for premiums. And where are all WG partners/associates getting dividend because premium player paid real money? Why this year premium does not deserve a Christmas present for the money spent???
  5. alphapn

    0.8.11 Snowflakes

    Last year it was steel. Are 2019 players less valuable than 2018 players?
  6. alphapn

    0.8.11 Snowflakes

    Yes it is wonderful. Wouldn't be for the small detail that is an exaggerated grinding in a small amount of time and if you don't finish at the dead line you don't get anything unless you spend real money. So the big show is just to hang you with a building that will make you spend money. Player bait.
  7. alphapn

    0.8.11 Snowflakes

    Same thing. Steel is much more valuable that little unknown chance on santa crates. The total steel without T10 contribution will be much less this year. Very bad decision. Beside nowhere is mentioned the reward for premiums that SHOULD BE a little greater than branch ships like they did last year. Anyone knows anything on this point?
  8. Yes it's designed to be an anormus Xp dump and or time dump (waste). Who has a real life doesnt have the time to stay months and months on regrinding branchs. Really bad selling strategy.
  9. alphapn

    Research XP

    Big waste of time and or free xp.
  10. alphapn

    Question about research points x2

    That is if you want to get the Colbert at 57k. But if you want to get the OHIO at 62k you are screwwd up with another branch just to get the 2k extra point. Why did they put at 62 rather than 60? Just get you more grind?
  11. I dont know Ove. But I can assure Kuz sucks. The best for RU BB that I am using is Znam. Use improved skill for more tankiness all RU BB line and heavy CA (Stalingrad Kronstadt Moskva).
  12. This commander sucks. Either WG fix it or it will be forgotten. Already posted reason a couple fo time on this forum so Im not going to repeat.
  13. IF you get them. Maybe 1 in a 1000 battles? Ohh btw 11k health assure the activation with salvos of 20 to 30 k??? Dont think so.
  14. alphapn

    To Kuznetsov or Not

    LoL ... watch the talent super heal ... could get ur ship overhealed and explode.
  15. alphapn

    To Kuznetsov or Not

    I got it. just useless as is. Waiting for WG to fix it. Or he will reamin in reserve as a costly collectible.